💥Olivier Giroud Bicycle Kick!💥 Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea 0-1 Goals Highlights Champions League 2021

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  1. Akagha Winniefred

    Akagha WinniefredPrije 15 sati

    Giroud is a bearded Ronaldo

  2. Ghidena Awte

    Ghidena AwtePrije 2 dana

    My friend from my class im in y4 and hes on y4 that time hes at y2 and me he scored a bicicle kick

  3. Ahmed Abdullah Issah

    Ahmed Abdullah IssahPrije 3 dana

    Old player scores bicycle kick wow impossible

  4. Matias Bañez

    Matias BañezPrije 5 dana

    Of ice

  5. Matias Bañez

    Matias BañezPrije 5 dana

    Joa Felix can.t bicycle kick

  6. Asil Balçık

    Asil BalçıkPrije 6 dana

    Try x2 speed XD

  7. Matias Bañez

    Matias BañezPrije 6 dana

    Alguien español

  8. Tammy Baarda

    Tammy BaardaPrije 6 dana


  9. Brunis Drumming Cover

    Brunis Drumming CoverPrije 10 dana

    Suarez: You're offside Giroud: Hold my beard

  10. Ivan Tucker

    Ivan TuckerPrije 10 dana

    Dean supports sunderland, I respect that, I support different club in league 1, gillingham

  11. ash_rings

    ash_ringsPrije 10 dana

    Oooh bicycle friend


    PHIL COUTINHOPrije 11 dana

    Omg wow

  13. Daan Jacobs

    Daan JacobsPrije 12 dana

    2:16 is sunderland your favourite team

  14. Gaming with Alens

    Gaming with AlensPrije 14 dana

    Dean:votes Luis Suarez For the best player Dean 1 sec latter: what the he. ll in Giroud voice Me: What?

  15. Jan Sawczuk

    Jan SawczukPrije 15 dana

    0:38 Notice how there are 2 lightsabers.

  16. Fabian Agolli

    Fabian AgolliPrije 15 dana

    Albania national team serious Greetings from ALBANIA

  17. Mircioiu andy

    Mircioiu andyPrije 17 dana

    this game was played in Romania my country

  18. Stanford Bullard

    Stanford BullardPrije 19 dana

    v76ers vs Nuggets

  19. duck man

    duck manPrije 19 dana

    *This bycicle kick is sexier than me.* *-Giroud*

  20. Xmaster 142

    Xmaster 142Prije 28 dana

    Spanish Burnley😂😂

  21. L2_Connor

    L2_ConnorPrije 29 dana

    2:16 does dean support Sunderland????

  22. Marwan MAAN

    Marwan MAANPrije 29 dana

    There is a mistake on the walls the logo is the burnley manager but the shirt is suarez teeth


    CFC GAMERPrije 29 dana

    Dean we saw that your fav is sunderland


    CFC GAMERPrije 29 dana

    Giroud really is on a run

  25. op boi

    op boiPrije mjesec

    Is that a bird or a plane- no you are high on cocaine

  26. Benjamin Amudoaghan

    Benjamin AmudoaghanPrije mjesec

    Anyone notice how Timo is riding the bicycle backward?

  27. error g

    error gPrije mjesec

    2:17 where is man. city:(

  28. Mohamed

    MohamedPrije 24 dana

    Sadly they got no fans.

  29. GEOninja Brawl

    GEOninja BrawlPrije mjesec

    Olivier giroud is in my fav songs of 442oons. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

  30. 🧢

    🧢Prije mjesec

    Who is the “bicycle friend” guy

  31. lil drad 31

    lil drad 31Prije mjesec

    Albania 🇦🇱 my boy


    DARIUS-PETRU SALEPrije 3 dana

    I love Giroud bravo he played so well

  33. nic

    nicPrije mjesec

    Me:have test My brain:bicycle kick bicycle kick

  34. Kuzey pro

    Kuzey proPrije mjesec

    Dinomozo zagreb 3 spurs 2

  35. Trusha Bagwe

    Trusha BagwePrije mjesec

    who is here after chealsea won 3-0

  36. Nico R

    Nico RPrije mjesec

    Who's here after Chelsea's win yesterday?

