NEVERA REVEALED | Production model of the all-electric Rimac hypercar

The Nevera is the production-ready iteration of the Rimac C_Two concept car, which was revealed at the International Geneva Motor Show in 2018. Since then, Rimac’s engineers have refined their new flagship on every level during an extensive development program, in the pursuit of the ultimate electric hypercar driving experience. With the majority of key components of the Nevera developed in-house at Rimac's HQ in Croatia, all systems have been improved and enhanced since the initial prototypes to deliver on the ambitious performance targets set for at the beginning of the project in 2018.

00:00 Intro
01:53 The Nevera - named after a force of nature
02:56 Engineering - under the skin
05:53 Design - form follows function
14:13 Performance - beating the ambitious targets

“This is it. This is the car I had in mind when I embarked on the ‘impossible’ journey ten years ago. All our hard work has resulted in the Nevera - our record-breaking hypercar. This car was born to outperform, and to raise the bar, redefining the norm for performance cars. And not only in performance - but as an all-around package. When we first revealed the C_Two, we set our targets extremely high. There was nothing else that could even come close to matching the car’s cutting-edge electric powertrain and extreme performance. But for us, that was only the starting point,” explains Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili.

“Everyone at Rimac is driven by curiosity and a desire to push things to the absolute limit. With its combination of everyday use and 1914hp performance, the Nevera proves what is possible when there are no restraints placed on technology, development, or ambition. We have now unveiled a car that pushes the hypercar market to a higher level, we have utilized the full potential of the electric powertrain today, proving what we’ve always been saying - that electric hypercar, in the form of the Nevera, is beyond exciting, and that is as thrilling on the track, as it is crossing continents.”

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  1. NYCmob79

    NYCmob79Prije 6 sati

    That car looks amazing. I speak Spanish and Nevera is Spanish for refrigerator. Llego la Nevera, pero no tiene comida! :P

  2. Nikola Brzić

    Nikola BrzićPrije 4 dana


  3. Nikola Brzić

    Nikola BrzićPrije 4 dana


  4. Asterix X

    Asterix XPrije 4 dana

    Nisam vidio nigdje da se Srbe napadaju.

  5. Josip Pravidur

    Josip PravidurPrije 7 dana

    veoma si uspješan u ovome poslu. Više bi volio da tvoja auta imaju najveći domet sa jednim punjenjem ili da se pune u toku vožnje preko krova.

  6. kali tools

    kali toolsPrije 8 dana

    Toys for the rich at the military airport ... We two people pay for that

  7. AREA 51

    AREA 51Prije 11 dana


  8. Vekikev1

    Vekikev1Prije 12 dana

    The world doesn't understand and frankly I don't blame it, Mate Rimac wasn't ever very public about it internationally, but here in Croatia he said a few times that he doesn't have a goal of making a car per se, but of making electric car parts like the battery for example. So the concept_one and the Nevera are definitely joy to build but serve more as funding with its sales for continuing manufacturation of car parts.

  9. Asterix X

    Asterix XPrije 11 dana

    What on earth are you talking about??

  10. Buddy3o

    Buddy3oPrije 12 dana

    So amazing.

  11. Les Ale

    Les AlePrije 13 dana

    It looks like they have thought of everything for this Beast of a machine, even social media integration. The only thing they left out was how to make the car present the driver with a trophy at the end of each drag race event.

  12. Les Ale

    Les AlePrije 13 dana

    When will we be able to invest in RimacAutomobili when will it be floated on the stock market ??????????????

  13. Иван

    ИванPrije 13 dana

    E braco hrvati dobra vam je ova nevera da izneverujes 😂😂😂 samo napred

  14. Hytale Fanboi

    Hytale FanboiPrije 15 dana

    Wonderful vehicle

  15. Life is beautiful

    Life is beautifulPrije 15 dana

    Ljudi poslušajte istinu o covidu! many people don't know about this ugly truth and what is happening in Croatia! People are being blackmailed by Croatian government!!!! Vaccine is dangerous! Watch this video!

