Shaq mocks Charles Barkley for his role in Space Jam - Inside the NBA


  1. AK47

    AK47Prije dan

    Shaq might have had bad movie but he did come out with his signature Reebok pumps when the NBA drafted him to play for the Orlando magic.

  2. Chris Feuerhaken

    Chris FeuerhakenPrije 2 dana


  3. John Smith

    John SmithPrije 5 dana

    Lol that is not worse than kazaam

  4. PO78

    PO78Prije 6 dana

    Roll tht kazaam footage😂

  5. Jordan Kupferschmid

    Jordan KupferschmidPrije 9 dana

    All the random Shaq hate lmfao the clowns are showing themselves

  6. Andrew Decker

    Andrew DeckerPrije 10 dana

    Nah Shaq, nice try but Kazam was fucking awful

  7. Ben Hughes

    Ben HughesPrije 12 dana

    Nobody mentioning Shaq fu?

  8. Enzo James

    Enzo JamesPrije 12 dana

    I think Chuck did a good job, and the movie still holds up today..'' Jared Sullinger'' and ''I got a feelinggg'' tho lmao

  9. Immortal Kombat

    Immortal KombatPrije 13 dana

    Poor Shawn Bradley

  10. Sam G

    Sam GPrije 15 dana

    Breaking news: KD will appear in Space Jam 2. He'll sign with the Monstars

  11. Buddy Semken

    Buddy SemkenPrije 16 dana

    It’s almost like Covid lol

  12. Lil Brah

    Lil BrahPrije 18 dana

    Ima keep it a stack seeing that as a kid he sold tf outta me it looked real

  13. Chris Strebeck

    Chris StrebeckPrije 19 dana

    Charles is a great basketball personality..

  14. Chris Leonard

    Chris LeonardPrije 20 dana

    Kazaam was actually a good movie.

  15. Calvin Chu

    Calvin ChuPrije 20 dana

    Space Jam was a hit, Kazamm...probably lost money


    RAXX CITY 314 PODCASTPrije 21 dan

    Kazam was a good movie though

  17. BadMoFo

    BadMoFoPrije 22 dana

    Alien body snatching? That explains Barkley's glitchy golf swing

  18. jose yepez

    jose yepezPrije 23 dana

    Heard on espn news the other day that Bradley got in a motet cycle accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down :(

  19. Carlos Soto

    Carlos SotoPrije 23 dana

    Charles, did you remember the time some slime took away what made you, well, awesome? Man you were made to look stupid on the court.

  20. asus surge

    asus surgePrije 26 dana

    4 years to come out

  21. Lex In the Rex

    Lex In the RexPrije 27 dana

    EJ: Who played bugs bunny? Chuck: Shawn Bradley

  22. Eddy Valdez

    Eddy ValdezPrije 29 dana

    Shaq is just a hater.

  23. Mike Owens

    Mike OwensPrije mjesec

    Lol shaq was killing him though in this clip

  24. Solo Lomu

    Solo LomuPrije mjesec

    “That’s worse-er than Kazam”

  25. K DAWG

    K DAWGPrije 23 dana

    EXACTLY! Thought I was the only one who caught that grammatically incorrect statement.

  26. Shado09246

    Shado09246Prije mjesec

    "Ya'll made me a fat pound guy" lmao

  27. Jono

    JonoPrije mjesec

    born in 1992, Space Jam was like my fav film as a kid. Watched it hundreds of times and went back and watched it recently, still a great film. Never even heard of Kazaam.

  28. Dirty Ace

    Dirty AcePrije mjesec

    Some one show O'Neil 3 point shot

  29. James Bond

    James BondPrije mjesec

    Nothing worse then Kazammm

  30. Totally not Depressed

    Totally not DepressedPrije mjesec

    They literally made a joke regarding how enormously thicc Chuck's Monstar was Chuck: Shawn Bradley

  31. The Batman

    The BatmanPrije mjesec

    It even rhymes with mound and rebound.

  32. Youknodavibes

    YouknodavibesPrije mjesec

    This is 4 YEARS ago ?!?!? And we’re just now getting the movie. Sheesh

  33. J Vill

    J VillPrije mjesec

    Atleast the movie was great and shaq wasn't in it. Plus kazaam sucks!

  34. J Peart

    J PeartPrije mjesec


  35. Drewdog

    DrewdogPrije mjesec

    Shaq walked right into that one. Barkley's one of the most unintentionally hilarious SNL hosts ever, he's got Space Jam, AND when it comes to videogames? Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden RPG is one of the best games ever made.

  36. Brett Freeman

    Brett FreemanPrije mjesec

    Yooo big man slow down. Nothing is worse than kazaam

  37. Aaron Arevalo

    Aaron ArevaloPrije mjesec

    Shaq just mad he wasn't selected to be in the movie.

  38. Nate Lowe

    Nate LowePrije mjesec

    Is Shaq mad because KaZaam & Steel can’t hold weight vs Space Jam???

  39. iiSkrillTex YT

    iiSkrillTex YTPrije mjesec

    Sheesh 4 years ago ..

  40. Jack Welsh

    Jack WelshPrije mjesec

    Prayers up for Shawn Bradley

  41. IAM NoOne Esus Ra'el

    IAM NoOne Esus Ra'elPrije mjesec

    5 years later.

  42. Luis Machado

    Luis MachadoPrije mjesec

    Shaq is nba all defensive on and off the court

  43. DaFluffySeal

    DaFluffySealPrije mjesec

    “Everybody get up it’s time to slam now” will never get old.

