Warzone is in a strange place right now...

COD Warzone has got all sorts going on right now. Insane cheaters that don't need to look at you, people saying it's too hard, and some are confused by updates to solo mode! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store


  1. wat noob gaming

    wat noob gamingPrije 29 dana

    i thouhgt it wasanother eventlike zombies like a cargo lands at verdansk but its just cargo trucks are meta verdansk solos needs saving

  2. Jasha Ramirez

    Jasha RamirezPrije mjesec

    Outro music is suberb 👌🏻

  3. Jakob Laursen

    Jakob LaursenPrije mjesec

    so,, been playing this game for a while and usually do quite well. Still like it,,, but more DUO's now than SOLO. The thing that destroy's the game for me is the cheaters.. There's SO many.. and naturally the trucks.. and now they are at it.. the Riot Shields...

  4. hankheavy

    hankheavyPrije mjesec

    It's shit is what it is

  5. warding12345

    warding12345Prije mjesec

    "without aiming" oh so controller player 😂

  6. Aristotle Vallianatos

    Aristotle VallianatosPrije mjesec

    Too many cheaters unfortunately



    i was also killed like that but that gut was at storage town and i was at nakatomi plaza

  8. OD SoulzYT

    OD SoulzYTPrije mjesec

    I stopped playing bc every game was just roof campers but I did start playing some plunder and had a lot of fun with the r1 shadowhunter

  9. C W

    C WPrije mjesec

    Playing since Beta. Prestige 11. In Multiplayer Iam Always Top3 minimum. Warzone...no way! Its definitley getting harder! BF6 is hope!

  10. ASH Playzz

    ASH PlayzzPrije mjesec

    🙂I don't have the privilege to get bored of the game or get crushed by pros....becoz the game isn't starting for me 😭 I was excited to play but everytime after I click on start and training it's not working like like like...............

  11. Kaiserland111

    Kaiserland111Prije mjesec

    SBMM is a bit much for me, and has been for awhile. I get that they want people to play similar skill people so the games aren't always a slaughter, but most of us play video games just for fun after a hard day of work. The SBMM needs to be toned down a TON so the lobbies are more diverse, or maybe split into high SBMM lobbies and lower ones, with the high SBMM lobbies rewarding you with extra cosmetics for wins, or some such. As it currently stands, I rarely play Warzone and find myself going back to BF4/5 for more casual gameplay.

  12. Chase lamour

    Chase lamourPrije mjesec

    Just delete the game

  13. kaspariito

    kaspariitoPrije mjesec

    dont play too much anymore. way too sweaty mostly. i have a OK kdr but im not aggressive etc .. just picking my fights. Seems like we get hard lobbies. win rate -- 1 out of 50 :D

  14. Dylucks

    DylucksPrije mjesec

    I play WZ when my friends play it, it's more of a sociable game for me rather than competitive now tbh but I still enjoy it.

  15. EcoFN

    EcoFNPrije mjesec

    Yes I had this Problem with Live Pings too

  16. Nate Gartner

    Nate GartnerPrije mjesec

    Although i feel sbmm is harsher, the balance in the meta means its still enjoyable. Never know what gun youll come across

  17. ForburyLion

    ForburyLionPrije mjesec

    Not sure about getting yourself killed intentionally to make a solos spectator video, but you could do a default pistol only solos game and see how far you get before you get killed and then comment on the rest of the game.

  18. Bravo

    BravoPrije mjesec

    I seen the new map and was disappointed in it and just flat out stopped playing.

  19. John Jones

    John JonesPrije mjesec

    My experience is terrible, its just too sweaty and all i see is campers, and meta weapons. doesnt help when everyone does a guide or how to on what weapons to use and attachments. what happened to people sussing out how to play a game?

  20. John Jones

    John JonesPrije mjesec

    imagine playing a game and basically cheating... also, why do people take games so seriously? fucking idiots

  21. NixtroStrike

    NixtroStrikePrije mjesec

    Notice that the cheater's name is "Whatsaimbot"

  22. supersonic

    supersonicPrije mjesec

    It also doesn't help that performance has tanked with these new seasons. How the mighty have fallen.

  23. 4tounces

    4touncesPrije mjesec

    What ruins the game for me is the growing number of chumps and streamers using controller mods.

  24. Richard David

    Richard DavidPrije mjesec

    I stopped playing in November last year because the quality of content decreased significantly imo. The whole story behind war zone was so captivating. Now I genuinely don’t know what’s happening in the war zone story. It’s just sad tbh.

  25. Jason Clough

    Jason CloughPrije mjesec

    I've been getting that bug too!

