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  1. Gaming with friends

    Gaming with friendsPrije 2 sati

    How do you get this mod?

  2. Naja John

    Naja JohnPrije 7 sati

    a door to Aaron's bedroom?!?!?

  3. Samoo742

    Samoo742Prije 12 sati

    It’s a Minecraft cake bro -Aphmau

  4. Chase Gaming

    Chase GamingPrije 12 sati


  5. Chase Gaming

    Chase GamingPrije 12 sati


  6. strawxberry

    strawxberryPrije 20 sati


  7. strawxberry

    strawxberryPrije 20 sati

    Aphmau prank

  8. josh wairimu

    josh wairimuPrije dan

    it was so ceting

  9. Dino nuggie

    Dino nuggiePrije dan

    This is the first time I’ve seen Zane want to hurt aphmau

  10. Lulu Garcia-Hernandez

    Lulu Garcia-HernandezPrije dan

    Zane is like an over protective mother ☺️😂

  11. Jason Manlulu

    Jason ManluluPrije dan

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  12. danny maximus

    danny maximusPrije dan

    oh boy Zane and KC working with Ein that's not a good sign

  13. Zoey Mae

    Zoey MaePrije dan

    I think zane is your bro

  14. Fiona Jocelyn :]

    Fiona Jocelyn :]Prije dan

    On 0:25 i like how the sign says trap for stupid people 😂😂😂

  15. charito placo

    charito placoPrije dan

    if zane fights me in a gym and he has a netherite sword i have a enchanted diamond sword and full netherite enchanted armor around me i could like kill a whole zane apocalypse or 1 zane 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Paco Taco

    Paco TacoPrije dan

    It’s butiful

  17. Paco Taco

    Paco TacoPrije dan

    I like

  18. Paco Taco

    Paco TacoPrije dan

    I built pierces house and your house I love it 😻 ❤️ 💕 💗

  19. Tiffany Gallo

    Tiffany GalloPrije dan

    why does she have a door to Aarons bedroom?

  20. KickTheDarnStickYT

    KickTheDarnStickYTPrije 2 dana

    0:26 ok uh trap for stupid people yeah ok uh WHY DOES THAT EXIST

  21. jacqulinec1

    jacqulinec1Prije 2 dana

    Idk haha

  22. Plush FireGalaxy

    Plush FireGalaxyPrije 2 dana

    Hidden title: Aphmau becomes a cake Thief in Minecraft 🎂😏

  23. priya sonnylal

    priya sonnylalPrije 2 dana

    Why is Ein so selfish 🙄?

  24. Lucky Star

    Lucky StarPrije 2 dana

    Your the most famous person on earth right now-

  25. Lucy Wolverson

    Lucy WolversonPrije 2 dana


  26. the gaming channel

    the gaming channelPrije 2 dana


  27. MB - 02LL 892623 Caledon East PS

    MB - 02LL 892623 Caledon East PSPrije 2 dana


  28. ©®™ItsMeAgainElizabeth_Afton©®™

    ©®™ItsMeAgainElizabeth_Afton©®™Prije 2 dana


  29. Wheel Barrow538

    Wheel Barrow538Prije 2 dana

    I love how Zane is so protective XD

  30. Sallyj Seidu

    Sallyj SeiduPrije dan

    Toylet rat

  31. Andrea DeHoyos

    Andrea DeHoyosPrije 2 dana

    Ein is stupid I hate him

  32. K Music

    K MusicPrije 2 dana

    Is it posible to make a unescapeable base?

  33. Yoel Kuojiro

    Yoel KuojiroPrije 2 dana

    If you hate ein exploding house say I hate ein

  34. cass0711 cass0711

    cass0711 cass0711Prije 2 dana

    Aphmau: go to the lava to enter my secret base. me: good prank! Aphmau: *pushes Ein in Pierces lava* me: :0 i thought for sure it was a prank.

