A Djokovic racket of a reward! | Kristen's Kudos

Tennis player Novac Djokovic gives young fan his match-winning racket from the French Open. The joy the young fan felt was clearly visible and made for an adorable moment between them and the No. 1 ranked men's tennis player.

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  1. Altemir KAWABATA

    Altemir KAWABATAPrije sat

    my classmate xd

  2. rico pornea

    rico porneaPrije 4 dana

    Sending full support

  3. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouPrije 8 dana

    Balkan people have a heart!

  4. Nope Hope

    Nope HopePrije 12 dana

    Another act of kindness by Novak here hrhave.info/mate/m8trfKxlf92LnHA/video.html

  5. Milan

    MilanPrije 13 dana

    Novak jedan jedini Pozdrav iz Nevesinja samo napred i nizi pobjede us tebe smo 🏆🎾🏆🎾🏆🎾🏆🎾🏆🎾🏆

  6. Steva Krkota

    Steva KrkotaPrije 14 dana

    Watch the best of the best! Watch and enjoy! There is little chance that you will see a better tennis player than Djokovic in your life! And so, look at what this man is doing until the West loves him precisely because he is a Serb. Serbs are a proud people, aware that the West does not like them. Nobody understands that Serbs are the strongest when they are alone against everyone. Such is Djokovic. If they loved him like Federer, he would never have become a GOAT.

  7. yasio bolo

    yasio boloPrije 10 dana

    This kid is new champion!

  8. HT-i C

    HT-i CPrije 14 dana

    Love this kids reaction

  9. Milenko Stanivukovic

    Milenko StanivukovicPrije 16 dana

    Србин наш,бре!!!

  10. ljiljana colic

    ljiljana colicPrije 24 dana

    Kid is definitely happier than Nole after winning. Congrats Nole well done 👍

  11. Dusko Bogos

    Dusko BogosPrije 27 dana

    Understand this NOW and for EVER this 'bloke' Đoković comes from an empathic breed of people from the Balkan lands of Eastern Europe full stop!

  12. gelan057

    gelan057Prije 28 dana

    Novac a conquit le cœur des français ce jour là !

  13. shock em

    shock emPrije mjesec

    Nole the king 👑☦️

  14. Suzanne Taylor

    Suzanne TaylorPrije mjesec

    We featured this video on A DELIGHT A DAY that goes out free to a mailing list: conta.cc/3d9kl28. These are daily charmers that are meant to lift spirits, make people laugh or smile or even shed a tear, and inspire everyone with how good humanity can be. Do sign up to get on the list, and all shoutouts are appreciated!

  15. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPrije mjesec

    The kid is high on happiness😃

  16. Vesna Savic

    Vesna SavicPrije mjesec


  17. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPrije mjesec

    A Priceless moment 👍

  18. Kaxa Kiknavelidze

    Kaxa KiknavelidzePrije mjesec

    Nole 1

  19. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPrije mjesec

    Novak is legend the World sport !!!crazy man !!! superlative !!!

  20. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPrije mjesec

    That was just beautiful. Djokovic is an amazing human being and an awesome player. Just love him to bits. 💝🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  21. Alexxx B

    Alexxx BPrije mjesec


  22. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlPrije mjesec


  23. jasmina fuehrer

    jasmina fuehrerPrije mjesec

    Everyone knows that he is a most gracious loving person,,..that’s why he is lathe Best. but last year with the disqualification judges in US stoped him to Win at the American Open ,and he deserves apology from them but also from you guys (journalists)Justice for the biggest star ever…and Laureus in 2021 wins who?- Nadal?!?! C’mon guys ?!?!?

  24. Kaloox

    KalooxPrije mjesec

    This kid is new champion!

  25. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPrije mjesec

    So mainstream media can upload video, but not us peasants

  26. U.B.A

    U.B.APrije mjesec


  27. kolim jone

    kolim jonePrije mjesec

    That's why he is people's champion

  28. marco torres

    marco torresPrije mjesec

    Mexican boy 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 👍👍👍👍

  29. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPrije mjesec

    Federer or Nadal would never do this, they are too arrogant. This is why Djokovic is the goat 👽👽👽

  30. Morello

    MorelloPrije mjesec

    The right fan for the right champ.

