Robin van Persie 2004/05 - The Young Pretender

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije mjesec

    Reuploaded due to copyrights, should be ok now hopefully. The first of 04/05 compilations to come, a look at RvP's first season at Arsenal. Hope you enjoy! Songs: Kelis - Trick Me, Danny Brown - Grown Up If you want to support my channel, and see more Arsenal full matches and compilations, check out my Patreon

  2. souster98

    souster98Prije mjesec

    @lipakj just cropped a couple of clips more as UEFA autostriked them, completely the same video

  3. lipakj

    lipakjPrije mjesec

    Thank you for reuploading. What is the difference between this and the old one? Just music?

  4. Adam

    AdamPrije 15 dana

    What a treat

  5. Atef Dridi #32

    Atef Dridi #32Prije 19 dana

    Great video but the music choice wasn't on point tbh.

  6. Mohd Yusof

    Mohd YusofPrije 22 dana

    Amazing season debut

  7. kgeedi

    kgeediPrije 29 dana

    Yooo. Stupendously rare footage. Young RvP was so smooth.

  8. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije 20 dana

    @deadly dimitar Berbatov? 😂😂😂

  9. deadly dimitar

    deadly dimitarPrije 24 dana

    young berbatov a far better striker but rvp would have green in a 442 with a guy like drogba or henry

  10. Mukuye Shamran

    Mukuye ShamranPrije mjesec

    The left leg

  11. Michael Williams

    Michael WilliamsPrije mjesec

    My first ever Arsenal match was that 2-2- against Southampton with RVP scoring the last second equalizer. Will always have a soft spot for him for making sure my debut match wasn't a disaster.

  12. KIRK

    KIRKPrije mjesec

    Mr snake

  13. Tips mc gee

    Tips mc geePrije mjesec

    Was amazing that season

  14. Krissy M

    Krissy MPrije mjesec


  15. Francis Dubem

    Francis DubemPrije 13 dana

    Oh get over it ! He wanted to win rather than play for losers.

  16. KIRK

    KIRKPrije 26 dana

    @no.fourteen not full owner though

  17. no.fourteen

    no.fourteenPrije 26 dana

    @KIRK Kroneke became majority shareholder at Arsenal in 2011, so he did have a lot of power

  18. Sean Johansen

    Sean JohansenPrije mjesec

    Leaving to join United was of course grim for us, but that kind of transfer wasn't unheard of and he did end up winning the league that very season, so I couldn't hold that against him *too* much. Lost all respect for him however when he went on BT Sport and was basically given free reign to spout complete bs about leaving because we were 'bored of him' and didn't want to offer him a new contract. Absolute tool.

  19. Krissy M

    Krissy MPrije mjesec

    @Jack Webb Van Persie is bad man