Everton recorded a long overdue win at Anfield in the 238th Merseyside derby, with Richarlison and Gylfi Sigurdsson scoring in a 2-0 win over city rivals Liverpool.
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  1. TheCouch

    TheCouchPrije 3 dana

    how is this not our most liked video hahah

  2. Patrick Chestnutt

    Patrick ChestnuttPrije 13 dana

    Come on toffees

  3. Sharks Di Maria

    Sharks Di MariaPrije 17 dana

    Pickford was a brickwall on this day....his saves were so classic🙌🙌

  4. johny ditch

    johny ditchPrije 26 dana

    alex arnold should of been sent off, referee bottled it the corrupt scum bag

  5. Ryan Navickas

    Ryan NavickasPrije 27 dana

    That referee had the biggest set of bollocks giving that pen after being told to go look at the monitor by the shithouses in VAR, well done to u sir! Thats proper refereeing

  6. hazzabazzatunic

    hazzabazzatunicPrije mjesec

    Listen now, the fucking blues in Europe next year. That's what we need. The higher, the better. Let's just fucking qualify no matter what.

  7. Williamcervantess1959@gmail.com Cervantes

    Williamcervantess1959@gmail.com CervantesPrije mjesec

    Repasando la jugada me parece cada vez más hermosa y claro por la esquisita parada del balón por Sir James y luego el pase que Richar convierte en gol...realmente fantástico ese momento. Ojalá continúen así comprendiendose cada vez más con James a ver el gran récord histórico que van a hacer. !Ánimo Everton, a seguir haciendo historia.!

  8. Kevin Gill

    Kevin GillPrije mjesec

    Oh yes! COYB loved every moment (2021)

  9. Ulan Jal

    Ulan JalPrije mjesec

    Magic eyebrow

  10. xyahlah

    xyahlahPrije mjesec

    Why and how could this happen. Liverpool is the best in history😭


    REMEMBERPrije mjesec

    No dudo que richarlison va a llegar a un equipo de élite ya sea de españa o uno de Inglaterra y en un caso hipotético al Milán o inter.

  12. Javier Quintero

    Javier QuinteroPrije mjesec

    Victoria fantástica !!! Muy bien Everton !!! Muy bien James !!!

  13. Muhammad Ishaq

    Muhammad IshaqPrije mjesec

    Everton looks stronger then before .. 😬 they need to finish 4th or 3rd this time.. go toffies 👍

  14. Ливерпуль Энфилдович

    Ливерпуль ЭнфилдовичPrije mjesec

    Salah out

  15. johny ditch

    johny ditchPrije mjesec

    how was that livarpool defender not sent off the corrupt cheating piles of shit,

  16. Reodor Randers

    Reodor RandersPrije mjesec

    King is god

  17. Luca Ciarcianelli

    Luca CiarcianelliPrije mjesec

    Ancellotti will be satisfied, he has never forgotten the 1984 final, and we As Roma supporters have not forgotten the 1984 final and the 2017 semifinal.

  18. Wishva krish

    Wishva krishPrije mjesec

    Hames Rodriguez you beauty

  19. Oğuzhan Güneş

    Oğuzhan GüneşPrije mjesec

    Amazing victory of Everton

  20. Pro Gamer killer

    Pro Gamer killerPrije mjesec

    thats just SAD super goal

  21. Barranquillero Arrebatao

    Barranquillero ArrebataoPrije mjesec

    pason... de James.

  22. melvyns1975

    melvyns1975Prije mjesec

    Not only is it a stone waller its a red as well,got off lightly

  23. curo 05

    curo 05Prije mjesec

    4:01 Pickford is comeback

  24. tedson kabiru

    tedson kabiruPrije mjesec


  25. Tuesday Delaney

    Tuesday DelaneyPrije mjesec

    The Best team won The Merseyside Derby Yeah

  26. Daniel Lyapa

    Daniel LyapaPrije mjesec

    This tore me apart. 😞😞😞😞 This season has been hell.



    Te Amo Carletto

  28. covid 19

    covid 19Prije mjesec

    ever since van dijk injured liverpool lost their focus on title..

  29. Papa Beefeya

    Papa BeefeyaPrije mjesec

    After 30 years you you will win an other CUP

  30. nakishaw tonge

    nakishaw tongePrije mjesec


  31. Joshua Toledo

    Joshua ToledoPrije mjesec

    James.... the brain. Well done Sir. Buen Camino.