  26. Jayson Acosta

    Jayson AcostaPrije mjesec

    Im a believer in skill gaps rising due to repetitive play, but something doesn't feel right. On top of that, im running into ALOT more campers. These guys are in spots you would never even think someone would be hiding in.

  27. Peter Mus

    Peter MusPrije mjesec

    Get rid of dead silence and stopping power..!!!

  28. Dyllan Mudrik

    Dyllan MudrikPrije mjesec

    I have definitely had the same issue with my live pings

  29. Luke Oliphant

    Luke OliphantPrije mjesec

    had the same bug with the spotting diamond. never able to replicate it. weird. spectating commentary sounds fun!!

  30. PabloDopaminoso

    PabloDopaminosoPrije mjesec

    The amount of cheaters made me leave this franchise. I recommend the “rage free” kind of life!

  31. Nick McLean

    Nick McLeanPrije mjesec

    My buddies and I stopped basically due to morale. Hackers were rampant, guns were broken, SBMM sucks and most players we play against are PC while we're ps4. It's lame. Our group is casually decent but.... statistically we're terrible and yet we have to constantly bust our assess just to make it to early end game.... idk. All of it together kinda just made it stop being fun.

  32. Kevin Barnard

    Kevin BarnardPrije mjesec

    I think the ping thing makes sense. It going from "there's an enemy right there" to "there is an enemy over there and was last seen at that spot" after they go behind some sort of concealment is more realistic. You don't know after someone runs into a bldg if they went down a hallway or up stairs r popped into a side doorway. i mean, you can't actually see them anymore. I know, trust me, I know from having been told all the time IT'S JUST A GAME. But, I feel more realism is what is needed. I also think they need to have friendly fire enabled, but I know that's a very unpopular idea.

  33. Derrick Niles

    Derrick NilesPrije mjesec

    5:50 yes absolutely and it is really annoying

  34. Kyle Lopez

    Kyle LopezPrije mjesec

    I've always had a problem with the warzone map. There's a 150 players and a million places they can hide all with plenty of sightlines all around. I've always wanted a more enclosed map which is why I enjoyed alcatraz.

  35. Alfie -

    Alfie -Prije mjesec

    I have experience it

  36. Christoph Daum auf Entzug

    Christoph Daum auf EntzugPrije mjesec

    I moved on to GTA V - FiveM and now DayZ. fuck warzone honestly

  37. Connor Vine

    Connor VinePrije mjesec

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the spotting glitch, it’s definitely map-wide. Also frustrating the M16 axial arms 3x scope has been changed, doesn’t feel as nice long range now!

  38. JustAlbin

    JustAlbinPrije mjesec

    The problem with warzone is the fact that you shoot someone and it does nothing that’s why is boring and hard. Definitely give solos commentary a go 👍🏻

  39. Chris Klaffi

    Chris KlaffiPrije mjesec

    Wow. Nice game.

  40. Zach Fairbanks

    Zach FairbanksPrije mjesec

    spect8 vid plz

  41. Pranshu Patel

    Pranshu PatelPrije mjesec

    Haven’t played verdansk since months. Just play rebirth now. It’s more fun

  42. Daniel B

    Daniel BPrije mjesec

    About 15 months after release and we STILL cant get a FoV slider! waiting on BF6!!

  43. Patrick R

    Patrick RPrije mjesec

    I wouldn't say I'm bored of the game , I stopped playing it on a regular when the cw guns came up and the TTK got half the time and I got more and more ridiculous.

  44. wv11989

    wv11989Prije mjesec

    My first game back in 2 weeks got killed by a level 20 fresh account snapped 180 on my head with dark matter on a mw gun?

  45. FERG

    FERGPrije mjesec

    What we don't appreciate, is Warzone RAMMING cross-play down our throats. 'Do you want to enable cross-play?'.. No! For the 2321th time.. No! It's the only way to avoid cheating if you're on console.

  46. Just a Dude

    Just a DudePrije mjesec

    I stopped playing warzone all together, it was fun a while by my self, then I only played with friends, but even my friends game started getting hard for no real reason, and now I've stopped all together haven't played since the zombie update, I didn't even play the updated map cause it wasn't an actual new map.

