Back To Winning Ways... | Crystal Palace v Manchester United | Man Utd Preview

Joe and Jay are here to preview the upcoming Crystal Palace v Manchester United, Premier League fixture on Wednesday night.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had his press conference on Tuesday, so the lads will look at what he's had to say plus give their predicted elevens, team news and score predictions!
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  1. Bubble Education

    Bubble EducationPrije mjesec

    What happened to your 9-0 Southampton vibe? 😂

  2. K M

    K MPrije mjesec

    "I have a deep feeling that we will lose." - what's your prediction? "4-0 United"

  3. 为无

    为无Prije mjesec

    These two should be the face of this channel, entertaining, good chemistry, and sound opinions. The others are holding you back a little imo.

  4. harrymic75

    harrymic75Prije mjesec

    Martial too inconsistent. He's 25 now. He's becoming a luxury player like Oil was at Arsenal.

  5. Innasoul Φ Music Φ

    Innasoul Φ Music ΦPrije mjesec

    Joe's brilliant, he really is.

  6. Jake Driver

    Jake DriverPrije mjesec

    This game is a must win imo. Starting to let City run away with it in a silly fashion. Getting harder to say progress when we are 15 points behind the league leaders.

  7. Blaze Temp

    Blaze TempPrije mjesec

    @Jake Driver the fact we are also in front of last seasons champions and the fact we have been comfortably in the top 4 for most the season for the first time in years... also it looks and feels like we will get in the top four even with a lot of games to go. In other seasons it like last yeat we barely scraped in last year and wasn't in it most of the seasons before that.

  8. Jake Driver

    Jake DriverPrije mjesec

    @Coops I hear you but we still have to make that gap as small as we possibly can. If the season ends and we are 20 points behind how do we gauge the progression ?

  9. Coops

    CoopsPrije mjesec

    True but city have a proven league winning side. Lets also not forget our squad isn’t quite completed yet. We need a new striker, RW, CB and decent holding midfielder to free up one of those midfield positions.

  10. Neil Crowe

    Neil CrowePrije mjesec

    Mason number 9

  11. Callum McNamara

    Callum McNamaraPrije mjesec

    Only been a viewer since Sept came for McKola and Howson stayed for Jay and Joe

  12. Reeyan Maknojiya

    Reeyan MaknojiyaPrije mjesec

    Love these lads! xD

  13. Chris Lee

    Chris LeePrije mjesec

    I would love Mason to have a few games in the number 9 position! His work rate is much better than Martial's and he needs games in his best position!

  14. N. Singh

    N. SinghPrije mjesec

    Honestly does anyone actually care whether its a predicted eleven or preferred? Enough people to warrant an explanation every week? C'mon boys.

  15. Antony Jones

    Antony JonesPrije mjesec

    I think martial waits for the ball to come to him , were cavani goes and gets the ball and makes runs away from the defenders , Martial and even rashford seem to stick on defenders shoulders . No improvement over years of banging his head against the same boot .

  16. Neil Luhar

    Neil LuharPrije mjesec

    Joe looks like the Irish Santa Claus

  17. kyle jolley

    kyle jolleyPrije mjesec

    hope we can keep cavani fit till the end of the season he changes the way we play, more movement in the box , More crosses into the box, pogba is the biggest miss though as the pressure on Bruno's shoulders is even greater to create all the chances, martial well were to start, does he even care anymore?? doesn't look assed at all, let's get the job done tommorrow lads extend the gap between us and Leicester, West ham and Chelsea

  18. previnsnaidu1

    previnsnaidu1Prije mjesec

    Always enjoyed the content but it feels like these previews have become pretty much the same each week. Maybe try to incorporate some data analytics into the preview or opposition point of view? Might just be me, but having the an oppo fan to video chat with could give a fresh insight and add to the conversation would really improve the quality of these videos and keep the conversations fresh. GGMU.

  19. Neil Luhar

    Neil LuharPrije mjesec

    We should be wearing our zebra kits

  20. asr1227

    asr1227Prije mjesec

    In 6 months, Martial didn't start/play every game and he didn't play in 1 position...

  21. zibeddy

    zibeddyPrije mjesec

    Forget this season if we don’t beat palace

  22. Meb

    MebPrije mjesec

    Its disgraceful how Van De Beek doesn’t start even though we have a injury on Mctominay and Pogba, as well as that Fred also desperately needs a rest, so if u dont start him today when do u start him? And the answer to that is never only in a capital one cup match against league 2 side.

  23. Chrystian Szymański

    Chrystian SzymańskiPrije mjesec

    He has just come back to the team after injury, relax

  24. Arslaan Saeed

    Arslaan SaeedPrije mjesec

    I agree with jays side

  25. Meb

    MebPrije mjesec

    Love the content Keep up the hard work ♥️♥️♥️

  26. bmwracing1974

    bmwracing1974Prije mjesec

    Joe reminds me of the day the bishops landed in craggy island and they cleaned up father Jack. All slicked up. Father Joe.

  27. Lee67

    Lee67Prije mjesec

    I'll take a 0-1 win now.

  28. Jonathan

    JonathanPrije mjesec

    Ole in

  29. Derek Hart

    Derek HartPrije mjesec

    It’s doc Scott and Micky Finn

  30. CampNou 1999

    CampNou 1999Prije mjesec

    Sorry Jay? It's like you haven't watched our last games, it's incredible! "Ole is more likely to play Martial" ??? Just our last game he started on the bench and Greenwood started in the 9. In Turin too! How do you just completely forget that?

  31. Child of Chief

    Child of ChiefPrije mjesec

    Bailly got arrested against Chelsea?

  32. Ntokozo Ntombela

    Ntokozo NtombelaPrije mjesec

    As out of form as Martial is - I think it was a mistake not to start him at Chelsea, in absence of Cavani. I really think we would’ve benefited from that set up. Not speaking in hindsight- I was hoping Ole started him. Even now I’d start him upfront and then sub him with Cavani at the 70min Mark, if needed.

  33. David Fisher

    David FisherPrije mjesec

    And Martial’s recent record versus Chelsea is excellent

  34. Aquila Rossa

    Aquila RossaPrije mjesec

    Wolves did not look so flash last time they played. Hopefully they play a blinder at the all of Greater Manchester paid for it stadium tonight. Then we have to do the same. 12 points would be down to six. P.S. Bruno. Highest scorer and assists etc. He is great. But does he have to play those super risky passes that hardly never work out. It really frustrates me. I prefer percentage passing.

  35. Nasir Syed

    Nasir SyedPrije mjesec

    Ref will bottle it for us again. Lose 1-2

  36. mark tony lindo

    mark tony lindoPrije mjesec

    Let's get them beat and not come down to their level

  37. Utd4ever Podcasts

    Utd4ever PodcastsPrije mjesec

    Great pragmatic criticism of Martial by Joe Smith. I'm not a hater of Tony but Joe's breakdown of our n.9 was sound! 👏👏👏

  38. John Marthinson

    John MarthinsonPrije mjesec

    Actually thinks James deserves to start again. He was as much a threat to Chelsea as anyone else and always put in a great shift defensivly. And it would sent a message to Martial. Let Greenwood play as a striker.

  39. adam huss

    adam hussPrije mjesec

    We are missing Sancho and Haaland. Cant really blame ole but his subs show his inexperience.

  40. James Gillespie

    James GillespiePrije mjesec

    Tony Martial came from France, English press said he had no chance, 5 years later, turns out they were right, Tony Martial is pretty shite

  41. UZB7777

    UZB7777Prije mjesec


  42. Mar Medli

    Mar MedliPrije mjesec

    Haha that's a good un I hope he turns it round and there more to add to the song lol

  43. Jus Jokes Joshee

    Jus Jokes JosheePrije mjesec

    @Allan Mark 2 good seasons out of 6/7 isn’t bad form geeza, it’s called no form.

  44. Allan Mark

    Allan MarkPrije mjesec

    Just bad form

  45. adam huss

    adam hussPrije mjesec

    Baily will play and we should win.

  46. James Gillespie

    James GillespiePrije mjesec

    love the seamless editing at the start

  47. Haydn Gilchrist

    Haydn GilchristPrije mjesec

    Jay is spot on, VDB needs match fitness incase he needs to play a run of games, if he started a run of games now he wouldn't last long until he was injured

  48. Iain Steele

    Iain SteelePrije mjesec

    he needs to work on his fitness first. he’s desd after 50-55 minutes

  49. James Blackwell

    James BlackwellPrije mjesec

    tony martial hasnt got any better since he was 19 years old.

  50. UZB7777

    UZB7777Prije mjesec


  51. Burnsey741

    Burnsey741Prije mjesec

    It's like he can only play well when counter attacking. When his team have lots of the ball he's almost useless

  52. Joseph Avery

    Joseph AveryPrije mjesec

    Joe looks particularly like a disciple today

  53. Neil Crowe

    Neil CrowePrije mjesec

    Joe you could put james on the right then have mason up front

  54. Neil Crowe

    Neil CrowePrije mjesec


  55. Davies Simbayi

    Davies SimbayiPrije mjesec

    Jesus Christ 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  56. Takudzwa Vimbe

    Takudzwa VimbePrije mjesec

    Why do disciples look like?

  57. Iain Steele

    Iain SteelePrije mjesec

    wait what was the p word

  58. dergerät

    dergerätPrije mjesec


  59. Joseph Avery

    Joseph AveryPrije mjesec


  60. Mohammed Tayeb

    Mohammed TayebPrije mjesec

    Who’s seen that Pogba x Sancho link up on insta?😂😂 JS7 2021

  61. Iain Steele

    Iain SteelePrije mjesec

    it’s funny watching people read into that as if it’s not just them having the same advertising agency

  62. Dave Eccles

    Dave EcclesPrije mjesec

    I like your choice Jay

  63. Dave Eccles

    Dave EcclesPrije mjesec

    Anthony martial has gone right off the boil and again I'm not sure if he wants to be here


    MANU-TONYOPrije mjesec

    How could you be sure? Do you talk to him?

  65. Sean Fitz

    Sean FitzPrije mjesec

    Jay being harsh on Cavani

  66. dogcatdogable

    dogcatdogablePrije mjesec

    Can't stand playing Palace. They always turn into prime Barca against us.

  67. Coops

    CoopsPrije mjesec

    Most teams do tbf