among us NEW VAMPIRE ROLE (mod)

among us but the impostor can turn into a vampire
mod from sub & fetch :D
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Family Friendly PG Clean 13+


  1. Socksfor1

    Socksfor1Prije mjesec

    nadwe in his true form

  2. Aayan K

    Aayan KPrije 9 dana

    True dat

  3. freaking

    freakingPrije mjesec


  4. rafiat oloye

    rafiat oloyePrije mjesec

    Yes sir

  5. Jasper Amezcua

    Jasper AmezcuaPrije mjesec

    In the socks smp

  6. ACED Chris

    ACED ChrisPrije mjesec

    Subscribe to Youngswad please like and listen to the song ty

  7. Madsci

    MadsciPrije 2 dana

    4:57 - 4:59 change da world, my final message, goodbye

  8. Revalids

    RevalidsPrije 2 dana

    5:42 That scene was soooo perfectly timed.

  9. Demir Turhan

    Demir TurhanPrije 6 dana

    4:57 realitble

  10. F.B.I

    F.B.IPrije 7 dana


  11. Krithi Kiri

    Krithi KiriPrije 7 dana

    Its time to chill

  12. Steve Helferich

    Steve HelferichPrije 8 dana

    SOCKS!!! READ THIS!!!!! READ THIS!!! we want the 2000 days modded hardcore!!! we all do!!!!! and we know you do too!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!! BRING IT BACK!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!11111!!!!!!!

  13. Alexander Baird

    Alexander BairdPrije 8 dana

    I think you should do a zombie roll were you can infect other people and spread the virus

  14. Birds Lover

    Birds LoverPrije 8 dana

    1:12 1:14 1:16 1:18 1:20

  15. Ariel Pennertz

    Ariel PennertzPrije 8 dana

    11:12 is so true until we turn 15

  16. Aayan K

    Aayan KPrije 8 dana

    “The vampire is a imposter” socks 2021

  17. Meribel Sillasoo

    Meribel SillasooPrije 9 dana

    socks evrytime when he is dective: Thats interesting 🥲

  18. Fire Boy

    Fire BoyPrije 10 dana

    I have seen the song so many times

  19. Echo

    EchoPrije 11 dana

    "I reject my humanity, JoJo!"

  20. Azlanmon

    AzlanmonPrije 11 dana


  21. Dinar Genji 2 Official

    Dinar Genji 2 OfficialPrije 13 dana

    13:56 Cute (◍ ᴗ ◍ ◍) ✧ *。

  22. Eric Knudson

    Eric KnudsonPrije 13 dana

    I’m drumsy

  23. Marcelo Leifert

    Marcelo LeifertPrije 15 dana

    bite in amongos that is cool

  24. CuteCat

    CuteCatPrije 15 dana

    i loved the song

  25. Aayan K

    Aayan KPrije 15 dana

    “The vampire is an inposter”

  26. charlie the angel

    charlie the angelPrije 15 dana

    vampire: i fear no man vampire: but that thing garlic vampire: it scares me

  27. K4ZUM4 SAN

    K4ZUM4 SANPrije 16 dana

    7:58 I feel bad for blaza :

  28. MONKE

    MONKEPrije 18 dana

    Here now we see the wild IMPOSTER GOD in his cage of Among Us gameplay and his quality content

  29. Braylon Rhule

    Braylon RhulePrije 20 dana

    8:47 A m o n g U s

  30. Ft Princess wolfie Fgteev afton

    Ft Princess wolfie Fgteev aftonPrije 21 dan

    Socks can we just show u a drawing and/or just make it out of another app?

