Arsenal vs Man Utd | 3-0 | 1998/99 [HQ]

Arsenal vs Manchester United - Extended Highlights
1998/1999 Premier League


  1. Dave Spagnol

    Dave SpagnolPrije 14 dana

    Two assists by Stephen Hughes. He was rarely going to get a chance once Petit and Overmars established themselves in the team and was sold. But he was a very tidy left-footed midfield player.

  2. Al Phillips

    Al PhillipsPrije 19 dana

    Yeah thats just TYPICAL of Beckham! Has those WACKO episodes when he loses it. Thats what happens when you get caught up with your own image. You think your SPECIAL when ur NOT.

  3. fckinlovedaftpunk1

    fckinlovedaftpunk1Prije mjesec

    Fuck me viera was different gravy

  4. Desire Dean Matabane

    Desire Dean MatabanePrije mjesec

    Back when a playstation cost £99.99

  5. Nick H

    Nick HPrije mjesec

    We sacked Wenger and everything went to Pot... It was on the slide but never this bad.

  6. J S

    J SPrije mjesec

    Why Giggs up front instead of cole? Bad decision. Cant do that at highbury with a midfield battle.

  7. S. ab

    S. abPrije mjesec

    With modern style of training and advanced fitness facilities available, this Arsenal team would have been as dangerous as Pep's Barcelona.


    PASQUALE SIROPrije mjesec

    Questa squadra mi piaceva tantissimo io tifavo per arsenal

  9. Pikado Marley

    Pikado MarleyPrije mjesec

    Heey that Arsenal number 16 called hughes was actually top😯 daaamn he can play

  10. fareed hassan

    fareed hassanPrije 2 mjeseci

    When betting company didn't exist to fuck up this beautiful game

  11. Gar lorn

    Gar lornPrije 2 mjeseci

    The start of Ljungberg at Arsenal. Often overlooked but boy, what a player and what a Arsenal career.

  12. CD DB

    CD DBPrije 2 mjeseci

    ManUtd beat this Arsenal team that season basically 3 times in the FAcup. First game finished 0-0 RoyKeane scored a perfectly legitimate goal wrongly disallowed went to a Semi-final replay again ManUtd took the lead (another brilliant goal) and were cruising until a Bergkamp deflected lucky goal made it 1-1 so ManUtd had to win it all over again in extra time, with 10men let's not forget as RoyKeane was sent off before the end of normal time. Then an iconic goal from Giggs won ManUtd the tie.

  13. Tini Sutini

    Tini SutiniPrije 3 mjeseci

    Oxone imjoc tuk benget cokor

  14. John Lunyamila

    John LunyamilaPrije 3 mjeseci

    Arsenal still receiving similar fucked up treatments from the referees 200 yrs later.

  15. adnan ahmed

    adnan ahmedPrije 3 mjeseci

    16:38 to 16:43...thats some real football

  16. Rakha Restu

    Rakha RestuPrije 3 mjeseci

    Miss old Arsenal from man UTD fans indonesia

  17. Sinnerman II

    Sinnerman IIPrije 3 mjeseci

    We were better than United in 99. It still hurts that we didn’t have the medals to show for it.

  18. Gfresh844

    Gfresh844Prije 3 mjeseci

    United were better... The table doesn't lie.

  19. Jasen Wright

    Jasen WrightPrije 4 mjeseci

    Did Roy Keane bite anyone?

  20. Qaria Sana Rasheed

    Qaria Sana RasheedPrije 4 mjeseci


  21. Qaria Sana Rasheed

    Qaria Sana RasheedPrije 4 mjeseci

    nicky butt after getting sent off .What did i do?

