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  1. Donald Jordan

    Donald JordanPrije 2 sati

    The best part of the video was at 2:56 the stray “moonlight” that came out of nowhere.

  2. Tipp3x_

    Tipp3x_Prije 3 sati


  3. omar moustaid

    omar moustaidPrije 2 dana

    Babababababababababa Memememememememe Yayayayayayayayayayayya Booom

  4. Bear_Freddy Safadão

    Bear_Freddy SafadãoPrije 6 dana

    I fucking love the "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" combo on this video

  5. ahmad ben hamad

    ahmad ben hamadPrije 6 dana

    song intro ? ty

  6. garailac

    garailacPrije 7 dana

    Editor is popping off!!

  7. minh dương

    minh dươngPrije 8 dana

    So how do u flush the toilet if no water in there ?

  8. Daniel

    DanielPrije 12 dana

    Koksu 5gram

  9. Ghangi BitZZZ

    Ghangi BitZZZPrije 12 dana


  10. heek40

    heek40Prije 14 dana

    4:44 LOL

  11. Ivan Oropeza

    Ivan OropezaPrije 20 dana

    0:35 TF was that

  12. Cyrus Uy

    Cyrus UyPrije 20 dana


  13. ソラ

    ソラPrije 23 dana

    Trick and Tobias’s relationship be like FUCK YOU . . . and I'll see you tomorrow

  14. Sachin Bangaru

    Sachin BangaruPrije 24 dana

    Best duo on HRhave

  15. Sleep Paralysis Demon

    Sleep Paralysis DemonPrije 25 dana

    Man the clip where trick being towerdive by trynda, alistar, and samira is so funny af

  16. F. Cálamo

    F. CálamoPrije 25 dana

    The tumbnail totally do it's job.

  17. Rik van der Donk

    Rik van der DonkPrije 26 dana

    This editor is the GOAT

  18. Big Boi

    Big BoiPrije 26 dana

    bro this editing is so funny

  19. Dražen Kokot

    Dražen KokotPrije 27 dana

    Damm the editing i soo good

  20. Woody Fruity

    Woody FruityPrije 27 dana


  21. Ev0ltion

    Ev0ltionPrije 28 dana

    01:09 i had strong wtf on polish meme

  22. Maciej Banaszkiewicz

    Maciej BanaszkiewiczPrije 28 dana

    1:10 tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięć gram polecieć sam B) Polska B) B)

  23. Tobias Sai

    Tobias SaiPrije 28 dana

    two overgrown fly's playing lol

  24. ZeppoPl4Y

    ZeppoPl4YPrije 28 dana

    god i love this combo ! so funny

  25. Griffospike

    GriffospikePrije 28 dana

    guy ritchie is a mediocre director on a good day

  26. Flongle

    FlonglePrije 28 dana

    Always another good video, except just a bit much on the editing this time around. Hard to even tell what's going on sometimes.

  27. Gianfranco Marengo

    Gianfranco MarengoPrije 28 dana

    this was a a a a a agogogo good video

  28. kitownik s

    kitownik sPrije 29 dana

    1:10 quality meme

  29. Pawel Studziński

    Pawel StudzińskiPrije 29 dana


  30. HarimaKenji123

    HarimaKenji123Prije 29 dana

    Dianna dies * poppin in XXX* : MOONLIIIIGHT ! xD

  31. Nathan Cheong

    Nathan CheongPrije 29 dana

    that 2:37 edit is crown gold man i couldnt stop laughing

  32. Reese Anastasi

    Reese AnastasiPrije 29 dana

    wait I just found out all these videos are from months ago, and tobias is now challenger with a 60% win rate. huh

  33. Time Lizard

    Time LizardPrije 29 dana

    funniest shit ive ever seen

  34. RauL Alberto

    RauL AlbertoPrije 29 dana

    That Diana was a disgrace

  35. Johnny Boy

    Johnny BoyPrije 29 dana

    I could watch these 2 fucks for the rest of my life lmao

  36. Rodrigo Carnier

    Rodrigo CarnierPrije 29 dana

    2:20 that take on Panth jump, tho... lmao

  37. sam watts

    sam wattsPrije mjesec

    Amazing video other than at 10:30 FUCK THAT STUPID SONG

  38. guilherme henrique

    guilherme henriquePrije mjesec

    this is not the same editor. wtf.

  39. aesio

    aesioPrije mjesec


  40. Ta k

    Ta kPrije mjesec

    9:53 pay attention to top-right corner of the screen

  41. Bloody Jacket

    Bloody JacketPrije mjesec

    the memes i see in tobitos videos are so fuckin many i question myself when does he find time for league xd

  42. SergeymrPro

    SergeymrProPrije mjesec

    like for polish cow

  43. Solid PR

    Solid PRPrije mjesec

    omg lost all my air in lungs at 2:32

  44. Kevin Kempski

    Kevin KempskiPrije mjesec

    Best moments in my opinion are Polish Alistar Diana MooNlIgHT The dive on trick

  45. Legion

    LegionPrije mjesec

    boomer's cafe IM DEAD XD

  46. Genesis

    GenesisPrije mjesec

    those tf2 reference are AMAZING

  47. Mate Mikis

    Mate MikisPrije mjesec

    Best video ever! love this duo

  48. Fish Killer

    Fish KillerPrije mjesec


  49. Qfrgwt

    QfrgwtPrije mjesec

    I wanna see this editors meme folders

  50. ggpussy dystrojer

    ggpussy dystrojerPrije mjesec


  51. Fuck Google

    Fuck GooglePrije mjesec

    Truck and tobitofrapuccini vocalize keyboard mashing for 10 minutes

  52. RobZombii

    RobZombiiPrije mjesec

    Seriously, you're not paying your editor enough. Give them more money.

