What Really Happened to Leroy Sane...

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When it comes to the rising talents in Europe, one name gets rather conveniently ignored. Leroy Sane was snapped up by Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola back in 2016 from Schalke 04 for 37 million pounds.
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  1. Zakaria Ibrahim

    Zakaria IbrahimPrije 7 sati

    Sane was a great player but since he left city I have heard nothing frm him

  2. ismaila Ceesay

    ismaila CeesayPrije dan

    SANE have very bad attitude

  3. charlesS

    charlesSPrije 3 dana

    Bayern are knocked out by PSG sane played crap shut up big him up too much

  4. charlesS

    charlesSPrije 3 dana

    Ha sane is not worth £125 million against PSG he was crap and decision making was crap Bayern paid just about right for him

  5. Sylvia Kanguru

    Sylvia KanguruPrije 3 dana

    Pep doesn't have a good heart!! He really hates black players!!!


    FORTNITEPrije 3 dana

    i actually love Bayern Munchen and Leroy Sané 😁,soo i don't have a problem

  7. 176cgna

    176cgnaPrije 3 dana

    In my opinion sane, Douglas Costa, drexler, coman, Lucas moura, are all extremely underrated even though they have played for big clubs.

  8. Carlos Ortiz

    Carlos OrtizPrije 4 dana

    Guardiola did Sane wrong! And that happens alit in England when they get too may good players in the bench. England sis that to Falcao, El Chicharito and Quadrado! They come from making goals and place them in the bench. The damaged Chicharitos goal run from Frankfurt! The managers can do wrong but the players can't! Sane did not have to imrpove, Guardiola needed to improve! Guardiola needs to apologize to Sane!

  9. skycap link

    skycap linkPrije 6 dana

    Future: Bayern lost against PSG quarter final😔

  10. Oluwaseun Majekodunmi

    Oluwaseun MajekodunmiPrije 6 dana

    The same thing he’s done Riyad Mahrez Pep put on the bench many times Riyad even score a free kick against Nigeria and it was actually very good coming from a Nigerian Riyad Mahrez deserves a Ballon d’or

  11. Calm Down

    Calm DownPrije 6 dana

    as city fan, I still like Sane.

  12. DuckInTheMud 10

    DuckInTheMud 10Prije 6 dana

    Except at Bayern they have Douglas Costa Kingsley coman serge gnabry so now he is sitting on the bench a lot as well

  13. Hasibul Hassan Rahat

    Hasibul Hassan RahatPrije 7 dana

    pep has wasted100 players in his managerial career

  14. akinbi kayikunmi

    akinbi kayikunmiPrije 7 dana

    Sell Bernardo Silva

  15. Manchester City

    Manchester CityPrije 7 dana

    Leroy Sane in Bayern Is Not that good

  16. SuperConnie

    SuperConniePrije 7 dana

    What a lost for the EPL

  17. Ethan Pearce

    Ethan PearcePrije 7 dana

    If players want to go you need to let them go or they’ll never be the same

  18. Aryan

    AryanPrije 7 dana

    The sane

  19. Leon

    LeonPrije 7 dana

    Too big for his boots that was his problem. He's hardly ripping it up at Bayern now either

  20. Imhotep Heru

    Imhotep HeruPrije 7 dana


  21. Hades TV

    Hades TVPrije 6 dana

    wtf you mean racism?

  22. lengandsweet

    lengandsweetPrije 7 dana

    Who’s here after sane flopping at Bayern Munich 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  23. blatabe

    blatabePrije 8 dana

    Any better winger at city? Nononono

  24. Charles Costa

    Charles CostaPrije 8 dana

    Sane hs great skills but in football you can be the best today and the worst tomorrow


    VUKOSI MABUZAPrije 8 dana

    Pep is racist.

  26. Bim Benis

    Bim BenisPrije 9 dana

    I think we can all say as Liverpool United, Chelsea fans sane was a beast always scared me when he ran with the ball at us...

  27. Jayzinho gaming

    Jayzinho gamingPrije 9 dana

    I've now fordoten about the city legend

  28. Freezy DMX

    Freezy DMXPrije 9 dana

    I miss him so much at City.

