NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | February 23, 2021

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from February 23, featuring John Collins, Will Barton, Bradley Beal and MORE!
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    Just when the world needed him

  4. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyPrije mjesec

    Just when the world needed him

  5. Dean Shepherd

    Dean ShepherdPrije mjesec

    Oz hadn't got a wizard that good and it's well understood 🧨

  6. KC Peter

    KC PeterPrije mjesec

    I could listen to thos guy for hours

  7. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPrije mjesec

    so much better than the other commentators

  8. xXClutchXx

    xXClutchXxPrije mjesec

    The goat is back

  9. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiPrije mjesec

    That was back to back step back with a buzzer beater.

  10. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPrije mjesec

    Just when the world needed him

  11. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyPrije mjesec

    goatmentator or bust

  12. Kebijaksanaan Praktis

    Kebijaksanaan PraktisPrije mjesec

    1:57 With the game on the line You know it's a Luka time He wears number seventy seven And it's a straight shot a basketball heaven The kids still twenty one And for that shot, he is number one On cut

  13. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije mjesec

    The only reason why I watch these highlights is to only hear Goatmentator spitting his bars. Finally!

  14. Andres M. Mendez

    Andres M. MendezPrije mjesec

    Lucas Doncin one of a kind

  15. Andres M. Mendez

    Andres M. MendezPrije mjesec

    @eioshen boboi yes, you must work hard every day

  16. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPrije mjesec

    Dont take days off goat

  17. Jordan Lukombo Da Silva

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  18. Aílton Zuze

    Aílton ZuzePrije mjesec

    Best top 10 commentator

  19. Rj Cataluña

    Rj CataluñaPrije mjesec

    Music to my ears. Goatmentator!

  20. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije mjesec

    I really love how he rhyme things

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    That was back to back step back with a buzzer beater.

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  30. Aaron Webster

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    Sauce walka talking ass 😂😂😂😂

  31. Ghedneil Dagalea

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    Goatmentator was clutch at the end of the video.

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  37. Remy Dharmaraj

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    Goatmentator should be being payed double what the other commentators are payed

  38. Victor Pintó

    Victor PintóPrije mjesec

    Gangstarr "who got guns" rip off beat

  39. Chris Coursey

    Chris CourseyPrije mjesec

    Number one should have had whole sequence of Doncic hitting back to back step back threes.

  40. Renato Digay Jr.

    Renato Digay Jr.Prije mjesec

    Hey NBA, we need this commentator in every Top 10 plays video.

  41. Munk

    MunkPrije mjesec

    Nice to see Lamar Stevens getting clutch time minutes, still remember that monster dunk he had against Denver that got 0 coverage

  42. joeman

    joemanPrije mjesec

    That voice 😭

  43. Joshua Cecil

    Joshua CecilPrije mjesec

    "Works a little left, then works a little right, then he hits the gas and decides to take flight! Oz ain't got a Wizard this good and that's well understood!" HOW DOES HE COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!?

  44. Jan Miller De La Cruz

    Jan Miller De La CruzPrije mjesec

    Oz had got a wizard this good and thats well understood!! Sttraight fiya!

  45. Christopher Garcia

    Christopher GarciaPrije mjesec

    Goatmentator actin like a soothsayer on these weekday player recaps!

  46. Surtssword

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    'Treatin' Davis like a novice', the Goatmentator at work

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  49. Matt _

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    Return of the King

  50. Pheng Moua

    Pheng MouaPrije mjesec

    I don’t even watch the top 10 unless the goatmentator is talking

  51. Ivan Bundalian

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    It keeps getting better

  52. SuperNASCARrocks

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    GOATmentator is back.

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  77. Joshua Park

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    Luka Magic Once Again!!!!!

  78. K Smith

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  79. nhlakanipho kunene

    nhlakanipho kunenePrije mjesec

    I like how all the comments are about the Goatmentator and nothing about the actual top 10 😂😂🔥

  80. Todd K Awana

    Todd K AwanaPrije mjesec

    This commentator puts redbull on his cornflakes, huh?

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  87. Makoy

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    NBA Top 10 got me at '9 games on a Tuesday night' as the goatmentator takes flight

  88. Bink Olney

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    your rap style rhymes suck

  89. Efren Godoy

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    jajajajaja son los mejores top ten que he escuchado you rock bro!

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  96. Minotaurius

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    The NBA has never seen load management quite like what we have seen the last few months with GOATmentator. So glad he is back, love to start my day watching these. Love them even more when it's the GOAT doing what he does best.

  97. Solid South Locals

    Solid South LocalsPrije mjesec

    Goatmentator where hv u been 😍

  98. 77팝콘

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  101. Ziv Penso

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    Goatmentator gold.....Nobody even close to the man.

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  107. RaptorFromThe6IX

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  109. Piotr Stępień

    Piotr StępieńPrije mjesec

    Finally the GOATmentator is back!!!

  110. Captain Trechabomb

    Captain TrechabombPrije mjesec

    Number 2 was the easiest game winning bucket I've ever seen

  111. Daafeli

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    Just leave the commentators off please

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  113. benny Benitez

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    RETURN OF THE 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  115. Bert Francis

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    The Goat was dealing with Brady and Jordan and now has the keys..... Welcome back