How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
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  2. Corey Jenson

    Corey JensonPrije 4 sati

    You think those candles are crazy, look at the old school Navy shipboard fire fighting OBA's.

  3. Electronic Chronic

    Electronic ChronicPrije 4 sati

    I assume they pre heat the rich amine so the boiler shock doesn't occur!

  4. RobertMStahl

    RobertMStahlPrije 9 sati

    Micro balance equations R different from macro. Only a difference makes a difference, bud. I got nuttin out of the scale of materials needed, per person, 4 eXample.

  5. StabbyJoe135

    StabbyJoe135Prije 23 sati

    How to consistently beat the ever changing algorithm? Avoid the algorithm. Genius (every day).

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  7. T Von

    T VonPrije 5 minuta

    Can you please do a reaction to the perseverance landing

  8. Lumiens

    LumiensPrije 6 minuta

    Getting to Yes...a very good book. The concepts help you focus on what's important in negotiations.

  9. Mark Whitley

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    I love my RAYCON earbuds. I’ve bought 4 pair of the E55’s. Two pair I keep in my pocket. Two pair I’ve given to my son. Plus their Bluetooth headphones are outstanding in clarity and sound deadening.

  10. bread

    breadPrije 8 minuta

    it will not surprise me to find out this guy is a cinese spy

  11. Dr.Derpy

    Dr.DerpyPrije 10 minuta

    Stupid question but cant you just take the carbon off CO2?

  12. Thad Donovan

    Thad DonovanPrije 12 minuta

    The complexity of that boat scares me.

  13. Greg Champine

    Greg ChampinePrije 14 minuta

    How do they deal with 50 sailors farting all day and night? I'd imagine there have to be some kind of carbon filters or else that whole place would smell like farts BO and morning breath after a week at most

  14. phapnui

    phapnuiPrije 14 minuta

    In 1979, a former nuclear submarine commander visited a hot site about 5 miles from me. Not too long after that, another former nuclear submarine commander gave a talk in my neighborhood. Three Mile Island. But they didn't come to talk about subs. I wondered about subs and how they worked but figured if I searched the details, I'd have all the Alphabet Agencies on my butt. In my travels I have met people of all trades, including clandestine ones but never met a submariner. Thanks for this excellent presentation. It has helped satisfy some of my curiosity about subs.

  15. Bank2Bank Bass fishing

    Bank2Bank Bass fishingPrije 15 minuta

    IOWA REP!!

  16. Andrew Grey

    Andrew GreyPrije 16 minuta

    Man, this guy looks just like my cousin.

  17. Zeke Polaris

    Zeke PolarisPrije 17 minuta

    Wait... Why you keep saying boat?

  18. Christos Kokkolis

    Christos KokkolisPrije 19 minuta

    Brilliant video, thank you!!

  19. mart f

    mart fPrije 26 minuta

    11:23 1 candle burns for 1h 2 candles burns for 2h.. OK.. But if they burn one after the other OF COURSE... well.. According to them, if you listen carefully, 2 candles burning at the same time.. will burn for 2 hours..😕 This video is filled with these kinds of absurds and non-logical statements like this one.. THIS GUY MAY SOUND/LOOK CREDIBLE, BUT ALWAYS DOUGHT BEFORE BELIEVING BLINDLY

  20. Satguy 141

    Satguy 141Prije 32 minuta

    You had to make a video of this? I guess they don't teach science in schools anymore.

  21. BigJyeTV

    BigJyeTVPrije 33 minuta

    I'm gonna get those guys a few baby plants to help them out w/ the oxygen and CO2.

  22. Hadrian Sparrow

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  23. M W

    M WPrije 34 minuta

    Ok. Question. While doing this off loading or off gassing wouldn’t that make them susceptible to detection since most detection underwater is done through sound? Bubbles equal sound or noise.

  24. UDP

    UDPPrije 38 minuta

    9:16 (Looking for acronym) lmao

  25. yy jtjytj

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  27. A77ILA

    A77ILAPrije 44 minuta

    the crew of this sub is so freaking handsome

  28. mart f

    mart fPrije 48 minuta

    7:55-8:02 Why is it dangerous to extract chlorine from NaCl..? That's the new method to have clean pool water.. Other than throwing chlorine in the pool to have clear water to swim in, people now use salt systems.. We all know that chlorine is bad for every living creatures, ... So why do we still use it the " purify " the water we swim in ?!!..