  16. Asterix X

    Asterix XPrije 12 dana

    Go and get a life.

  17. SV

    SVPrije 15 dana

    It's a classic already.

  18. General Poslije Bitke

    General Poslije BitkePrije 16 dana

    When racing with hypercars start one day, there would be Mate, waiting for other constructtors...

  19. Rangira Rene

    Rangira RenePrije 16 dana


  20. mr dron

    mr dronPrije 17 dana


  21. Arianta Sariedi Munthe

    Arianta Sariedi MunthePrije 17 dana

    This car is so Expensive.

  22. shaktiman

    shaktimanPrije 17 dana

    I want to work at rimac , I am currently in 12 th standard in india , I want tk work at rimac and contribute what should i do?

  23. CallmeCrash1969

    CallmeCrash1969Prije 18 dana

    You can hear his passion. Well done Team Rimac!

  24. Corteum9000

    Corteum9000Prije 18 dana

    The attention to detail is truly next level.

  25. Guy From The Future

    Guy From The FuturePrije 18 dana

    Zaposlite Adriana Petričevića kao testera auta

  26. Badonkabonk

    BadonkabonkPrije 18 dana

    Why are there Teslas on the parking lot? :D

  27. Corteum9000

    Corteum9000Prije 19 dana

    This is an absolute a masterpiece of a car.

  28. Adriano Sverko

    Adriano SverkoPrije 19 dana

    The only thing that could possibly make me happier is that they bring in people from Fisker to Rimac. This is because the moral and entrepreneurial history of Rimac is much more organic and cooperative than what Tesla, led by Elon Musk, did to its founders and innovators, Fisker, from Sweden, included.

  29. mrPmj00

    mrPmj00Prije 19 dana

    ----FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft) and Intel. For the recovery: Disney, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Walgreens warren buffet quotes: It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

  30. Alan Blasczyk

    Alan BlasczykPrije 19 dana

    Such an intuitive car. I am very impressed indeed.

  31. Guillermo Adrian Rodríguez Barragán

    Guillermo Adrian Rodríguez BarragánPrije 19 dana

    I just loved when he used the horse meme !!!

  32. Alen Goretic

    Alen GoreticPrije 20 dana


  33. VisionInnovasionProfitable Or UnprofitableServant

    VisionInnovasionProfitable Or UnprofitableServantPrije 20 dana

    Nice shape interior & exterior. Looks like expensive, very fast car & safer to drive.

  34. Jonathan Wiggill

    Jonathan WiggillPrije 20 dana

    I am an electric hypercar believer now ! Rimac Nevera = WOW!!!

  35. Mumin Hn

    Mumin HnPrije 21 dan

    It is simply a spectacular work! But I like Rimac Concept_One much more than this when it comes to design. This one looks like the most of the other hyper cars. It is very interesting how in automotive design nobody strives for simplicity! I think that the concept of electric cars being clean should be applied to their design too. And maybe transcend that "superagressive sport car look" . Its just my opinion.


    KNOW HOPEPrije 23 dana

    Its easier developing an electric supercar than a combustion one. The real challenge is always the engine and gearbox. Combustion engines have a million parts. Electric motors have simple parts and can easily be tweaked with software. But still hats off to Mate and his team.


    KNOW HOPEPrije 21 dan

    @rubiko4U Actually I believe a combustion engine is more of a technology leap than electric. If it was not for Big Oil and the blatant suppression of Nikola Tesla's knowledge , electric cars might have been developed more or less at the same time as combustion engine one's. So the only leap in my opinion is the leap in performance with regard to electric. The fact that a team in their 20's - early 30's could develop an electric supercar hints that its simpler than developing a combustion engine one. Seems to me one has to be more of a computer geek than an engineer to pull it off.