  31. Matic Gordana

    Matic GordanaPrije mjesec

    Watching this joy is making us smile and our hearts beat faster - thank you kid, we all need more of this happiness 💓☀️

  32. kolim jone

    kolim jonePrije mjesec

    So mainstream media can upload video, but not us peasants

  33. Anonymous Serbia

    Anonymous SerbiaPrije mjesec


  34. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPrije mjesec

    Srbi gut narod ahaaaserbija urraaa

  35. soiung toiue

    soiung toiuePrije mjesec

    Very classy of him; thumbs up to Djokovic.

  36. Раденко

    РаденкоPrije mjesec

    Novak is the great man. He has a strong personality and character. Whole Serbia love Novak. 😊

  37. Marko Jozic

    Marko JozicPrije mjesec

    Djokovic king 🥰🇭🇷🇭🇷

  38. Zoran Romanov

    Zoran RomanovPrije mjesec

    Novak is legend the World sport !!!crazy man !!! superlative !!!

  39. John Charlton

    John CharltonPrije mjesec

    Federer & Nadal are all time greats. But Novak Djokovic is on another level. For me he is the GOAT!!! And WOW what a lovely gesture.

  40. soiung toiue

    soiung toiuePrije mjesec

    Big sportsman Nole the beast

  41. Goran Grahovac

    Goran GrahovacPrije mjesec


  42. rhythm king

    rhythm kingPrije mjesec

    Francuzi pusite ga

  43. Red

    RedPrije mjesec

    So mainstream media can upload video, but not us peasants

  44. Brus Li

    Brus LiPrije mjesec

    Hrvat naš🇭🇷

  45. Bukarapusa Maca

    Bukarapusa MacaPrije mjesec

    Srbi gut narod ahaaaserbija urraaa

  46. Bukarapusa Maca

    Bukarapusa MacaPrije mjesec


  47. Stevan Klasic

    Stevan KlasicPrije mjesec


  48. Roman Riquelme

    Roman RiquelmePrije mjesec

    Imagine that kid becoming a tennis player and one day playing with that same racket at the French open.

  49. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPrije mjesec

    Apparently he was supporting Djoker a lot, this is a really cool moment

  50. Verica Nesic

    Verica NesicPrije mjesec


  51. Milan Nikolic

    Milan NikolicPrije mjesec


  52. Jasna Djokoic

    Jasna DjokoicPrije mjesec

    I have never seen so mach heit of THE médium of comunicación to ONE guy who is pleying good tenis. Do you know why? Because didn' want to refuse his nationality.

  53. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuPrije mjesec

    rackets, instead of smashing the rackets INFRONT of them. GIFT OF A LIFETIME. Très Bien Monsieur DJOKOVIC. Giving a youngster a racket #TENNIS🎾WIN.

  54. radoslav vojinovic

    radoslav vojinovicPrije mjesec

    Gud men grande kvori hepi boj kingggg

  55. Vedran Banic

    Vedran BanicPrije mjesec

    Big sportsman Nole the beast

  56. Светлана Мельникова

    Светлана МельниковаPrije mjesec

    От такого просмотра лицо само расплывается в улыбке. Спасибо за видео и дай бог здоровья и успехов и Новаку и этому мальчику. 👍👏

  57. Dragan Lucic

    Dragan LucicPrije mjesec

    Bravo Nole ti si pravi sampion pozdravi iz Srbije...

  58. OvčarKun

    OvčarKunPrije mjesec

    Dobio reket od najboljeg tenisera ikada rodjenog. Mora biti srecan...

  59. Hellen Hell

    Hellen HellPrije mjesec


  60. Andrej Ninkovic

    Andrej NinkovicPrije mjesec

    Kid is crying of joy because he realized what price that racket could be sold for

  61. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuPrije mjesec

    If tennis is rich and gentlemen game, Djokovic is the common people's man.

  62. Iskra

    IskraPrije mjesec

    Englezi probajte da napišete njegovo prezime sa Đ, a ne Dj.

  63. snezana lukic

    snezana lukicPrije mjesec


  64. Zlatimir Velikic

    Zlatimir VelikicPrije mjesec

    Equivalently, it was as if he had received the sword of King Arthur

  65. Jovan Cvetkovic

    Jovan CvetkovicPrije mjesec

    Jednom recju, covek ziva legenda. A Srbin. Ne Englez, ne Nemac, ne Francuz i itd, nego Srbin.