  31. Luna Lovegood

    Luna LovegoodPrije 22 dana

    Woolfster: *NoDwAe*

  32. The Purple Rage of Calypso

    The Purple Rage of CalypsoPrije 22 dana

    Chuckles I am too late

  33. Brendon Hager

    Brendon HagerPrije 23 dana

    Woolfster is a furry

  34. Porpluex

    PorpluexPrije 23 dana

    this would've been nicer if it was made last year in october lol

  35. molin patc

    molin patcPrije 23 dana

    Is it just me or is blaza's head lookin kinda thicc

  36. Dead head dave

    Dead head davePrije 24 dana

    When you realize he spelled mayor wrong

  37. Einjel Jean

    Einjel JeanPrije 24 dana

    Socks your song was amaiseng

  38. Niko Tgr

    Niko TgrPrije 25 dana


  39. Georgia Wahlquist

    Georgia WahlquistPrije 25 dana


  40. amoung Us

    amoung UsPrije 25 dana

    how do we download it

  41. Emma B

    Emma BPrije 26 dana

    Where did u geht these hats?

  42. Harry Shepherd

    Harry ShepherdPrije 26 dana

    You can do it on your own 🍎 Computer and iPad

  43. Brandon300 Animations

    Brandon300 AnimationsPrije 26 dana

    TBH is Mr Krabs

  44. anna yuz

    anna yuzPrije 27 dana

    dino is so sad if trey kill him meme; BLAZA AND ME SEE SOCKS KILL DINO meme; blaza and me see socks kil- socks;LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO meme; how you kill me socks; i bite you meme

  45. 30 Fps

    30 FpsPrije 28 dana

    Did you show 1/4 of blazas face and if you said yes can you show me the video

  46. DLC TEO gamer

    DLC TEO gamerPrije 28 dana

    Cole song

  47. Isabella Stroup

    Isabella StroupPrije 29 dana

    I AM SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  48. DOTS

    DOTSPrije mjesec

    Impsos ter

  49. 0 0

    0 0Prije mjesec

    Make a vedio en Real life and go to nadwes house and try to figure aut a secret

  50. Ilyas Nur

    Ilyas NurPrije mjesec


  51. Yt_Ben_56

    Yt_Ben_56Prije mjesec

    I honestly think the best imposter duo is socks and tbh prove me wrong

  52. christakpan

    christakpanPrije mjesec

    2:07 mask has mask COVID ya he has it that’s why he has a mask

  53. lauren lowell

    lauren lowellPrije mjesec

    Mrblaza is cute

  54. Kyan Bowman

    Kyan BowmanPrije mjesec

    Laff U suck

  55. mediocreBoi

    mediocreBoiPrije mjesec

    Plants vs zombies has a garlic that works similarly.

  56. Julek Kocon

    Julek KoconPrije mjesec

    i like you

  57. The Forgotten Warrior

    The Forgotten WarriorPrije mjesec

    I love how Woolf is all like, Hi bat, bye bat

  58. Ano

    AnoPrije mjesec

    Among us in Romania

  59. aveen rasheed

    aveen rasheedPrije mjesec

    YOU IHD100$

  60. hypemaine 99

    hypemaine 99Prije mjesec

    As a joke I was going to get him 800 dislikes

  61. K Jayanth

    K JayanthPrije mjesec

    Nice game make more related game's👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  62. the sugestor

    the sugestorPrije mjesec


  63. Nofoodman

    NofoodmanPrije mjesec

    Best part is 5:57

  64. Nero Ruvalcaba

    Nero RuvalcabaPrije mjesec

    A day isn’t a day without hearing socks say: *what’s up gamers*

  65. KingJase29

    KingJase29Prije mjesec


  66. S

    SPrije mjesec

    laff is here

  67. S

    SPrije mjesec

    you socks bro

  68. Irdina Suhaimi

    Irdina SuhaimiPrije mjesec

    Imposter God>imposter God again🙄🙄🙄

  69. Kaven Lumbard

    Kaven LumbardPrije mjesec

    How was tbhHonest an imposter on round two?

