THE ARSENAL INVINCIBLES | Full Highlights Reel | 2003/2004 | [HD]

In the 2003-04 season, Arsenal regained the Premier League without a single defeat. Over the 38 games played, their league record stood at 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses.
This is a reel of their goals scored, important saves made, and opposition goals.
Truly, The invincible were a legacy, and a unique one at that, with no other side accomplishing such a feat in English football to date.
I'm a medical student and my hobbies include video editing and film making. This video took over 6 months to make, tedious to find all the clips to be honest. I'm from India. I'm an Arsenal fan.
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Chapter Markers
0:00 - Introduction
0:53 - vs Everton (H)
1:21 - vs Middlesbrough (A)
1:54 - vs Aston Villa (H)
2:28 - vs Portsmouth (H)
3:01 - vs Manchester United (A)
4:23 - vs Newcastle (H)
5:26 - vs Liverpool (A)
6:02 - vs Chelsea (H)
6:50 - vs Charlton Athletic (A)
7:18 - vs Leeds United (A)
8:27 - vs Tottenham Hotspurs (H)
9:31 - vs Birmingham City (H)
10:08 - vs Fulham (H)
10:47 - vs Leicester City (A)
11:19 - vs Blackburn Rovers (H)
11:42 - vs Bolton Wanderers (A)
12:13 - vs Wolves (H)
12:56 - vs Everton (A)
13:23 - vs Middlesbrough (H)
14:38 - vs Aston Villa (A)
15:28 - vs Manchester City (H)
16:08 - vs Wolves (A)
16:53 - vs Southampton (H)
17:42 - vs Chelsea (A)
18:48 - vs Charlton Athletic (H)
19:21 - vs Blackburn Rovers (A)
19:57 - vs Bolton Wanderers (H)
20:28 - vs Manchester United (H)
21:31 - vs Portsmouth (A)
22:15 - vs Newcastle United (H)
22:39 - vs Leeds United (H)
23:47 - vs Birmingham City (H)
24:06 - vs Fulham (A)
24:17 - vs Leicester United (H)
24:54 - Outro
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Song: Time
Artist: Hans Zimmer
Album: Inception (Music From The Motion Picture)
Song: Alcon Sleeping Giant - Hiding Place (The way)
Artist: Zack Hemsey (FILM SCORE)
Album: En Brazos De Un Asesino
Song: Lose youself (instrumental)
Artist: Eminem
Song: In the End (instrumental)
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: A Thousand Suns (Bonus Edition)
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  1. Backspace Media

    Backspace MediaPrije 11 mjeseci

    Arsenal's Downfall:

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    I love Henry but it cou6b3 debatable

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    What happened in 3:50

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    FamousMovieScenes09Prije 5 sati

    24:42 - 24:55 What a way to end a compilation. Beautiful.

  7. Sazag Shrestha

    Sazag ShresthaPrije 15 sati

    hows that 28 wins 12 draws it would 40 its 26/12

  8. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije dan

    The epl history from 100 years this is the gr8est season everrrrrr and everrrrrr i be shocked if this record broken

  9. Mark Kofi

    Mark KofiPrije 3 dana

    What Rangers have just done is what you call INVINCIBLES. 👊🏾

  10. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana

    Wont need record book for this ever

  11. Russell Bishop

    Russell BishopPrije 3 dana

    From a Spurs fan, I have to admit this was the best team in English football I've ever known.

  12. GOATs

    GOATsPrije 4 dana

    Don’t think we will ever see this again. Outstanding achievement

  13. Joke Strokes

    Joke StrokesPrije 5 dana

    The pace at which this team used to counter-attack with was scary....Robert Pires always popping-up just at the right moment to pounce on the loose balls..ohh how I miss my old Arsenal.

  14. Jeremy Brandt

    Jeremy BrandtPrije 5 dana

    You don’t see this kind of passion now adays. The players don’t play for the badge

  15. Al Zarrar

    Al ZarrarPrije 6 dana

    In europe , Bayern and Valencia always use to beat them when it matters in the Knock out stages.

