"To me they've been bad champions" 😬 | Roy Keane's ruthless opinion on Liverpool this season

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The Super Sunday panel discuss what's the next step for Liverpool after Jurgen Klopp stated that Liverpool's target is now the top 4.
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  1. Sham Ed

    Sham EdPrije 4 sati

    you just a bullshit roy keane......

  2. G M

    G MPrije 3 dana

    Why not pose the question to Roy if utd had vidic, ferdinand and oshea i believe was their 3RD Choice all out for the season, how would they have coped?

  3. M M

    M MPrije 3 dana

    Why did liverpool at the start of this season only have 3 centre backs when 2 of the 3 were injury prone thats what baffles me, should have a minimum of 4 and considering 2 are injury prome would say you need 5


    RAW #VIZIONPrije 4 dana

    Liverpool should be smashing it tbh

  5. Freddie Smith

    Freddie SmithPrije 4 dana

    Well done Roy tell the scouse bastards how it is!

  6. Rob Stanley

    Rob StanleyPrije 5 dana

    As a Liverpool fan, Keano is correct we have been bad champions. Injuries or no injuries we are a disgrace. Players not playing for the club, badge or fans.

  7. Rob Stanley

    Rob StanleyPrije dan

    @Paijo Londo they playing for a over inflated wage, read the statement properly and you may understand. ya ingrate!

  8. Paijo Londo

    Paijo LondoPrije dan

    so who they play for,,, off course they play for redmen tv or anfield agenda ooooohhhh come on you melt

  9. Alan Waters

    Alan WatersPrije 14 dana

    When Roy Keane left to go to forrest at 19 he told his father you are now the man of the house..........

  10. nrg slot

    nrg slotPrije 24 dana

    The alert paint parallely tap because fairies noticeably suck versus a medical mitten. outrageous, military bait

  11. Gojo Satoru

    Gojo SatoruPrije 29 dana

    Roy "well we spoke before the game" Keane

  12. sajid iqbal

    sajid iqbalPrije mjesec

    Can someone tell me what is the job of roy ?

  13. Luke Hornsby

    Luke HornsbyPrije mjesec

    Souness , keane and Micah are the best pundits for years and years. Different generations , different opinions. And Keanes quality 😆

  14. charles Meekins

    charles MeekinsPrije mjesec

    at least Liverpool fans know that Keane can never say that about Man united because Man u will never be champions again ever - until they bring Fergie out of the deep freeze he has been put in

  15. Ji Hyo kim

    Ji Hyo kimPrije mjesec

    The sordid gore-tex periodically thank because swan parallely deserve than a noxious metal. violet, royal church

  16. Neon Marker

    Neon MarkerPrije mjesec

    Coronavirus: kills Roy Keane Keane: that's his job

  17. comic-con con

    comic-con conPrije mjesec

    Keano had been proved right

  18. Yankee7000

    Yankee7000Prije mjesec

    Oooohhh Roy The Brave. It’s a war. We are soldiers. These are the trenches. Kill the other guy. Real life soldier who _has_ been shot at and _has_ shot : Okay. Peanut Gallery: Roy The Hero.

  19. ArtificialInteligenceISDUMB Shekelstein

    ArtificialInteligenceISDUMB ShekelsteinPrije mjesec

    @Jean Jacques Lundi yep, nothing but useful idiots, low iq trigger-happy order followers. useful dogs for the powerful

  20. Jean Jacques Lundi

    Jean Jacques LundiPrije mjesec

    I hear you. But the next logical step in the argument is to show that even glorifying soldiers in war is stupid.....and not a mark of courage, specially considering they are ordered by some leader to go to war, for their own reasons.

  21. James Evans

    James EvansPrije mjesec

    Yep roy Keane and was a great manager gotta be said.

  22. Iosif Bortan

    Iosif BortanPrije mjesec

    Roy is better off the field than in it

  23. LabGorilla

    LabGorillaPrije mjesec

    How often does a club win the premiership and then not make top 4 next season. Now I get what Roy is saying about true champions keep up the level year in and year out. What United used to do is clearly far harder than many give credit for .