  35. Micah Tristan

    Micah TristanPrije 3 dana

    it was so funny when zane said enjoy infintety lozer

  36. Addison Litovenko

    Addison LitovenkoPrije 3 dana


  37. Chase McCann

    Chase McCannPrije 3 dana

    What is that mod

  38. Vietnam Family

    Vietnam FamilyPrije 3 dana

    I’m dumb now

  39. yaymiris rodriguez

    yaymiris rodriguezPrije 3 dana


  40. Alex George

    Alex GeorgePrije 3 dana

    Legit funny James gonna slap slap when he falls

  41. Londyn the Godzilla King Kong cat

    Londyn the Godzilla King Kong catPrije 3 dana

    No Ein the point is you need to shut up

  42. Amy Jack Crist

    Amy Jack CristPrije 3 dana

    why does Zane always carry a netherite sword???

  43. queen Elizabeth Willson

    queen Elizabeth WillsonPrije 3 dana

    Omg it's so cool I wish on my server I could do that and maybe can you invite me to your server for a day that would be amazing

  44. Chenoy Simms

    Chenoy SimmsPrije 3 dana

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Haaaaaaaaaaa

  45. Chenoy Simms

    Chenoy SimmsPrije 3 dana


  46. Chenoy Simms

    Chenoy SimmsPrije 3 dana


  47. Stuffed animal Universe

    Stuffed animal UniversePrije 3 dana

    H v i s s y i s k c

  48. Olivia Tran

    Olivia TranPrije 3 dana

    I love Zane because he cares for her

  49. Rena Marshall

    Rena MarshallPrije 3 dana

    bru zane puiiing a netherrite sord on aphmow noni!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  50. troy Tucker

    troy TuckerPrije 4 dana

    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Daniela Flores

    Daniela FloresPrije 4 dana


  52. Ega Herdhianta

    Ega HerdhiantaPrije 4 dana


  53. PSSG Macmod Abando Pukunum Jr

    PSSG Macmod Abando Pukunum JrPrije 4 dana

    hahahahhahaahahhaahah ein

  54. Tasia Situmorang

    Tasia SitumorangPrije 4 dana


  55. Zion Ray Ruiz

    Zion Ray RuizPrije 4 dana

    not bad

  56. Calix Tudoy

    Calix TudoyPrije 4 dana

    In your server

  57. Calix Tudoy

    Calix TudoyPrije 4 dana

    Can you pls just ban ein he is the worst and so annoying ban him now 😑

  58. Marie Solis

    Marie SolisPrije 4 dana

    dad zane

  59. Cameron Allen

    Cameron AllenPrije 5 dana

    O my yhy*hyyghgnjunnjjjhyhjkiiid🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

  60. Jayron Marius Lopez

    Jayron Marius LopezPrije 5 dana

    the time loop trap it never gets old


    ITSAJOFFICIALPrije 5 dana

    Did Aphmau buy subs?I would love to know.

  62. Pretty Face Chy

    Pretty Face ChyPrije 5 dana


  63. Pretty Face Chy

    Pretty Face ChyPrije 5 dana

    I love

  64. Pretty Face Chy

    Pretty Face ChyPrije 5 dana

    I love mi

  65. Jenna Pilato

    Jenna PilatoPrije 5 dana

    Can you please tell us how to make the secret bases I’ve been trying forever but it’s never worked

  66. Hussain Alzaidyd

    Hussain AlzaidydPrije 5 dana

    Spoon cool like this is such a cool base litrliy



    I mean ein can have all off the gold and aphmau have all off the diamonds but okay

  68. Sans

    SansPrije 5 dana

    14:13 that's a good Sub-Zero impression.

  69. Braiden Cody Dumlao

    Braiden Cody DumlaoPrije 5 dana

    Dumb Ian blows up house

  70. home home

    home homePrije 6 dana

    What do you do off camera

  71. Tyshawn Brown

    Tyshawn BrownPrije 6 dana

    Best Video ever

  72. Tyshawn Brown

    Tyshawn BrownPrije 6 dana

    Best Visio ever

  73. Plamen Petkov

    Plamen PetkovPrije 6 dana

    Ein is so dumb aphmau please make more traps for ein because I love them!