  29. Mehdi Taouatoui

    Mehdi TaouatouiPrije 9 dana

    When I see his very poor performance with Bayern since he arrived, I understand why Pep let him go.

  30. Mohamed Abdelkader

    Mohamed AbdelkaderPrije 10 dana


  31. Zicky iXeek

    Zicky iXeekPrije 10 dana

    Pep is a racist.... Simple and clear

  32. Ali Dirir

    Ali DirirPrije 11 dana

    The coach pep is racist doesn’t like blacks especially yaya, eto sane, now rahim sterling Has haters in black inside ❤️ 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👉👉👉👉👉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. momozoki

    momozokiPrije 12 dana

    He was useless

  34. momozoki

    momozokiPrije 12 dana

    Sane is gay

  35. Ryan Jellis

    Ryan JellisPrije 14 dana

    Stop sayin winger with pronouncing the g like that

  36. feisal otoneto

    feisal otonetoPrije 14 dana

    We lost great player but I wish him success in Germany 🇩🇪

  37. Saf Ahmed

    Saf AhmedPrije 19 dana

    Sane is undoubtedly a profound player. He had a great career at City.

  38. Lupin the 3rd

    Lupin the 3rdPrije 22 dana

    Pep is Control freak

  39. Jeroxvids

    JeroxvidsPrije 23 dana

    This is where Ferguson came in and signed a monster,man united slept too

  40. Gregg

    GreggPrije 23 dana

    I forgot he predominantly played on the left and kept wondering why he is struggling with Bayern this season. When he goes back to the left it will be his best season for Bayern

  41. SandmanDZ Khalil

    SandmanDZ KhalilPrije 24 dana

    Well I know this video is from last year .. but you couldn't be more wrong .. Sane is not even starting with bayern anymore and constantly have problems with Flik ... he should've listen to Pep the man is brilliant , Sane is an inpatient crying kid .

  42. Matathias 03

    Matathias 03Prije 24 dana

    Pep is very vindictive ask samuel Eto'o

  43. Buddy Guy

    Buddy GuyPrije 24 dana

    In a United fan and still enjoyed watching him play. Great style

  44. محمد حسين علي احمود

    محمد حسين علي احمودPrije 26 dana

    Really like watching the comments here 5 months ago claiming Sane' departure will damage City, and here we are watching Them bossing every team in the premier with Foden shining and Leroy not having his best form at München .

  45. Keaos0

    Keaos0Prije 26 dana

    05:51 and how did that turn out for Germany leaving him off the team? 😁

  46. Jarry Kalajan

    Jarry KalajanPrije 27 dana

    Pep Guardiola, most overrated coach ever, he won with Barsa, but even me could win with Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, Alves.... He won with Bayern, of course, 1 of the best teams you can imagine that keeps owning bundesleague 8 titles in a row and going for the 9th, and now, Manchester City he won 2 premier leagues with all the players money can buy and keep crashing in UCL and keeps calling Messi every year to save his ass. Sane is a true talent, way better than sterling or Ferran, only Kevin De Bruyne was better than Sané, Guardiola did with Sané the same that did with Ibrahimovic who left Barcelona because Guardiola was afraid of him.

  47. B Nibloe

    B NibloePrije 5 sati

    Ye ragin mate? Sane is shite. He had all the potential in the world but his attitude is not there. He's not the first and won't be theist young mercurial talent that becomes average. Look at Balotelli or Owen as an example.

  48. Nazi MK

    Nazi MKPrije 29 dana

    Sane > sterling , and sane has better finish

  49. G. Mahler

    G. MahlerPrije mjesec

    COMPLETE BS! Pep has a small ego and is petty, that's the truth and Sane knows his quality, he didnt need Pep & it is pure lunacy to compare his quality to the lack of it in Sterling

  50. G. Mahler

    G. MahlerPrije 2 sati

    @B Nibloe Ok incel... rotfl, you just go from a sterling sane comparison to saying foden is better? lmfao, good luck in your life's endeavors with those critical reasoning skills.

  51. B Nibloe

    B NibloePrije 5 sati

    Sterling has barely played for the last 2 months.... Can you compare Sane and Sterling stats this season and last? Then go and fuck off. Foden is better.

