Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham PL 2006/07 FULL MATCH

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije godine

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  2. Abdulhaqq Fray

    Abdulhaqq FrayPrije 3 mjeseci

    An eagle eating a comododragonwidotung acomoring

  3. Chinonso Moses

    Chinonso MosesPrije godine

    Dekh liya pizza

  4. Perth Luxury

    Perth LuxuryPrije 8 dana

    3:10 Graham Poll has lost control......

  5. Ferris

    FerrisPrije mjesec

    Had we managed to keep this team and add a few more pieces we would've won the league again during the late 2000s.

  6. joseph baldwin

    joseph baldwinPrije 2 mjeseci

    Right back played Adebayor onside for the first goal - infuriating commentary!

  7. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    Glen Kightley - Everything ArsenalPrije 2 mjeseci

    We could possibly have had all 3 Goals disallowed in this VAR ERA 😭😭

  8. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    Glen Kightley - Everything ArsenalPrije 2 mjeseci

    Adebayor One on One was 🔥🔥 Miss these days 😭

  9. Kieron Lindsay

    Kieron LindsayPrije 2 mjeseci

    Had VAR been around during this game, would’ve been a 0-0

  10. Kenzo Kwansa

    Kenzo KwansaPrije 6 mjeseci

    6:43 Van Persie was a baller shame he went to the devils

  11. Gaduza Lee

    Gaduza LeePrije 6 mjeseci


  12. Lexy the cat

    Lexy the catPrije 9 mjeseci

    This match 2006 or 2007?

  13. Luisiana Fhemanyan

    Luisiana FhemanyanPrije mjesec


  14. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    3-0 isn't controversial @ all.

  15. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    Suppose not to talk as Eboue argued. All I know is to continue playing despite the provocation. Arsenal academic school as my adorable hope next season.I fear no derby basically as Gunners seem to teach and learn more this year.

  16. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    Such great timing as Van Versie substitution to Brazilian Gilberto whom I always admire order to kill the 3-0 result.

  17. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    i could beat any opponent as long as I am fit. 3-0 .

  18. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    All I knows is.

  19. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    Then I wear you down.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2-0 is what Ayari is looking for.The communication had never afraid me as 3-0 had become easier. I can't stand Spurs @ all. I am aware I can do it.

  20. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    None of us is playing well.

  21. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije 9 mjeseci

    Arsenal are too quick to deal with as Ayari Rachid eats You

  22. Vishal Patel

    Vishal PatelPrije 10 mjeseci

    How in the mighty fuck did that team manage to finish 4th...

  23. SuperConnie

    SuperConniePrije godine

    Fab4 ruined his career by leaving.He was world class here.7 Arsenal players left for Barca they all faded away.

  24. Benjamin Bonsu

    Benjamin BonsuPrije godine

    Wow! I can't believe this game was played 14 years ago. The game hasn't changed much. Arsenal always smashing Spurs 😀😀

  25. Benjamin Haslewood

    Benjamin HaslewoodPrije godine

    One ☝️ of my very favourite Highlights” from an Arsenal FC. PL. Season in 2005/06. So many fond memories, against the Spurs- our old, local rivals. Keep the Good times” coming in, I say. Thanks 🙏👍👏⚽️😎😊🙏 to everyone involved, in the EPL, and in the world 🌍 game. We”re thinking of you. You”re in my thoughts and prayers, during this uncertain and different time. God bless you. XO 😚 I’m going to sleep now. Good Night to you all. Love, y’all. From Tasmania, and down-under, in Australia.

  26. Nguumono Natha

    Nguumono NathaPrije godine

    My Arsenal my gunnes

  27. Ethan

    EthanPrije godine

    Who is the commentator? Lol

  28. chas b

    chas bPrije 5 mjeseci

    Alan parry

  29. wayne khamala

    wayne khamalaPrije godine

    Re-watching in 2020 during covid19 pandemic

  30. Timothy Bijondo

    Timothy BijondoPrije godine

    wat a game

  31. J Wainaina

    J WainainaPrije godine

    EPL officiating has always been very QUESTIONABLE!

  32. J Wainaina

    J WainainaPrije godine

    When the Emirates was The Emirates!

  33. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    I love my style back then and in the future, Chelsea supposes to be next derby when Ayari Rachid loves Derbies. As a huge certain amazing school from Tunisia to

  34. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    Especially Spurs I am so prepared. I become SIMPLY CAN't stand their guts. Ayari Rachid's perspective as far as I know my team.

  35. Dennis Morgan

    Dennis MorganPrije godine

    Kiko Ayari what are you saying?

