This Sidemen Sunday Got LEAKED!

I can't believe they leaked this Sidemen Sunday!
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  1. James Official

    James OfficialPrije 12 dana

    Omg i love you josh just for mentioning the film the warriors! I loved u anyways haha but I legit thought the same thing to when I saw that pic was a bit weird when it was in my head then u said it. Edit: Love the outro 😂

  2. Megan Lynn

    Megan LynnPrije 21 dan

    just subscribed using my second account- my school account!

  3. Jason Adonnis

    Jason AdonnisPrije mjesec

    I like the ad that sidemen has right now the glow is sick in the dark


    DESOVATERPrije mjesec

    The irony was that when that cringe old ad was playing, I noticed the childish printed on big josher's shirt!!!

  5. Scrambled Games

    Scrambled GamesPrije mjesec

    I think the ones where you’re messing about are better than the animation

  6. Charlie Kelso

    Charlie KelsoPrije mjesec

    Funny ads are better

  7. Ojgames626

    Ojgames626Prije mjesec

    For the sidemen clothing ads I think they should put them half way through because I feel not a lot of people stay to the very end

  8. UN!V3RSE

    UN!V3RSEPrije mjesec


  9. Aby

    AbyPrije mjesec


  10. Connor

    ConnorPrije mjesec


  11. CoryJT

    CoryJTPrije mjesec


  12. Jack Nelson

    Jack NelsonPrije mjesec

    Petition for josh to get the guys to react rogue speedgods latest new sidemen among us animation please

  13. Krazykev

    KrazykevPrije mjesec

    Warriors. Such a sick game as well

  14. Hilal Hajjo

    Hilal HajjoPrije mjesec

    I want to give props for the thumbnail guy

  15. Ebbe Wedstedt

    Ebbe WedstedtPrije mjesec

    JJ is playing the alphorn

  16. Faheem Khalid

    Faheem KhalidPrije mjesec

    i think i was the only one searching for a timestamp.

  17. Arian A

    Arian APrije mjesec

    This videos are something else

  18. Isaac Thornton

    Isaac ThorntonPrije mjesec

    Big josher is so underrated

  19. carton of ribena

    carton of ribenaPrije mjesec

    both types of ad! milk it!!

  20. Simeondagreat

    SimeondagreatPrije mjesec

    add a gem flair for the good ones with low up votes

  21. Keiland Vasvery

    Keiland VasveryPrije mjesec

    Omg 11:10

  22. Pikachu Zekrom

    Pikachu ZekromPrije mjesec


  23. ACE

    ACEPrije mjesec

    ...gordon ramsey cooking vid?

  24. Sqooky

    SqookyPrije mjesec

    the sax man is playing alphorn how could u not realise


    LINGARDINHOPrije mjesec

    Yet again Ethan is on the bad team in the thumbnail

  26. Adam Holloway

    Adam HollowayPrije mjesec

    A different funny ad at the end of the video would encourage people to stay to the end. Funnier, increase watch time and for the memes

  27. Jayden Games

    Jayden GamesPrije mjesec

    Imagine if the gta6 characters was the sidemen

  28. Eluned-may Lambert

    Eluned-may LambertPrije mjesec

    Mkay but the ads you used to do was most entertaining, but most effective is the one now I think lmao

  29. DaveLad

    DaveLadPrije mjesec

    Danny Duncan has full on skits for his clothing adverts in his videos that are really funny and cool

  30. Strobe Nation

    Strobe NationPrije mjesec

    Great video idea day in the life of managing a sidemen shoot/ behind the scenes of sidemen business be sick

  31. Matty Mart

    Matty MartPrije mjesec

    Not like anybody cares, but the guitar in the first Reddit is a dean Razorback, made by the recent legend dimebag darrell

  32. Victor Candelaria

    Victor CandelariaPrije mjesec


  33. mc

    mcPrije mjesec

    use both of the ads

  34. NotWispy

    NotWispyPrije mjesec

    Simon rocking the Afro?

