All Easter Eggs and References in Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer!

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  1. Daniel G. Productions

    Daniel G. ProductionsPrije mjesec

    The "Evil Scientist" building is from the 1946 Looney Tunes short "Hair-Rasing Hare," which debuted Gossamer.

  2. John McCreay

    John McCreayPrije 9 dana

    Gossamer Is My Favorite :)

  3. Mikey STice

    Mikey STicePrije 28 dana

    @Ben D no its not

  4. Mikey STice

    Mikey STicePrije 28 dana

    Acttually i knew this to because i watch old timey cartoons and yep hes right

  5. Kip Wallace

    Kip WallacePrije mjesec

    No it is from Phineas and Ferb

  6. Ben D

    Ben DPrije mjesec

    I love that episode

  7. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew GarciaPrije 5 sati

    The storyline is kinda dumb.. A Multi-verse?

  8. Bigg Cixx

    Bigg CixxPrije 7 sati

    maybe blade behind him lol foo that was morphius

  9. Qawon Allen

    Qawon AllenPrije 20 sati

    What about Taz?

  10. Gordo Garcia

    Gordo GarciaPrije 23 sati

    Captain falcon and Dino might

  11. Malechi Blood

    Malechi BloodPrije dan

    Easter egg missed lebron says “what in “the matrix” hell”

  12. William Lyon

    William LyonPrije dan

    I love Harry Potter

  13. Yasi decena

    Yasi decenaPrije dan


  14. bennythabarber

    bennythabarberPrije dan

    zendaya is the girl rabbit

  15. Super manji

    Super manjiPrije 2 dana

    You missed wakko yakko and dot

  16. Gehop Matt

    Gehop MattPrije 2 dana


  17. Gehop Matt

    Gehop MattPrije 2 dana


  18. Brian The Boy Genius

    Brian The Boy GeniusPrije 2 dana

    I’m sad tom and jerry and the lego movie aren’t in here,it’s mainly since Tom and jerry is Warner bros and it over took looney tunes back then,and they should of been in it

  19. Mary Ann Sacco

    Mary Ann SaccoPrije 3 dana

    The fire one looks like klay

  20. Looney Fan

    Looney FanPrije 3 dana

    since you said smallfoot.

  21. Mango

    MangoPrije 4 dana

    5:44 that is Smaug from the hobbit not a dragon from game of thrones

  22. Snowwinterie

    Snowwinterie Prije 4 dana

    also at 8:24 the blue falcon and dog wonder

  23. Neal Dutta

    Neal DuttaPrije 4 dana


  24. johnny carr

    johnny carrPrije 4 dana

    This movie will be fire! 💯

  25. Terral Robinson

    Terral RobinsonPrije 4 dana

    The movie isn’t even out yet geez

  26. Cedric Beal

    Cedric BealPrije 4 dana

    Tom & jerry

  27. MGCP

    MGCPPrije 4 dana

    ET TU SPACE GHOST! I'm frightened by the span of WB's' intellectual property claims, but they'll never take our ATHF! DANCING IS FORBIDDEN.

  28. JamesH N7

    JamesH N7Prije 4 dana

    6:05 HOW did you miss M.Freeze!?

  29. Maria Diaz

    Maria DiazPrije 4 dana

    Kid vs kat cartoon

  30. Hunt Jetson

    Hunt JetsonPrije 4 dana

    Big chungus cameo

  31. Zazzel The Gamer

    Zazzel The GamerPrije 4 dana

    The design for the planets really look similar to the "worlds" from Kingdom Hearts

  32. Harry B

    Harry BPrije 4 dana

    This is cool

  33. Animatoons

    AnimatoonsPrije 5 dana

    6:18 if you look where the tower is behind the blue dinosuar you can see the animaniacs on it. 5:16 and if you look closely behind yogi bear, you can also see yakko runnig behind him

  34. Suave Lex

    Suave LexPrije 5 dana

    Definitely excited to see the movie

  35. Santematt2013

    Santematt2013Prije 5 dana

    Bugs bunny stole marvin’s hat

  36. Izzy Amer

    Izzy AmerPrije 5 dana

    Klay is both bc you have to have five players on a team

  37. KB 24

    KB 24Prije 5 dana

    I wish Tom & Jerry, from the 2021 film, will make an appearance as guest substitutions.

  38. Thefnhunn

    ThefnhunnPrije 5 dana

    isnt kyrie in it


    SPACE MAX GAMINGPrije 6 dana

    Why does that look like a Nintendo Switch?

  40. Jacob Rommel

    Jacob RommelPrije 6 dana

    Pepe le pew got cancelled

  41. Seek1878

    Seek1878Prije 5 dana

    good, Chapelle called him out as a rapist years ago lol

  42. Gibsongaming

    GibsongamingPrije 7 dana

    at 8:24 you can see blue falcons new look from scoob


    NINO MARTINPrije 8 dana

    I looked it up and he’s both of them basically a split personality he’s called wetfire in cast

  44. maria zetino

    maria zetinoPrije 8 dana

    Tom and Jerry 2021 Is out now

  45. maria zetino

    maria zetinoPrije 8 dana

    Yay I saw tom an jerry

  46. Modern viral world

    Modern viral worldPrije 8 dana

    Bro 🤟 awesome video

  47. blitzo

    blitzoPrije 9 dana

    I'm only here to see big chungus

  48. Legendary Amir

    Legendary AmirPrije 9 dana

    You missed the basketball hoop when Lebron James falls



    What about Kyle Kuzma

  50. Glenn Pineda

    Glenn PinedaPrije 10 dana

    bring 90's space jam.

  51. munt tbf

    munt tbfPrije 10 dana

    space jam is 3 days after my bday

  52. The gaming Rex Carroll

    The gaming Rex CarrollPrije 10 dana

    Wait Pennywise what I don’t remember Pennywise being in Warner Brothers shows that it was made by Steven King

  53. More USG

    More USGPrije 11 dana


  54. Aaron Yurek

    Aaron YurekPrije 13 dana

    You miss one the one you missed is one LeBron James spell in the cartoon world the Dust cloud was a basketball hoop

  55. 340 Lou

    340 LouPrije 14 dana

    Why this look something like reck it Ralph with glitch in the beginning. They should of bring back the monsters boss for revenge.

  56. Super Lightning

    Super LightningPrije 14 dana

    No Pokemon it's not by Warner Bros. Pokemon is more horrible

  57. Mayra Gonzaga

    Mayra GonzagaPrije 15 dana

    That Science Council is from the random monster cartoon

  58. Poptart King

    Poptart KingPrije 16 dana

    Did you guys know the kid was playing the basketball game on the Nintendo switch (I think it’s a Nintendo switch

  59. Darius Veo

    Darius VeoPrije 16 dana

    When Lebron falls into Tune World it shows a basketball hoop and ball

  60. SYS5

    SYS5Prije 18 dana

    I saw tom and jerry at the end of the trailer makes my theroy say that tom and jerry take place the smae universe as space jam a new legacy but the toons were 3d but toma nd Jerry where 2d.

  61. The Official JaidanTheBot87

    The Official JaidanTheBot87Prije 18 dana

    From the moive SCOOB

  62. The Official JaidanTheBot87

    The Official JaidanTheBot87Prije 18 dana

    You Missed The Blue Falcon

  63. John R. Enterprises Inc.

    John R. Enterprises Inc.Prije 18 dana

    TBH, I wanna see some cameos of Cartoon Network characters, since WB owns CN. I also want a Tom and Jerry cameo, too.

  64. Miguel Chiquette

    Miguel ChiquettePrije 19 dana

    Any 1 else think M.J will come out ?

  65. patrick bansalan

    patrick bansalanPrije 20 dana

    You're a genius men

  66. Chicken Nug

    Chicken NugPrije 20 dana

    I feel like I'm playing triple threat in 2k when I watch this movie, it doesn't have the same appeal as the 1st one

  67. Edgar Miranda

    Edgar MirandaPrije 20 dana

    I think it's cool

  68. MR YOSO

    MR YOSOPrije 20 dana

    Im so excited space jam 2 go LBJ🏀🏀

  69. MR YOSO

    MR YOSOPrije 20 dana

    Im so excited space jam 2 go LBJ🏀🏀

  70. holly riffe

    holly riffePrije 21 dan

    I never seen space jam 2

  71. Abubakar Ceesay

    Abubakar CeesayPrije 21 dan

    8:43 thats the thing form looney tunes

  72. Maestro

    MaestroPrije 21 dan

    Klay Thompson is water and fire.

  73. Vulcronic

    VulcronicPrije 22 dana

    Why couldn't they cast Bryce James to play himself like bruh...

  74. Bales13

    Bales13Prije 22 dana

    I really want to see it

  75. Bales13

    Bales13Prije 22 dana

    When lebron hit tune world the dust was the shape of a basketball hoop


    NINO MARTINPrije 8 dana

    Nah we didn’t know that

  77. Dwain Wilson

    Dwain WilsonPrije 22 dana

    Woke Squad.

  78. the valkyrie drawer

    the valkyrie drawerPrije 23 dana

    U forgot catwoman

  79. Seek1878

    Seek1878Prije 23 dana

    Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird that they leave Pepe le Pew out but include The Droogs from A Clockwork Orange? lol

  80. Signer John

    Signer JohnPrije 23 dana

    Al G does know the Looney Tunes won a basketball game right? Won't that give him a little trouble?

  81. Veteran Patriot

    Veteran PatriotPrije 24 dana

    Wouldn't watch anything with LeBron in it if I was paid to watch it.

  82. Lebald James

    Lebald JamesPrije 24 dana

    But why looney tune tho that shit is died no one watch it’s and isn’t this movie about greatest Basketball player and greatest cartoon show btw Daffy Duck new voice sucks

  83. tim morales

    tim moralesPrije 24 dana

    Lebron sucks. A Jordan wanna be never will be.

  84. Caleb Ford

    Caleb FordPrije 24 dana

    you missed lebron falling into tune world

  85. Trason Narcisse

    Trason NarcissePrije 25 dana

    LOVE THIS xd


    CARLOS RUIZPrije 25 dana


  87. Chanel Foxworth

    Chanel FoxworthPrije 25 dana

    I think I saw astroworld 😂🤣

  88. roblox bish309

    roblox bish309Prije 26 dana

    Wellp, the warners made a cameo in this movie

  89. Shaun Grech

    Shaun GrechPrije 26 dana

    I see scooby- doo in background

  90. Joe K

    Joe KPrije 26 dana

    He just hurt Warner Bros with his comment before the movie releases 🙄

  91. Joe K

    Joe KPrije 26 dana

    Yea after being called out by Oj Simpson and Jason Whitlock

  92. GameDjeenie

    GameDjeeniePrije 26 dana

    And through all this, I'm still pissed that Pepe isn't making the cut. Let's censor everything because everything is offensive to someone somewhere.... The 2000's ruined everything.

  93. Ghost

    GhostPrije 26 dana

    that building is from phenis and ferb

  94. Dylan Lucero

    Dylan LuceroPrije 26 dana

    New space Jam was so incredibly beautiful,more action and so funniest and all the cartoons movie was there I really love this space Jam 2 more than the old space Jam of MJ I'm sorry coz I'm a fans of King James not MJ

  95. buendu30 cire

    buendu30 cirePrije 26 dana

    lbj haters will watch this? big f.u.!

  96. Joshua Garcia

    Joshua GarciaPrije 26 dana

    LeBron doesn't look to make super teams

  97. Ro1373

    Ro1373Prije 26 dana

    3:48 is the red circle really an easter egg?

  98. LiL_SplxshFN

    LiL_SplxshFNPrije 26 dana

    I think the Evil scientist building is from phineous and pherb idk.

  99. SxmpleSlenderツ

    SxmpleSlenderツPrije 26 dana

    Like is your exited to watch Space Jam 2 👇

  100. inky mation 2.0

    inky mation 2.0Prije 26 dana

    Accept lord jesus christ as your lord and savior accept the greatest gift that god had gave us he is coming soon dont rist it

  101. timelesskoontah

    timelesskoontahPrije 27 dana

    So all these characters were sucked into the game also...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  102. Steven Esparza

    Steven EsparzaPrije 27 dana

    i think water and fire is klay thompson since he is a splash bro but klay is also known to get hot reall fast so maybe that’s why he might be fire as well

  103. Jalen Thomas

    Jalen ThomasPrije 27 dana

    Maybe fire is Curry??

  104. Maestro

    MaestroPrije 21 dan

    Water and fire is klay Thompson

  105. Christopher Gordon

    Christopher GordonPrije 27 dana

    Movie is trush

  106. Isaac Whalen (Student)

    Isaac Whalen (Student)Prije 27 dana

    When he lands their is a basketball net

  107. Jesiah Perez

    Jesiah PerezPrije 27 dana

    When he crashes down he makes a swoosh or the nike logo it's a reference of LJ signing with nike

  108. Yehia El Gody

    Yehia El GodyPrije 27 dana

    God bless you and everybody in this whole entire beutiful wide world God created 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, PS. Great video BTW