Behind the Scenes of a Forces Perspective Trick #Shorts

Let me know if you want me to post more Behind the Scenes videos. #shorts


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  3. TheLegend_Gamer

    TheLegend_GamerPrije 5 sati

    I just am baffled by what I have seen

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    Jamison SilvaPrije 11 sati

    Muito bom

  5. トビラ。。

    トビラ。。Prije dan


  6. Mikey

    MikeyPrije dan

    Everyone thinking its edit:

  7. joel nathaniel macaraeg

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    The only magician who revelas his tricks

  8. Shaka Ohana

    Shaka OhanaPrije dan

    That’s how they did Elf. Really cool

  9. •h a p p y d a y s•

    •h a p p y d a y s•Prije dan

    I saw the floor cut?

  10. Koala plays games

    Koala plays gamesPrije dan

    What the heck is this I thought Zack King did real magic even to this day my life is a lie

  11. cool skyangel

    cool skyangelPrije 2 dana

    Espero que esto "inspire" a la gente a qué se lave el hocico para que no lo tenga igual que ella

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    Me and Lady dimitrescu eating Dinner:

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    Hey guys I make HRhave vids and they are decent, just asking for a little bit of support I guess :) R2 500 subs !!

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    You can see his hands went inside the table when he was grabbing the spoon, anyone can say that it is camera set to different angle just by looking at the tilted chairs

  15. seriousツ

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    Wow is cool

  16. Chathurka Madhushan

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    Oh this guy haha wow what happened to him and what’s his name again? It’s been ages


    XAVIER JOHN ABADPrije 2 dana

    Not to joke but I can see where he sits the lighting is different so I see he accomplished to do it in the first part

  19. Beee Bybe

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    Haha his small

  20. vadim subbotin

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    Uber trippie stuff here man

  21. Icha Utami

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    Where did the food in the plate go..

  22. xianflora

    xianfloraPrije 3 dana

    This is why I like his videos they don't rely too much on video editing effects they actually make a lot of effort just to film a few seconds of video.

  23. coolfox1234

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    Did you know I'm actually part of his video I'm one of the cameraman's

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    Hobbits also was shot like that

  26. Kanashibari

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    You can kind of see where the clean plate comes in on this one

  27. runner free

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    下の画面は正面から取ってほしかったな 段差が丸見え

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    How did he take a piece of food from that plate?? 🤔

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    Lo sabia

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    Finally after 2 hours of searching, a good HRhave Short

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    So stupid how he cheats and edits everything he does 😂😂

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    The bts made it more complicated

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    lol XD

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    Just when you think you understand it, he gets out the fork! 😯

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    Why Dino hate this guy sooooo much?

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    He’s done better

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    That me to my friends #short

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    브금 뭐냐고 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    Now that is real 😳


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    Deja de jugar con mi mente

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    Hahahahahah i love zach king

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    Please stop! We get it! Computers can do a lot


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    Ish budhiya ko baby kese bolta hai

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    Вот как, монтаж топ

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    @sasukema0722 これ使ってんだ…

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    I’m still confused

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    I thought I blocked you...

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    Omg 😂 thanks for this clip I enjoyed 👍💯🙏

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    Fuimos timados, Fuimos envaraquiñados Eso ni siquiera existe pero concuerdo contigo

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    0:09 I can see the masking

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    WTF? Eat

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    I feel like a monster😑🤨

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    Nossa aaaaa não sabia que era asim

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    Мы его расскрыли😅


    FUTBOL PARA TODOSPrije 9 dana

    Manera 8,903,224 de cagar a la gente

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    This is actually hard to set up.


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    Gostei gostei muito 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

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    I can't believe I've been watching him since the cat vids

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    Ohh my 😂😂 how did I not see the top

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    I knew it was alway a lie

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    Took me a while 😂

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    Zach king is the living mysterio

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    qaseh sofiea sallehPrije 10 dana that is the behind the scence...

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    Was he fakeing 😧

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    Finally I can have inner peace now✌️🤣

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    My childhood is destroyed

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    I love these good job

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    Am I the only one who watches the vid more than once

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    Please don't ever post anything again, get a real job and contribute to society

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    Are you contibuting to society by writing this comment?

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    I would have never known

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    Look at all this effort... yeah

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    the shadow tells everything


    SNOWYPLAYS YTPrije 11 dana

    Im still confused and hes literally showing us how he did it anyone else feel the same here or just me

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    SGS belgelendirme ve en önemlisi idjdşsks çok güzel bir sesin

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    Hope you don't get paid for this garbage

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    And u call him magician ? He is just video editor

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    Yes and he earns more money than half of the magicians out there.

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    zaaaaaack zaaaaaaack aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Stop. Exposing. Yourself lol

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    the real MVP is the guy in the back

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    I don't know why but when he went to go sit down it made me think of ant man when he was stuck as a child

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    브금듣고 가재맨밖에 생각이 안나노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    How did you even get the thing from the plate. I rewatched this like 17 times

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    GF and BF from FNF be like when they on a date:

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    The camera angle makes it look real

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    I don't know what the f is going on here lol. Would be a cool house to shroom in tho

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