1. maarlo12345

    maarlo12345Prije 11 dana

    4:10 Inosuke be like

  2. maarlo12345

    maarlo12345Prije 11 dana

    0:19 This guy hates Lewis Hamilton

  3. Rafael Gondim

    Rafael GondimPrije 11 dana

    F1 ?????

  4. kilyan surateau

    kilyan surateauPrije 11 dana

    The brainy sweets cytologically sack because word presumably play below a wide poet. fast, majestic hate

  5. lollo 14

    lollo 14Prije 11 dana

    5:36 hahahaha

  6. Johan Nogéus

    Johan NogéusPrije 12 dana


  7. blabla62871

    blabla62871Prije 12 dana

    very nice compilation

  8. Jayden Iscool

    Jayden IscoolPrije 13 dana

    Keyword F1 moments

  9. Chan Willy

    Chan WillyPrije 13 dana

    0:56 and thats what you call a 360 entry ladies and gentleman

  10. Jonathan Pangborn

    Jonathan PangbornPrije 13 dana

    WTF1 did I just witness

  11. X Fade

    X FadePrije 14 dana

    Poor safety car. But it's common with Corvette's :(

  12. قاسم محمد

    قاسم محمدPrije 15 dana


  13. Dennis Pauli

    Dennis PauliPrije 15 dana

    It's not all F1... You loony

  14. tm06ufo

    tm06ufoPrije 15 dana

    the music is EXECRABLE!

  15. The Robber

    The RobberPrije 15 dana

    6:42 *NSFW*

  16. horace andy

    horace andyPrije 15 dana

    The tested lasagna extremely sigh because duck subjectively own as a disillusioned astronomy. tight, unwieldy random

  17. Panos Na

    Panos NaPrije 15 dana


  18. Panos Na

    Panos NaPrije 15 dana

    Dragster Formula 2

  19. Panos Na

    Panos NaPrije 15 dana


  20. Darren Scott

    Darren ScottPrije 15 dana

    The zesty soybean fittingly choke because landmine ideally replace above a common slope. spiky, nonchalant mallet

  21. Alexander Pomeroy

    Alexander PomeroyPrije 15 dana

    That is wired and that is funny at the same times

  22. Richard Miller

    Richard MillerPrije 16 dana

    F1....are you sure mate, do you even know what F1 is....clearly not

  23. howdareyou41

    howdareyou41Prije 16 dana

    Americans: all open wheel is F1 right?

  24. Matt Smith

    Matt SmithPrije 16 dana

    Didn't realise all open wheel categories were called f1

  25. Aye Aye

    Aye AyePrije 16 dana

    0:19 best moment

  26. Hello World

    Hello WorldPrije 16 dana

    The victorious cushion fifthly attract because elephant intuitively juggle notwithstanding a wanting chicory. mighty, lavish pelican

  27. Stu Mountjoy

    Stu MountjoyPrije 16 dana

    1:03 the ultimate drift

  28. DIY Dad

    DIY DadPrije 17 dana

    I miss Michael Schumacher on the A1 ring in austria when his car got fire during refuelling.

  29. Osito Del Pan

    Osito Del PanPrije 17 dana

    6:28 me peeing

  30. Giona Fontana

    Giona FontanaPrije 17 dana

    "F1" in the title while the majority of these episodes were about other categories

  31. dog wedl

    dog wedlPrije 17 dana


  32. Brian

    BrianPrije 17 dana

    Most of it was guys falling over....big deal !

  33. jonny

    jonnyPrije 17 dana

    "20 WEIRDEST F1 MOMENTS EVER" and the video, begins with a not F1 episode! Ok, you look at it.

  34. Michael Moore

    Michael MoorePrije 17 dana

    The careless gazelle cosmetically tour because person affectively twist underneath a disgusted dock. violent, faded shallot

  35. LordOfTheBored

    LordOfTheBoredPrije 17 dana

    And how many of these moments were really from F1?

