Paris Saint-Germain vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports


  1. Controller PLAYA

    Controller PLAYAPrije 13 dana

    I like PSG but you have to give credit to pep because he can change the score and the game

  2. likio taqie

    likio taqiePrije 14 dana

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    Andy TapiPrije 25 dana

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  16. Cooldude 22

    Cooldude 22Prije 25 dana

    Better team won

  17. Alison Thomas

    Alison ThomasPrije 27 dana

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  18. Nathan Billingsley

    Nathan BillingsleyPrije 29 dana

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    مريم قائينيPrije 29 dana

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  20. Alison Thomas

    Alison ThomasPrije mjesec

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  21. Ryan Yosh

    Ryan YoshPrije mjesec

    #Palestine ‎#GazaUnderAttack #Savesheikjarrah

  22. Gabriel Lockett

    Gabriel LockettPrije mjesec

    Well done Man city for making it to the final.

  23. Asma Mds

    Asma MdsPrije mjesec

    Vive mahrez you’re the best 🇩🇿🇩🇿

  24. Brad Pitt

    Brad PittPrije mjesec

    Keylor Nalgas sucks

  25. Gabe Good

    Gabe GoodPrije mjesec

    Don't like MC but hate Neymar... Gratz MC!!

  26. Georges Y Belin

    Georges Y BelinPrije mjesec

    Just one question : If Mbappe was not fit enough to be used, even as a substitute, why did he make the trip? Pochetino's responsibility!

  27. Ernesto Navarrete

    Ernesto NavarretePrije mjesec


  28. Asian Minox Journey

    Asian Minox JourneyPrije mjesec

    Guardiola affect 👏Let’s go man cityLet’s go man city Let’s go man city Let’s go man city Let’s go man city Let’s go man cityLet’s go man go man city Let’s go man city Let’s go man city Let’s go man

  29. Ajev Vachher

    Ajev VachherPrije mjesec

    WE ARE THROUGH! edit:welp its 4-1 on aggregate now city are cruising!

  30. FaZe_ ffrr0zenn

    FaZe_ ffrr0zennPrije mjesec

    Wait wait wait I'm confused, it says 1 0 psg but on Google it says 1 0 man city. Is there an explination?

  31. FaZe_ ffrr0zenn

    FaZe_ ffrr0zennPrije mjesec

    @Zero ok thanks that makes way more sense

  32. Zero

    ZeroPrije mjesec

    this was the first leg in france what google was telling was the second leg in england. there is 2 legs man city won the first one 2-1 and the second 2-0 so on aggregate they won 4-1

  33. Asian Minox Journey

    Asian Minox JourneyPrije mjesec

    Let’s go man city

  34. Tags_Nick

    Tags_NickPrije mjesec

    10:03 ''rejected''

  35. Malik Quest

    Malik QuestPrije mjesec

    No way man city winning the 2nd leg, they gon get chewed

  36. hoopsdowntown12

    hoopsdowntown12Prije mjesec

    Everybody should be talking about how Phil Foden is.

  37. Will O'Malley

    Will O'MalleyPrije mjesec

    Was navas taking a nap this game ?

  38. ISpeaktheTruth

    ISpeaktheTruthPrije mjesec

    Why are players laying down? I know they’re trying to block the low ball but there aren’t many players who can pull that off

  39. jerome ay

    jerome ayPrije mjesec

    city is a scary team

  40. Ihavenoidea

    IhavenoideaPrije mjesec

    bruh he tried to pass why they acting like he just scored a banger

  41. Behzad Ahmadi

    Behzad AhmadiPrije mjesec

    Some wall. That ball never should have gone through. That's what happens when you turn sideway

  42. Magi

    MagiPrije mjesec

  43. Jmoney1041

    Jmoney1041Prije mjesec

    I love my man city team

  44. Luis Diaz

    Luis DiazPrije 13 dana

    @Doron Toyberman this is the Semi-finals Which they won and at least i didin't guarantee victory

  45. Doron Toyberman

    Doron ToybermanPrije 13 dana

    @Luis Diaz nope they lost

  46. Luis Diaz

    Luis DiazPrije mjesec

    I think they can win it

  47. HD

    HDPrije mjesec

    Two oil money clubs without character. Backed by extremists-supporting investor. What a joke

  48. LSS_Broly

    LSS_BrolyPrije mjesec

    Man City deserves that win 100%

  49. Tsu

    TsuPrije mjesec

    Man city winning the champions league, gonna score 3-0 in the 2nd leg

  50. ツBoltz

    ツBoltzPrije mjesec

    I believe in this comeback even tho we failed and let it go In the first leg I believe in our comeback allez Paris! 🇫🇷 comment if you do so to everyone is free to reply

  51. Faraja Simon

    Faraja SimonPrije mjesec

    Nah sorry fam. Good luck next year though

  52. Brandon Manley

    Brandon ManleyPrije mjesec

    Yes, it's possible. I believe in Marquinhos in defense, Di María in midfield, and Mbappé at the attacking end.

  53. Alex Killen

    Alex KillenPrije mjesec

    MahreZ goal gets us to a CL Final and he'll be worth his quid

  54. Alex Killen

    Alex KillenPrije mjesec

    No chance kdb meant that

  55. Morgane Baudry

    Morgane BaudryPrije mjesec

    Guardiola you can cry now and apologize to your Master Mahrez.

