Pep Guardiola's insightful Manchester City tactical masterclass!

Ahead of the 2018/19 Premier League season, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and David Jones speak to Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to find out whether he thinks his team can better their record-breaking season in 2017/18.
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  1. Frodo H

    Frodo HPrije 32 minuta

    Pep is wearing Richard Mille Watch costing over i guess half million doller

  2. Bass

    BassPrije 7 dana

    Jamie and phil

  3. leo karthik

    leo karthikPrije 13 dana

    12:35 he wanted to get the F out of there

  4. The Seperator

    The SeperatorPrije 16 dana

    Well, he's gonna win again this season.

  5. Pablo Alcantara

    Pablo AlcantaraPrije 19 dana

    Guardiola is overrated. He's a good manager, unfortunatelly when the game is not coming along well for his team; his players cheat over and over. He did it in Barcelona, he did it in Bayern, and he's doing it now in Man City.

  6. Dobbs

    DobbsPrije 23 dana

    he goes into overthinking mode in the UCL later stages

  7. George Bryant

    George BryantPrije 24 dana

    Mad he's talking about Gundo's goalscoring. Some prediction that.

  8. George Bryant

    George BryantPrije 24 dana


  9. jason harmon

    jason harmonPrije mjesec

    The three geranium previously challenge because clipper parenthetically tremble during a abject switch. unequal, malicious moon

  10. Pimple Popper

    Pimple PopperPrije mjesec

    Boss Level the best coach in the world and we glad to have him at city

  11. heyne williams

    heyne williamsPrije mjesec

    United have Ole,great,headless chicken philosophy.They are going to give him another contract.It’s says it all where united are.

  12. Mohammed Faisal

    Mohammed FaisalPrije mjesec

    Gary and Pep are the same height or like roughly a cm difference, yet pep looks so much taller in this video

  13. Andrew Hutchinson

    Andrew HutchinsonPrije mjesec

    the screen was super helpful... thanks for tidying it up before use gary

  14. ankit nair

    ankit nairPrije mjesec

    People out here in the comments section comparing Phil Foden to Leo Messi?!! *Wake up city fans, and chill the fk out* 😂

  15. Marvin Kigongo

    Marvin KigongoPrije mjesec

    My manager you know 🔵🔵🔵

  16. Bruno Winter

    Bruno WinterPrije mjesec

    Jamie and PHIL🤣

  17. Ameya Bhujbal 77

    Ameya Bhujbal 77Prije mjesec

    2018- 100 points 2019-dominated in the English league 2020- setback 2021- 21 games winning streak still going on 15 points clear at the top of the table

  18. Ogbu Nnamdi

    Ogbu NnamdiPrije mjesec

    come to arsenal😭

  19. Pharaon Desu

    Pharaon DesuPrije mjesec

    He mentioned Gundogan ability in the box two years ago, it took a little bit of time to fruition, if he is not the greatest coach then how is it ?

  20. Kevin Ross

    Kevin RossPrije mjesec

    As we say in my country . You blew your load of spunk up a slag !

  21. Chuddy Gum

    Chuddy GumPrije mjesec

    Amazing insight, Makes it all sound so simple! Pep appears to have a tremendous work ethic & passion for his craft. And says if he’s doesn’t feel he can improve his team anymore he’ll ring the chairman and leave......But feels he’s loads more to improve on....That’s what you call not standing still an satisfied, always trying to be a step ahead of his opponents. Great listen. Best team in the world at the moment what are they 20 unbeaten this season, Unbelievable 💯

  22. Ismail Patel

    Ismail PatelPrije mjesec

    And now Foden is setting the world alight and gundogan is scoring for fun, pep is a visionary.

  23. Gelson Santos

    Gelson SantosPrije mjesec

    alguém sabe como legendar esse vídeo pra português ?

  24. Tushar Mehra

    Tushar MehraPrije mjesec

    "Gundogan has is a player with a special feeling in the box" -- that aged outstandingly

  25. Tushar Mehra

    Tushar MehraPrije mjesec

    Love how well Pep does his research. Knows about Gary and Jamie's careers and in every press conference can speak about City's history (e.g. Colin Bell). GOAT manager

  26. Isak Dalenius

    Isak DaleniusPrije mjesec

    Jamie and phil. Brilliant

  27. Jahmair Trott

    Jahmair TrottPrije mjesec

    Crazy to hear about how highly he rated Foden back then n how he talked about Gundogan's ability to time his runs perfectly into the box. And now look at them, Gundogan currently scoring goals for fun n playing at a world class level while Foden is constantly improving and looking like a real talent for the foreseeable future

  28. billy bob

    billy bobPrije mjesec

    I was thinking the same thing

  29. Ezmundinho Choudhury

    Ezmundinho ChoudhuryPrije mjesec

    Pep's final comment regarding England's "golden generation" was absolutely spot on! Lack of self belief cost them any major honours at international level for sure.