  70. Evan Henry

    Evan HenryPrije mjesec

    Yo this is crazy when you are watching this

  71. TheTrue BlueSaiyan

    TheTrue BlueSaiyanPrije mjesec

    13:24 .-. Did i just hear the-

  72. Johnathan Ringler

    Johnathan RinglerPrije mjesec

    you should do Wolfs quarter face next

  73. Kyla Williams

    Kyla WilliamsPrije mjesec

    drink blood

  74. Blank

    BlankPrije mjesec

    Wow the editing is fucking cringe

  75. Jadyn Bean

    Jadyn BeanPrije mjesec

    lol, if we "decode" the computer language word Tbh, TbhHonest's name means "To be honest Honest" XD

  76. Eye Conqueror

    Eye ConquerorPrije mjesec


  77. Aya Khodr

    Aya KhodrPrije mjesec

    So funny xd

  78. MedicineMoonLodge

    MedicineMoonLodgePrije mjesec


  79. Daegyu Lee

    Daegyu LeePrije mjesec

    1.964mth view(exactly)

  80. Deen Destruction

    Deen DestructionPrije mjesec


  81. Harleigh Fox

    Harleigh FoxPrije mjesec

    thEy made this vidoe 1 day before my brthday :)

  82. LuigiMastr

    LuigiMastrPrije mjesec

    Dont stop making these Among Us videos! this is brilliant!

  83. Raf Tansuke

    Raf TansukePrije mjesec

    Schroobz in 2021 : am I joke to you !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  84. gaming saadshield

    gaming saadshieldPrije mjesec

    i want biggest modpack 1.12.2

  85. Yajnesh

    YajneshPrije mjesec

    The outro is too good.

  86. Tokyo Amaya

    Tokyo AmayaPrije mjesec

    Socks is very funny! XD, also how are u so creative with these mods!

  87. Brody Mostyn

    Brody MostynPrije mjesec

    I’ve been here before you hit 1 mil

  88. Kitten Gamer

    Kitten GamerPrije mjesec

    11:23 Detective SocksFor1 on the case!

  89. Kitten Tuber

    Kitten TuberPrije mjesec

    777 dislikes, SMH SMH you people dont know what amazing content is SMH! I subbed and liked

  90. TwT PLAYZ

    TwT PLAYZPrije mjesec

    How You got this mode?

  91. Hud’s hill

    Hud’s hillPrije mjesec

    Oh socks for ooooooone is an imposter!

  92. Riley The blog channel

    Riley The blog channelPrije mjesec

    2:45 why

  93. Lampard Naz

    Lampard NazPrije mjesec

    The bewildered reading biosynthetically deserve because produce comprehensively tie apud a nutritious knot. squeamish, unaccountable year

  94. Joshua Boudreau

    Joshua BoudreauPrije mjesec

    when i am watching this i have imposter god playing in the backround

  95. Nekolara chan

    Nekolara chanPrije mjesec

    Oh laff abuse :( 💔

  96. Greg Burke

    Greg BurkePrije mjesec

    Next do half of blazas face

  97. Kalebsfunnelvision

    KalebsfunnelvisionPrije mjesec

    I like your videos but you’re a start on imposter God is really bad

  98. London Lee

    London LeePrije mjesec

    This is a really good series

  99. Mathew Preston

    Mathew PrestonPrije mjesec

    0:00 LAFF ABUSE

  100. Allwyn hiwale

    Allwyn hiwalePrije mjesec

    6:20 and that was the story of the death of garlic man meme.

  101. XxDeepBluexX

    XxDeepBluexXPrije mjesec

    I dare u to do a normal video :>

  102. Olympian Demigod

    Olympian DemigodPrije mjesec

    Day 2 of asking for 1200 days

  103. Star Platinum

    Star PlatinumPrije mjesec

    Outro is the best part

  104. Alice In Wonderland

    Alice In WonderlandPrije mjesec

    "this fine specimen" or should I say SPACEMAN!!

  105. Emmanuel Sackey

    Emmanuel SackeyPrije mjesec

    300k and release a HALF of blaza's face

  106. Quincey Gorton

    Quincey GortonPrije mjesec

    I love your son imposter God because it's intense anything that confuses me is just how it started

  107. Mmachukwwumelum Mmako

    Mmachukwwumelum MmakoPrije mjesec

    Hi what up today anysus or die