  47. Jeremiah Ford

    Jeremiah FordPrije mjesec

    For rebirth island they need to reduce the number of helicopters

  48. Jeremiah Ford

    Jeremiah FordPrije mjesec

    Yea I know I play solos I know how it feels

  49. Davskullxoxo

    DavskullxoxoPrije mjesec

    That cheat is called "silent aim".... Will be seeing it more Mark my words but sad part... U probably won't event notice

  50. Mikey Nunez

    Mikey NunezPrije mjesec

    That guys reaction is priceless he went from suspicious to straight mind blown 😆🤣

  51. Koto

    KotoPrije mjesec

    The fal is actually very very good for controller players


    THEGREEKBADGERPrije mjesec

    every 2 weeks the same title, honestly IF you don't enjoy the game DON'T play it

  53. sharpsh007er

    sharpsh007erPrije mjesec

    gimme solo commentary jack

  54. Konstantinos Boukis

    Konstantinos BoukisPrije mjesec

    It certainly feels harder these days, but also cheaters are ruining the game. Please do the solos commentary!! Love the videoz, keep it up

  55. Thomas Peytavin

    Thomas PeytavinPrije mjesec

    I stopped playing the game cause i kept gettin killed by 2.80-3KD players .. and i only got 1.46 KD ..

  56. Jay Dog II

    Jay Dog IIPrije mjesec

    I used to get 2-4 wins per night with my squad. Now we could go days without winning. It’s fucking crazy competitive, the enjoy of playing it really have left. They definitely need a rank mode or get rid of SBMM.

  57. Eoghan Purcell

    Eoghan PurcellPrije mjesec

    This game is a steaming pile of shit 😂😂

  58. Greg @ Meadowlark

    Greg @ MeadowlarkPrije mjesec

    Yes to solo commentary. Also I’ve switch to rebirth and plunder quads. Anything else is short and unforgiving...

  59. RadRoach 313

    RadRoach 313Prije mjesec

    Yea the game feels so competitive. Thanks to you and guys like @Jgod and @JoWo have helped the community get better so it just feels so sweaty no matter what. Iron sharpens Iron.

  60. Killface

    KillfacePrije mjesec

    Honestly Jack I'd rather watch you delete the lobby yourself than watch someone else who happened to get a lucky drop on you. Even though commentary by jackfrags would be legendary. ...just sayin.

  61. skyhawk311

    skyhawk311Prije mjesec

    Cargo trucks? Remove the gosh dam invisible rose skins'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then cargo trucks!!!!!!

  62. Donovan

    DonovanPrije mjesec

    This guy has better graphics than reality

  63. Hunter Hendrickson

    Hunter HendricksonPrije mjesec

    SBMM makes Warzone super frustrating and I got over it but when they just gave us a basically remastered map and called it “new” that’s when I finally had enough with the game

  64. Fun From Above

    Fun From AbovePrije mjesec

    This last patch finally fixed the game for me. It was crashing with no error code. Season 3 broke it for me and I've been trying every update since. I haven't dropped back in since I updated this last time. Haven't had the time yet.

  65. ps2fatboy_ twitch

    ps2fatboy_ twitchPrije mjesec

    would love to see you play cod mobile and see your opinions on it.

  66. Nate Bayer

    Nate BayerPrije mjesec

    Yes do it

  67. Joao Ribas

    Joao RibasPrije mjesec

    The spot system always was thus

  68. Idiot Idiot

    Idiot IdiotPrije mjesec

    I won power grab twice in the past day that felt cool. I had to look up the actual damage a full armor and health was (250) because I was giving some people over 400 damage without them dying and not enough time to replate stim and regen etc either. Against the odds.

  69. Bad@Deciding

    Bad@DecidingPrije mjesec

    I actually wish they would do that. It makes sense that when an enemy hides behind cover you couldn't see what they are doing anymore.

  70. dimebagdenn

    dimebagdennPrije mjesec

    Started playing again yesterday. I can't really push myself to play for hours upon end, but a round or 2 in the eve is fun.

  71. dumb stuff, stuff's dumb

    dumb stuff, stuff's dumbPrije mjesec

    I personally wish they would allow it to be playable with cross play off. You’re forced to have it on

  72. thedow13

    thedow13Prije mjesec

    Worst. game. ever. made.

  73. Boy. the.Acute

    Boy. the.AcutePrije mjesec

    The commentating over a player who's killed you sounds fun, it may seem better to get to know your way around different playstyles such as your own and any fans that drop in now and then, Maybe that could work, I like the idea.

  74. Ash wolf The Supernova gamer

    Ash wolf The Supernova gamerPrije mjesec

    I mostly play cold war, but I do Warzone, it's fun going around the map and looking at all the new things. I don't mind being killed, I'm not really playing to be good, I'm playing because I love COD as a whole and this is something I wanted for awhile.

  75. Phillip Wind-Klarskov

    Phillip Wind-KlarskovPrije mjesec

    I’d be interested in a commentary video :)

  76. InVader

    InVaderPrije mjesec

    I always thought the spot icon sticking to the players after you can't see them anymore is stupid anyways. Get rid of that, it's a free wallhack. OR do it so that when it sticks for a couple seconds, doesn't show up if you have no vision, but is visible when the player comes into your vision again before the spotting time expires. Haven't played in almost a year now. I'll only come back if we get a proper new map.