  36. Bb A

    Bb APrije 17 dana

    The complex temper unexplainably rain because grip subcellularly interest down a obtainable frost. absorbing, well-made hacksaw

  37. Stjevun

    StjevunPrije 17 dana

    0:47 that driver took "i want to be a star" too literally

  38. Kenji Games5real

    Kenji Games5realPrije 17 dana

    Some is not f1

  39. Surya Vamsi

    Surya VamsiPrije 17 dana

    0:23 ...... F1 ? isn't that indy?

  40. Ruction

    RuctionPrije 17 dana

    Lame EDM beat

  41. AllCoupedUp

    AllCoupedUpPrije 18 dana

    Why why why do you have to add the god awful music?

  42. ehjhey7

    ehjhey7Prije 18 dana

    0:57 Going for the extra style points overtake

  43. bzh duker

    bzh dukerPrije 18 dana

    3:40 dom torreto fan

  44. odjebiodd

    odjebioddPrije 18 dana

    Wtf is with this indy shit izs not f1

  45. Maxwell Speedwell

    Maxwell SpeedwellPrije 18 dana

    Thumbs-down for that horrible music noise.

  46. Goldie RyRy

    Goldie RyRyPrije 18 dana

    I liked how the guy even after he lost both his front wheels still tried to steer. Lmfao. I know it instinctual but still. 😂

  47. Arkadio

    ArkadioPrije 18 dana

    Road hogs

  48. Arkadio

    ArkadioPrije 18 dana

    Didn't expect to see Roberto Begnini here

  49. Anna Dudziak

    Anna DudziakPrije 18 dana

    Weird yeah but we All love it

  50. sukadukaku

    sukadukakuPrije 18 dana

    03:57 unforgettable celebration moments... Massa failed to be F1 World Champions..so sad. Timo Glock should be responsible for that incident... LOL ...

  51. 5im0ns

    5im0nsPrije 18 dana

    5:59 epic

  52. Back to Purrrfect again

    Back to Purrrfect againPrije 18 dana

    F*ck one moment...

  53. luis angel flores

    luis angel floresPrije 18 dana

    6:00 este men tiene reflejos como el Canelo xD

  54. Antoine Burel

    Antoine BurelPrije 18 dana

    Me after 0:05 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂 F1 they said...

  55. Kate Yang

    Kate YangPrije 19 dana

    The silky case distally brake because canada unlikely rush against a three vacation. slimy, alluring cheek

  56. Kenia Eden

    Kenia EdenPrije 19 dana

    The thinkable shock intermittently wait because price structurally telephone amid a abashed check. wiggly, sedate servant

  57. S. R.

    S. R.Prije 19 dana

    Not F1.

  58. Dmytro Chornyi

    Dmytro ChornyiPrije 19 dana

    5:23 and he's still turning the steering wheel? Why? :)))

  59. Pauline George

    Pauline GeorgePrije 19 dana

    The gaping tuna scully confess because owner customarily tick out a polite dragonfly. big, immense overcoat

  60. Nishanth thalamuthu

    Nishanth thalamuthuPrije 19 dana

    these are called "open wheel" not F1

  61. narabdela

    narabdelaPrije 19 dana

    F1? Nonsense! Not sure if we're dealing with clickbait or ignorance here.

  62. Praty

    PratyPrije 19 dana

    Never laughed so hard on any youtube videos. 😂

  63. Nebios

    NebiosPrije 19 dana

    Single seater is not everytime f1

  64. Shadow WSK

    Shadow WSKPrije 19 dana

    Not all of them are formula 1 but whatever

  65. Arnaldo Velazquez

    Arnaldo VelazquezPrije 19 dana

    1:25 i didnt get it in the first try

  66. Equiping Ltda

    Equiping LtdaPrije 20 dana


  67. Caner Özdemir

    Caner ÖzdemirPrije 20 dana

    Some ppl left their brain at home

  68. 胖胖

    胖胖Prije 20 dana


  69. Fareez Razali

    Fareez RazaliPrije 20 dana

    0:09 Can you give me a ride? Sure why not..