  56. Lansiquot

    LansiquotPrije mjesec

    2 of the best keepers in he world

  57. Maggie Trupido

    Maggie TrupidoPrije mjesec

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  58. Cloud

    CloudPrije mjesec

    To all the city fans check out City Xtra on youtube

  59. WRX Panda

    WRX PandaPrije mjesec

    If I was psg keeper I would be pissed, the wall was such garbage

  60. Liga MX En Vivo

    Liga MX En VivoPrije mjesec

    Kevin De Bruyne was a unexpected goal 😳

  61. Wowo

    WowoPrije mjesec

    IMm a big fan of both teams but come on psg they just let two freak goals in

  62. Karlex Morocco

    Karlex MoroccoPrije mjesec

    Second round PSG must to try their best otherwise see you next season PSG must remember this is not Barcelona 😁😆

  63. Jay Jayson

    Jay JaysonPrije mjesec

    Why is the PSG player on the ground behind his wall during the Mahrez free kick?

  64. diyara osman

    diyara osmanPrije mjesec

    City will win the year from usa

  65. Jorge Perez

    Jorge PerezPrije mjesec

    PSG have a habit of chocking in the champions league and that’s the way uh hu uh hu I like it.

  66. Christian

    ChristianPrije mjesec

    Neymar is not a player that can make a difference. They pay him a superstar salary, but without the superstar quality of play. I don't see why they keep him since they don't really get a lot out of him.

  67. ManCity1

    ManCity1Prije mjesec

    KDB is the king!

  68. jayday80

    jayday80Prije mjesec

    Why Foden keeps shooting to the middle of the goal? He should have scored at least a goal in this game.

  69. StOscar

    StOscarPrije mjesec

    A defender in the wall was afraid of getting hit with the ball. That's never a good sign.

  70. SilentS

    SilentSPrije mjesec


  71. Serko Moryasi

    Serko MoryasiPrije mjesec

    This is psg. Every year they let the game get away from them. I rly hope they make a comeback.

  72. Samuel Bozyk

    Samuel BozykPrije mjesec

    Still no one in the stands over there? That’s weak.

  73. Salahadin Saleh

    Salahadin SalehPrije mjesec

    Mumtaz Mahrez.

  74. Crystal

    CrystalPrije mjesec

    How is DeBruyne so calm

  75. brooklynbound1000

    brooklynbound1000Prije mjesec

    They seriously had to use that as the thumbnail picture?

  76. hatari hazard

    hatari hazardPrije mjesec

    mbappe got free movation to get pocketed by dias and stones from haaland lol.

  77. aj rex

    aj rexPrije mjesec

    Keylor gave them the game. Psg should of won

  78. Brandon Manley

    Brandon ManleyPrije mjesec

    Nah fuck that. Navas did his usual thing. That horrific wall was the most damning thing for us this game.

  79. Chino

    ChinoPrije mjesec

    City hit them hard in the second half

  80. Samuel Gonzalez-Tovar

    Samuel Gonzalez-TovarPrije mjesec

    3:21 icardi neymar would’ve have scored or at the very least controlled it way better

  81. Kayne Barker

    Kayne BarkerPrije mjesec

    3:28 well should have shown how close they were to scoring

  82. Driss B Coolan

    Driss B CoolanPrije mjesec

    MC’s first goal was so nice

  83. Jhonan Puma

    Jhonan PumaPrije mjesec

    City city

  84. Eph2110SBG GSO

    Eph2110SBG GSOPrije mjesec

    Commentary by Peter Drury, one of the best.

  85. Jose Perez

    Jose PerezPrije mjesec

    De bruyne’s goal looked like he wasn’t Evan trying 😂

  86. Spillzuh

    SpillzuhPrije mjesec

    Navas sold on that first goal

  87. Luke Franz

    Luke FranzPrije mjesec

    Mbappe still in Ruban's pocket

  88. Sharlisa Tellis

    Sharlisa TellisPrije mjesec

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  89. Douglas Quinzi

    Douglas QuinziPrije mjesec

    why can't foden just score at least kinda early???

  90. Eric Ruiz

    Eric RuizPrije mjesec

    That DeBruyne goal was so strange ... I keep watching the replay waiting for it to just bounce out of bounds instead if back toward the goal

  91. YoungTrioWorld

    YoungTrioWorldPrije mjesec

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  92. Cisco C

    Cisco CPrije mjesec

    Navas is responsible for this lost .

  93. Jay Moar

    Jay MoarPrije mjesec

    Embarrassing goal keeping 🤦‍♂️

  94. aria N

    aria NPrije mjesec

    Zinchenko's assist to KDB was the most stunning assist ever after Busquets's famous assist to messi in el classico 😂

  95. Live Flo

    Live FloPrije mjesec

    I feel like at some point PSG was just fouling just to foul

  96. Robert Downey jr

    Robert Downey jrPrije mjesec

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    Robert Downey jrPrije mjesec

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    amanda coxPrije mjesec

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    williams hendersonPrije mjesec

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  100. Makise Kurisu

    Makise KurisuPrije mjesec

    9:16 let me talk

  101. George Hilton

    George HiltonPrije mjesec

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  102. Andre Dawkins

    Andre DawkinsPrije mjesec

    Phil phoden man what player he is, city has a golden egg.

  103. Nick M

    Nick MPrije mjesec

    As much as I dislike Manchester City they’re a damn good team! I’d be shocked if they don’t parade around with both premier league (duh!!) AND Champions League trophy this year!!

  104. alex gharapeti

    alex gharapetiPrije mjesec

    People who think mbappe is top 5 right now you dont know nothing about football

  105. Roberto Diaz

    Roberto DiazPrije mjesec

    Mahrez in Paris...:)))

  106. sami tv

    sami tvPrije mjesec

    I loved see psg win but it was disgrace.Bappe was poor that day.

  107. Volamber

    VolamberPrije mjesec

    This is what a great match looks like.

  108. Zain

    ZainPrije mjesec