  24. Mr AngryEyes

    Mr AngryEyesPrije mjesec

    The presenter is quite clearly a Liverpool fan

  25. t s

    t sPrije mjesec

    I agree and Im a Liverpool supporter onf 38 years not good enough.

  26. Maxa Kagalay

    Maxa KagalayPrije mjesec

    Roy should come and tell me my job in the midst of this pandemic

  27. JC

    JCPrije mjesec

    Come here and say that Roy! My address is....sorry got to shoot off.

  28. Stuart Stretton

    Stuart StrettonPrije mjesec

    What a angry, miserable man.Rarely seen him smile.

  29. Ciaran O'Connell

    Ciaran O'ConnellPrije mjesec

    He has a winning mindset. Dislike him all you want but after seeing Liverpool losing yet ANOTHER home game, you would imagine many Liverpool fans would be wanting someone like Keane in that dressing room asking the hard questions, screaming that this isn't good enough and demanding better instead of making shite excuse after shite excuse.

  30. Peter Green

    Peter GreenPrije mjesec

    "Jurgen,here's a rope covered in snow". "Sorry,but my only shovel is injured".

  31. 257 04

    257 04Prije mjesec

    Roy Keane: “they still had international midfielders in midfield” Also Roy Keane arguing with Jamie Redknapp: “playing for your country doesn’t make you a good player. If you trap the ball you can get into your international team” I think someone just likes making things up to make players look bad

  32. Regan NIcholas

    Regan NIcholasPrije mjesec

    Love Roy Keane, I absolutely love him.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. RS14

    RS14Prije mjesec

    Let's all laugh at Liverpool

  34. richard davies

    richard daviesPrije mjesec

    Roy is honest.

  35. om mk

    om mkPrije mjesec

    The excuses made for Liverpool are constant.

  36. Gary Fletcher

    Gary FletcherPrije mjesec

    Hey, Roy show me Man City's empty European trophy cabinet. A Euro cup winners cup in 1970. Liverpool have won so many European trophy's, we've lost count.

  37. Tyler Lee

    Tyler LeePrije mjesec

    So Roy can say "they still have international players in midfield" yet when jamie redknapp says it, apparently its no big thing to be an international. Roy roy roy...

  38. Harry 07

    Harry 07Prije mjesec

    not bad champions

  39. Slobadan Mikôcyábych

    Slobadan MikôcyábychPrije mjesec

    Jesus, check out keanes beard he's grown from here to 21 days later 😂


    FEBBY SETH'SPrije mjesec

    Basically we kinda waiting for another 30yrs Keane : "That's your job"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. Street Kombative System

    Street Kombative SystemPrije mjesec

    Lifelong LFC fan, I have to say I agree with Roy Keane on this 100%

  42. Anonymous

    AnonymousPrije mjesec

    Someone ask Roy if he ever played in a Man U side where their first choice 3 centre half’s are injured

  43. Bagus Rizky

    Bagus RizkyPrije mjesec

    so there will be another 30 years huh

  44. ronald mcdonald

    ronald mcdonaldPrije mjesec

    need hard workers for gegenpress and if your not suited or not feel like going the extra mile for ever reason, its gonna fail.

  45. Kizzster

    KizzsterPrije mjesec

    Bad champions with the worst injuries in the league and worst VAR/Ref decisions resulting in -12 points yeah definitely bad champions...

  46. Hoouston2009

    Hoouston2009Prije mjesec

    You’re trash RK. And you’re jealous. Shut the f up!

  47. Damien Faulkner

    Damien FaulknerPrije mjesec

    @Stevie Wonder inept in management no right to tell other how to organise inspire their team

  48. Stevie Wonder

    Stevie WonderPrije mjesec

    He won 7 prems why would he be jealous?