  22. Definite Nyoni

    Definite NyoniPrije 4 mjeseci

    The Beckham remark, the Dixon remark 🤣🤣🤣 He's quite a lenient referee Mr. Barber 😂

  23. Definite Nyoni

    Definite NyoniPrije 4 mjeseci

    Schmeichel. What a Red LEGEND

  24. Definite Nyoni

    Definite NyoniPrije 4 mjeseci

    I love this commentator 🤣🤣

  25. Theoperisos Seleky

    Theoperisos SelekyPrije 4 mjeseci


  26. sibabrata dutta gupta

    sibabrata dutta guptaPrije 4 mjeseci

    Anelka, Bermkamp. Overmos and Viera.. wth Adams at the back this team can beat anyone.. not sure how they failed to win any European Cup

  27. Qaasim Macruuf

    Qaasim MacruufPrije 4 mjeseci

    Arsenal fan Top Arsenal

  28. G Mitrovic

    G MitrovicPrije 4 mjeseci

    There was far more intesity to football in this period compared today. The game was so much more physical and the crowds more volatile. The premier league has become a very soulless and sanitised version of what it used to be.

  29. Minh Suông Trương

    Minh Suông TrươngPrije 4 mjeseci

    Viet nam anh hung Trung my anh hung Habeger lam kho fuson wa

  30. Russell Jones

    Russell JonesPrije 4 mjeseci

    They were the days...

  31. Paramarta Iganp

    Paramarta IganpPrije 4 mjeseci

    United fan here. May we both return to our 90s and ‘00s level. I used to be terrified everytime we go to Highbury back then. I miss our rivalry so bad and now we’re the laughing stock of the internet.

  32. Gunawan Hutagalung

    Gunawan HutagalungPrije 5 mjeseci

    miss the moment

  33. Mukuye Shamran

    Mukuye ShamranPrije 6 mjeseci

    As man utd fan we survived Highbury.. arsenal used to tear us

  34. Michale gg

    Michale ggPrije 8 mjeseci

    Arsenal ARESENAL

  35. Vaest Kusten

    Vaest KustenPrije 8 mjeseci

    Good ol' High'bryyyyyy

  36. duncan ochieng

    duncan ochiengPrije 9 mjeseci

    I've watched the games Anelka played at Arsenal,he wasn't that a complete striker then,I think he matured after leaving Arsenal.

  37. The Don

    The DonPrije 9 mjeseci

    Commentator was brilliant

  38. Stinga mi name nuh chat

    Stinga mi name nuh chatPrije 9 mjeseci

    Back in the dayz arsenal

  39. kash Bamba

    kash BambaPrije 9 mjeseci

    Nicolas Anelka was top class for his age

  40. Osman Sam

    Osman SamPrije 9 mjeseci

    Anelka alone missed 4 goals we were elite back then COYG

  41. rinremruat xuala ralte

    rinremruat xuala raltePrije 10 mjeseci

    Till now(2020) i still hate Roy Keane.

  42. wada koli

    wada koliPrije 11 mjeseci

    when arsenal was arsenal

  43. Ht Fanai

    Ht FanaiPrije 11 mjeseci

    C'mon Gunner go go

  44. Paul Mummery

    Paul MummeryPrije 11 mjeseci

    Who put that poxy plastic badge on here. Have some respect for our history. UTG


    BÂTI-CONSEILSPrije 11 mjeseci

    When Goonners were still Goonners...

  46. Richard Creasey

    Richard CreaseyPrije 11 mjeseci

    I know Henry went to be out greatest ever player, but I absolutely loved Anelka. His partnership with Bergkamp has amazing memories for me.

  47. Richard Creasey

    Richard CreaseyPrije 11 mjeseci

    "Excellent interception from the ageless Lee Dixon".....he was 34.

  48. SuperConnie

    SuperConniePrije 11 mjeseci

    No Aw comes out and say "we left our soul at Highbury". What a cop out

  49. Abdo vitamins

    Abdo vitaminsPrije 11 mjeseci

    Wow , when Arsenal had had a team!

  50. Brahim Mikhici

    Brahim MikhiciPrije godine


  51. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    I could've reacted but Arsenal always had been my priority to win hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  52. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    Too often to loose doesn't happen pretty often to beat my opponents is football.

  53. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    David Beckham scares me in set-pieces as known for as Ayari Rachid eligible to change the clash up-side-down as Pride of London Ayari always is as pride comes alone.