  32. Anders Parnefalt

    Anders ParnefaltPrije mjesec

    Member sina1975

  33. Anders Parnefalt

    Anders ParnefaltPrije mjesec

    Everton for ever

  34. Peter Whitaker

    Peter WhitakerPrije mjesec

    Onwards Evertonians don't let your pride be grooved..remember this song at wembley..when we shall not be moved!

  35. Nana Telulas

    Nana TelulasPrije mjesec

    pickford briliant 👍👍👍

  36. fgafootball

    fgafootballPrije mjesec

    144 bitter kopites so far hahahaha

  37. Rizvi Ahmed

    Rizvi AhmedPrije mjesec

    What a pass!!! The guy is James.........

  38. ANT Chanel

    ANT ChanelPrije mjesec


  39. Дауренбек Ергалиев

    Дауренбек ЕргалиевPrije mjesec

    Мал пенальти болган жокко

  40. akash limbu

    akash limbuPrije mjesec

    I like Liverpool kick off

  41. Rottweiler

    RottweilerPrije mjesec

    YNWA = You Never Win Again 😂

  42. Stanly Nyipa

    Stanly NyipaPrije mjesec


  43. risma adhayanti

    risma adhayantiPrije mjesec

    selama strikernya ambisi ke top score. gak mungkin juara. mancity tidak ada yg ambisi dan egois semua menciptakan gol. patut jadi juara

  44. Mr. Samuel Aidoo

    Mr. Samuel AidooPrije mjesec

    Can we take the time to say how useless kabak is. Wow.

  45. PaRvEz KaBiR

    PaRvEz KaBiRPrije mjesec


  46. Camilo Granados

    Camilo GranadosPrije mjesec

    James y pase gol, una gran visión de juego

  47. Khairi Arip

    Khairi AripPrije mjesec

    Stupid penaltyyy

  48. Uzainisnot Genius

    Uzainisnot GeniusPrije mjesec


  49. Lutfi Subekti

    Lutfi SubektiPrije mjesec

    I love habib Muhammad Rizieq Shihab

  50. Raul Romero

    Raul RomeroPrije mjesec

    Do not was penalty

  51. B2leave

    B2leavePrije mjesec

    That was the most ridiculous penalty I've seen in a while. TAA was sliding Calvert-Lewin and doesn't touch him at all. Then Calvert-Lewin stumbles on for three more steps and runs into TAA while he is on the floor. How is any of this the fault of TAA? There is no possible way for him to be anywhere different, unless you want defenders to stop defending. That doesn't mean the win was undeserved, of course. It just adds to Liverpool's run of bad luck over the last few months.

  52. Dede Hidayat

    Dede HidayatPrije mjesec

    How that's a penalty ?

  53. Henderon Jake

    Henderon JakePrije mjesec

    Trent kicked him

  54. Gaming Universe

    Gaming UniversePrije mjesec

    about the 15th time i’ve watched this 😂🥲

  55. Артём Хусэйн

    Артём ХусэйнPrije mjesec


  56. Gavin Cunningham

    Gavin CunninghamPrije mjesec

    How mo salah doesn't get any cards for diving is beyond me.. He's doing it infront of refs also and they just wave it on but no cards

  57. danik puji rahayu

    danik puji rahayuPrije mjesec

    No mane no party, no salah still party.

  58. Robbi Jalaludin

    Robbi JalaludinPrije mjesec

    Iful lagi ngelawak😂

  59. Chin Yen Tay

    Chin Yen TayPrije mjesec

    Mark Clattenburg: ‘’"Kavanagh spent mere seconds at his monitor. It wasn't to check whether it was a penalty - he and VAR Andre Marriner accepted it was - but whether Alexander-Arnold should be red-carded.’’

  60. Arnaldo Júnior Jiménez Vargas

    Arnaldo Júnior Jiménez VargasPrije mjesec

    James made a very similar assist to Benzema in a Clasico against Barcelona a few years ago.

  61. not minded at all

    not minded at allPrije mjesec

    Come godo..

  62. Kai Yang Jude

    Kai Yang JudePrije mjesec

    How did salah or TAA didnt get booked..... TAA should have been sent off

  63. Mark Anderson

    Mark AndersonPrije mjesec

    Carlos smile at the end says it all...

  64. AlmaVivaFilms

    AlmaVivaFilmsPrije mjesec

    James great !!

  65. JOE Bozza

    JOE BozzaPrije mjesec

    Carlo Ancelotti has never complained that he needs big name signing..He has worked hard with the players he’s got..and turned them into a good team..Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best in world football.