  16. Shahin Muhammed

    Shahin MuhammedPrije 7 dana

    Coming back here to cherish again about the Real Arsenal after 2021 collapse!!! Proud to be a Gunner always !!

  17. kanyeihamba perez

    kanyeihamba perezPrije 9 dana

    Pires made that team look too good

  18. Hannah Gerreyn

    Hannah GerreynPrije 9 dana

    Coming here after our europa league exit 😭😭😭

  19. Dick McCarthy

    Dick McCarthyPrije 11 dana

    I remember this like yesterday. I've been a Gunner ever since i've started to watch football eventhough i am not from London or even from England. Started to cheer for Gunners in late 90's. 1999 or 1998 i think? This Arsenal is imho best team in English football that ever existed. Thank you for this video! I was on goosepumbs the whole video! Lots of memories. Proud to be a Gunner

  20. Anh Tuan Huynh

    Anh Tuan HuynhPrije 11 dana

    After each loss, you always watch this video.

  21. Hughesy

    HughesyPrije 13 dana

    Such artistry

  22. KaiTzy

    KaiTzyPrije 13 dana

    I am not an Arsenal fan but I personally think that Unbeatable in Premier League is as hard as Winning Treble.

  23. ottavio joly

    ottavio jolyPrije 13 dana

    I totally forgot that Pires was that good

  24. mwendia dennis

    mwendia dennisPrije 13 dana

    Unfortunate that the team didn't win UEFA

  25. Aaroon gunner Nair

    Aaroon gunner NairPrije 15 dana

    The legends... Wat a fluid style of football... 2 gud 👏👏👏👏👏👌👍

  26. João Pedro Cavalcante

    João Pedro CavalcantePrije 17 dana

    Kroenke out

  27. suyong lee

    suyong leePrije 19 dana

    I love how arsenal players fucked with Ruud after 90 minutes of Ruud being rude

  28. Zaid Khan

    Zaid KhanPrije 19 dana

    Arsenal O2 kit and you knew the game was over before it even started

  29. Lärare K Larsson

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    What a team we had😢😢😢

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    Bagoes TyoPrije 22 dana

    Henry, that's it

  33. Ronnie Allen's

    Ronnie Allen'sPrije 22 dana

    Makes me feel good One love 😎

  34. Omar Negm

    Omar NegmPrije 22 dana

    Who came after seeing arsenal the 9 at the premiere league and losing to full ham and everton

  35. Q Valentino

    Q ValentinoPrije 23 dana

    Pfff what a time. Back when there were men on the pitch, fabulous shirts with sponsors like vodafone, SamSung and O2,PS2 was out, no smartphones or social media. Nice football and very special players. Nostalgic COYG

  36. Yky786

    Yky786Prije 24 dana

    Not an arsenal fan but had the privilege of visiting the *REAL HOME* of Arsenal i.e, Highbury in 2006 arsenal vs real madrid. After the match i spoke with one of the gooners and they were kinda sad that this would be their last champions league campaign at highbury but were hopeful for a bright future. And i was like why do you want to leave such a beautiful cathedral of football. And after 15 years , it is sad to see such beautiful team in shambles.

  37. Neem Noa

    Neem NoaPrije 25 dana

    As a United fan, I dare say this season is as close as it gets to the treble of '99. To go 38 games without a single loss. Playing every single team twice and never once tasting defeat. To be unbeatable. Invincible. The undisputed best of England. What an achievement. Time truly does put things into perspective. Every single name in that Arsenal side is eched into history, forever.

  38. Billy The Butcher

    Billy The ButcherPrije 28 dana

    Nobody is giving credit to the legendary defenders of that team. Scoring goal is important but saving goal is also equally important.

  39. Boris The Blade

    Boris The BladePrije 28 dana

    The Arsenal fake invincibles 49 games unbeaten 4x9=36 for your 666👌👌👌 football is rigged enjoy.