  38. rubiko4U

    rubiko4UPrije 22 dana

    @KNOW HOPE Number of parts are irrelevant. We are talking about a technological and scientific leap forward. Like when humanity replaced propeler engines with jet engines (probably some propeler engines had more parts than todays jet engines). But for electric car you have to consider: materials science for batteries, software for battery management, cooling for batteries and engine (these liquids must be nonconductive), magnetism in different metals,... you can make million mistakes here... if it was easy everybody would do it.


    KNOW HOPEPrije 22 dana

    @rubiko4U I am not an engineer but I do know that there are many more parts in a combustion engine than an electric motor and everything has to work in complete harmony. Consider how pistons need to fire at the exact correct moment. No doubt there is a lot of science in modern electric motors but there is more science in combustion engines. Plus no gearbox in electric motors.

  40. rubiko4U

    rubiko4UPrije 22 dana

    You are cleary not an engineer. There is a lot of science needed to uderstand elecrtomagnetism in metal to make best motor. Equivalent to understanding mechanics for best engine.

  41. Creative name

    Creative namePrije 25 dana

    The beast from the East 💪💪

  42. Elementalist Lux Dark

    Elementalist Lux DarkPrije 25 dana

    Man I can't wait for an electric car that can be charged with lightning... Bloody lightning bolts fried my car's circuits every strike

  43. D Red

    D RedPrije 27 dana

    they only making 100 so who cares

  44. Aleksandar Radojcic

    Aleksandar RadojcicPrije 27 dana

    Leptejebo. Jel' daje banka kredit za ovo?

  45. M K

    M KPrije 28 dana

    I have a better idea. Rimac Newera. You get it New Era. Plus one v and its perfect. This Car is more in my taste than pagani huyara. It more Modern. For Yong Kids its perfect. Thx

  46. Dragan Jovicic

    Dragan JovicicPrije 28 dana

    Veliko postivanje. Srecnoooo

  47. Eric Paul Goldie

    Eric Paul GoldiePrije mjesec

    when does richard hammond get to test drive

  48. 69agros

    69agrosPrije mjesec


  49. Asterix X

    Asterix XPrije 12 dana

    Ljubomorni srbine.

  50. Andrew Ame

    Andrew AmePrije mjesec

    Looks like a scam

  51. nenad pavlovic

    nenad pavlovicPrije mjesec


  52. Jonas Winterstein

    Jonas WintersteinPrije mjesec

    its prob a good car but its as ugly as the new corvette

  53. Gteven Rall

    Gteven RallPrije mjesec

    The observant leaf coincidently guard because oboe subsequently promise vice a glamorous pollution. goofy, possible pair

  54. sebastian 007

    sebastian 007Prije mjesec

    Cravată in romanian

  55. Rick Kay

    Rick KayPrije mjesec

    This will be the poster on kids of the future walls

  56. john weber

    john weberPrije mjesec

    The problem with these million dollar electric cars is the technology is advancing so fast, everything in this car will be improved in a year or two. Then you have a 2 million dollar dinosaur.

  57. Daniel James

    Daniel JamesPrije mjesec

    This car looks like verdona car from just cause 4 i m not lying


    ПСОРИАЗ в PSORIKPrije mjesec

    PLAID MODEL S (1020 л.с.) 0-60 - 1.98s Rimac Nevera (1914 л.с.) - 2.23s Вот и вопрос: почти 2к электролошадок, а на выходе имеем скоростные характеристики хуже новой Теслы

  59. Un bel lol

    Un bel lolPrije mjesec

    Car is 80% car not finished

  60. Asterix X

    Asterix XPrije 12 dana

    Car is 100% finished.

  61. Suprxme Meme

    Suprxme MemePrije mjesec

    Finally a REAL record breaking car

  62. KDE

    KDEPrije mjesec

    The irony of 'Nevera' meaning 'refrigerator' in Spanish.

  63. BState

    BStatePrije mjesec

    I've been a supporter and a follower since the green e-M3 BMW... NEVERA is a literal masterpiece! 💙✌

  64. Loco Campesino

    Loco CampesinoPrije mjesec

    I remember Mate with his BMW on street race, i knew way back that he will be a NAME Nevera!!!!!!!