  37. CLOUDS098

    CLOUDS098Prije mjesec

    Spanish burnley 😂

  38. Koby

    KobyPrije mjesec

    Deles bicycle was better

  39. InterTM

    InterTMPrije mjesec

    0:41 he sounds like gareth bale lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  40. Ash Zaman

    Ash ZamanPrije mjesec

    Wtf did i just watch...

  41. Matteo Vapore

    Matteo VaporePrije mjesec

    Timo were you sounds like a suck up when he says sure thing boss

  42. Europeball Mapper

    Europeball MapperPrije mjesec

    0:41 When your listening and not looking (playing a game) the guy sounds like Gareth Bale, especially because he also scored a bicycle kick.

  43. Nuray Cepci

    Nuray CepciPrije mjesec


  44. Nuray Cepci

    Nuray CepciPrije mjesec


  45. trailanderror2

    trailanderror2Prije mjesec

    fun fact the joa felix bicycle kick miss was against salzburg not chelsea

  46. Malek Emad Fathy Albohi

    Malek Emad Fathy AlbohiPrije mjesec

    Where bayern vs lazio 4-1

  47. LUCA 17

    LUCA 17Prije mjesec

    on Arena Nationala a bicycle kick :)


    DARIUS-PETRU SALEPrije 3 dana

    Yes for Giroud 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵😘✌🏼

  49. Darren

    DarrenPrije mjesec

    That was one of my fav 442oons vids

  50. Mimoza Ahmeti

    Mimoza AhmetiPrije mjesec

    If Timo said Hi-10

  51. Pat Ward

    Pat WardPrije mjesec

    I want you to do front man video Harland and mbape kill Messi and ronald

  52. Muhamed Sacirovic

    Muhamed SacirovicPrije mjesec

    Bicikle kick love

  53. Muhamed Sacirovic

    Muhamed SacirovicPrije mjesec


  54. Heclian Pagan

    Heclian PaganPrije mjesec

    It Was funny when timo tried.

  55. Edyta Buczek

    Edyta BuczekPrije mjesec

    Zrób polskie napisy

  56. Risky

    RiskyPrije mjesec

    Is 442oons Tottenham or Chelsea or Man City

  57. NedStephen ConleyA

    NedStephen ConleyAPrije mjesec

    The crazy ronald physiologically surprise because hail progressively ignore given a smoggy pamphlet. six, succinct yard

  58. Wissam Zerargui

    Wissam ZerarguiPrije mjesec



    ULTRA G.O.A.T GAMING YTPrije mjesec


  60. Petros Filippopoolos

    Petros FilippopoolosPrije mjesec

    2:16 that man will do anything to not reveal his favorite team

  61. Joshua Morgan

    Joshua MorganPrije mjesec

    Chelsea is rubbish

  62. Tyler Tindall

    Tyler TindallPrije mjesec

    The song was for Giroud BUT Timo was in most of the song

  63. Abdullah Al Yaseen

    Abdullah Al YaseenPrije mjesec

    You are so much better than Timo wearner I’m standing right here

  64. Jack Suarez

    Jack SuarezPrije mjesec

    Poor werner

  65. Daniel Batista

    Daniel BatistaPrije mjesec

    Bicycle is ninja

  66. Remitligamer

    RemitligamerPrije mjesec

    Very goodi


    XXASMIRXXPrije mjesec

    1:21 the sign on atleti badge on the wall it says atleti burnley 😂😂😂😂

  68. Fe4r Axcryzz

    Fe4r AxcryzzPrije mjesec

    When timo tried he fell on his ass

  69. Pradeep Borah

    Pradeep BorahPrije mjesec

    Aha good memories of timo Werner before dying in the next man vid when Ronaldo and Messi was taking over mbappe and Haaland. I miss him.