  52. Tru Gambit

    Tru GambitPrije 5 dana

    Yes sane isn’t playing well and sometimes not even playing

  53. Tommy T

    Tommy TPrije mjesec

    you are talking like City had a chance to keep him, his contract was runing out

  54. John Yanga

    John YangaPrije mjesec

    Manchester United will drown Bayern Munich.


    ASAP STONEPrije mjesec

    He is only 25 mate

  56. Maisie Morgan

    Maisie MorganPrije mjesec

    i miss leroy so much 😭

  57. Brian Jung

    Brian JungPrije mjesec

    I love your Bitcoin update day

  58. Alexander R

    Alexander RPrije mjesec

    Couldn’t handle the pressure (period) Another marketing hype player.

  59. deadly 0101

    deadly 0101Prije mjesec

    He will do it again ?

  60. Dale Brennan

    Dale BrennanPrije mjesec

    He will always have issues that lad good riddance something not right with him

  61. Damien Bell

    Damien BellPrije mjesec

    Sane to win the UCL against City 1-0 in Istanbul.

  62. Rich Burrell

    Rich BurrellPrije mjesec

    It’s obvious his attitude was shit - hence why he was shipped off. Look at the tattoo on his back - he clearly believes his own hype.

  63. Dankis Khan

    Dankis KhanPrije mjesec

    im a Chelsea fan, but Leroy Sane was my favorite player to watch in the PL. I miss him 😥

  64. Johnny Waldo

    Johnny WaldoPrije mjesec

    Sane is better than sterling!!

  65. Мархабо Мамажонова

    Мархабо МамажоноваPrije mjesec


  66. Gjoka Soni

    Gjoka SoniPrije mjesec

    He get injured....that was the reason why His value was Falling down Man City sold him ...because was the risk to lose Sanë for free Because His Contrat was redy to finish And he had alredy decided not to renove

  67. 0riginal _Panda_Child

    0riginal _Panda_ChildPrije mjesec

    Sane > Sterling

  68. Jay Kwarmz

    Jay KwarmzPrije mjesec

    Hes on 385K a week at Bayern...City did not want to much dat. Citys hightest paid player is KDB, and even hes on 350K a week. So common sense prevailed here

  69. Moeletsi Shaku

    Moeletsi ShakuPrije mjesec

    That Sterling Sane duo was the best

  70. Ross Cowan

    Ross CowanPrije mjesec

    Sorry but I think the real reason he left was to be a key figure in the German national team!! What a player he is

  71. Lincoln KE

    Lincoln KEPrije mjesec

    Kenyans yeey😂😂 angusha like joh

  72. Bats Clan

    Bats ClanPrije mjesec

    He dropped his head a lot didn’t play the right way for us yes he was good and scored a lot but every time he made a mistake he’d get frustrated and forget his role which has led to counters or missed chances I believe he would’ve done a lot better if he didn’t leave peps team

  73. Calum Walker

    Calum WalkerPrije mjesec

    Makes me sick every time I see him in Bayern shirt

  74. YouNgdoGz

    YouNgdoGzPrije mjesec

    A great loss to Man City ofcourse... He has already won the champions league without even playing the game at bayern that season... Funny enough he won the champion league with bayern before Man City anyways😂😂.

  75. Mfana Ndhlovu

    Mfana NdhlovuPrije mjesec

    Good player dat boy

  76. Black Pharaoh

    Black PharaohPrije mjesec

    Now we have an inconsistent mahrez, sad we lost him and now he's slowly turning into a bench boy at bayern, such a waste,

  77. Wino Punk

    Wino PunkPrije mjesec

    He was inconsistent, only helped defend when he felt like it and was a mardy little tosser and now sits on Bayern’s bench iso of city’s. So no great loss, talented for sure but not enough to allow him to disrupt the squad.

  78. Daniel a

    Daniel aPrije mjesec

    Sane always confused me - such a great player but he often lost the ball too easily. We have missed him on the counter attack since he left. But, if he wanted to leave there was no use keeping him. I wish him the best in the rest of his career - will always be a top player in my book.

  79. Saurav Lamichhane

    Saurav LamichhanePrije mjesec

    No regret😊

  80. Yanni Slav

    Yanni SlavPrije mjesec

    When coaches ruin talented players because they have other options, Guardiola has plenty! He didn't want to be wasted and made a good choice not to stay at MC, look at him now settled and loving where he is!

  81. Rohit R

    Rohit RPrije mjesec

    Not really. He is not an automatic starter at Bayern. Sane himself told that Pep was instrumental in his development and this was after he left City. He was not the finished product at City. While Sterling tracked back and helped defend, Sane used to stroll back and only used his fast pace during attacking play.

  82. Santanu Phukan

    Santanu PhukanPrije mjesec

    I think that the problem was also that City did not have any senior football gods to guide him which bayern has with lewandowski, Muller and neuer. Along with guys like kimmich, coman and goretzka to egg him on. Sterling and Co are best, no doubt about it. But, I just don't feel them putting in the work. Maybe, it's the crazy legwork that bayern players put in the field.

  83. City Slacker

    City SlackerPrije mjesec

    He had plenty of senior leadership. He had Vincent Kompany, David Silva and even Pablo Zabaleta. And if you don't think Kompany and Silva are as comparable, then your mental. I'm happy for him wherever he is, but he had a fair shot at City and didn't make the most of it. He was very immature for his age and it kept giving him trouble. Same with the national team. Not getting every start at Bayern has helped push him to compete, just as he had to at City.

  84. Paul Wilson

    Paul WilsonPrije 2 mjeseci

    Torres is an upgrade.

  85. D.B.D Alex

    D.B.D AlexPrije mjesec

    upgrade on the bench

  86. D

    DPrije 2 mjeseci

    I think people didn’t actually understand How good Sane actually was at city. Sterling Aguero and Sane 🥶

  87. rlmross

    rlmrossPrije 2 mjeseci

    Look at him now... lighting up the bundesliga...

  88. Amel Alibasic

    Amel AlibasicPrije 2 mjeseci

    He is not doing any better at Byern..So if you wanna go you go::))

  89. barbaro Helm

    barbaro HelmPrije 2 mjeseci

    Pep treats his players like babies if your a man you dont need that shit . Heard leroy had a problem with the sports washing going on as well.

  90. Rohit R

    Rohit RPrije mjesec

    Absolute horseshit about the sport washing. That wasn't even a rumor. Where do you get these tabloid nonsense? Lol

  91. That Guy P

    That Guy PPrije 2 mjeseci

    Shame really, he’ll never reach his full potential always being on the bench, that said there’s a reason he’s been on the bench at MCFC and at Bayern. Clearly there are issues with his attitude or his application for him still to be on the bench every other week at the age of 25 years old.

  92. That Guy P

    That Guy PPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Jonas that’s all well and good but then his ceiling obviously isn’t as high as everyone makes out then if he’s “more of a rotation player” at 25 years old.

  93. Jonas

    JonasPrije 2 mjeseci

    Tbf he was and is more of a rotation player

  94. Jason Big

    Jason BigPrije 2 mjeseci

    Sane didnot want to stay mainly because his new contract on the desk gets far less pay than Sterling while his scoring record was same or even better. Sterling’s greediness cost Man City more than just his overpaid salary, but Sane. And he will ask more money and cause more dissatisfaction to other players when he runs out his current contract.

  95. Jason Big

    Jason BigPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Jimmy Dimmy taking about knowledge of City, you are top! Spot on.

  96. Jason Big

    Jason BigPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Naema Jamal why are you so sure that is a lie??? This video is all about speculating what happened to Sane and what is in Sane’s head, is it not? Unless you are Sane, you cannot speak for him, lady.

  97. Jimmy Dimmy

    Jimmy DimmyPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Naema Jamal the analysis makes perfect sense, the agent of Sterling played a game and City fell for it. With only a bit more than one year left on his contract, and Pep loved him, City has little choice but renew the contract with Sterling for that salary. looking at his performance this season, I can hardly say this salary is justified. Not only Sane, any other player can be unhappy. So i won’t say it is a lie, the analysis makes sense. Anyway, only Sane know what happened, so any analysis could be correct or could be bullshit.