  36. Arsenal FC

    Arsenal FCPrije godine

    At 3:15 adebayor points zokora to his own side hahahaha.. imagine him saying to zokora gerara here man, go to your own side you clown lollll

  37. Arsenal FC

    Arsenal FCPrije godine

    Ooooooh robin v. Persieee

  38. netweed09

    netweed09Prije godine

    That Berbatov. Should've come to Us, instead went to the Spuds feeder club Manure

  39. Ben Stonks

    Ben StonksPrije 9 mjeseci

    Berbatov was so talented that it's a shame he played for United and sp*rs

  40. Chris Douglas

    Chris DouglasPrije godine

    Ah.. two dodgy penalties and an offside goal.. one of the times when the scum basically stole 3 points in a north London derby.

  41. Ali Kapapa

    Ali KapapaPrije godine

    Chris Douglas you’re forever in our shadows no trophy whatsoever in over 15 years come on you gunners 😜

  42. GG

    GGPrije godine

    did you see Keane spitting on the floor inside the tunnel, 3.29 what a prick !

  43. Tim Scalla

    Tim ScallaPrije godine

    Always been a prick 😆

  44. cpnd750

    cpnd750Prije godine

    51:58 Liam Brady fan! Eirinn go Brach

  45. cpnd750

    cpnd750Prije godine

    Good man Freddie, tough as nails

  46. cpnd750

    cpnd750Prije godine

    lovely shorts

  47. Isaac

    IsaacPrije godine

    fair to Paul Robinson's career took a lot of beatings from Arsenal

  48. Seether99

    Seether99Prije godine

    Co commentator was so anti Arsenal

  49. BBB

    BBBPrije godine

    Brian Marwood - ex Arsenal player (1988-1990). Another Paul Merson. He never seems to have a good word for Arsenal these days.

  50. George vanderByl

    George vanderBylPrije godine

    If not for injuries wenger had managed to replace so much of the invincibles, shame to see his vision not come true again *and top snakes

  51. RainKing

    RainKingPrije godine

    Back when Tottenham knew their role.

  52. pundit

    punditPrije godine

    This team would shit all over our current team.

  53. Aklilu Yosief

    Aklilu YosiefPrije godine

    I wonder how the spuds say that they are a bigger club than arsenal,North London is RED and for ever will be RED.

  54. Tim Scalla

    Tim ScallaPrije godine

    People are allow to have dreams hahahaha

  55. Peter Kaseeta

    Peter KaseetaPrije godine

    Thanks for your service, am kindly requesting you to put also final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich champion's league 2012-2013

  56. KIRK

    KIRKPrije godine

    Thank you!!

  57. Petch Ittichai

    Petch IttichaiPrije godine

    When Arsenal was Arsenal and once upon a time we can say you can't buy class

  58. ali mohamed

    ali mohamedPrije godine


  59. Gunner Gunner

    Gunner GunnerPrije godine

    เพชร อิทธิชัย what a time 😫

  60. adam yesho

    adam yeshoPrije godine

    This is hands down the best football channel in the world. I hate Tottenham

  61. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    Spurs getting smacked up as per

  62. Quân Đỗ

    Quân ĐỗPrije godine

    thats time is still Arsenal for Red ever 👍👍👍

  63. Aidan Connor

    Aidan ConnorPrije godine

    3:29 Keane dirty scumbag

  64. Adam jr.

    Adam jr.Prije 2 godina

    Spurs is our first victim 😂

  65. Andres Gonzales

    Andres GonzalesPrije 2 godina

    None of the 3 goals should've stood lol

  66. Walter Bussink

    Walter BussinkPrije godine

    Andres what are you on? Just because you get some of the ball doesn't mean you can take the player down. And the third is clear cut.

  67. Harrison Rob

    Harrison RobPrije godine

    The first one rightfully stood. The other two were a bit controversial.

  68. Datguy Official

    Datguy OfficialPrije 2 godina


  69. D 1993

    D 1993Prije 2 godina

    When Defoe was in his prime and you put him on the bench in a North London derby. What an idiot that Spurs manager was

  70. Abdirahim Mussa

    Abdirahim MussaPrije godine

    Devito 1993 yh a Prick

  71. Kevin Noble

    Kevin NoblePrije godine

    @ShadowInfernoKnight1886 who underrated defoe? news to me. he was a beast. defoe> keane

  72. ShadowInfernoKnight1886

    ShadowInfernoKnight1886Prije 2 godina

    I honestly think Defoe was criminally underrated.

  73. Andres Gonzales

    Andres GonzalesPrije 2 godina

    Keane and Berbatov up front... one of the best partnerships in the PL from 2006-2008 mate...

  74. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostarPrije 2 godina

    Weird stuff at 6:40 minutes: Did you see that?