  29. SirMontecristo

    SirMontecristoPrije 53 minuta

    A mean system = $9M exhaust : edit( MEA sounds like A mean)

  30. AbusedREM

    AbusedREMPrije 55 minuta

    Dude I almost voted him out he acted so sus talking about oxygen so much

  31. Shawn Bupp

    Shawn BuppPrije 56 minuta

    Thank you for making this. I am a retired Air Force Senior NCO and was so proud watching this. Most people have no idea what it takes to make that submarine run (including me) and keep us safe. These young people are absolute experts in their fields and I am extremely proud of them! Most folks have no idea how important each job in the military is for the overall function of the military. May God continue to bless all the men and women in our military and America! Thank you all for your service and thank you, again for making this video.

  32. Tony Richard

    Tony RichardPrije 56 minuta

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  33. Greg Allan

    Greg AllanPrije 57 minuta

    Great show.

  34. Tim Stroud

    Tim StroudPrije 59 minuta

    I'm from Jefferson small world...

  35. Tristan Keech

    Tristan KeechPrije 59 minuta

    Water is just air with extra steps

  36. Erik Rayak

    Erik RayakPrije sat

    Subs most important job: 1. Dudes that create oxygen. 2. Dudes that keep the nuclear reactor from melting down and exploding.

  37. w b

    w bPrije sat

    Can you knock it off with the military propaganda. Thanks.

  38. Cuck

    CuckPrije sat

    This is incredible

  39. GrubbWorld

    GrubbWorldPrije sat

    now that I know how oxygen is made on a submarine....i STILL feel that I would NOT wanna be on a submarine :) interesting compared to my time on a plane in the USAF tho

  40. Mick Gatz

    Mick GatzPrije sat

    Enjoyed the video very much. Greetz from Australia. Mick

  41. jack steve

    jack stevePrije sat

    does it have a smoking area ?

  42. J. D. Anderson

    J. D. AndersonPrije sat

    Hey Destin I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I love to watch and seldom miss an episode. Your passion and excitement for learning is so refreshing. We are so fortunate to have information and ways to learn practically anything, at our finger tips via the internet. I really don't think the younger generation fully understands what a privilege this is. Being that I'm on the back side of 40 I am amazed at how easy it is to find information and learn these days. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your videos and dedication to education. Keep the awesome videos coming.

  43. at7able

    at7ablePrije sat

    Very good video. How did you maintain the other levels of gases like nitrogen?

  44. Gerard Ligonde

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    The sloppy toy accordingly prevent because driving coronally post lest a squeamish continent. bustling, dark cow

  45. Javier Fauxnom

    Javier FauxnomPrije sat

    I think the term "clinker" come from the old days of steam locomotives or other kinds of boilers. The ash residue in the firebox fuses into stone-like chunks of very hard material. They're so hard they make a "clink" sound when you bang them together.

  46. Федор Федоров

    Федор ФедоровPrije sat

    How much oxygen does each candle produce?

  47. 568843daw

    568843dawPrije sat

    Clearly the moderator has never repaired a vehicle or worked in a semiconductor or manufacturing plant. Sniffers have been used to find AC leaks in air conditioning units and manufacturing plants since Jesus was a boy. Come on!!!

  48. Luis Cortes

    Luis CortesPrije sat

    For a second I thought Dow was Austin Evans.

  49. Cheezus Crust

    Cheezus CrustPrije sat

    the candle thing reminds me of stargate universe

  50. Talsu

    TalsuPrije sat

    I don't know why I'm here... But this was pretty interesting

  51. OfficialDudeDolan

    OfficialDudeDolanPrije sat

    Destin: "but can I see it?"

  52. Tom Pecht

    Tom PechtPrije sat

    This series just keeps on getting better! I'm in love with the submarine series! Nice job!

  53. Fubga

    FubgaPrije sat

    HVAC is something I've been interested in with the ISS and I'm glad to get a peak about the oxygen and carbon dioxide aspects. Would love to learn more about heating and cooling on the ISS

  54. AlphaKilo

    AlphaKiloPrije sat

    Sounds just like the rebreathers we use in the coal mines if there's a fire or methane/ monoxide damp. SCSR. Now I know what's in them

  55. Derck McCoy

    Derck McCoyPrije sat

    My subs hit hard

  56. John Dough

    John DoughPrije sat

    Great video

  57. Timothy Allwine

    Timothy AllwinePrije sat

    The dude in the back at 4:55 killed me. So out of nowhere.