  65. DoDe

    DoDePrije mjesec

    Really happy to see a EXYU country make a car like this! Pozdrav iz Makedonije i zelim vama svu srecu sa projektom, svaka cast na uspjehu.

  66. Seanderuller -_-

    Seanderuller -_-Prije mjesec

    Super auto, sviđa mi se zato što je električan i ima veliki kapacitet baterije. Odlično obavljen posao!🇭🇷

  67. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. NobodyPrije mjesec

    How can you make a hypercar so boring ? As in theres no sound, which makes it really boring

  68. Dominik Ćavar

    Dominik ĆavarPrije mjesec

    Jako mi se sviđa ovaj auto, pogotovo zato što je naš. Gledao sam duele Tesla vs Rimac i Rimac je puno brži od Tesle a i od ostalih modernih automobila. Jako san ponosan što i naša država može napraviti nešto tako močno poput ovog. Vidio sam da je Elon Musk ignorirao ovaj automobil vjerojatno zato što i sam zna da je ovaj auto kvalitetniji i brži u svakom smislu. Jako sam ponosan i idemo dalje💪🇭🇷❤

  69. Ashu

    AshuPrije mjesec

    What happened? It just f***** off! 😂 It was the best compliment rimac got till now.

  70. Adam Hendler

    Adam HendlerPrije mjesec

    09:17 - so the Yugoslavian flag, too 🤣

  71. Adam Hendler

    Adam HendlerPrije mjesec

    06:50 - if you have to cool down the battery this means a lot of energy is being lost...which means the battery is shit. Never settle for such mediocrity. It actually is even possible that the battery is getting cooler the while reducing the amount of charges that are splitted (as laymen call it: while it is getting discharged by being used).

  72. Adam Hendler

    Adam HendlerPrije mjesec


  73. Adam Hendler

    Adam HendlerPrije mjesec

    Collab with Nio or another Chinese company...because Germans will screw you.

  74. miler kos

    miler kosPrije mjesec


  75. Lé Username

    Lé UsernamePrije mjesec

    In the words of Max Verstappen: Simpley, simpley loveley!

  76. caspibar1

    caspibar1Prije mjesec

    nevera means fridge in spanish LOL

  77. Oscar 'bbb'

    Oscar 'bbb'Prije mjesec

    Kupujm domaće ; kupujmo Rimac aute . Respet ♥ Mate Rimac ♥

  78. Ajay Harry Simon

    Ajay Harry SimonPrije mjesec

    this car is $2m even koenigsegg don’t charge that much

  79. awad aka

    awad akaPrije mjesec

    Get Jay Leno to drive the Nevera

  80. Allen Kemmett

    Allen KemmettPrije mjesec

    .. inferior motor, inferior battery technology, keyword here "inferior", Tesla Plaid anyone? #LMFAO #FACEPALM

  81. Jack Maras

    Jack MarasPrije mjesec

    This Rimac C2 is ready for the next James Bond 007 movie . It's a real beast . Nevera means STORM

  82. qmmo

    qmmoPrije mjesec

    I am very old & swore many years ago that I would never marry again . . . but this car . . . I am just so in love . . . ❤️❤️😘

  83. David E.

    David E.Prije mjesec

    I just cant wait to see Richard hammond crushing one if those 🙂

  84. Samuel Jeyanth Charles

    Samuel Jeyanth CharlesPrije mjesec

    Curious to see the timing it can do on the Nürburgring

  85. 눈알

    눈알Prije mjesec



    BEST OF ASPHALT 9Prije mjesec

    I am still saving tokens for the King

  87. Ghostx Rider

    Ghostx RiderPrije mjesec

    MATE svake čast na postignucu, ti si ponos balkana. Od SRCA Tebi (veliko slovo zbog postovanja prema Vama) i Tvojoj kompaniji zelim sto vise proizvedenih auta i da vas sreca prati sa svakim narednim " konceptom". Veliki pozdrav iz Sarajeva

  88. Electric Aviation Channel

    Electric Aviation ChannelPrije mjesec

    If you buy one who is going to do the warranty repairs?

