Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool 2004/05 FULL MATCH

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije godine

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  2. Andi Prasetyo

    Andi PrasetyoPrije 9 dana

    Rip jose antonio reyes

  3. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 20 dana

    Highbury was a ground other teams feared

  4. midz

    midzPrije 25 dana

    Before Kroenke

  5. Matt Burle

    Matt BurlePrije 2 mjeseci


  6. Robert Collcott

    Robert CollcottPrije 3 mjeseci

    Remember that intro well

  7. Tony Leong

    Tony LeongPrije 4 mjeseci

    all the players on the pitch have retired except Cesc Fabregas and Pepe Reina still playing

  8. Felix Lilechi

    Felix LilechiPrije 7 mjeseci

    All the Cameroonians who played for Arsenal gave it their very all, look at Lauren, Alex Song 🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Caesar Bennett

    Caesar BennettPrije 7 mjeseci

    Just shows you how good we used to be, this Liverpool team beat AC Milan on penalties after going 3-0 down. We didn't even seem to play that well and we coasted to a 3-1 win.

  10. Jay Viz

    Jay VizPrije 8 mjeseci

    Seeing this reminds me of the special talent Jose Antonio Reyes was despite not making it in the EPL long term. RIP to my Spanish brethren.

  11. SuperConnie

    SuperConniePrije 9 mjeseci

    Senderos starts before Campbell?

  12. Seb

    SebPrije 11 mjeseci

    Yet Everton didn't actually make it to the Champions League, Liverpool did hahaha

  13. Kenzo Kwansa

    Kenzo KwansaPrije 7 mjeseci

    Yes Liverpool by winning the Champions league 2005 got automatic entrance into the competition. Man Utd and Everton did play the qualifying rounds by finishing third and fourth respectively but the Toffees got knocked out and didn't make the group stage. Back then the first two were automatically introduced to the group stage but not for the third and fourth. Arsenal went to that Champions League final vs Barcelona and were unlucky to not win it.

  14. Mr Fugazi

    Mr FugaziPrije 11 mjeseci

    I was a regular at Highbury against Liverpool they’re great memories for any Arsenal fans.

  15. SuperConnie

    SuperConniePrije godine

    How the heck did we lose FB4?

  16. shaafici cabdullaahi

    shaafici cabdullaahiPrije godine

    Goals: 46:40 Pires 50:45. Reyes 1:18:20. Gerrard 2:01:00. Fabregas You're welcome

  17. durrell carter

    durrell carterPrije 9 mjeseci

    Cheers mate

  18. emi sukur

    emi sukurPrije godine

    entertaining football back then..but now its average

  19. Tres Nueve

    Tres NuevePrije godine

    Why did we sell Vieira? I still don't get it. He was an incredible leader, even if he slowed down, keep him in the dressing room.

  20. Carlos

    CarlosPrije godine

    I can't believe this was 15 years ago!. I was in the middle school back then.

  21. Billy Irving

    Billy IrvingPrije godine



    M. BENJAMIN ZOUPrije godine

    I miss so much Highbury stadium the team squad of Arsenal it's been a years😔😟

  23. meggy3616

    meggy3616Prije godine

    Reyes rip

  24. Tomaconn

    TomaconnPrije godine

    My first and only time at Highbury. Was speechless after going through the turnstiles. A memory I'll never forget.

  25. Buster Cherry

    Buster CherryPrije godine

    The good old days when the Arsenal put on those red shirts and put the fear of God into their opponents. You could tell Liverpool was scared coming out of the tunnel.

  26. masao rusdianto

    masao rusdiantoPrije godine

    embarassing player ever aliadiere..he can't even control the ball..he skill just running..bergkamp make arsenal looking good with he pass and finishing..

  27. Patrick Stewart

    Patrick StewartPrije godine

    Highbury was a special stadium 🔥

  28. Oleesa Isaac

    Oleesa IsaacPrije godine

    Arsenal sold its soul

  29. Raj Nirvan

    Raj NirvanPrije godine

    miss that place so much

  30. Chicago Fire

    Chicago FirePrije godine

    1:12:15 Cheeky from the ref there. Back when the game wasn't just a playground for billionaires.

  31. Tayeeb Hussain

    Tayeeb HussainPrije godine

    The time seemed alot slower back then.

  32. african football expert

    african football expertPrije godine

    Oh how times have changed

  33. Hello Its Me

    Hello Its MePrije godine


  34. Dan Sumption

    Dan SumptionPrije godine

    lol @ bolton in 6th, though Spurs in 9th is about right.

  35. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    Sexy football with a lot of pace and power

  36. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    Tactical Analysis Hub: Open to all European football and other leagues but emphasis tends to be on ▪English Premier League ▫Champions league Open to all globally but ENGLISH SPEAKING ❗

  37. Igor Pozłutka

    Igor PozłutkaPrije godine


  38. big boss

    big bossPrije godine

    20:04 look at the submissiveness in gerrard's eyes when vieira shook his hand and his body language afterwards. back when our players meant business and looked a threatening side.