  66. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuPrije mjesec

    this is why....... DJOKOVIC IS THE 🐐🇷🇸😎👍

  67. Novak Ism

    Novak IsmPrije mjesec

    What a guy..talk about a heart of gold. Could Fed or rafa do that without any string attached..never.

  68. Prakash Rajamohan

    Prakash RajamohanPrije mjesec

    This kid's pure soul is equivalent to millions. You can win many trophies but you will get this moment once in your life. This can happen only to people like Novak.

  69. Gertrude Isaac

    Gertrude IsaacPrije mjesec

    This is covid-19 time, and that was a life giving moment. I hope those in the racket-breaking culture, will change to Djokovic racket-giving culture -- give the youngsters the rackets, instead of smashing the rackets INFRONT of them. GIFT OF A LIFETIME. Très Bien Monsieur DJOKOVIC. Giving a youngster a racket #TENNIS🎾WIN.

  70. GFW777

    GFW777Prije mjesec

    Idolatry can drives you mad - that's why God prohibit us from having idols.

  71. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPrije mjesec

    That kid after 10 years: Master let's fight!

  72. Ivan Jugovic

    Ivan JugovicPrije mjesec

    Serbian King!!!

  73. Nikola

    NikolaPrije mjesec

    Novak Djokovic champion 🙏 🇷🇸

  74. Dani Pa

    Dani PaPrije mjesec

    Very respectful and classy ladys. ❤️ from 🇷🇸

  75. Б Р

    Б РPrije mjesec

    Ђоковић је Србин прије свега💕

  76. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPrije mjesec

    This is Amazing 👍

  77. rajkumar949

    rajkumar949Prije mjesec

    That's why you r the real hero !!! Beautiful funny warrior person in tennis playing!!! U r the real Djokovic ❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  78. Jep Se

    Jep SePrije mjesec

    Love you to the moon and back Novak

  79. Miki le

    Miki lePrije mjesec

    Novak Djokovic🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  80. Mirla Silva

    Mirla SilvaPrije mjesec

    Woooo que bonito gesto y agradecimiento porque el chico estuvo con el, todo el juego direjiendo le, muy importante el agradecimiento 🙏🏼☺️🌞👏👏👏👏👏👏

  81. Bolia Fops

    Bolia FopsPrije mjesec

    this is why....... DJOKOVIC IS THE 🐐🇷🇸😎👍

  82. Ankit Jain

    Ankit JainPrije mjesec

    That's a once in a lifetime moment...

  83. oceangleam

    oceangleamPrije mjesec

    Is this for real? Fooling kids.

  84. Desanka Miletic

    Desanka MileticPrije mjesec


  85. Aleksa Jovanović

    Aleksa JovanovićPrije mjesec

    nice to see one happy kid 🌹

  86. Aleksa Jovanović

    Aleksa JovanovićPrije mjesec

    @Bolia Fops greetings to India 👍

  87. Bolia Fops

    Bolia FopsPrije mjesec

    India loves Novak

  88. Svetlana Mitrovic

    Svetlana MitrovicPrije mjesec

    No1vak! Idemooooooooo!

  89. Shreyas Shankar

    Shreyas ShankarPrije mjesec

    if i was that boy i would ask for 2 cause i need 1 more for backup XD

  90. Radivoje Obradovic

    Radivoje ObradovicPrije mjesec

    Ovako se Vučiću raduju penzioneri kada podigne penziju30% a cene 80%

  91. Boban Stojkovic

    Boban StojkovicPrije mjesec

    I herd that this vidio is going to be remooved from social media becouse the guy who made it want autors rights on it. So Frace Tenis Associacion have to remoove it. I wonder if Fedal duo did something like this would it be remooved? If it is gone from social media that is pure Fashisme.