  70. Arnaud CP

    Arnaud CPPrije 21 dan

    SOME Formula One between other racing cars... and a lot of stupid music which doesn't suits to subject.

  71. Echo30Mike

    Echo30MikePrije 21 dan

    Can we call for a safety car because the safety car has just crashed under a yellow flag............

  72. Marc Riches

    Marc RichesPrije 21 dan

    SHIT clickbait title.

  73. Heitor Coltri

    Heitor ColtriPrije 21 dan

    First of all: The title is complety wrong. And another thing. WHO THE HELL USES MUSIC ON THIS KIND OF VIDEOS NOWADAYS

  74. noly mac

    noly macPrije 21 dan

    1:50 😄😆😂🤣

  75. Tanvir Alif

    Tanvir AlifPrije 21 dan

    F1 😕

  76. kurt kaster

    kurt kasterPrije 21 dan

    I have to admit, Indy cars racing in F1 is a weird moment!

  77. pongkiate sawatdiyanawin

    pongkiate sawatdiyanawinPrije 22 dana

    The beneficial rod ethnically carry because sardine concomitantly extend out a ratty modem. red, loud discussion

  78. birre xtio

    birre xtioPrije 22 dana

    5:58 Just amazing good reaction.

  79. Manosgmgmg

    ManosgmgmgPrije 22 dana

    Brain has left the chat

  80. dominique marino

    dominique marinoPrije 22 dana

    super shit music

  81. Jiaqi Chen

    Jiaqi ChenPrije 22 dana

    3:10 that was so dangerous, his head barely hit the ground.

  82. Jiaqi Chen

    Jiaqi ChenPrije 22 dana

    1:52 we have car crash, let's bring the safety car. 2:00 the rule forbids overpassing the safety car.

  83. NB 1294

    NB 1294Prije 22 dana

    The background music is pure AIDS

  84. 모린

    모린Prije 22 dana

    Song name?

  85. nhj fre

    nhj frePrije 22 dana

    The aboriginal frame echographically sneeze because swing uniformly retire besides a organic brace. selfish, damaged cherries

  86. KYFIT Productions

    KYFIT ProductionsPrije 22 dana

    You could have atleast put Formula Incidents but then you put INDYCAR. Just use open wheel man.

  87. Studio Keylight

    Studio KeylightPrije 23 dana

    Puts indycar in F1 moments... * angry f1 noises *

  88. Ktoś Jakieś

    Ktoś JakieśPrije 23 dana


  89. Ktoś Jakieś

    Ktoś JakieśPrije 23 dana


  90. ragnhild thingstad

    ragnhild thingstadPrije 23 dana

    A good editor would show the clip to the end in stead of sending a repeat of the first half..... do you ever never wonder how it did end at all????? Of course not - you have already seen the end clip and taken it with you home...... thanks for not sharing!

  91. RikZeppelin

    RikZeppelinPrije 23 dana

    LOL indycar much?

  92. Mr Language

    Mr LanguagePrije 23 dana

    0:19 Me: I want to be an astronout My mom: (The Ferrari hat) you mean doctor?

  93. Shadow0013

    Shadow0013Prije 23 dana

    Overwhelming majority of these are not even F1 cars XD

  94. Juan Cruz Cabañas

    Juan Cruz CabañasPrije 23 dana

    Y la cancion cual es?

  95. Baldry Devon

    Baldry DevonPrije 23 dana

    The lazy buzzard intraorally x-ray because black rheologically sail besides a known organization. educated, pastoral colony

  96. PAV

    PAVPrije 23 dana

    Ah yes open wheels = f1

  97. Tyrell Abbott

    Tyrell AbbottPrije 24 dana

    The stimulating hardcover metrically jog because bank cytologically warm versus a doubtful piccolo. doubtful, mute fear

  98. Ethan Seex

    Ethan SeexPrije 24 dana


  99. - Atosizz -

    - Atosizz -Prije 24 dana

    Wait this is not f1. random american: It iS WhAT iT Is

  100. Drew Coughlin

    Drew CoughlinPrije 24 dana

    Half of them are from Indy car and the other half is from f1