  39. bumdog

    bumdogPrije godine

    Lol submissive...calm down laddy

  40. KeithzHDz

    KeithzHDzPrije 2 godina

    Rip Reyes

  41. dazza944

    dazza944Prije 2 godina

    I loved Highbury. Even in 100 years from now when we are all long gone, the Emirates will still be struggling to recapture the magic of the great old stadium. And the fans will have no idea the privilege we had

  42. Mr Fugazi

    Mr FugaziPrije 11 mjeseci

    I agree with you on that one buddy i used to be a regular at Highbury under the George Graham side and I’ve only been to the emmerattes twice but it’s not the same. Standing in the north bank at Highbury on a Saturday afternoon was so much different than sitting in the emmerattes on a Saturday afternoon it just isn’t the same I loved Highbury and I think any older Arsenal fans would agree with you also, up the gunners I just hope Arteta builds a great side for the Arsenal he seems to know what he’s doing by building us a great defence with Tierney on the left Cedric on the right we just need a good established central defender to play alongside Mari and hopefully we will start winning trophies again.

  43. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    @dazza944 Arsenal 2 - 2 Bolton 2003 Newcastle 0 - 2 Arsenal Mar 2002 Chelsea 0 1 Liverpool 2008/09 Oct 2008 Man City 1 0 Chelsea Oct 2005 Man United 2 3 Tottenham 29 Sep 2012 Southampton 2 3 United 2 Sep 2012 Chelsea 1 2 Sunderland 2014 April Birmingham x Arsenal 2008 Feb middlesborough 4 1 united 2005 nov (c.f. Mar 04 city 4-1) United 1 3 Chelsea May 2005 R37 94pts c15 Feyenoord 2-3 Newcastle Nov 2002 Olympiacos 2-1 Madrid 2005 Dec Liverpool 3 1 Olympiacia 2004 Dec Galatasaraay 0-0 United Nov 1993 Bayern 0-3 Dortmund April 2014 Bayern 1-3 Dortmund Feb 11 Bayern 0-1 Dortmund Nov 11 Bayern 1 - 2 Leverkusen Oct 2012 Rosario central 2-3 boca juniors Nov 1998

  44. dazza944

    dazza944Prije 2 godina

    mounir terchoune Wenger out 😂😂😂

  45. mounir terchoune

    mounir terchounePrije 2 godina

    hey bob ;)

  46. Daniel Dominique

    Daniel DominiquePrije 2 godina

    My first game, hooked ever since #CoYG

  47. Brett Reason

    Brett ReasonPrije 2 godina

    1:10:45 was that Rick roll Astley?

  48. Stephen Mccartney

    Stephen MccartneyPrije 2 godina


  49. Anderton Chigoneka

    Anderton ChigonekaPrije 3 godina

    Arsenal were second place on 83 Points and won the FA Cup as for Liverpool were fifth place on 58 Points but won the Champions League in the most dramatic way possible

  50. Ciaran O'Connell

    Ciaran O'ConnellPrije 11 mjeseci

    Liverpool would be bang average in the Premier League but could always raise themselves up for European games, especially with the Anfield factor. Lots of teams better than Liverpool but football isn't just talent, it's passion and emotion too and Liverpool were always great at that.

  51. Light 106 year

    Light 106 yearPrije 3 godina

    Far cup winners on may 21st from a woeful 0 0 against man united on penalties against the champions league winners on may 25th from an awesome 3 3 against ac Milan on penalties

  52. Light 106 year

    Light 106 yearPrije 3 godina

    Just before Istanbul

  53. Light 106 year

    Light 106 yearPrije 3 godina

    When sky sports were sucking diesel

  54. Chris Bailey

    Chris BaileyPrije 3 godina

    damn that fifa song at the beginning the feels wow how times fly by

  55. Oliver

    OliverPrije godine

    omalone11 What?

  56. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    @Oliver well what do you know

  57. Oliver

    OliverPrije 2 godina

    Barzan Embrace - Ashes from FIFA 06

  58. Steven Morton

    Steven MortonPrije 3 godina

    I went to that match to support Liverpool, the only time I ever went to Highbury!! Was good ground.

  59. Sean C

    Sean CPrije 3 godina

    Can't stand that Eamon Holmes.

  60. flaggerify

    flaggerifyPrije 3 godina

    This side should've won more than the FA cup. Present side has managed that almost 3 times in a row.

  61. Lee Akers

    Lee AkersPrije 3 mjeseci

    @Samuel Hogan Only van Persie and Fabregas are worth a mention.

  62. Samuel Hogan

    Samuel HoganPrije 3 mjeseci

    @Lee Akers yeah just ignore Fabregas, van persie, reyes, adebayor, hleb etc.