  30. Mahmood Dallasheh

    Mahmood DallashehPrije mjesec

    Its interesting that 2 years ago he talked about Gündogan's ability to score goals and how good he is in the box. Look at him now, he is one of the best goal scorers in the prem.

  31. Mr Hussain

    Mr HussainPrije mjesec

    8:27 talks about how he believes Gundogan has a goalscorers instinct.. fast forward 2 years, Gundogan has scored 10 League goals in 12 games.

  32. LabGorilla

    LabGorillaPrije mjesec

    Lot of guardiola fans on here. He didn’t actually say anything. On purpose.

  33. Elo Elo

    Elo EloPrije mjesec

    Pep knows his players really well. Two seasons later Gundogan is smashing in loose balls in the box

  34. Luvo X Langeni

    Luvo X LangeniPrije mjesec

    I'm surprised about how he highly rated Gundogans taste for goals 2 years ago....and now 2years later he's on a great run of 9/10 in 9 matches

  35. Karla Boi

    Karla BoiPrije mjesec

    This makes me sad we have ole 😅

  36. Krishna sidhartha Potluri

    Krishna sidhartha PotluriPrije mjesec

    He is back where he belongs

  37. Sheik

    SheikPrije mjesec

    0:21 Jamie and Phil 😂😂😂

  38. Carmona juan

    Carmona juanPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:36 2021: Gündongan scores every single day

  39. Trizzeefame

    TrizzeefamePrije 2 mjeseci

    Please someone see this, mans talking about gundogan knowing he can score goals as a late arriver in the box🙌🏾 he knows his players

  40. Jim Frank

    Jim FrankPrije mjesec

    He’s a genius

  41. gonnaw1n

    gonnaw1nPrije 2 mjeseci

    After what he said about England, I would love this guy to show he is the best coach ever and get England to win a trophy. I think that would be a top feather in a cap...its like a poison chalice!

  42. Alex Thangaraj

    Alex ThangarajPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:39 Pep predicts Gundogan's scoring ability in the box and now he's one of the top scorers in the league this season. Incredible!!!

  43. Footplay Futbal

    Footplay FutbalPrije 28 dana

    Only if you knew the way he used to play for Dortmund..

  44. Akash Gupta

    Akash GuptaPrije mjesec

    Bruh Ikr!!

  45. Richard Crewe

    Richard CrewePrije 2 mjeseci

    Pep discussing gundogans ability for late runs into the box years before he started scoring for fun this season

  46. hamza hafeez

    hamza hafeezPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:35 talks exactly about Gundo what he's doing rn. Genius

  47. Neto Okonkwo

    Neto OkonkwoPrije 2 mjeseci

    Tactical master class when Guadiola gets to champion league quarter final he crumbles ..Tactics goes to shits ..

  48. ARJ

    ARJPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:40 - was right about Gundogan...

  49. Paul M

    Paul MPrije 2 mjeseci

    Jamie and Phil LOOOOOL

  50. Amirul Hamrey

    Amirul HamreyPrije 2 mjeseci

    Pep knows gundogan well. This season gundogan keep on scoring goals

  51. Cherisse Mayers

    Cherisse MayersPrije 2 mjeseci

    Pep's masterclass; Spend £500 million

  52. Warren Mccann

    Warren MccannPrije 2 mjeseci

    Jamie and Phil 😂😂😂😂

  53. F1 Visionary

    F1 VisionaryPrije 2 mjeseci

    Here after he destroyed Mourinho anti football

  54. sherlock holmes

    sherlock holmesPrije 2 mjeseci

    2 years later and Foden is smashing. This guy is next level

  55. Jimson229

    Jimson229Prije mjesec

    When Gary mentioned Diaz coming on I was so freaked out thinking he meant Ruben and not brahim 😂

  56. ryan copeland

    ryan copelandPrije mjesec

    He sure is😎

  57. Daryl Chan Zhun Kit

    Daryl Chan Zhun KitPrije mjesec

    quality quality player

  58. Irwan Ardiansyah

    Irwan ArdiansyahPrije 2 mjeseci

    man, everything he said just happen.