  92. Bhupinder Singh

    Bhupinder SinghPrije mjesec

    This is Amazing 👍

  93. Marija Milenkovic

    Marija MilenkovicPrije mjesec


  94. Bumerang Troter

    Bumerang TroterPrije mjesec

    Ebay here I am 😂

  95. You see what i did there

    You see what i did therePrije mjesec

    Imagine the inspiration.. kid just gone 19 levels up his game. Watch out for him in the future

  96. ewelina s

    ewelina sPrije mjesec

    This racket is probably worth $20k or more given that it's Djokovic's, if he surpass Federer and Nadal, it will be worth even more

  97. S. Obilic

    S. ObilicPrije mjesec

    Nole1 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸👍😘

  98. natasha keljački

    natasha keljačkiPrije mjesec


  99. ryddo ertmire

    ryddo ertmirePrije mjesec

    Falun Gong practitioners have encountered brutal persecution in China, as documented in reports from members of parliament (MPs) in Canada. Meanwhile, they are one of the most persistent groups when facing attacks from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), explained Canadian MP Kenny Chiu in a recent interview. Chiu is a vice-chair of the Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR). When speaking with NTD Television on April 1, he said whenever visiting Hong Kong, he was moved by Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful demonstrations against the CCP's persecution. This reminded him that Hong Kong used to be a safe place for practitioners to express their opinion and expose the brutality they had suffered under the CCP regime. Kenny Chiu is a vice-chair of the Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR) in Canada.

  100. Stojan Dobrocelic

    Stojan DobrocelicPrije mjesec

    Tsitsipas have support from all, Novak from one angel

  101. sriram murthy vankara

    sriram murthy vankaraPrije mjesec

    India loves Novak

  102. 40 Love

    40 LovePrije mjesec

    I saw Agassi give away bands, towels, shirts - he would literally throw everything to his fans after a match - you rarely see this nowdays - most players are pandering to their egos on social media.

  103. Don Tennis

    Don TennisPrije mjesec

    Joker learn from the past. Once at aussie open he threw a racket to a kid in the stands and the person next to the kid stole it. Better to hand it directly.

  104. Arturo Nevarez

    Arturo NevarezPrije mjesec

    Muy bien Mateo!! a young fan from Mexico!! 🇲🇽

  105. Djoka Djokic

    Djoka DjokicPrije mjesec

    Serbian Giant!! Thank you for everything Novak!!!

  106. davor vigato

    davor vigatoPrije mjesec

    BRAVO NOLE AND KID'S reakcion Is normaly, because l think he is HEARO for ever !! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸💪💪💪

  107. aleksandar varga

    aleksandar vargaPrije mjesec


  108. Srdjan Priljeva

    Srdjan PriljevaPrije mjesec

    Wonderful Slavic soul...for Novak-respect...

  109. Paul B

    Paul BPrije mjesec

    Most liberal western Europeans hate Djokovic and love Nadal and Federer. However, the rest of the World loves Djokovic and does not HATE the other two.

  110. G Rock

    G RockPrije 17 sati

    @John Olson yeah, i said european, but should have simply said westerners. Its more understandable in the US : Djoko still remembers the bombing of the american army in his country when he was a child, and he was in a conflict (rightly so) with roddick at the US open 2007 or 2008. yeah its basically the same in France, many many hates him. they call him the vampire, the dark mage LOL they dont have any reason to hate him, the guy is always so nice in Roland garros, give his racket to kids and all, he even speaks french ! all those people might change their view when they grow a brain and when Novak ends up with 24 GC title and with sportmanship of the decade

  111. John Olson

    John OlsonPrije 22 sati

    A lot of Americans hate novak too. I have to constantly go to battle and defend his greatness with a lot of my friends and family who watch tennis

  112. Francizco 12

    Francizco 12Prije 12 dana

    The most amazing and amusing down to earth guy yet still many want him sink but he soar over them... my MAN my GOAT my NOVAK NOLE

  113. G Rock

    G RockPrije 14 dana

    +1000. in the West, we tend to forget that, thanks a lot

  114. Claudinei Barboza

    Claudinei BarbozaPrije mjesec

    Lindo de se ver. Djokovic é o maior é melhor de sempre.🏆🐐🤴

  115. وليد wj

    وليد wjPrije mjesec

    DJokovic looks sad that time after won

  116. M X

    M XPrije mjesec

    The kid is a Mexican young boy, named Mateo, he is a huge fan of Novak, Mateo never stopped supporting Novak along the match. 👍🏽

  117. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPrije 28 dana

    Very classy of him; thumbs up to Djokovic.