Rich Principal vs Broke Principal! / Awkward Situations at College

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Lucky Student vs Unlucky Student / How to Become Popular at College!:
It's no secret that studying in an expensive, well-equipped college is more interesting and better. But what about a director whose budget is limited? Watch funny and ridiculous situations in our new video rich principal vs broke principal.

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    I love that the broke principle can't afford papers but he has airpods

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    Principal natin

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    I do wanna become a school president

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    i feel so bad for the poor principal

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    yeah I like the rich students and the broke student because they do the situations done

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    If Nathan was really poor then how does he have a clean outfit and a gold watch like DUDE😆


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    Yeah and have AirPods

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    I like Principal Nathan because even though he is broke he is till very nice and kind to his students

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    I like principal Nathan to

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    Why that principle is broke every principle is rich

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    Money does not matter

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    I don’t think the rich teacher is rich because he doesn’t have Appel Mac book

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    rich people could be selfish but most is kind and smart

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