  74. Perrice Len’ya

    Perrice Len’yaPrije 6 dana


  75. Syed Safeer

    Syed SafeerPrije 6 dana


  76. Syed Safeer

    Syed SafeerPrije 6 dana


  77. BlackTheDarkOne Blaydoe

    BlackTheDarkOne BlaydoePrije 6 dana

    What mod is this???

  78. Reeta Devi

    Reeta DeviPrije 6 dana


  79. joe bugeja

    joe bugejaPrije 6 dana

    On minecraft

  80. joe bugeja

    joe bugejaPrije 6 dana

    Can I pls friend you?

  81. Nine Romero

    Nine RomeroPrije 6 dana

    thats insane

  82. Nine Romero

    Nine RomeroPrije 6 dana

    A "trap for very DUMB people"?

  83. Yostena Dereje

    Yostena DerejePrije 6 dana

    Zane has a crush on kawai chan and kawai chan has a crush on him


    CHRISTINA VALLEPrije 7 dana

    I love how she just has a portal to aaron's bedroom lol!

  85. Naja John

    Naja JohnPrije 7 sati

    that's wat I said

  86. Lucky Star

    Lucky StarPrije 2 dana


  87. Revalina Dwi123

    Revalina Dwi123Prije 7 dana

    , 😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡💔💔💔💔💔💔😫😫😫😫😫😫

  88. Aiden Xa

    Aiden XaPrije 7 dana

    I can bet box about aphmau winng

  89. SunnyBun2.8

    SunnyBun2.8Prije 7 dana

    Da truth about Zane Ahpmu, I am your Fa-thAr

  90. milo playz

    milo playzPrije 7 dana

    @aphmau ein so crazy

  91. Kerrisa Ramcharitar

    Kerrisa RamcharitarPrije 7 dana

    🤣🤣🤣 now that is what Zane is to like to kill ein 🤣🤣🤣

  92. Nick Platt

    Nick PlattPrije 7 dana


  93. Mason Silver

    Mason SilverPrije 7 dana

    Aphmau do a video of being evil

  94. Hailey Rodriguez

    Hailey RodriguezPrije 7 dana

    I love how zane is so protective🥺🥺🥺

  95. Me Animations

    Me AnimationsPrije 7 dana

    I lowove aphs vids

  96. sarkar sarkar

    sarkar sarkarPrije 7 dana

    Aphmau is sooooooo good

  97. Unknown Newbie

    Unknown NewbiePrije 7 dana


  98. Kristine Gonzalez

    Kristine GonzalezPrije 7 dana

    Can you now just say a bad word to ein pls

  99. Mellisa Smith

    Mellisa SmithPrije 7 dana

    Ein was trying to hard to steal ur treasure XD

  100. Savannahs life

    Savannahs lifePrije 7 dana

    It is funny In the ghost 1 aph was like Zane you ant my dad but in every Other video he is the dad It's like instead of being her brother he's our father

  101. Ma. Rowena Boiles

    Ma. Rowena BoilesPrije 7 dana

    Hi. Aphmau

  102. Chloe Pots

    Chloe PotsPrije 7 dana

    It gives me stress how when you do an intro and not shut the doors :/

  103. Witty the ballistic bomb

    Witty the ballistic bombPrije 8 dana

    Aphmau and ein is funny

  104. Andrea Miller

    Andrea MillerPrije 8 dana

    9:40 aphmau:e-ein tryed to r-rob me zane:YOU DID WHAT!??!?! me:is it me or is zane more protective than aaron

  105. Balram Govindasami

    Balram GovindasamiPrije 8 dana

    Kawaii~chan:why are soo obsessed with cake Zane:I AM OBSESSED BECAUSE IT'S YOURS "speechless" Everyone who commented:AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE