Deadpool and Korg React


  1. Rupam Mondal

    Rupam MondalPrije 14 minuta

    Where is the f*king cruella reaction?

  2. The Arctic Gamer

    The Arctic GamerPrije 57 minuta

    Yeahh... I don't like this. Movie characters reacting to movies kinda just sounds like Hollywood telling us what to think about their products...

  3. Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny ValleyPrije sat

    Low key this was probably just a free ad for Free Guy

  4. neo

    neoPrije sat

    Where do I find his Cruella reaction lol

  5. James Haskell

    James HaskellPrije 2 sati

    Korg reminds me of Michael Cain.

  6. CitrusPeppercorn

    CitrusPeppercornPrije 3 sati

    I thought free guy was something I'd like to see, but then the part with the streamers was really cringe.

  7. ShadowSloth3

    ShadowSloth3Prije 3 sati

    So it's like The Truman Show... The Matrix?

  8. Francis Harrison

    Francis HarrisonPrije 3 sati

    “ Whats ‘Fridging?’” “ Its the act of Hurting, Torturing or Mutilating a Female character for the sole purpose of Motivating a Male character. Also known as the entirety of Deadpool 2.” Ya gotta love a good self-own!! 🤣

  9. Dale Snider

    Dale SniderPrije 6 sati

    Thanks, Ryan! I really miss having clean hands. God damn you.

  10. snooppp

    snoopppPrije 7 sati

    This is why I love Deadpool lol

  11. Ben Day

    Ben DayPrije 8 sati

    Yo, drop the Cruella Trailer reaction vid

  12. Kamesh Behera

    Kamesh BeheraPrije 9 sati

    It would be like 10 years since Ryan Reynolds and Taika Wattiti would be seen together in a movie

  13. Charzilian

    CharzilianPrije 9 sati

    How many walls are there exactly, Is it infinite, or does it break down after a certain point?

  14. J. A. Blackwell

    J. A. BlackwellPrije 10 sati

    I need this for every trailer, please.

  15. Adam Armstrong

    Adam ArmstrongPrije 10 sati

    Is this a GTA movie

  16. Prije 10 sati

    I would hate to be Ryans Psychotherapist, I'd need one after he was done.

  17. nightridr 56

    nightridr 56Prije 11 sati

    I can't wait to watch this movie, gives me Truman vibes

  18. Frances Bernard

    Frances BernardPrije 11 sati

    I am not into sentiment that seeks to glorify what happens to us human beings after being forced underground anymore. I left that kind of thing behind at around age 16 or so. Like leaving behind me all of those trashy comics being targeted to all of the dance hall enthusiasts too. Or trashy comics being targeted to all those who are 'up' to imagining what animal icon to use best for a start up. I don't have time for that sort of thing beyond the advertising firm advice on how to catch the eye of possible new customers. Would be fun to show up at an advertised ahead of time costume party in a costume that looks like one of those only a cartoon character to make things clear to everyone there that no one there better not invade my privacy. Like the time I dressed up for that lame costume party dance that one teacher in only junior high school announced that were all being 'invited' to. With my mom's blessing to do so I showed up as a male villainy now only a cartoon villain to stop all the rude only acting like little boys every time they thought they could get away with it in effect looking for a bottle that were making my life miserable at school in their tracks without having to do anything but sit there 'waiting' for someone to ask me to dance when not asking those childish immature boys their who were often harassing me to dance. Good thing I don't take myself serious when having fun instead of trying way too hard all the time to be adulting.

  19. Rhiannon L

    Rhiannon LPrije 13 sati


  20. Christopher Sherlock

    Christopher SherlockPrije 13 sati

    We are all just background characters in Ryan Reynolds's cinematic universe

  21. Aza

    AzaPrije 14 sati

    It's amazing how this has more views then the actual trailer

  22. Gamzat Gimbatov

    Gamzat GimbatovPrije 14 sati

    Definiteely will watch it

  23. F3rr3ll RAF

    F3rr3ll RAFPrije 15 sati

    How did Korg and Miek get to earth from that exploded space ship? #marvel

  24. numbereightyseven

    numbereightysevenPrije 15 sati

    Reaction vids are the height of arrogance.

  25. WeAre Harbinger

    WeAre HarbingerPrije 17 sati

    So a movie basically about being a gta 5 npc? I can get behind that. Also jesus korg, what was with that depression at the end my dude?


    NIGHT SHADEPrije 19 sati

    I watch your movie just now😁 my fav in UTV action😉

  27. Nocturnal

    NocturnalPrije 19 sati

    In the DC universe Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi characters are best friends in the Green Lantern film lol

  28. Yoda got that drip

    Yoda got that dripPrije 22 sati

    This is what the 4th dimension looks like

  29. KageNoTenshi

    KageNoTenshiPrije 22 sati

    And in an alternate timeline these two are watching tv together on a crouch as Hal Jordan and his best friend

  30. Gustavo

    GustavoPrije 23 sati

    Deadpool please create a youtube channel

  31. meow🐣

    meow🐣Prije 23 sati

    that guy look like groot but big version

  32. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorerPrije dan

    Hahahha daaang I love this

  33. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithPrije dan

    When will we get a Deadpool 3?

  34. Colton Ava

    Colton AvaPrije dan

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  35. westbthorn

    westbthornPrije dan

    A reverse Isekai?!

  36. John Keller

    John KellerPrije dan

    Oh look, it's a Matrix/Idiocracy mashup. Cool!

  37. kristinaF54

    kristinaF54Prije dan

    Oh dear, looks like a cgi-heavy reiteration of the Truman Show. Or offspring of The Thirteenth Floor with They Live.

  38. Donna Barr

    Donna BarrPrije dan

    Oh, Kristy’s, that’s my birthday.

  39. clocz

    cloczPrije dan

    Check your emails!

  40. Faigornx

    FaigornxPrije dan

    Maximum Milking

  41. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong UnPrije dan

    Using your famous characters to sell your movie, genius

  42. Vee Bee

    Vee BeePrije dan

    Guess what HRhave fake ass bot someone will get tired of your censorship / restriction of speech and take you out

  43. Vee Bee

    Vee BeePrije dan

    And HRhave make me edit put what I really want to say

  44. Vee Bee

    Vee BeePrije dan

    Ryan Reynolds your a b**** and you play the same character in every movie # brainwashing

  45. The ultimate hat

    The ultimate hatPrije dan

    Korg: “what’s fridging?” Deadpool: “it’s the practice of killing or hurting a female character in order to motivate or torture the main character, also known as Deadpool 2.” I’m fucking dead!

  46. imbobanotthetea

    imbobanottheteaPrije 22 sati

    So is his girl

  47. Whiteythereaper

    WhiteythereaperPrije dan

    This is top tier marketing. Well fucking played.

  48. Ted Horwitz

    Ted HorwitzPrije dan

    Truman show

  49. salametdjs

    salametdjsPrije dan


  50. Ruler Q8

    Ruler Q8Prije dan

    Deadpool and korg what is this a crossover episode !

  51. MTB BOI

    MTB BOIPrije dan


  52. M.K.M.

    M.K.M.Prije dan

    Deadpool has definitely gone beyond breaking the fourth wall here. He's DESTROYED the fourth wall!

  53. Only God Knows Why

    Only God Knows WhyPrije dan

    Feel free to free me of this nightmare i wake up to daily.

  54. cindy heist

    cindy heistPrije dan

    Haha, luv it.

  55. The Memes of Destruction

    The Memes of DestructionPrije dan


  56. deepesh jain

    deepesh jainPrije dan


  57. TellMeWhy?

    TellMeWhy?Prije dan

    goddammit he's in our timeline again

  58. Hlun Laochailan

    Hlun LaochailanPrije dan

    I hope this movie is good.

  59. FlowUrbanFlow

    FlowUrbanFlowPrije dan

    So now Deadpool can pop up in MCU!

  60. Flying Dutchman

    Flying DutchmanPrije dan


  61. Jacob Nelson

    Jacob NelsonPrije dan

    The old simp turned super simp trope. Classic…

  62. VISHV

    VISHVPrije dan

    "That's Taika Waititi." Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) said to Korg (Taika Waititi).

  63. kk Kkrs222

    kk Kkrs222Prije dan

    Super movie

  64. halphryne

    halphrynePrije dan

    First This trailer gives away too much Ryan Reynolds is just me

  65. Prof. Sir

    Prof. SirPrije dan

    I too, thought this movie had already come out. Of what pain I felt when I realized it wasn't gracing us until August.

  66. Allen Smith. {aAffect.}

    Allen Smith. {aAffect.}Prije dan

    Please for the love of god, do NOT say " smash that " anything button.

  67. ross cavallaro

    ross cavallaroPrije dan

    Free Guy, so its a human Lego movie?