  49. header was 67 yubnij

    header was 67 yubnijPrije mjesec

    I'd love to see Roy manager of Celtic fc

  50. Top Central

    Top CentralPrije mjesec

    Roy Keane =views

  51. Christie Lotter

    Christie LotterPrije mjesec

    In the start his attitude was funny, but he's starting to get a bit annoying and just a grouchy old man. He's really acting as if any big team could win the title after losing all their CB's

  52. Artem Demyanskiy

    Artem DemyanskiyPrije mjesec

    Souness looks like leicister manager’s father

  53. gmdhargreaves

    gmdhargreavesPrije mjesec

    Satan took out a restraining order on Roy Keane after his tackle on Haarland

  54. joeman

    joemanPrije mjesec

    Tf Liverpool supposed to do with no 1st choice CB's

  55. Wi11

    Wi11Prije mjesec

    Roy Keane treats Punditting like a Champions League Semi Final against Juventus

  56. LilTone 97

    LilTone 97Prije mjesec

    Maybe we can have a crack at the Europa league we haven’t won that trophy yet, still remember Sevilla beat us

  57. Guested Shreyan

    Guested ShreyanPrije mjesec

    When van djike will come back everything will settle down stupid mnu and manchester city dumb teams

  58. Guested Shreyan

    Guested ShreyanPrije mjesec

    @Paijo Londo stfu you little bot

  59. Paijo Londo

    Paijo LondoPrije mjesec


  60. Paijo Londo

    Paijo LondoPrije mjesec

    Please dont cry in here

  61. That Grey M3

    That Grey M3Prije mjesec

    spot on Keane

  62. Anthony Aylmer

    Anthony AylmerPrije mjesec

    Whether your city utd or liverpool theirs no more honest pundit than roy keane born winner.

  63. Anthony Aylmer

    Anthony AylmerPrije mjesec

    As a blue love Keanes honesty about any club

  64. Jacksons Animations

    Jacksons AnimationsPrije mjesec

    Pep about to win another title Keane: "Thats his job"

  65. Manni Aujla

    Manni AujlaPrije mjesec

    Roy Keane: Liverpool are bad champions Liverpool: proceed to brake all records for the wrong reasons & Keano proved right, again! Keane: That's my job

  66. Josey Whales

    Josey WhalesPrije mjesec

    Another defeat at home by Everton. Me thinks Mr Keane was right.

  67. Beef Dancer

    Beef DancerPrije mjesec

    You can hate Roy Keane but he speaks the truth.

  68. Highlord Lordship

    Highlord LordshipPrije mjesec

    I wonder do sky tell roy keane to tone down his irish accent like they tell dermot gallagher

  69. Aziz

    AzizPrije mjesec

    Roy is absolutely spot on

  70. Fg D

    Fg DPrije mjesec

    He guys u noticed something in keano. Sour grape loserfool. Yeah yapnwhrn Liv was hampering WTH string injuries on their key players and the score line results were nvr kind to them then kean simply lambasting Liv as a bad champion. Kean u ve a history and bad record of managing the championship club when you got a boot from bristol city. You got the offer to manage sunderland coz yr resume stated you are a former man utd under SAF. That's how u land a job. In contrast klopp played for mainz 5 and player manager for mainz 5. Brought them to the bundlg for short period. Then while managing borussia dortmund won bundlelg title twice, german cup and a first runner up in the cl final 2013/2014 cson. After failed to land a single trophy in his 6 attempts at anfield. Finally secured cl sixth cup, super cup, club worldcup and epl title after 30 yrs waiting. So my question is what is your biggest and highest achievement as a ftball coach and manager? Pls the mu fan answer on behalf. Zita Carolina.

  71. Paijo Londo

    Paijo LondoPrije mjesec

    Calm down you freak

  72. Ruben Sanchez

    Ruben SanchezPrije mjesec

    Roy Keane really knows how to talk out his ass

  73. Ankur Parul

    Ankur ParulPrije mjesec

    If Keane thinks that every player thinks according to him then he should start managing a team....instead of bullshiting....it's not easy to just say and things will happen automatically......Liv suffering from 4 defense crisis😠and this man is on a rant....and yes I'm a Liv fan

  74. Bryan Flo

    Bryan FloPrije mjesec

    I just have a question who would win in an argument Roy Keane or Gordon Ramsey

  75. MrBagpipes1971

    MrBagpipes1971Prije mjesec

    Keane. Ramsey is a bullshitter.