  59. bassey samuel

    bassey samuelPrije mjesec

    I tell you.. From Gundo to Foden to Stones. Pep knows his onions

  60. mas broni

    mas broniPrije 2 mjeseci

    Pep is complete as a Boss...he make football easy for the players..proud for you Pep.

  61. Rational Katt Phatt

    Rational Katt PhattPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:35 Gundogan peaking...

  62. Elo Elo

    Elo EloPrije mjesec

    Pep knows his players really well. Two seasons later Gundogan is smashing in loose balls in the box

  63. prateek chatterjee

    prateek chatterjeePrije 2 mjeseci

    And actually the same characteristic goals he's smashing pep mentioned 2 years ago.. CRAZY!

  64. Rational Katt Phatt

    Rational Katt PhattPrije 2 mjeseci

    Phoden already doing the things ;))

  65. N A R O

    N A R OPrije 2 mjeseci

    This aged well

  66. Rushikesh K

    Rushikesh KPrije 2 mjeseci

    They were in low key awe of Pep. And pep is not a guy with huge personality (and also limited English vocab). And his mannerisms too are kinda awkward. But his ideas and clarity shine. A lesson in itself !

  67. Tea Chhangte

    Tea ChhangtePrije 2 mjeseci

    In my recommendation after they beat Liverpool

  68. Aaron Aberdeen

    Aaron AberdeenPrije 2 mjeseci

    Gotta love this game

  69. akhilesh

    akhileshPrije 2 mjeseci

    if mahrez scored that pen they would have got 100 points

  70. Zainal Zain

    Zainal ZainPrije 2 mjeseci

    Stupid gary neville manchester legend hahagagagha


    PANDEMI CPrije 2 mjeseci

    I bet this type of sport journalism you'll find nowhere except England....interesting

  72. wigglynoodles rombus

    wigglynoodles rombusPrije 2 mjeseci

    Did he call gary phil?

  73. Lubondo Chilekwa

    Lubondo ChilekwaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Fpl managers you’re looking for 8:35

  74. World Sea

    World SeaPrije 2 mjeseci

    3:25 - 3:29 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  75. Daudi Kusinza

    Daudi KusinzaPrije 2 mjeseci

    So this just got recommended after they went top of the league lmao

  76. vitória liz

    vitória lizPrije 2 mjeseci

    why was pep like i'll never forgive you for being failures out of nowhere 😭

  77. Philip

    PhilipPrije 2 mjeseci

    They all look star struck 😆

  78. Sean Holland

    Sean HollandPrije 2 mjeseci

    "Jamie and Phil..." hahahahahahahah

  79. Rewind N

    Rewind NPrije 2 mjeseci

    Didn't say anything about tactics like the sky pundits hoped , got screen ready too 😂🤣😂 big L

  80. Janiyah Sims

    Janiyah SimsPrije 2 mjeseci

    How effective is Episoketren System? I've noticed many awesome things about this popular training course.

  81. John Laurinaitis

    John LaurinaitisPrije 2 mjeseci

    Most of Man City's goals comes from flanks and quick interplay passes. He should stop attacking with 8 players it exposes his back 2 on counterattacking from the opposition. The talent that he has makes it looks so easy however the Premier League always shows that his not that much of a tactical genius. People put Pep Guardiola too much on a pedestal as to being the Greatest Football Manager Ever. Which is not true, I like Pep. But damn it's the same old goal tactic with his City team.

  82. Leo Kirk

    Leo KirkPrije 3 mjeseci

    Both getting an education in football tactics. Gary Neville is like a sponge 🧽

  83. Yaht Zee

    Yaht ZeePrije 3 mjeseci

    I really really really don’t like Pep lol you can just tell he’s an asshole behind closed doors

  84. Derrek Devon

    Derrek DevonPrije 3 mjeseci

    When I hear people call him "fraudiola" I just laugh because I know that if those same people ever heard that Pep Guardiola was going to manage their respective teams they would lose their minds with joy.

  85. rohit yadav

    rohit yadavPrije 3 mjeseci

    Pep just made it clear that city is good but not good enough to play 3-4-3 like barca, as he had xavi, iniesta, busquets, fabricas and messi who he clearly said are way better than current city players

  86. Ian Davis

    Ian DavisPrije 3 mjeseci

    Jaimie and Phil....