  89. Zdenko Dajcar

    Zdenko DajcarPrije mjesec

    bravo idemo :)

  90. Simon

    SimonPrije mjesec

    My brain, this entire video: "what a machiiiiine" in Jeremy Clarkson's voice

  91. dodekaedius

    dodekaediusPrije mjesec

    "Never a" success story

  92. Ирина Жданова

    Ирина ЖдановаPrije mjesec

    Следущую машину делай 4 дверной и полноприводной и запас хода больше чем у китайцев а это на секунду 4000км

  93. Ирина Жданова

    Ирина ЖдановаPrije mjesec

    Понты понты ....а слабо протестировать свою баржу в россии при перепадах температуры в бездорожье при разных высотах и давлении тоже мне быстрая тачка дорогой понт и не более который переплюнут если не совершенствоваться дальше так что ждем в россии твой ветер от римак

  94. trini kid

    trini kidPrije mjesec

    Is it 2 million 💶 or 💵

  95. Antonija Grlić

    Antonija GrlićPrije mjesec

    Svaka čast Mate! Ponosni smo na tebe i na cijelu tvoju ekipu zbog velikog uspjeha automobila u Hrvatskoj.💪🏼

  96. Roadrunner

    RoadrunnerPrije mjesec

    No brainer. Tesla S Plaid + house in the Alps + villa at Adriatic coast + 1.000.000$ left :)

  97. Ivo Kuselj

    Ivo KuseljPrije mjesec


  98. Bo Ne

    Bo NePrije mjesec

    i think , in one year i have enough money for one of this car , .... in forza 4 horizon it is my favorita car , every forzaton i became comments "what is this for a car?" .... i would like to feel this in real. this car is soooo beautyful , sooo brutally performace .... i think really to buy this .... best regards from germany

  99. S. V.

    S. V.Prije mjesec

    Great respect!!! RIMAC Automobili-forward without limits.

  100. Tomas Burian

    Tomas BurianPrije mjesec

    A car built by bearded athletes, love it! :) Please put it into video games!

  101. 4rant sake

    4rant sakePrije mjesec

    Best to shut up shop mate. You have been "plaid" into irrelevance. Discuss.

  102. andrea jerković

    andrea jerkovićPrije mjesec

    Bravo za Matu i tim! Jedan mali hrvatski tim postigao je ovoliko puno. Samo nastavite!

  103. Marko Gregl

    Marko GreglPrije mjesec

    Nikad nisam očekivao ovakav auto od Rimca. Stvarno uzbušujuć auto, ali nažalost je malo skup. U bilo kojem slućaju, Rimac se treba ponositi svojem uspjehu!

  104. Gabs Dabs

    Gabs DabsPrije mjesec

    Svaka čast Mati i cijeloj Rimac ekipi!! Hrvatska je poznatija u cijelom svijetu zbog RimacAutomobila i njihovog rada :)

  105. Vova kraft

    Vova kraftPrije mjesec

    so cool, i have an idea, if you make so that the air flow witch is going cross the doors going cross a fan witch is producing energy from the air and when you drive you dont need to charge the car

  106. Ibek_12

    Ibek_12Prije mjesec

    A solid work around the mechanics, features are not allways on the touch screen which i like, i like the diffrent modes this car had like the race or drift mode. The aerodynamics are very toughtful and all in all a great car

  107. Secret Gut

    Secret GutPrije mjesec

    RIMAC NEVERA IS A BEAST✅ proud to be a fan of Croatia 🇭🇷 and everything in it🤩.

  108. Abiril the Archer

    Abiril the ArcherPrije mjesec

    New dream unlocked: Drive a Nevera

  109. Mladen G.

    Mladen G.Prije mjesec