  98. Naema Jamal

    Naema JamalPrije 2 mjeseci

    Lies! All lies!

  99. YoungMalcolm.20

    YoungMalcolm.20Prije 2 mjeseci

    How Bayern didn’t get penalized for the way they harassed Sane is unbelievable

  100. YoungMalcolm.20

    YoungMalcolm.20Prije 2 mjeseci

    Sane is an asshole, that’s why he left

  101. Rory

    RoryPrije 2 mjeseci

    Love sane gutted to see him go

  102. Dominik

    DominikPrije 2 mjeseci

    Alle Deutschen: Leroy Sané Alle Engländer: Leroy Sahne

  103. Duronta Joy

    Duronta JoyPrije 2 mjeseci

    I dont think sane established him as a star player in byern may be yes or may ne no

  104. Daidi Fanta

    Daidi FantaPrije 2 mjeseci

    I miss him. Why did he have to leave and not Mahrez ffs

  105. M A

    M APrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm a man United fan but Sane on his day is as electric as Sadio Mane going down the wing. He is a better finisher and footballer than sterling in my opinion

  106. Rohit R

    Rohit RPrije mjesec

    Yes he was, but only for short intervals of time. Sane was more of an impact player. He is at his best when opposition defenders are tired and he can run at them with pace. Whenever he started for City, he was poor and his contribution was limited. He will be known for his goals against Liverpool, but those performances are the ones in which he came off bench..

  107. lengandsweet

    lengandsweetPrije 2 mjeseci

    I miss Leroy sane now he’s at Bayern Munich he’s super star but he’s not doing at Bayern Munich at the moment I thought he would kill straight away

  108. lengandsweet

    lengandsweetPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Jonas I thought he was calling at Bayern Munich

  109. Jonas

    JonasPrije 2 mjeseci

    As a Bayern fan I expected more of him tbh. Sometimes you can see his talent (f.e his goals against Salzburg or Dortmund in der Klassiker) but overall he lacks many things. Often losing the ball, bad decisions and bad dribblings

  110. Niele160

    Niele160Prije 2 mjeseci

    I'm in awe this dude correctly pronounced De Bruyne. Well, almost correcly, but it was very close!

  111. Francis Kyombo

    Francis KyomboPrije 2 mjeseci

    I become disappointed when he left coz I like gurdiora success though lam a fan of onother team.

  112. Francis Kyombo

    Francis KyomboPrije 2 mjeseci

    Gurdiora he posses many players of the same character in his ability he tried the best but the player he was eager to back home.

  113. Finlay Anderson

    Finlay AndersonPrije 2 mjeseci

    I love how now he is being subbed on and subbed off in the same game for bayern now

  114. mcnell311

    mcnell311Prije 2 mjeseci

    Is Sane not in good for this year?

  115. Leungogolekanye

    LeungogolekanyePrije 2 mjeseci

    Me to

  116. Camilo Espinazo

    Camilo EspinazoPrije 2 mjeseci

    I absolutely LOVE this guy, what a shame what happened

  117. Nesuno

    NesunoPrije 2 mjeseci

    This video is only 3 moths old, but it already did not aged well. Sane is now a guy who comes in in 23rd minute just to be taken off in 60th. That's how terrible he is atm. This is not a Bayern mentality type of player. I give him a maybe one more season before his sold/loaned out.

  118. 90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdam

    90MinutenLangVoorOnzeClubUitAmsterdamPrije 2 mjeseci

    Guardiola is really not that best coach in the world as some people say, when he started as coach of the FC Barcelona tikitaka-team he took over from what Frank Rijkaard started building and to make it easier the team had names like Messi Xavi Iniesta Henri Eto'o Toure Alves Puyol.

  119. Watscz Schwein

    Watscz SchweinPrije 2 mjeseci

    Leroy was a brilliant player for City and the Sané, Agüero, Sterling forward combo was absolutely terrifying for defenders. His loss to City is the equivalent of losing Mané on the left wing for LiVARpool, but City are cracking on after losing Sané and Silva, two brilliant players in quick succession. Does speak volumes of Pep's abilities as a manager. Well done City, well done Pep, and all the best to you Sané