Thierry Henry at Juventus 1999 ● Before the stardom (RARE)

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije 5 mjeseci

    Henry signed for Juventus in January 1999, playing 19 games in the 98/99 season as a left midfielder before being sold to arsenal in August 1999 for £11 million, and the rest is history. This is a compilation of his time in Serie A, hope you enjoy! Songs: Guru feat. MC Solaar - Lifesaver; Milk Coffee & Sugar - Prévu Pas Prévu If you want to support my channel, and see more Henry and Arsenal content, check out my Patreon

  2. souster98

    souster98Prije 5 mjeseci

    @kay valdo I'll look into that! I thought something to do with using copyright content was affecting my growth but I may need to just make some adjustments like you say. thanks

  3. kay valdo

    kay valdoPrije 5 mjeseci

    great video man. btw, adding channel and video tags might actually do your channel a lot of good. you should have >= 50k subs by now.

  4. Mohammad Muksalmina

    Mohammad MuksalminaPrije dan

    Juve ? Best player or money ? You guys can see what they did to zidane and pogba

  5. Little Biits

    Little BiitsPrije 2 mjeseci

    shout out gang starr rip guru

  6. haa fayn

    haa faynPrije 3 mjeseci

    He was a world cup winner already

  7. Ian Borg

    Ian BorgPrije 3 mjeseci

    I dont know why juve let him go ,same to zidane,,players like that i will never let them go 😡😡

  8. Oliver Haiste

    Oliver HaistePrije 4 mjeseci

    As a bona fide Juventus fan (someone who watched them in Turin every other Sunday) we all knew that Henry was a great player. It was just difficult to find an obvious position for him in a team of all-stars back then. Zidane was coming in as the number 10. Juventus were the best team in the world back in the late 90s. They reached 3 consecutive Champions League finals.

  9. souster98

    souster98Prije 4 mjeseci

    Yeah he was playing left midfield and you could see some of his skills and abilities but they weren't suited to that system and he never really got his confidence up fully. You could see the talent was there but he struggled to be consistently good in his time there, but had some great games like vs roma and lazio that season. It's a shame for you he never got a run up front because he could have been amazing with a run of games, but even ancelotti said he didn't see that potential upfront that wenger did.

  10. TempoHD

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  11. Julianesque

    JulianesquePrije 5 mjeseci

    Incredible work man ❤️👏🏽

  12. souster98

    souster98Prije 5 mjeseci

    My bro 👊. You get copyright striked btw?

  13. Jure Primorac

    Jure PrimoracPrije 5 mjeseci

    His talent was very obvious here. To me it seems he had all the attributes to be dominant in Serie A at that time, but he was just played way too far away from the goal. Luckily for Wenger and Arsenal. Such a great athlete im first place, tall and strong and yet so pacy and agile. Such great natural dribling ability and technique.

  14. kiralaison 01

    kiralaison 01Prije 5 mjeseci

    Juventus fukd up, oh well big win for Arsenal

  15. Jibreel Ibrahim

    Jibreel IbrahimPrije 5 mjeseci

    You are the GOAT man, I love your videos.

  16. kay valdo

    kay valdoPrije 5 mjeseci

    wow....never occurred to me I'd never watched Henry in Juventus. didn't even know he was there same time as Zizou

  17. MedietaEN

    MedietaENPrije 5 mjeseci

    Fantastic video man👍👍

  18. souster98

    souster98Prije 5 mjeseci

    cheers bro

  19. Michael Shannon

    Michael ShannonPrije 5 mjeseci

    I think that the idea of Henry replacing Del Piero would have caused a major uproar within the club and tifosi. There was no way he was going to usurp one of Italy's golden boys. Henry showed so much promise in the limited time he played and they sold him on, absolute insanity. Del Piero hit his peak by his mid 20's whereas Henry was already outdoing what Del Piero had done. He got lucky with their relegation with Zlatan moving to Barcelona.

  20. 87er

    87erPrije 5 mjeseci

    All goals for Monaco from Thierry Henry? 🤔

  21. 87er

    87erPrije 5 mjeseci

    Thank u, mate 👍 I know. His Monaco goals are very hard to find

  22. souster98

    souster98Prije 5 mjeseci

    I've wanted to do that for a while, some of the goals are damn hard to find! I'll definitely try and do it at some point though

  23. gladiatorscoops

    gladiatorscoopsPrije 5 mjeseci

    Great video! It's fascinating to see how much he developed since those early days, you could see he had real talent but was still pretty raw, but his technique, finishing and athleticism hit a new level when he was in his peak at Arsenal.

  24. gladiatorscoops

    gladiatorscoopsPrije 3 mjeseci

    @Afridi Bin Sayed 03/06 was peak in terms of numbers, i think in terms of when he hit the peak in terms of physically and ability wise it was 02/04. Funny thing I remember when he first broke into the team still being gutted about Anelka leaving, then week after week Henry started to bang them in and it wasn't long before realising, ''you know what, this guy is even better than Anelka!''. It was insane levels of recruitment back then replacing Anelka with Henry and then Overmars with Pires. Wish our recruitment now was as good as it was back then.

  25. Afridi Bin Sayed

    Afridi Bin SayedPrije 3 mjeseci

    I would say from 2001-07 Henry was at his peak '01 is when I would say he started to hit his peak but Henry became more dangerous at 02-03 season than 01-02.....But to me his personal best would be from 2003-06 when Henry finished top scorer 3 times in a row that period he was untouchable finishing at top 3 in either FIFA World player of the year or ballon d'or or both or any other trophy

  26. gladiatorscoops

    gladiatorscoopsPrije 5 mjeseci

    @Invincible 004 Ah yes, thats right it was Shevvy 04 and Nedved 03. Yeh as good as Shevchenko was (and he was incredible ) he was more of a pure goalscorer, he didnt really score the kind of goals Henry could do. Yeh there was a lot of bias towards La Liga and Serie A back then.

  27. Invincible 004

    Invincible 004Prije 5 mjeseci

    @gladiatorscoops Shevchenko beat him in 04 which was a joke. Henry had the European golden boot and premier league golden boot and invincibles. Pure corruption. But yhh I didnt know he had achilles injury. I didnt watch his whole career but looking back I can tell he kind of changed his style 04/05 and 05/06 becoming for of a playmaker and target man.

  28. gladiatorscoops

    gladiatorscoopsPrije 5 mjeseci

    @souster98 yeh spot on! The year Nedved won the ballon dor was an absolute robbery on Henry. Even looking back at the season Ronaldinho won it could have easily have gone to Henry that season. I think winning the Champs league pipped it for Ronny but in terms of stats Henry had him beat. Pretty sure one of those 2 seasons Henry was golden shoe winner and had the highest assists in Europe. On the speed thing I think it was before 03/04 because I think he had the Dreamcast shirt on if memory serves me right, but around that time he was rapid. I think it was 04/05 he developed the achilles problem, by that season you could see he played very differently, came much deeper to recieve the ball and bringing other players in more often like Reyes, or playing off the shoulder of the last man more, rather than taking players on. I heard he was on painkilling injections for his achilles the entire time he was playing for Barca, which is a shame.

  29. bom89 ar

    bom89 arPrije 5 mjeseci

    great video . the king of arsenal even showed a lot of great potential back then . juve were mad to let him go .

  30. 87er

    87erPrije 5 mjeseci

    My idol 😍