  54. Osasu John

    Osasu JohnPrije godine

    Just imagine now signing players as course to our generation. 220m/100m/90/80/70/ before Coronavirus strike it would have been 300,000,000m signs.🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

  55. Osasu John

    Osasu JohnPrije godine

    12m signing then. Now is a wombs signing of course of Coronavirus. After Coronavirus let see theirs fake signing up ball. Shameless sign

  56. Keagan Kirugo

    Keagan KirugoPrije godine

    Seaman is making David Beckham's efforts look like child's play. 😁

  57. Noid111

    Noid111Prije godine

    That was disgraceful thuggery from Beckham and Keane. Absolute shithousery.

  58. Vũ Đặng Duy

    Vũ Đặng DuyPrije godine


  59. Nick P

    Nick PPrije godine

    Stephen Hughes, what an underrated player?

  60. Devito 1993

    Devito 1993Prije godine

    Thanks Arsenal for whooping United ass in this game. You boosted their confidence to go and do The Treble 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. GOLAZO

    GOLAZOPrije 6 mjeseci

    Most over rated achievement ever. Won the league by a point. Shouldve lost the Fa Cup as Bergkamp missed a last minute pen and scored two Stoppage time goals in CL final. Shouldve lost ghat aswell

  62. Arsenal FC

    Arsenal FCPrije godine

    at 8:50 for a moment i thought i was watching maitland-niles and mustafi lol

  63. AJ’s World 🌍

    AJ’s World 🌍Prije godine

    Look at the power and aggression of Arsenal! Wenger clearly lost his way over the years with this stupid obsession with possession football.

  64. CrossGun DR7

    CrossGun DR7Prije godine

    I'll never forget this game, we rubbed that great Man Utd teams face in their own shit.

  65. blur991

    blur991Prije godine

    this game. bleeding heck i had just spend 7 months studying in the UK, came home, graduated school and watched this game down in DC where i think i had to pay 10$ to get in and watch it! worth every nickel!

  66. Sal Seventyseven

    Sal SeventysevenPrije godine

    What ever happened to Stephen Hughes?

  67. Sachchit Kelkar

    Sachchit KelkarPrije godine

    I see how anelka was sold😶🙄

  68. Sachchit Kelkar

    Sachchit KelkarPrije godine

    "and remarkably, the referee has taken no action against either player" man utd scum summed up in one line

  69. CD DB

    CD DBPrije mjesec

    Butt was sent off for Vieira diving as per usual and Ljungberg's goal was offside....Arsenal like scoring illegal goals against offside brace from Thierry Henry in April 2003, Adebayor with his hand at OldTrafford 2008 and so many more...

  70. Wisdom Honesty

    Wisdom HonestyPrije godine

    Highbury was indeed home of Arsenal

  71. Zennor_man

    Zennor_manPrije godine

    Had to laugh when Utd had to rely on a Beckham punt in the first sad that Man U a once fine team had been reduced to this performance...

  72. dan taylor

    dan taylorPrije godine

    This SHOULD have been 6-0, Arsenal had so many chances

  73. talk sense

    talk sensePrije godine

    15:18 fuckin disgusting on the young Hughes..

  74. Ben Hicks

    Ben HicksPrije godine

    The debut of an underrated Arsenal legend. Freddie :)

  75. Abdikadir Kaskey

    Abdikadir KaskeyPrije godine

    what a r game

  76. Yax

    YaxPrije godine

    2:25 Dixon plays simple pass that my nan could've played "excellent ball to Parlour"

  77. Patrick Maina

    Patrick MainaPrije godine

    Miss those days,hope this will happen again soon.

  78. geb red

    geb redPrije godine

    Wenger inherited talented players and together they became great.... Players that were not replaced from this match prspkt Tony Adam's, Patrick veira, Dennis Bergkamp, Martin Kewon.

  79. thechef86

    thechef86Prije godine

    That thumbnail lol 😂👍

  80. BIG Dave

    BIG DavePrije godine

    Arsenal was the only club to fight Manure's fire with fire. Of course the FA (Ferguson Arselickers) gave Arsenal the stigma of the dirty team, whilst "Golden balls" Beckham and co were kicking the shit out of people every weekend.