  40. Young Pierre

    Young PierrePrije 29 dana

    Who’s here after this super league disgrace

  41. Steve Salkas

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  42. Joshua Malaki

    Joshua MalakiPrije 29 dana

    Thank you for everything you did for me Arsenal! 🔴⚪

  43. ヤーマン

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    15:48 自分用

  44. ヤーマン

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  45. dave a

    dave aPrije mjesec

    dived against Pompey at Highbury for penalty, would have lost

  46. Antonio Bosque

    Antonio BosquePrije mjesec

    Arsène Who? The Legend of Arsène Wenger as Arsenal manager: -3 PREMIER LEAGUES 1997/´98 DOUBLE (Premier League/F.A Cup) 2001/´02 DOUBLE (Premier League/F.A Cup) Winning the title at Manchester United's Old Trafford 2003/´04 INVINCIBLE (Golden PL Trophy ) Winning the title at Tottenham´s White Hart Lane *26W 12D & 0L -7 F.A CUPS 2-0 v Newcastle (19997/´98) 2-0 v Chelsea (2001/´02) 1-0 v Southampton (2002/´03) 0-0(5-4p.) v Manchester United (2004/´05) 3-2 v Hull City (2013/´14) 4-0 v Aston Villa (2014/´15) 2-1 v Chelsea (2016/´17) -7 COMMUNITY SHIELDS 3-0 v Manchester United (1998) 2-1 v Manchester United (1999) 1-0 v Liverpool (2002) 3-1 v Manchester United (2004) 3-0 v Manchester City (20014) 1-0 v Chelsea (2015) 1-1(4-1p.) v Chelsea (2017) *Finalist of the Copa Uefa/Europa League 1999/´00 (0-0 (4-5p.) v Galatasaray) *Finalist of the Champions League 2005/´06 (1-2 v Barcelona) Merci Arsène Thank You Arsène Gracias Arsène "You are the reason I became an Arsenal Fan"

  47. Arun m.a

    Arun m.aPrije mjesec

    The best team in premier League history


    URUKIRA SSPrije mjesec

    After all this time i saw great performance Most of player in Arsenal can score especially middle to forward, i saw again in City this season, crazy to realize they had 17+ different player scoring this season and they dont depend on striker at all.. Henry is still my fav EPL player ever..

  49. The Gunners

    The GunnersPrije mjesec

    Lost Exactly NONE 🔴🔴🔴

  50. I Cunt Spell

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  51. Alex Brown

    Alex BrownPrije mjesec

    It's painful comparing the overall quality and passions of this team (and others) back then to today's over dramatic, soft, money driven players of today

  52. abdi ali

    abdi aliPrije mjesec

    Common. I had to comment I love you arsenal best team most beautiful

  53. Daayem Choudhary

    Daayem ChoudharyPrije mjesec

    I'm a gunner for life. I can't help but cry seeing how great my team used to be. 😥😥😥

  54. Floridius Haule

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    Lauren Vs man u hahahaha pushing days no worrier like him at our club

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    Arsenal in gold eara Liverpool was so easy only man united was real rival

  57. William Ngigi

    William NgigiPrije mjesec

    When every arsenal player had Sanchez's dribbling speed, scoring ability and pace and ozil's passing ability, good vision and great assists

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    That "Time" - Inception Soundtrack fits perfectly..... 👌🏽

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    When there pushing van nistelrooy is the greatest

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    2003-2004 arsenal champions premier league 2004-2005 liverpool champions league !!!!!!!!!!!! Arsenal : 0 champions league!

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    Beat prem player of all time for sure but not the best player to play in the prem.

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    The greatest prem team ever

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    4:02 and 4:08 when Gunners had ammunition. I love Henry.

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    Getting emotional watching this you know

  70. Martyn Clarke

    Martyn ClarkePrije mjesec

    As a Leeds fan, I am amazed Gilberto Silva doesn't get more recognition for his role in this team. Unbelievably good.

  71. Jaime Hewitt

    Jaime HewittPrije 4 dana

    The wall. Great player

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    The greates of all times

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    Reuben OseiPrije mjesec

    For us every day is Christmas.Gunners

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    Good old Arsenal.

  75. Tonyka Tonyka

    Tonyka TonykaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Mourinho? Spurs? Real m? wtf? WE ARE ARSENAl!!!