  58. Patrick Viertel

    Patrick ViertelPrije sat

    Sooooo is it possible to get hydrogen from air at an industrial scale? And if so: is it possible to build nuclear hydrogen plane?

  59. Nelson Gomez

    Nelson GomezPrije sat

    You answered a question I had since I was a child!

  60. David Messer

    David MesserPrije sat

    But, how do they get rid of all the farts?


    WHITE WXLFPrije sat

    That dude reminded me of Austin Evans

  62. Johnny's Videos

    Johnny's VideosPrije sat

    Can you talk to raycon about putting typc c on the e25?

  63. Leonard Pearlman

    Leonard PearlmanPrije 2 sati

    The question of how to get RID of the Carbon Dioxide is much more interesting! There was some stressful discussion of this in Das Boot, and also in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea! So it has been an issue for around a hundred years, and still interesting to anyone who is interested in diving, working in hazardous atmospheres, or "a better life in space for everybody".

  64. Thymo van Beers

    Thymo van BeersPrije 2 sati

    How do they handle the air mixture? Does the air over time become pure oxygen or do they also add nitrogen to the mix? A pure oxygen atmosphere is very flammable so I imagine they need to do something about it.

  65. DrAlexMore

    DrAlexMorePrije 2 sati

    Hey Destin, have a look at a documentary on Kursk, heartbreaking but also interesting.

  66. Lavalambtron

    LavalambtronPrije 2 sati

    The interior still looks a bit world war 2, all those pipes and everything every entrail on show.

  67. John Dough

    John DoughPrije 2 sati

    "So is this something you NEED to do or something you're just doing?" Sounds very silly. They're on a submarine in the middle of nowhere. I'm more than sure they're not doing anything unnecessary on it.

  68. John Dough

    John DoughPrije 2 sati

    Makes sense that the water needs to be purified because we can't drink it in its natural state either.

  69. Rex

    RexPrije 2 sati

    i didnt understand a single word he was saying

  70. luis chch

    luis chchPrije 2 sati

    Wow, how can those príncipes explained veré can be applies to take CO2 from the atmospher for reversing the global warming

  71. The Krinkled1

    The Krinkled1Prije 2 sati

    Another oxygen generator is the OBA, oxygen breathing apparatus, used to fight fires along with the FFE, firefighter ensemble. They are also sodium chlorate candles, but on a smaller and more mobile design. Last an hour but for safety reasons timers are set to 30 minutes to allow the canisters to be swapped out.

  72. Ben Whitney

    Ben WhitneyPrije 2 sati

    But how do you scrub the farts out of the air?!?!?

  73. Len

    LenPrije 2 sati

    Sniffers are used in automotive ac and refrigeration operations. I've used one for over 20 years.

  74. McClaxzplayz

    McClaxzplayzPrije 2 sati

    Hold up doesn’t fire require oxogin

  75. The Krinkled1

    The Krinkled1Prije 2 sati

    ugh, hated amine. took at least 3 washes to get the smell out of your clothes.

  76. Tommy Ellis

    Tommy EllisPrije 2 sati

    I like how the candle guy didn't explain how it makes oxygen

  77. Explore Decimitry

    Explore DecimitryPrije 2 sati

    Maybe they're growing plants

  78. Jean-Claude Van Damme

    Jean-Claude Van DammePrije 2 sati

    That's not a nuclear submarine. That's a plastic toy.

  79. George Cyclist

    George CyclistPrije 2 sati

    Did they explain how they put the waste Hydrogen into the sea. It used to be a secret idea, so I won't blab it here.

  80. Gamer xd

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    The second hub proximally file because harmony ironically scorch towards a staking scallion. daily, descriptive butane

  81. Justchill Man

    Justchill ManPrije 2 sati

    Isn’t it separating hydrogen from oxygen from water

  82. Zeph

    ZephPrije 2 sati

    I just assumed they had a plant room tbh

  83. Nighthawk

    NighthawkPrije 3 sati

    24:00 "Gas, captain. We call it plasma. Whatever the Klingon name for it, it's just ionized _gas_ " *THAT* is how you literally sniff a sub underwater: you track CO2 exhaust! it's the Spock-McCoy maneuver! the Navy brass will be kicking themselves in the nuts for letting this slip! you just told whomever is watching how to find a modern cloaked Bird-Of-Prey!