  66. Mau C. S.

    Mau C. S.Prije mjesec

    Very well done Everton !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  67. socma play games

    socma play gamesPrije mjesec

    The king James asist

  68. Tom cat

    Tom catPrije mjesec

    Ancelotti smile at the end priceless......

  69. lord stark

    lord starkPrije mjesec

    History will remember this as the last day NeverTop FC won a game at Anfield.

  70. Jon Woods

    Jon WoodsPrije mjesec

    And they call us bitter...

  71. RDRC RC

    RDRC RCPrije mjesec


  72. Uomo Saggio

    Uomo SaggioPrije mjesec

    Capolavoro tattico di Ancelotti. Grande Everton.

  73. Gamer Naffy

    Gamer NaffyPrije mjesec


  74. Zach Smart

    Zach SmartPrije mjesec

    Come On You Blues💙💙💙💙💙

  75. andresmandes

    andresmandesPrije mjesec

    Grandissimo Carletto!!!

  76. Chevon Keller

    Chevon KellerPrije mjesec

    There was this guy name denied by Pickford. He was brilliant today

  77. Chevon Keller

    Chevon KellerPrije mjesec

    Took about 4 minutes into the highlights to hear mane name by the commentator

  78. Franko Duarte

    Franko DuartePrije mjesec

    richarlison eh mt brabo

  79. Tom Beattie

    Tom BeattiePrije mjesec

    Dang Pickford was on 🔥

  80. Sandra De La Cruz

    Sandra De La CruzPrije mjesec

    James 💙💙💙💙💙💙💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  81. Sandra De La Cruz

    Sandra De La CruzPrije mjesec

    James Crack 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  82. Panos Malliaros

    Panos MalliarosPrije mjesec

    minamino is scoring and mr klopp is sleeping...

  83. Neil ODonnell

    Neil ODonnellPrije mjesec

    Awesome 😎

  84. Maury

    MauryPrije mjesec

    esto si es historico 21 años despues

  85. Ronald Balzac Arauz

    Ronald Balzac ArauzPrije mjesec

    Ancelotti's goal will qualify everton to the champion leage

  86. Ronald Balzac Arauz

    Ronald Balzac ArauzPrije mjesec

    James is a crack, he has a vision of Team Play, which no other player in the world has, he is a strategist and looks at the free spaces of the field, he is a soccer musketeer.


    SERGIO FLORESPrije mjesec


  88. Rafhiña Dita

    Rafhiña DitaPrije mjesec

    Bien por james 🇨🇴👊así es vamos crack

  89. gpx demon hzl

    gpx demon hzlPrije mjesec

    Evertun frist time win🤣🤣🤣🤣...noob

  90. KarsEfc

    KarsEfcPrije mjesec

    Up the fucking toffees

  91. CHM Chriz

    CHM ChrizPrije mjesec


  92. iCorviozz

    iCorviozzPrije mjesec

    2:34 voice crack

  93. robspunk

    robspunkPrije mjesec

    Good win boys. Who's that red team we beat? Never heard of them.



    What’s r name?!? COYB 💙

  95. Tania Larik

    Tania LarikPrije mjesec

    I am gassed for Pickers!What a performance!!!

  96. mavi bulut

    mavi bulutPrije mjesec

    KİNG OF KİNG ozan kabak

  97. johnson junior

    johnson juniorPrije mjesec

    Vamos everton! O brazil está com vocês!

  98. Oo oO

    Oo oOPrije mjesec

    Mo Salah diving down the wing..🎶

  99. Bc 247

    Bc 247Prije mjesec

    I'll hold my hands up an publicly apologise to Tom Davies.. I've slated him all season. But he's been one of our best players the last 4 matches.. Sorry Tom Davies... Pickford.. That's why he's England's number 1 an I can't leave without mentioning BIG Ben Godfrey.. That guy has took Everton into his heart.. He bleeds blue and always works for us and shows passion in our shirt.. COYB

  100. Kiki Fikrul

    Kiki FikrulPrije mjesec

    Lol liver pool👎👎👎

  101. Radiq Haridin

    Radiq HaridinPrije mjesec

    A great Don Carleto with best tactics. Everton will be the best CLUB in EPL 👏👍

  102. Asep Dwi Purnomo

    Asep Dwi PurnomoPrije mjesec

    Durasinya panjang biasany 2-3 mnit wkwkw seneng banget ngalahin liverpool

  103. Daniel Gram

    Daniel GramPrije mjesec

    What a match!!! deserved