  53. Reinhart

    ReinhartPrije mjesec

    This editor is God tier

  54. League Skin Music

    League Skin MusicPrije mjesec

    Tobias might be really entertaining but the editor of his videos make him ascend to godlike....

  55. Noble Lewis

    Noble LewisPrije mjesec

    I want more trick Tobias content... sadly we don’t got too many more vids

  56. JcoopinNeWYork

    JcoopinNeWYorkPrije mjesec

    best fun duo ever ♥

  57. Wasylek

    WasylekPrije mjesec

    1:10 greetings from best country

  58. XFrankixx

    XFrankixxPrije mjesec

    1:13 song name? pls

  59. Na

    NaPrije mjesec

    6:06 song?

  60. Chubbachub628

    Chubbachub628Prije mjesec

    11:04 *DÉJÀ VU*

  61. Francisco Junior

    Francisco JuniorPrije mjesec

    1:10 name of this song ?

  62. Noirlineasorus

    NoirlineasorusPrije mjesec

    Damn that perfect transition at 1:31 from dead tobias to alive trick in the same camera frame

  63. Ktoś Bardzo ZuY

    Ktoś Bardzo ZuYPrije mjesec

    What? Polish meme is here boyy

  64. Jerzy Święcicki

    Jerzy ŚwięcickiPrije mjesec

    Tobias as a fisherman Would Look perfect xd

  65. 05 มาวิน บ่อเพ็ชร

    05 มาวิน บ่อเพ็ชรPrije mjesec

    God tier editor 😂

  66. H i k i

    H i k iPrije mjesec

    give this editor the oscar

  67. Doraemamon

    DoraemamonPrije mjesec

    men i love this editor

  68. KikiNesto

    KikiNestoPrije mjesec

    0:54 someone clip that "later"

  69. jerome tolentino

    jerome tolentinoPrije mjesec

    0:54 LAYTA

  70. Gustavo Flores

    Gustavo FloresPrije mjesec

    Thia editor should edit all league videos because these are the only ones that aren't cringe or have a bunch of badly timed memes on them

  71. Mirisad

    MirisadPrije mjesec

    Why I can hear Cypis Song there? xD

  72. LChanto Z

    LChanto ZPrije mjesec

    Tobias' yayayayayayayayayayayyeyeyeyeye vs Trick trying to english properly who wins?

  73. Pascal Bär

    Pascal BärPrije mjesec

    That Panth was Sparta as fuck

  74. Harrison Clonch

    Harrison ClonchPrije mjesec

    Editor killed it

  75. Goku

    GokuPrije mjesec


  76. Yamimato Sakazuki

    Yamimato SakazukiPrije mjesec

    I love how there's TF2 in the edits

  77. arash nomater

    arash nomaterPrije mjesec

    nice editing! was really joyful!

  78. skrrt off in a mf zamboni

    skrrt off in a mf zamboniPrije mjesec

    I have never watched a tobias fate video, but this was recommended to me and the editing is fucking *chefs kiss*

  79. Jamac Elmoge

    Jamac ElmogePrije mjesec

    2:45 bro I'm dead I thought my wifi sucked

  80. arnik9

    arnik9Prije mjesec

    1:09 Cypis xD kto z polski ogląda xD

  81. Adam Coslett

    Adam CoslettPrije mjesec

    Best league editor on the scene, argue with me I don’t care . Pay him extra

  82. Emilio M. M.

    Emilio M. M.Prije mjesec

    02:31 lmao

  83. Dominik

    DominikPrije mjesec

    Tylko jedno w głowie mam, thanks for that mem XD

  84. mexicansuperman

    mexicansupermanPrije mjesec

    With Jiggypuff gone there is only Nildtz. But Deadeye is putting in the grind to follow up.

  85. Mind 差

    Mind 差Prije mjesec

    2:37 im fuckin dying

  86. Berkay Öztürk

    Berkay ÖztürkPrije mjesec

    5:08 DaTrick

  87. Zawisza Czarny

    Zawisza CzarnyPrije mjesec

    1:10 - tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu 5 gram

  88. KręcimyZwałe

    KręcimyZwałePrije mjesec

    1:11 pozdrawiam Polskę

  89. Ago

    AgoPrije mjesec

    i love how their boomer brains cant process what's happening, so they just yell words

  90. Donovan

    DonovanPrije mjesec

    GP with ignite is actually so broken. Basically 2 ignites because of the passive.

  91. CurlyCrusader

    CurlyCrusaderPrije mjesec


  92. Denri

    DenriPrije mjesec

    that pantheon was fuckin' nasty

  93. Miguel Davis

    Miguel DavisPrije mjesec

    2:32 had me dyin

  94. Flo WillHeizen

    Flo WillHeizenPrije mjesec

    Gimme an better editor than the guy whos making these video, i'll wait

  95. Rastaspflasta

    RastaspflastaPrije mjesec

    sometimes you just gotta 5:07

  96. Rastaspflasta

    RastaspflastaPrije mjesec

    4:44 Jesus! let me donate to that editor

  97. krispy killer

    krispy killerPrije mjesec

    What’s the song at 1:10 ?

  98. Keith.

    Keith.Prije mjesec

    Bro im gonna say it in every single video. THIS EDITOR IS A FUCKING LEGEND

  99. FeedToPlay

    FeedToPlayPrije mjesec

    1:32 can we just appreaciate that edit. It looks simpled but is so annoying to do. the death screen - tricks pov

  100. XeNoN

    XeNoNPrije mjesec

    1:10 polish song wow.