  35. Flynn Cameron

    Flynn CameronPrije mjesec

    35 secs in harry is ozzy osbourne

  36. Aus Oscar

    Aus OscarPrije mjesec

    each reddit video josh should add something to the baby doll

  37. Axilleas gaming

    Axilleas gamingPrije mjesec

    I personally prefer the television type add

  38. strawzfn

    strawzfnPrije mjesec

    Josh's clickbaits just keep getting better

  39. DaNxFaM

    DaNxFaMPrije mjesec

    JJ has the alphorn LOL

  40. Bla Bla

    Bla BlaPrije mjesec

    That remix going number 1 in Russia

  41. Peter Rasmussen

    Peter RasmussenPrije mjesec

    Imagine the pressure on Jayden to deliver every week. 😅

  42. KA3PER 29

    KA3PER 29Prije mjesec

    When corona is over do a sidemen Sunday 100£ Vs 10000£ in a different continent.

  43. Brug the Brag

    Brug the BragPrije mjesec

    I feel like the 3d is useless cuz it too long so people might skip it so ye

  44. Michael Adams

    Michael AdamsPrije mjesec

    Surely that 🥦 growing out the grOOOUnd is bound to be a Sidemen Shorts 💯

  45. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolfPrije mjesec

    I say you should add the adverts in between the video even though they seem cringy. People might find it funny and like it. And I don't think majority of people watch the trailer at the end.

  46. Tanzeem Salim

    Tanzeem SalimPrije mjesec

    Where did Josh get the hoodie from?

  47. Macy

    MacyPrije mjesec

    5:48 it took me too long to realise what Josh was on about and now I feel so stupid for not realising the colour change sooner and I don’t mean in general I mean in this video, I had to pause if and stare for wayyy to long 😭

  48. X Lumbø

    X LumbøPrije mjesec

    More funny ads plz

  49. TheRedCourage

    TheRedCouragePrije mjesec

    Jj needs some skill. Not everything reacts to caveman smashing with rock

  50. Migoy Diaz

    Migoy DiazPrije mjesec

    Someone put 10:30 on jj's reddit😂😂😂

  51. Archie Woodhall

    Archie WoodhallPrije mjesec

    Why don’t you make a rocket league vid

  52. John J

    John JPrije mjesec

    Gotta keep a little mixture of both the cringe and the fire ads

  53. Grayson Hinkle

    Grayson HinklePrije mjesec

    Warriors is a great movie that everyone needs to watch!!

  54. Lennon Carty

    Lennon CartyPrije mjesec

    New flair : good idea but no

  55. TheAmazingJJ1 1

    TheAmazingJJ1 1Prije mjesec

    I have a dog called freya

  56. M. H

    M. HPrije mjesec

    Anyone else notice the black eye?

  57. Can i get 1 Sub

    Can i get 1 SubPrije mjesec

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*


    MRREKLESSPrije mjesec

    Jayden Brown is doing bits on on the Reddit. Get in lads to the reddit plz And sub RN "Certified On Your Headtop"

  59. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodePrije mjesec

    Baby Ethan was really out there saying Areola like it's a completely foreign word to him...

  60. Nath Ross

    Nath RossPrije mjesec

    The OG Sidemen March ads will never be topped

  61. Arcadian Fox

    Arcadian FoxPrije mjesec

    Yo why you having my man fly a drone in VR while standing. You're millionaires, give the legend a chair.

  62. WAVEZZ

    WAVEZZPrije mjesec

    Rockstar actually made the game warriors would be a sick remaster

  63. Robertas Baltuska

    Robertas BaltuskaPrije mjesec

    if anyone plays forza it looks like fortune island 8:49

  64. TypicalS2

    TypicalS2Prije mjesec

    10:32 tell me this is on Harry and Jj's reddit cause they need to see this 🤣💀🤣

  65. Thewgo

    ThewgoPrije mjesec

    I feel like they should use the cool one with effects at the end of the video and the old skit advertisement during the videos for comedy

  66. Minimish 28.

    Minimish 28.Prije mjesec

    JJ sure loves his alphorn

  67. Shiloh Blake

    Shiloh BlakePrije mjesec

    my guy

  68. Bubblez

    BubblezPrije mjesec

    Guys just sub its not that hard!

  69. Aaron Gordon-Lawlor

    Aaron Gordon-LawlorPrije mjesec

    Can’t wait for a sideman Sunday

  70. Josh Tomlinson

    Josh TomlinsonPrije mjesec

    The meme ads are definitely better than the serious ads XD

  71. Elliot Parker

    Elliot ParkerPrije mjesec

    Vid Idea : Sidemen prank, basically all of you but one pranks that one other member throughout the day and they get more crazy as the day goes on. I think it would be very funny but maybe could just be for more sidemen

  72. HSingh21

    HSingh21Prije mjesec

    that My Band reference

  73. SC Breezy

    SC BreezyPrije mjesec

    Ramadan Mubarak

  74. Jim

    JimPrije mjesec

    Jeeez man wants 5 billion subs

  75. Khaylan Lalla

    Khaylan LallaPrije mjesec

    The outro music now bangs 🙆‍♂️🔥🔥 SABAKA 👌

  76. Frederic Contreras

    Frederic ContrerasPrije mjesec


  77. Sanitplanet

    SanitplanetPrije mjesec

    Chat help me get recognised by Zerkaa Today at 3:30 pm (london time) i swear I was in your lobby for warzone. I am called Z_aramon and I had to quit the match because I as to do something. We were doing a mini royale. .

  78. Oui

    OuiPrije mjesec

    jj is playing a alfhorn

  79. Lemon H

    Lemon HPrije mjesec

    Sidemen drone racing

  80. Ellie Yorke

    Ellie YorkePrije mjesec

    Just think 7 million people that are subbed to the sidemen aren’t subbed to Josh😕


    IRFAN ALIPrije mjesec

    4.3M subscribers

  82. Sean Bhatti

    Sean BhattiPrije mjesec

    Trailer ads sell me better.

  83. Jack Jeffrey

    Jack JeffreyPrije mjesec

    I prefer the original ad!!!

  84. Daniel Ogunleye

    Daniel OgunleyePrije mjesec

    13:13 I know about "The warriors" because the first thing I ever played for the PSP was the game about that film and I spent hours beating people and doing graffiti

  85. Daniel Ogunleye

    Daniel OgunleyePrije mjesec

    6:51 Josh has the same outfit, he reacted to it right after they flmed it, it's all a simulation

  86. MintGB

    MintGBPrije mjesec

    Title: Sidemen Sunday Got LEAKED! Josh: Welcome back to another reddit monday Me: I just got clickbaited

  87. AndersTC

    AndersTCPrije mjesec

    Me tired because of school Josh calling me og because i remember Adder vs Zentorno But when is SILVER SURFER COMING BACK

  88. Williamg209

    Williamg209Prije mjesec

    i like a few funny ads every so often, both work

  89. Jesse Burns

    Jesse BurnsPrije mjesec

    The edit with Harry's mum being hit by everything is hilarious. Sorry Harry's mum, you're a sick lad.

  90. Suhail Ahmed Cassiem

    Suhail Ahmed CassiemPrije mjesec

    Josh you are wearing he same hoodie that you had on in the Sidemen reacts

  91. Branpk

    BranpkPrije mjesec

    A comedic vibe advertisement would be sick. Filmed with comedic timing but at the same time as keeping that funny cringe element.

  92. Tamjid

    TamjidPrije mjesec

    they need to do some Ramadan sidemen Sunday

  93. Dyanimo Doe

    Dyanimo DoePrije mjesec

    Josh, you should say to JJ that he is

  94. Ash

    AshPrije mjesec

    i think the stupider/funnier adverts are better in the sidemen sunday vids coz with the trailer ones, most people just skip/ignore them, whereas they would be more likely to watch the ads when it’s a stupider one if ygm

  95. Boss Boss

    Boss BossPrije mjesec

    I think jj was playing a alporn not a sax lol.

  96. Jose Jalapeno

    Jose JalapenoPrije mjesec

    Theres a warriors game you should play

  97. Nebular

    NebularPrije mjesec

    Spongebobs doodlebop is the original drawer of the Josh sketch

  98. Arafa Fadhila

    Arafa FadhilaPrije mjesec

    This type of ads

  99. James Rodger

    James RodgerPrije mjesec

    The Warriors is such a great movie tho

  100. Jfam

    JfamPrije mjesec

    Whoever made that drawing of Josh is goated, I die laughing evrytime I see it