  84. Brian Bayot

    Brian BayotPrije 3 sati

    ...this is the kind of people I'm gonna be working with when I get to the fleet. Niiiiiiiice~

  85. Chewy

    ChewyPrije 3 sati


  86. Rick Way

    Rick WayPrije 3 sati

    The preheating process is likely to streamline the process so the amount of time it takes to scrub the CO2 is reduced in the primary boiler scrubber. Think of it like boiling hot water vs. starting with cold water. I could be wrong but that could be one reason.

  87. wiLLiam

    wiLLiamPrije 3 sati

    Easy, just use p l a n t

  88. Katherine Montgomery

    Katherine MontgomeryPrije 3 sati

    The flaky ferryboat nally guess because hourglass accidentally box plus a guiltless goose. tense, tacky selection

  89. Tisha Hayes

    Tisha HayesPrije 3 sati

    One thing that has always had me wondering is how do they replenish the "nitrogen" in the atmosphere of the ship? Sure, you can make oxygen by electrolysis and scrub out some of the carbon dioxide but nitrogen is the biggest fraction of our atmosphere at around 78%. You can't stay down constantly and just replenish oxygen. I assume there is some outgassing somewhere in the system and the nitrogen content would go down and the oxygen content would go up until you have flash-fires. You would also build up some other more rare components of the metabolic processes of people (methane, ethane and a dozen or so others that I have forgotten). Periodically you need to snorkel and do an air exchange to purge those out.

  90. Dono imdono

    Dono imdonoPrije 3 sati

    I dont care how much oxygen they can make, subs still wreak. only once did I get get a whiff of one, but that was enough for me.

  91. Cirkmann Zirkel

    Cirkmann ZirkelPrije 3 sati

    I like Destin's channel, but the submarine thing I can't really appreciate, as to me it keeps showing us how much money we're willing to invest in warfare and armaments as opposed to making the world better (I do realize some may say that it would be far worse if the"good guys" wouldn't defend us from the"bad guys", but that again demonstrates the stupidity of mankind)

  92. wolfboyft

    wolfboyftPrije 3 sati

    *Why don't subs run out of air*

  93. Gerydome

    GerydomePrije 3 sati

    So CO2 thrown away with precious oxygen?

  94. aleksander Okonek

    aleksander OkonekPrije 3 sati

    The reflective shoemaker differently discover because bibliography cumulatively bruise out a willing married. bizarre, dapper weight

  95. Bill Murray

    Bill MurrayPrije 3 sati

    They learned early on in submarines that you can't put antimony or arsenic in the lead grids to strengthen them. They were creating stibine and arsine while charging the batteries and poisoning the crew.

  96. Noah Sigel

    Noah SigelPrije 3 sati

    The physical hen undesirably inject because titanium consistently stitch amongst a discreet effect. symptomatic, wistful cover

  97. Roberto Lewis

    Roberto LewisPrije 3 sati

    God i miss subs so much.

  98. Burntsider

    BurntsiderPrije 3 sati

    Must every sentence in America today begin with an unnecessary "so?"

  99. Mark Darlington

    Mark DarlingtonPrije 3 sati

    Forgive my ignorance, i'm normally quite astute. For one, i understand a nuclear sub can work below as long as the food lasts. These candles are new to me, and they are burned at regular intervals, my question is, how many do they go to sea with, and how are they stored? Food storage/candle storage, what is the ratio. Did i miss something? It seems these are essential, as is food.

  100. Kolton finlinson

    Kolton finlinsonPrije 3 sati

    You should do one one on the first successful submarine and how you think it failed

  101. cruzbohy

    cruzbohyPrije 3 sati

    He's so American lol

  102. Dan R

    Dan RPrije 3 sati

    Stupid plug for ear buds disgusting

  103. Allahu akbar

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    Man I remember when you were at 500k now your at 10mil congratulations bro!

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  105. Moon shiner

    Moon shinerPrije 3 sati

    I thought N.A.S.A. was bad but as for this ! ??? You lot are raving mad if you believe this !

  106. Bernd Kalauer

    Bernd KalauerPrije 3 sati

    A clinker is an artificial stone created by some chemical process. Initailly used for bricks, later for the material ground into cement. Makes sense here. But why is the chemical reaction regarded safer than having pressurized oxygen on board? Yes, and for long-term use, the MEA cycle is better than the LiOH cannisters.