How To Become Popular Overnight | FUNNY WAYS TO BECOME POPULAR In SCHOOL FOR 24 HOURS By La La Life

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It’s so unfair! You want to become Prom Queen, but you need to be popular on Tiktok👑 But if your friend is the most popular guy in school, there’s nothing to fear😍 Your life will change and all your dreams are gonna come true soon!👸 Check out a NEW EPISODE by La La Life Musical and don’t forget to subscribe!
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00:00 100K followers
00:35 Out of football team
01:00 Popular Guy Vs Nerd Girl
01:47 Failed Test
02:18 Awkward moment
02:36 Makeover
03:12 New style
03:59 Trendy Outfit
04:30 Pictures for Instagram
04:57 Let me help you!
05:46 I’m a superstar
06:13 Nerd girl’s problem
06:37 How to be a supermodel
06:57 Rock this party
07:15 New popular girl
08:30 Rob, where are you?
09:52 Competition
10:38 Unexpected final
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