  76. 72warnock

    72warnockPrije 2 mjeseci

    Im a liverpool fan and keane has it spot on .truth is truth .

  77. The Spacedog

    The SpacedogPrije 2 mjeseci

    Maybe they'll win MLS Cup this summer.

  78. cicstommy

    cicstommyPrije 2 mjeseci

    Keano's been waiting all season to launch this attack.

  79. Dave Lloyd

    Dave LloydPrije 2 mjeseci

    Dave jones is such an obvious Liverpool fan it’s crazy🤦🏻‍♂️

  80. Roy Keane

    Roy KeanePrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm just doing my job. It's nonsense.

  81. xperte85

    xperte85Prije 2 mjeseci

    Keane somehow is a joke in sitting there without any insight on any club except United. He's a moaner, not a pundit. In all the years he didn't even figure out that Klopp is always defending his team in front of the media.

  82. Denita Delic

    Denita DelicPrije 2 mjeseci

    Roy Keane wait and see and stop talking such a nonsense. Whay this hate?

  83. iS tHaT gLoCk

    iS tHaT gLoCkPrije 2 mjeseci

    we gonna ignore chelsea came 10th or something the season after the won the league and they’re not being spoke about

  84. Jack Mallory

    Jack MalloryPrije 2 mjeseci

    Roy Keane. You gotta love him. (only kidding, not really)

  85. Alan Mercer

    Alan MercerPrije 2 mjeseci

    Roy Keane carries his Man Utd bias against Liverpool to new levels

  86. justliveandletlive

    justliveandletlivePrije 2 mjeseci

    When you've been such a successful manager as Keane has - Wait a moment! He was a cowardly thug as a player (most of his tackle were from behind), he was useless as a manager and he's embarrassing as a pundit. Just tries to be controversial all the time. So transparent.

  87. Shane Canning

    Shane CanningPrije 2 mjeseci

    Im a pool fan and he is so right

  88. Olivia Sommer Çela

    Olivia Sommer ÇelaPrije 2 mjeseci


  89. T H

    T HPrije 2 mjeseci

    Porn star has a threesome on a crowd packed bus. Roy: That's his job.

  90. Martin E

    Martin EPrije 2 mjeseci

    Roy could never get into a top team now

  91. Darren Walters

    Darren WaltersPrije 2 mjeseci

    Remember this time last year when they compared this Liverpool side to man United 1999 side? Think that’s been settled then 😂

  92. Keith Davies

    Keith DaviesPrije 2 mjeseci

    Yeah, well maybe if Liverpool hadn't of had so many injuries this season, things might have been different? The fact that an ex Man Utd player is saying this about Liverpool is just another dig at the club. Yes, we've been poor this season.. Yes, we're not going to retain the title this year. I think that honest fans of Liverpool already realise this. Does this make us bad champions? Hell no.. you can't predict injuries and coronavirus. Liverpool have had to deal with over their fair share of both this season. The fact that Roy Keane says what he says is just his attempt at putting more pressure onto an already depleted team. We all know that Keane and Gary Neville both hate having to say when Liverpool have done well, which is why it's so easy for Keane to say what he's saying..

  93. Joe Stocker

    Joe StockerPrije 2 mjeseci

    they peaked in the year they came second, last season flattered them, their rivals all had new managers who had no premier league experience, one had a transfer ban and lost their best player, Leicester have had more players out this season than them but are 6 clear of them, roy was right they were sloppy and Souness is spot on they lost 7-2 with vvd, Klopp always burns his teams out

  94. George YNWA

    George YNWAPrije 2 mjeseci

    Shut up Roy this time last season city were 20 odd points behind us but we are bad.

  95. Jabba the Hut

    Jabba the HutPrije 2 mjeseci

    They have been very corky and arrogant ex champions

  96. sebastian alegria

    sebastian alegriaPrije 2 mjeseci

    What's happening at Liverpool's football club is they're being victims of their success, so they haven't known how they reinvent themselves after winning UCL two years ago. Today Klopp is the main responsible, and if there's anyone has to leave Liverpool, that must be him.