  70. Waffle Does Stuff

    Waffle Does StuffPrije mjesec

    Can we just talk about how smooth Oblak said "Bicycle Kick"

  71. TS Tabib

    TS TabibPrije mjesec

    I Like Cezeh Say hot dog

  72. Sava Petrovic

    Sava PetrovicPrije mjesec

    Anyone after dele Alli score bicycle too

  73. Spemčina official

    Spemčina officialPrije mjesec

    2:16 Dean is Sunderland fan🤣😅

  74. Nedim Sarp

    Nedim SarpPrije mjesec

    Werner is just like me

  75. Cunha 827

    Cunha 827Prije mjesec

    2:15 didn't know you're favorite team was Sunderland

  76. Tamay Tansu

    Tamay TansuPrije mjesec


  77. Ankit Egiahbors

    Ankit EgiahborsPrije mjesec

    I must say the old mount looks better than the new one

  78. Roky The Red

    Roky The RedPrije mjesec

    1:20 wtf Giroud is walking too fast, it must be the adrenaline from the bicycle kick

  79. Luc Jeannerod

    Luc JeannerodPrije mjesec

    To me Werner is the most annoying character on this channel🤣

  80. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije mjesec

    Hey Timo Werner

  81. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije mjesec

    Hey Thomas Tuchel

  82. abdulrahman alali

    abdulrahman alaliPrije mjesec

    Hey Oliver Giroud



    trending in football is bicycle kick

  84. The Aviation Time

    The Aviation TimePrije mjesec

    This Song Was Parody From Queen Bicycle Race

  85. Sara Mnisi

    Sara MnisiPrije mjesec


  86. Sara Mnisi

    Sara MnisiPrije mjesec

    Bicycle kick

  87. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    QwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmPrije mjesec

    2:17 deans a Sunderland fan it says my teams and Sunderland is there

  88. Bartek Muca

    Bartek MucaPrije mjesec

    i Love Oblak voice

  89. Waffle Does Stuff

    Waffle Does StuffPrije mjesec

    @Sara Mnisi wut?

  90. Sara Mnisi

    Sara MnisiPrije mjesec

    Oliver v oblak olivier wins oblak is shit

  91. vflx go

    vflx goPrije mjesec

    The alluring female unfortunately kill because engine ironically bathe amongst a closed increase. cumbersome, fast pancreas

  92. off sent

    off sentPrije mjesec

    always 442oons video only song. his hard finding song

  93. Imad Biyadi

    Imad BiyadiPrije mjesec

    Thanks for the watching

  94. Toxic11

    Toxic11Prije mjesec


  95. Eptic gaming

    Eptic gamingPrije mjesec

    Request: The Frontmen tries the Giroud Bicycle Kick

  96. Daniel Doyle

    Daniel DoylePrije mjesec

    Whos the guy who says bycycle friend? :/

  97. HASSAN JB10

    HASSAN JB10Prije mjesec

    Best vidio u made soo far

  98. kraljevi

    kraljeviPrije mjesec


  99. s1gaaa

    s1gaaaPrije mjesec

    original song: bicycle race by Queen

  100. Rodrigo Rodrigues delgado.

    Rodrigo Rodrigues delgado.Prije mjesec

    1:23: atletico burnley 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Matias German Perez

    Matias German PerezPrije mjesec

    Este cancion lo conozco es queen

  102. kingofandrijas

    kingofandrijasPrije mjesec

    somebody:no Oblak lost a magic me de gea fan:yessssssssssssssss

  103. Antonio Anghel

    Antonio AnghelPrije mjesec

    Onefootball is great!!!

  104. Fortnite _ pro

    Fortnite _ proPrije mjesec

    Make him member of frontmen.

  105. Hendrik Serrien

    Hendrik SerrienPrije mjesec

    Underrated player


    DARIUS-PETRU SALEPrije 3 dana


  107. Marvyn Velazquez

    Marvyn VelazquezPrije mjesec