  81. Anthony Lalruatpuia

    Anthony LalruatpuiaPrije godine

    This was the time when Gunners were men, not a mere fashion fanatics.

  82. Addi Law

    Addi LawPrije godine

    Why is it we always do this to ManU 🥴🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  83. Terry07

    Terry07Prije godine

    The good old days

  84. Ansis 87

    Ansis 87Prije godine

    Woww. My arsenal. Love it

  85. Bui Doi

    Bui DoiPrije godine

    Considering neither Keane or Beckham was even booked, Butt was unlucky to be sent off.

  86. mukomuk ko

    mukomuk koPrije godine

    The only reason butt got red card is because he is not that famous like keane & beckham

  87. Muhd Syamil

    Muhd SyamilPrije godine

    Miss highbury man.

  88. Tito Guevara

    Tito GuevaraPrije godine

    Highbury was a religious stadium of all of us lucky enough to felt the connection between the teracess,pitch,players,Arsene and Arsenal.Such a shame replacing the temple with a shooping mall,we lost the atmosphere and a soul.COYG

  89. jeannot schumacher

    jeannot schumacherPrije 18 dana

    first game against pool in 1992. bang...hooked

  90. MilesAnastasios87

    MilesAnastasios87Prije godine

    Seaman was the best in the world during 96-99.

  91. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus GarciaPrije godine

    Great football ⚽!!. Man city was not even born yet.

  92. foday david mansaray

    foday david mansarayPrije godine

    We were a better team but hopefully we are gradually getting there with Mikel Arteta

  93. Michael Eastman

    Michael EastmanPrije godine

    We never really replaced Vieira did we.

  94. G Mitrovic

    G MitrovicPrije 4 mjeseci

    How do you replace a player like that? Almost impossible.

  95. Bonny Bonny

    Bonny BonnyPrije godine

    Vieira = Pace, Strength, Height, Vision, Skill, Leadership, Tough. Very few players are as complete as him.

  96. Bonny Bonny

    Bonny BonnyPrije godine

    Back when Arsenal had really huge personalities. Damn. Vieira is a rolemodel to all upcoming central midfielders. Nobody has ever played that role better at Arsenal.

  97. Jordan Brock

    Jordan BrockPrije godine

    He left almost 16-17 years ago and we still haven’t come close to replacing him. Gilberto Silva was probably the last person we had who could do some of what Vieira would do.

  98. Nishio Shigure

    Nishio ShigurePrije godine

    Exciting match of football, unlike today's where they spam crosses for 90 minutes.

  99. Tom Bowers

    Tom BowersPrije godine

    15:12 Even a disabled person knew that was a red

  100. ђτ૯¡ท l¡ท

    ђτ૯¡ท l¡ทPrije godine

    Look at the steel simple play

  101. Iceman90

    Iceman90Prije godine

    George Graham’s defence with Wenger’s technique, pace and attacking flair plus Dennis Bergkamp...awesome

  102. Iceman90

    Iceman90Prije godine

    This is the best Arsenal team ever for me. Even better than the invincibles. The defence was untouchable. We deserved to win the double again that season. The FA Cup loss against United killed us

  103. David Williams

    David WilliamsPrije godine

    Keane didn't commit an offence, Beckham absolutely stamped card...OFF

  104. Hosting Options

    Hosting OptionsPrije godine

    "now this is prime David beckam territory" lol david seamsn knows him too well

  105. Valentino Rosilit The DOGtor

    Valentino Rosilit The DOGtorPrije godine

    Walaupun arsenal sudah di curangin, sudah di provokasi, sudah di red card tetep aja MUnyuk g bs apa2, skor akhir memang 0-0 tapi buat w Arsenal pemenangnya

  106. Ty One

    Ty OnePrije godine

    Premier League has never found players as good as Adams, Vieira, Bergkamp, Stam, Keane and Giggs!