  76. Zzyzzyzzs

    ZzyzzyzzsPrije 2 mjeseci

    This team will forever be special for the achievement itself. But (and I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this) in terms of quality, maybe you have to say they weren't that great. Evidence 1: they dropped so many points to teams that they should have reasonably expected to beat. Fulham, Bolton, Charlton, Portsmouth, Everton, Birmingham, Leicester; they could really turn it on against teams like Liverpool and Man Utd, but like pretty much every Arsenal team since, they drew silly games. OK yeah it's unreasonable to expect them to win _every_ game, but it's still indicative. If they didn't finish this season unbeaten, we would have noticed it more. Evidence 2: for all the nice play, they didn't really blow the league away. They only scored four or more goals five times all season, and four of those were against the same two teams, Leeds and Middlesbrough; the other was the 4-2 against Liverpool. On the other hand, they won 11 games by a one-goal margin. This suggests that the team was efficient rather than brilliant. Evidence 3: they could not sustain similar levels in other competitions, losing in the SFs of both cups and that silly QF in the CL against Chelsea. One can actually argue that this was a failure of a season for a team that could clearly have achieved so much. Evidence 4: they had no longevity. It's harsh to say but really great teams get up and beat the opposition again and again. We can cite all sorts of reasons (the stadium move, Chelsea getting bought by Roman) but Man Utd, for instance, built a team after every setback and came back stronger. Even when Chelsea and Man City became mega-rich, Man Utd were still winning leagues, with teams people didn't even rate. I hate to dump on this team so much as they were a huge part of my younger years. I was not an Arsenal fan but I was tuning in every game just to see if they could do it and go one more game unbeaten. I think I ended up watching every game of theirs that season and I loved every bit of it. But the more I think about it, the more I believe everything I said above

  77. 쭌영이

    쭌영이Prije 2 mjeseci

    I miss that time ......

  78. james barry

    james barryPrije 2 mjeseci

    The most overrated prem team of all time

  79. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana

    @sq ipe never

  80. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana


  81. james barry

    james barryPrije 11 dana

    @sq ipe what did you win for second??

  82. sq ipe

    sq ipePrije 11 dana

    @james barry Thats when ruski mafia power came to chelsea and started the end of football. Arsenal finished 2nd the next season

  83. james barry

    james barryPrije 11 dana

    @sq ipe ad still weren't good enough to retain it. Lololo

  84. Reuben Osei

    Reuben OseiPrije 2 mjeseci


  85. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana

    Some goose

  86. Reuben Osei

    Reuben OseiPrije 2 mjeseci

    For us every day is Christmas

  87. roman walczak

    roman walczakPrije 2 mjeseci

    I dont think we will ever see another Arsenal team like this one was.

  88. Hossein.G

    Hossein.GPrije 2 mjeseci

    Thierry henry the undisputed king Best player in pl histroy we have a pleaure to have him in barca

  89. Ngutang Kopi

    Ngutang KopiPrije 2 mjeseci


  90. Yammzy Shumba

    Yammzy ShumbaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Thierry Henry was the beast

  91. el cimarron

    el cimarronPrije 2 mjeseci

    This team deserved one Champions League.

  92. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana

    Doesnt matter ehat yhey done better than champ shot 4 or 5 fa cup 2 titles this side awesome arsenal always

  93. Declan Walker

    Declan WalkerPrije 2 mjeseci

    It’s so brilliant it brings a tear to my eye football now is a big game about money and to me the beautiful game is losing that name every second I’ll miss football when messi and ronaldo are gone. True goats but yes Henry is the best player to grace the premier league

  94. CntrolAlt Dlight

    CntrolAlt DlightPrije 2 mjeseci

    Henry with long sleeves+nike gloves was on a different level

  95. ilyas zenal

    ilyas zenalPrije 2 mjeseci

    Masih sd kelas 2😝

  96. Tommy 90

    Tommy 90Prije 2 mjeseci

    hey why did you skip such important games? liverpool and tottenham :O

  97. joan briana

    joan brianaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Hernry made me to love ftball

  98. Abnsdllnnlosnfd

    AbnsdllnnlosnfdPrije 2 mjeseci

    Boy, did I like that team! (from a Barça fan)

  99. martin spasenovski

    martin spasenovskiPrije 2 mjeseci

    Man utd start it with fake penalty ,Man utd ended it with fake penalty

  100. The Spacedog

    The SpacedogPrije 2 mjeseci

    Fergie was not impressed.