  68. Sin Corazón

    Sin CorazónPrije dan

    this is now canon technically

  69. Roberto Fuentes

    Roberto FuentesPrije dan

    Do you know espanish

  70. dimas700

    dimas700Prije 2 dana

    It’s breaking all sorts of walls! Can’t wait for Mr DP to be in Marvel movie. Just to see that it is actual possible to blend the unblendable!

  71. Pablo Ucan

    Pablo UcanPrije 2 dana

    Yeah, I thought this movie came out already also.

  72. LettIsMe

    LettIsMePrije 2 dana

    whats your favorite type of pikachu deadpool?

  73. Dylan Kurtz

    Dylan KurtzPrije 2 dana

    Deadpool and Korg probably listen to rock, solid hits

  74. RamadaArtist

    RamadaArtistPrije 2 dana

    One of these days Ryan Reynolds is going to write an autobiography titled, "I am not Deadpool" and the fandom will rage, and then later, he will write a second autobiography, titled, "Maybe I am Deadpool," and everyone will be confused and enlightened; the end.

  75. Alexander Villareal

    Alexander VillarealPrije 2 dana

    actually why didnt make you a youtube sooner i never subscribe to anyone before me this my firsty goodluck guy man

  76. the Canadian mcu fan

    the Canadian mcu fanPrije 2 dana

    Deadpool is joining the mcu

  77. The Stig

    The StigPrije 2 dana

    "I prefer Dark World" funniest joke in the video.

  78. 4pfKordell

    4pfKordellPrije 23 sati

    Seriously 😭


    EVOLICIOUSPrije 2 dana

    Kinda ironic since with multiverse war, deadpool is a big part of, and will be on the dark avengers team.

  80. malik whyte

    malik whytePrije 2 dana

    Truman show vibes

  81. ItsmyRVjourney

    ItsmyRVjourneyPrije 2 dana


  82. TheVIRUS612

    TheVIRUS612Prije 2 dana

    I thought the movie was a spoof, coz it looks terribly cliché

  83. Cracklasco

    CracklascoPrije 2 dana

    I love the fact that this came out before the Loki finale, and it fits perfectly with what goes down lol

  84. Key west Alert

    Key west AlertPrije 2 dana

    We need a movie with the top greatest directors but with only newbie actors! Anyone?

  85. Aghyad Ya

    Aghyad YaPrije 2 dana

    Hey Ryan Reynolds.. I want to know that is a third part of Hitman Bodygaurd...

  86. Shamshir Hussain

    Shamshir HussainPrije 2 dana

    So this is gta online

  87. Hopkins Von Rabbittarius

    Hopkins Von RabbittariusPrije 2 dana

    So it's the Matrix, but funny.

  88. Gary Towers

    Gary TowersPrije 2 dana

    Is #freeguy seeming a bit like wreck it Ralph??

  89. ThePeanutButterBoy

    ThePeanutButterBoyPrije 2 dana

    Quick math this video alone made him 55,000

  90. Amy Haile

    Amy HailePrije 2 dana

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Korg needed to say Deadpool is Noobmaster69!!!!!!!

  91. Rachel D

    Rachel DPrije 2 dana

    I'm here because of my kid is awesome!😎

  92. Aidan Griffiths

    Aidan GriffithsPrije 2 dana

    Korg needs to make a deadpool cameo

  93. Canadian Person

    Canadian PersonPrije 2 dana

    It's so nice to see a movie I can spend money on without feeling bad. No Disney giving money to Israel for use in their Apartheid actions. No Tom Cruise or John Travolta collecting money for Scientology. Looking forward to spending money on this one.

  94. Devan Vieira

    Devan VieiraPrije 2 dana

    This is genius promoting

  95. Constantin Radu

    Constantin RaduPrije 2 dana

    This is like water in the desert for me

  96. Ro Ro

    Ro RoPrije 2 dana

    I got an ad with Ryan Reynolds in it lol

  97. fylraen

    fylraenPrije 2 dana

    What the heck is up with the shirtless guy in the last frame

  98. William Ward

    William WardPrije 2 dana

    I liked it when it was called The Truman Show.

  99. C G

    C GPrije 2 dana

    Very funny Ryan 😄

  100. Paris Guenter

    Paris GuenterPrije 2 dana

    Deadpool’s not allowed into the MCU but he can invite them into his universe 😂

  101. coltin vautrin

    coltin vautrinPrije 2 dana

    Yes korg, you are made of rocks