  75. coldιcegaмer

    coldιcegaмerPrije godine

    HAAHAHAH lol

  76. Emerson H.

    Emerson H.Prije 2 godina

    Anyone know the commentators name?

  77. Bernard Wansi

    Bernard WansiPrije godine

    Alan Parry

  78. Mohaz Janjez

    Mohaz JanjezPrije 2 godina

    Clive tydsley

  79. Kartik Madan

    Kartik MadanPrije 2 godina


  80. CD DB

    CD DBPrije 2 godina

    Yet another game Arsenal started with a completely overseas 11

  81. Tommy Lucy

    Tommy LucyPrije 2 godina

    Love smashing that lot ! COYG

  82. Youness Anistone

    Youness AnistonePrije 3 godina

    I don't know why we didn't won the title 😧💔

  83. moondee lundee

    moondee lundeePrije godine

    The ref/fa made sure that's why.

  84. Account User

    Account UserPrije godine

    Youness Anistone Because Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool were better teams than Arsenal back in 2006/07, thats why.

  85. Hussam Literature

    Hussam LiteraturePrije 3 godina

    I love this match 😢

  86. 미남정

    미남정Prije 3 godina

    How did you think of Lee tottenham 2008??

  87. Anderton Chigoneka

    Anderton ChigonekaPrije 3 godina

    Arsenal were fourth and Tottenham were fifth

  88. North Memphis

    North MemphisPrije 3 godina

    Another easy work 4 Arsenal in a NLD

  89. fuquay-varina

    fuquay-varinaPrije 3 godina

    Adebayor was a beast. If only he didn't get too greedy.

  90. Colin out

    Colin outPrije 9 mjeseci

    @Peace Dweller respect to you always healthy to receive intelligent feedback, because we may not agree on everything ,but respect and intelligence for future discussions lends to greater understanding thank you we are not sheep.

  91. Peace Dweller

    Peace DwellerPrije 9 mjeseci

    @Colin out Exactly, way too many fans covered for Wenger's inability to convince star players to stay. I guarantee RVP, Nasri, Fabregas, Sanchez etc etc would have wanted to stay if Wenger fought tooth & nail to keep them and even if they wanted to leave, Wenger should have made sure they all went abroad and not to rivals. This is why Fergie was always miles better than Wenger.

  92. Colin out

    Colin outPrije 9 mjeseci

    He wasn't greedy with respect it was Arsene Wenger who decided to accept Man City's offer , he then told Adebeyor no matter what you do you won't get back into the first team ,it's well documented .

  93. Jamil Akhtar

    Jamil AkhtarPrije godine

    100% and from this game we can see how much we missed vierra!!!

  94. Noz Islam

    Noz IslamPrije 3 godina

    Kit sponsors swapped these days

  95. Paulsoler4

    Paulsoler4Prije 3 godina

    Cesc was absolutely incredible

  96. Jamil Akhtar

    Jamil AkhtarPrije godine

    True! He took over from vierra, but wenger tried to use him too much, like he did with vierra! However the thing that stands out is that arsenal lose the ball and we win it back so easily we had this confidence structure, and our back 4 were wayyy better

  97. Aleksander Pagels

    Aleksander PagelsPrije 4 godina

    Please upload Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal 28/10/07 or Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea 16/12/07

  98. Orien Allen

    Orien AllenPrije 3 godina

    English Football League Streaking FA cup

  99. Oleksandr Shelukhin

    Oleksandr ShelukhinPrije 4 godina

    I have one guestion to you. From which sites or sources do you upload videos to HRhave? Where you get it ?

  100. Oleksandr Shelukhin

    Oleksandr ShelukhinPrije 4 godina

    souster98 thank you very much

  101. souster98

    souster98Prije 4 godina

    buy from dvd sites, upload to youtube.

  102. CHEE HOW Cheok

    CHEE HOW CheokPrije 4 godina


  103. Lukaš Jacob

    Lukaš JacobPrije 4 godina

    Please Upload Manchester United 0 x 1 Arsenal 17/09/06

  104. Pele

    PelePrije 4 godina


  105. gaming journey

    gaming journeyPrije 4 godina

    welcome back

  106. david ryan

    david ryanPrije 4 godina

    Was at this game sitting in the North Bank Lower!! Good Times :)

  107. Jamil Akhtar

    Jamil AkhtarPrije godine

    Yes the arsen wenger era! from this game we can see how much we missed vierra

  108. Francis Dubem

    Francis DubemPrije godine

    cereal boy no need for that.

  109. Lee Akers

    Lee AkersPrije 2 godina

    cereal boy Yeah your nose was her cushion