  101. William Travis

    William TravisPrije 2 mjeseci

    bro i wish i was alive to see the matches live that team will never be replaceable

  102. Allex Jeff

    Allex JeffPrije 2 mjeseci

    Henry was a baller🎉

  103. Khalidiin Adventure

    Khalidiin AdventurePrije 2 mjeseci

    In short, what I realized from the invincibles is that everyone was scoring goals unlike the arsenal of today this means the old gunners everyone was striker, middlefers and defenders 🔥👊🏻 wooow what a team they were !!!

  104. Fun Fact World

    Fun Fact WorldPrije 2 mjeseci

    We are fans Arsenal from Indonesia. This is Team the Best Ever Premier League History!

  105. Michael Dodds

    Michael DoddsPrije 2 mjeseci

    Apparently invincible until they met Manchester United :)

  106. Unstoppable Force Sports

    Unstoppable Force SportsPrije 2 mjeseci

    8:58 Spurs goalkeeper YES o man I forgot about pires

  107. CaptainSal

    CaptainSalPrije 2 mjeseci

    Overtime people will always undermine great achievements. I still think people have no idea how hard it is mentally and physically to go unbeaten in the league. Appreciate greatness..

  108. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 2 mjeseci

    They played for arsenal not them selfs they didnt care who scored thats pure love between the boys for the club

  109. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 2 mjeseci

    Never be a tesm like arsenal 2000 to 2005

  110. Steve Salkas

    Steve SalkasPrije 3 dana

    Best side unbelieve year .....english footy history dont need record books that wont be broken

  111. Big Smoke

    Big SmokePrije 2 mjeseci

    Arsenal back then: *The Invincibles* Arsenal now: Unable to qualify for the UCL. Sad to see things have changed massively now. From a Man Utd fan.

  112. fırat gündüz

    fırat gündüzPrije 2 mjeseci

    Better than even galacticos! These eyes seen stars, so called goats, and all-star teams with big names. But this team is absolute perfection. Henry: can you prove he cant compete with any name for the best forward ever? Bergkamp: you can only compare him with Zidane. No other in this class. Vieira: DMC of all time, objection? Yeah, maybe Stevie G, and some few superhroes. But Vieira is the perfection of what this "position" meant to be. Period. Sol Campbell: Simply world class. You cant ask for more. Ashley Cole: Took LB position to another level. No need for Roberto Carlos if you have him. Pires, Ljungberg, Wiltord: can you name another team-spirited trio with this ridiculous offensive power, and you can still rotate? Gilberto, Lauren: Highly though and humble players, complimenting with almost no errors with such consistency? And even score, when opponent making no mistake. You gotta be kidding... Keown, Parlour: Perfectly represent raw basics of football, just how it meant to be. Total privilege to witness!

  113. CD DB

    CD DBPrije 2 mjeseci

    If I was to do impartial combined best XI out of this Arsenal 03/04 team and ManUtd 93/94 I'd go for... Schmeichel Irwin Campbell Bruce Cole Giggs Keane Ince Pires Cantona Henry (Subs) Pallister Vieira GilbertoSilva Kanchelskis Sharpe Bergkamp Hughes Yes I think ManUtd 93/94 team was better than this Arsenal team and that ManUtd 93/94 team weren't even in the top2 best ManUtd PL era team's. 98/99 & 07/08 were the best.

  114. andreas bianconeri

    andreas bianconeriPrije 2 mjeseci

    Only Champions they never had.. Arsenal should have it with this line up

  115. Piet Matshaba

    Piet MatshabaPrije 2 mjeseci

    The ultimate vindication for Sol Campbell, joining the enemy and becoming an invincible. Enough said.