  87. Niranjan Ravikumar

    Niranjan RavikumarPrije 3 mjeseci

    Pep is so unique that other people play football while he plays "fooball".

  88. Kwaku Adu-Yeboah

    Kwaku Adu-YeboahPrije 3 mjeseci

    Never share your secrets on television

  89. Zohaib Chaudhri

    Zohaib ChaudhriPrije 3 mjeseci

    There were no tactics. A manager would never go into anything “tactical” whilst he’s still a manager

  90. Peter Trower

    Peter TrowerPrije 3 mjeseci

    2:11 Gary pretending he understands lol

  91. Ham Betta

    Ham BettaPrije 4 mjeseci

    In Great Britain...The entire administration of Manchester City is Spanish starting with Ferran Soriano, manel estiarte… and ending with Guardiola. !!!

  92. charmaine burn

    charmaine burnPrije 4 mjeseci

    I read plenty of good opinions on the internet about how exactly Episoketren System can help you increase your soccer game. Has anybody tried using this popular training program?

  93. Taff Goose

    Taff GoosePrije 4 mjeseci

    1.8 million views - I bet half of those are me/my coaching staff!!!

  94. Andre Gulick

    Andre GulickPrije 4 mjeseci

    4:53 "did you really just ask me that 😐" 🤣

  95. Katlego Mametja

    Katlego MametjaPrije 5 mjeseci

    Pep still struggles playing with teams with a formation of 5-4-1

  96. Chris Holden

    Chris HoldenPrije 6 mjeseci

    Carraghers laugh when he calls gary Phil 😅

  97. Josh Behan

    Josh BehanPrije 6 mjeseci

    and people call this man a fraud. smh

  98. Dylan Taylor

    Dylan TaylorPrije 7 mjeseci

    If pep is in your country, you win the world cup. Spain 2010, Germany 2014, England 2018..... oh wait only England could taint that, arrogance personified from the good old British. I love your country, just not the attitude.

  99. Sam Msngam

    Sam MsngamPrije 7 mjeseci

    He sounds smart now, imagine how much smarter he sounds speaking his own language, so he doesnt have to think about translating what hes thinking.

  100. Pep Guardiola

    Pep GuardiolaPrije 3 mjeseci

    @Bungee Speaks me too

  101. Bungee Speaks

    Bungee SpeaksPrije 5 mjeseci

    @José David Correa Pérez actually you are, I speak 3 languages and you translate it in your head

  102. José David Correa Pérez

    José David Correa PérezPrije 6 mjeseci

    When you know a second language you´re not really translating from your first language

  103. Nikunj Pasari

    Nikunj PasariPrije 7 mjeseci

    Tacticians stay in the club for 4-5 years, Man Managers stay for lifetime !

  104. Nikunj Pasari

    Nikunj PasariPrije 7 mjeseci

    English players don't have the same desire to maintain that high level as other European footballers....

  105. El Honesto

    El HonestoPrije 7 mjeseci

    We miss him so much here in Barcelona

  106. Edgar Leal

    Edgar LealPrije 7 mjeseci


  107. carl johnson

    carl johnsonPrije 7 mjeseci

    i just wanna grab his head and palm it

  108. Pep Guardiola

    Pep GuardiolaPrije 3 mjeseci


  109. Aryan 1008

    Aryan 1008Prije 7 mjeseci

    Messi man city plzz💙💜💙💜

  110. Sam Witwicky

    Sam WitwickyPrije 7 mjeseci

    i want to work for him

  111. Varun Sahk

    Varun SahkPrije 7 mjeseci

    With billions is rupees can’t take city ahead of quater final in champions league . He inherited the best German club Bayern still could not take that time to final of champions. What wld have kloop and simione wld have done with that much money and those clubs . He is so overrated. Just a below average manager .

  112. Bungee Speaks

    Bungee SpeaksPrije 5 mjeseci

    Cry G, klopp has infinite money at liverpool and simeone has infinite money at atletico l, idk what you ate talking just hate pep

  113. billy sex crime

    billy sex crimePrije 8 mjeseci

    He is so estupid

  114. Hassan Laturiya

    Hassan LaturiyaPrije 8 mjeseci

    its funny how ole was the manager to make a blueprint how to beat pep

  115. Ichigo Ichie

    Ichigo IchiePrije 8 mjeseci

    Listening to Guardiola talking about football is like Listening to Quentin talk about movies or Neil Degrass talk about astrophysics. It is so contagious.

  116. me kane82

    me kane82Prije 8 mjeseci

    would love pep to manage England