  77. Coin Noin

    Coin NoinPrije mjesec

    The beginning of this video is the reason I never ever play warzone I'll be shooting people I'll be the first one to shoot but still end up dieing never ever playing warzone 😀

  78. SilkyPandaBear

    SilkyPandaBearPrije mjesec

    Praying new Battlefield is like BFBC 2 with a rock solid BR.

  79. Keeba Africa

    Keeba AfricaPrije mjesec

    Warzone runs poorly since last update for me. Went from 100fps to 75-90 with constant drops

  80. OtakuMagnet

    OtakuMagnetPrije mjesec

    If they want to get new players, they need to greatly increase the TTK. In a solo match, it makes no sense to be instantly melted as if you are being shot by an entire squad. Not much fun trying out a new game and feeling like you are a target dummy with no chance to survive any encounter.

  81. pasidu

    pasiduPrije mjesec

    Jack: do you wanna see Solo commentary vidz Me: yes please 😅

  82. William Smith

    William SmithPrije mjesec

    Haven’t seen this since MW3

  83. s7r0w -

    s7r0w -Prije mjesec

    Jack how about di some quik research. Is called aim fov for silent aim. Is like a circle on your screen and as long as the enemy is in that circle when you aim the bullet will register as hitmark. Bf1 and V has this hack for years, you just have to aimm next to someone and bullet will register as a hit

  84. Akshay Birajdar

    Akshay BirajdarPrije mjesec

    CW ruined WZ.

  85. Tyler Wojcik

    Tyler WojcikPrije mjesec

    Yeah the game may be hard or whatever but I still have fun playing it. I do play Warzone like almost everyday.

  86. Zac Eudy

    Zac EudyPrije mjesec

    Every time they fix bugs, they reintroduce all new content and it ruins the game again. Why can't they just put out a solid playable version without all the updates instead of constantly chasing their tails with new introduced problems...

  87. Joseph Gittos

    Joseph GittosPrije mjesec

    all vehicles should be disabled on the last few circles, cheats playing under the stadium is a pain

  88. Menno de Graaf

    Menno de GraafPrije mjesec

    Interesting that there are people saying it got harder lately. Me and my team having it super easy lately. It feels like we are playing against humans instead of cronus max again. Doubled kills per game and tons more wins last weeks

  89. Sgt Riley

    Sgt RileyPrije 2 mjeseci

    I've loved warzone for since I started playing it a months and a half ago but I've decided to stop playing till maybe next yr cuz warzone is abt meta loadout and not fun especially if ur new and I only started playing cuz of jack

  90. Jay

    JayPrije 2 mjeseci

    BBB brought this cheat to light and it’s called “silent aim” which is defo gonna ruin the game.

  91. Gregorius Alvarez

    Gregorius AlvarezPrije 2 mjeseci

    I thought i am almost alone with being extremely infuriated by playing warzone but i see here there is army of comrades just like me xD And to think i left league of legends once and switched to this game thinking i found relaxing game 😂

  92. {JAPLIN}

    {JAPLIN}Prije 2 mjeseci

    We just taking everything away man. Like why can’t we use the trucks lol. Just blow them tf up lmao.

  93. Eyz1234

    Eyz1234Prije 2 mjeseci

    The spotter thing keeps happening to me and my team, it’s a massive disadvantage as a team game, outrageous

  94. Dustin South

    Dustin SouthPrije 2 mjeseci

    How pathetic is it that they hide much needed information about fixes behind fucking Easter eggs? GOD, Battlefield cannot come out fast enough...

  95. Dustin South

    Dustin SouthPrije 2 mjeseci

    It's a note from Raven that says "someday, we may actually value our player base enough to fix this busted piece of shit."

  96. cod Timatic

    cod TimaticPrije 2 mjeseci

    ah i see warzone's cheats are catching up to CSGO's cheats. btw this specific cheat is called Silent Aim.

  97. Kyle Hassett

    Kyle HassettPrije 2 mjeseci

    Running into cheaters every day is killing it for me.

  98. Darth Revan

    Darth RevanPrije 2 mjeseci

    This cheat is weird yes, but not much weirder as getting noscoped out of the sky by a guy who can aimlock firing from the hip. Ive been getting noscoped by hip firing kar98 cheaters a million times now.

  99. Craig Harris

    Craig HarrisPrije 2 mjeseci

    Would love to see you do the solo spectate video, I think it would be very entertaining.

  100. NivrA PRO

    NivrA PROPrije 2 mjeseci

    Your gameplay made me start a gaming channel. Massive like and full support here!