  63. Dennis Bergkamp

    Dennis BergkampPrije 10 mjeseci

    DONALD STALKER You are a complete moron. First of all, that defence Wenger created for the invincible side wasn’t George Graham’s defence - Ashley Cole came from Arsenal’s youth set up and Lauren, kolo toure and sol Campbell were signed by Wenger. Chelsea bought their success just like PSG and Man City. Chelsea went 50 years without winning a league title until the Russian billionaire Abrahamovich came, spent billions and saved Chelsea from bankruptcy. Before then, Chelsea were a mid-table club and had less trophies than spurs.

  64. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    DONALD STALKER Yes, we always had more money, but we never spent 200M, even a 100M was a very rare sight, if you can’t see the massive advantage that the russian gave you, you’re clearly deluded. Kolo, sol campbell, lauren and ashley cole also weren’t graham’s defense.


    DONALD STALKERPrije godine

    @Hankle Sacks And didnt we do i in style , same old bleating from Arse. fans . Your club always had much more money than Chelsea ,money did not matter until we had more than you ., Arsene could not sort out his deefence , he inhereted George Grahams defence . Would not have been unbeaten without that defence .. Same old Arsenal .

  66. Hi There

    Hi TherePrije 4 godina

    These were the days, when we made a legendary club like Liverpool look. 10 ft tall

  67. Popa

    PopaPrije 4 godina

    how this liverpool team won the CL is beyond me apart from gerrard and carragher average players

  68. Popa

    PopaPrije 8 mjeseci

    @aad ithya my team ?well im romanian and my team steaua bucharest has won it in 1986 my fave english team man utd has won several times WHOOPS

  69. aad ithya

    aad ithyaPrije 8 mjeseci

    @Popa yeah they were weak but they won it didn't they? Your team hasn't done that in their entire existence

  70. Simon Forrest

    Simon ForrestPrije godine

    @Popa But yet they fell to US..Deal with something that happened over 15 yrs ago..Jesus..That was 5 of 6..Don't hate..Celebrate loool..European royalty in the flesh

  71. Popa

    PopaPrije godine

    @john o shea truth hurt doesnt it chelsea milan and barcelona were the strongest teams in europe that season

  72. john o shea

    john o sheaPrije godine

    @Popa you havent a clue ffs

  73. Simo A

    Simo APrije 4 godina

    miss Highbury

  74. LoyalLFC

    LoyalLFCPrije 4 godina

    "5 times we're gonna win it 5 times" sing the travelling liverpool fans, ah the good ol days

  75. terminus

    terminusPrije 4 godina

    why isn't Thierry Henry not starting

  76. Anderton Chigoneka

    Anderton ChigonekaPrije 3 godina

    He scored 25 Goals in PL this season

  77. Manusia Ganteng

    Manusia GantengPrije 4 godina

    terminus injured

  78. Invincieblez Music

    Invincieblez MusicPrije 4 godina

    Nostalgia...that old Skysports intro.

  79. Oliver

    OliverPrije godine

    omalone11 Fair enough

  80. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    @Oliver well not but it was used for ITV goal of the month competition for a while

  81. Oliver

    OliverPrije godine

    omalone11 That's not the name of the sky sports intro

  82. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    @Hankle Sacks Barza Embrace- Ashes

  83. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    Anderton Chigoneka Most definitely

  84. david ryan

    david ryanPrije 4 godina

    Do you have the full match of Arsenal v Palace from the 2004/05 season? It was a Monday night game on Sky Sports on the 14th Feb. I did have it on video tape but got chewed up in the video recorder :(

  85. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    Deren H lol you’re a legend

  86. Deren H

    Deren HPrije 2 godina

    david ryan remember the game well mate, fell on Valentine’s Day and decided to go watch the Arsenal instead of taking the ex on a date, good times 👍

  87. dcvbhtrdf

    dcvbhtrdfPrije 4 godina

    +david ryan The game where Wenger took the piss to a whole new level with his completely overseas 16 man squad.

  88. Highbury E.I.E. Mob Don't F**k About

    Highbury E.I.E. Mob Don't F**k AboutPrije 5 godina

    when we were such a good team.

  89. Lee Akers

    Lee AkersPrije 2 godina

    Season before we were ‘such a good team’ then for some reason Wenger decided to change the type of player he put his faith in, no longer was he going for strong, powerful men like Vieira and Campbell but he started to gradually replace them with tippy tappy pussies like Reyes, Fabregas, Flamini, Van Persie etc. He broke up the great invincible side too early.

  90. Anderton Chigoneka

    Anderton ChigonekaPrije 3 godina

    flaggerify yeah but if you do things that way this team since 2002 won five trophies in four years and the side now can only wish if such glory

  91. flaggerify

    flaggerifyPrije 3 godina

    Should've won more than the FA cup. Present side has managed that almost 3 times in a row.

  92. Erick Herrera

    Erick HerreraPrije 4 godina

    Mate did you watch this team throughout that season? I did not, so i want you to tell me which of the current european top teams this arsenal 2004/2005 resembles to?

  93. thetumescent

    thetumescentPrije 5 godina

    What a performance by Gerrard in the 2nd half, could use some of that in the current Liverpool team.

  94. Leo

    LeoPrije godine

    john moore This aged well...

  95. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    john moore lol