  97. Michael Manning

    Michael ManningPrije 2 mjeseci

    Keane you call Liverpool bad champions if they played like they are now with a full squad I would agree but you tell me which manager could win a premier league with the amount of injuries that Liverpool have?

  98. Mas Greg Joyoko

    Mas Greg JoyokoPrije 2 mjeseci

    TBh, if Liverpool didn't win EPl, Champions League and World Champ, Roy would not say such thing like that. He appreciates Liverpool quite high therefore he said that. A Champion should not cry when troubles came. A real Champion stand when storm comes and still jog against it.

  99. Bruno Fernandes

    Bruno FernandesPrije 2 mjeseci


  100. mad harry the maniac

    mad harry the maniacPrije 2 mjeseci

    Would like to hear the bitter twisted wee rats opinion on neil Lennon this season considering he claims to be a ceptic supporter


    IN TUNE WITH CARSPrije 2 mjeseci

    again keane nailed it

  102. TheTreeOctopus

    TheTreeOctopusPrije 2 mjeseci

    They've been riddled with injury Tbh!

  103. Rashaad Price

    Rashaad PricePrije 2 mjeseci

    The years not over yet....what will they all say when Liverpool wins EUFA championship.....oh....they should have won with the calibre of players they have....duhhh...if it's easy then bottle it and sell it Roy...for a long time Liverpool had a steady team with everyone having pretty steady employment ....now theirs injuries...theres Jota,Thiago,and more,breathing down the front rows necks,backline is shaky with injuries and the opponent's are rearming and coming at them harder...Liverpool is now the hunted ....they need to steady and get over that feeling.... sometimes losing can bring with it great lessons....they need to study their opponents more....and they got to go back to playing right to the last whistle,as they once did and as their opponents are doing now....no drifting off around 3/4 time

  104. Laid Back

    Laid BackPrije 2 mjeseci

    Useless lately,,, useless,, top 4 not a hope ha ha ha come on lads

  105. J W

    J WPrije 2 mjeseci

    Roy Keane was a terrible professional

  106. Ned Shniebley

    Ned ShniebleyPrije 2 mjeseci

    The media are so poison nowadays I am a united fan and there are more than mitigating circumstances which are killing liverpool nothing to do with Klopp or anyone else they are literally crippled by injury no centre backs and their central midfield has also been killed because they have to cover at centre back so the full spine of the team is completely fucked. The press is obivously going to be massively affected when Fabinho Henderson and Wijnaldum are not together in the midfield.

  107. Ned Shniebley

    Ned ShniebleyPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Natheer Salie They probably weren't expecting Gomez, Van Dijk and Matip to all be out at the same time

  108. Natheer Salie

    Natheer SaliePrije 2 mjeseci

    Selling Lovren and not replacing him was a mistake. Injuries happen and, by the law of averages, Liverpool FC were due a big injury after the consistency they displayed from 2017-2020. As a United fan, you know that when you are on top you need to buy and Liverpool didn't buy. They sold a defender and signed a midfielder. How is that smart?

  109. hugh creaney

    hugh creaneyPrije 2 mjeseci

    After Man Utds first title in 26 years they lost it the next season to Blackburn on 89 points lol...remember that roy

  110. Paul morgan Morgan

    Paul morgan MorganPrije 2 mjeseci

    Agreed roy but city's squad is the most expensive in the history of football YNWA

  111. feisal sapiee

    feisal sapieePrije 2 mjeseci

    So Man. city also a bad champion last season ...hahahhaha..

  112. Duma Tshabalala

    Duma TshabalalaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Look who's talking, Roy Keane is failure as a manager. 🙄🙄🙄

  113. Robiulayeshaaakifa Uddin

    Robiulayeshaaakifa UddinPrije 2 mjeseci

    Bad champions lol bad manager

  114. Stevie O

    Stevie OPrije 2 mjeseci

    Bad champions? Just like Man Utd in 97/98 and 03/04 then Roy?

  115. moondee lundee

    moondee lundeePrije 2 mjeseci

    Miserable roy keane. As if fergie and ManureUrine Marinated have ever been good champions... Has manure ever won any legit title?...not ones that the fa/pl and bums skysports helped them win.