Belouizdad 1-5 Mamelodi Sundowns | Sundowns is a National Team | Junior Khanye

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Mamelodi Sundowns defeated Belouizdad 5-1 in the CAF Champions league on Sunday evening.
Zwane scored 2 goals while Maboe, Shalulile and Erasmus contributed with a goal each.
Belouizdad had a red card and a penalty conceded in the second minute of the game. Sundowns deserved the victory.
iDiskiTV analyst Junior Khanye says Sundowns are the National Team of the country.
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    Ahhh! Junior man this is a robbery at it best to not have this Nkululeko show not televised

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    Tumelo Madumo . Iqiniso lelo and abantu bayeke ukukhuluma ngento eyenzeka 10 years ago like to say I chiefs yayishisa but masibheke I present tense and present continuous tense konke kuzoba mjojo. Sundown's don't say dat bcs they won the CAF 5 years sekumele bahlale bekhuluma no but bathi sifuna ukuwina ama Cup and they don't give up. Viva Yellow Nation Viva. Love You Sundowns

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    Sundowns played a game good game without Mvala, now Revaldo should sit down as well

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    @O. U Jonathan he is slow not lazy my brother

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    @Glen Ledwaba Exactly, his slow and lazy. Jali and Kekana can do much better than Mvala and Cotzea

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    When will Junior acknowledge the current 3 coaches without mentioning Pitso. There are certain areas and dynamics the 3 has brought to the team.

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    Pitso dat pitso this dats sucks

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    @mihlali gxavu when playing North African teams the fans usually burn some stuff in stadiums, I am not sure whether its incense or what ,it usually appears with a red smoke

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    Just to tell you guys , this algerien team is a very poor team and they played a hole game with a man down nothing is over yet ,and for your team I really like d way they play propper football

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