  44. Bas Patrick

    Bas PatrickPrije mjesec

    Lmao who's here after that space jam 2 trailer? 😂 That prediction of lebron james being the lead actor became true.

  45. Curtis Power

    Curtis PowerPrije mjesec

    4 years since we first heard this and it comes out in a month insane

  46. toxic

    toxicPrije mjesec

    Who’s here after the space jam 2 finna come out

  47. Puckett

    PuckettPrije mjesec

    Chuck did fine. They needed a superstar basketball player and he actually did ok with line delivery all things considered. Mugsy was the one who struggled acting in the movie.

  48. Ajay M

    Ajay MPrije mjesec

    Shaq is pathetic. Looks like fame and money doesn't take insecurities away after all

  49. prototype615h

    prototype615hPrije mjesec

    Who the hell guesses Shawn Bradley when shown the smallest Monstar


    BRYAN RAMOSPrije mjesec

    I love charles. He takes all the hate and he don't care. Shaq gets too offensive easy.

  51. Jose Sanchez

    Jose SanchezPrije mjesec

    Who’s here after the trailer dropped?

  52. Ur left nut is Santa

    Ur left nut is SantaPrije mjesec

    POV space jam is July this year

  53. BerdTh

    BerdThPrije mjesec

    Its been 5 years, and now the teaser for space jam 2 is out

  54. Saint Christian

    Saint ChristianPrije mjesec

    4 years later and the trailer just now got released, sheesh

  55. Rod D

    Rod DPrije mjesec

    And his rap music sucked. Just good at hacking someone while going for a dunk and have that stupid look in his face like what happened

  56. Rod D

    Rod DPrije mjesec

    Space jam better then all the bullshit movies shaq came out with.

  57. Ivan

    IvanPrije mjesec

    Better then any movie shaq was a star in

  58. longdays shortnites

    longdays shortnitesPrije mjesec

    Shaq in Blue Chips v Chuck in space jam? who ya got??? slight edge to Shaq in Blue Chips.. Neon Beaudeaux

  59. Run 26

    Run 26Prije mjesec

    this is too funny

  60. Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats

    Crispy Squid of The Acid CatsPrije mjesec

    wtf is Kazaam

  61. TheGameCube64Guy

    TheGameCube64GuyPrije mjesec

    A 1996 film starring Shaq who plays Kazaam, a 5,000-year-old genie who appears from a magic boombox to grant a 12-year-old boy three wishes.

  62. Burger King

    Burger KingPrije mjesec

    His acting wasn't great, but I doubt Kazam was anybetter. Plus they aren't actors so they're performance doesn't have to be good, it just has to be passable

  63. Eugene Hill

    Eugene HillPrije mjesec

    Fantastic sterio boom box kazaam genis lamp free

  64. Eugene Hill

    Eugene HillPrije mjesec

    Bupkus monstars larry johnson Nawt monstars muggsy bogues Blakko monstars shaw bradley Bang monstars patrick ewing Pound monstars charles barkley 3:00

  65. Omegaweapon116

    Omegaweapon116Prije mjesec

    Kazaam wasn't bad though

  66. The King OfVirginia

    The King OfVirginiaPrije mjesec

    I think we should keep the space jam series going

  67. Car Car

    Car CarPrije mjesec

    Shaq was a genie. Game Over. Barkley wins.

  68. Daryl Shackelford

    Daryl ShackelfordPrije mjesec

    I have yet to see "Kazam" nor "Steel"....Space Jam is a classic

  69. Daryl Shackelford

    Daryl ShackelfordPrije mjesec

    just watched the trailer for Kazam........I will never watched that movie

  70. Daryl Shackelford

    Daryl ShackelfordPrije mjesec

    KAZAM was way "worser" than Space Jam


    FREE WRLDPrije mjesec

    Shaqs just mad he couldn't play in a movie with MJ

  72. Captured By Smartphones

    Captured By SmartphonesPrije mjesec

    At least Charles starred in a great movie. All of Shaq's movies are trash.

  73. Josh Bridge

    Josh BridgePrije mjesec

    i agree except for grown ups 2, i love him in that one

  74. Lucky Prath

    Lucky PrathPrije mjesec

    Poor Shawn Bradley. 🙏

  75. Jon Davis

    Jon DavisPrije mjesec

    Nuttin good can happen when u play defense America. Way to think fast Charles pun intended...Shaq been a hater


    MIKE OCKKPrije mjesec

    Awww nba legends laugh about space jam? ☹ that's so disappointing

  77. Meliodas32

    Meliodas32Prije mjesec

    Both movies are classic regardless of the bad acting lmao

  78. V. JonesTV

    V. JonesTVPrije mjesec

    That girl was definitely a little rough on charles

  79. James B

    James BPrije mjesec

    Lets be honest, who was the next best player on Charles' team? Kobe, Pau, Horry, Fisher...??? He had Majerle, and Johnson...that's all. There's no wonder he didn't win a championship. Shaq never won a championship without another great player. Suck it, Shaq!

  80. Lami Akins

    Lami AkinsPrije mjesec

    Shaq cannot take a joke, or doesn’t have banter. Kazam was 💩

  81. Aidan

    AidanPrije mjesec

    I don't think chuck has ever seen space jam lmfao

  82. Ray Marsh

    Ray MarshPrije 2 mjeseci

    I honestly didn't know the monstars had names 😅

  83. Kris B

    Kris BPrije 2 mjeseci

    Shaq wishes he got the Hollywood payday from Space Jam, lol.

  84. Ian Young

    Ian YoungPrije 2 mjeseci

    Zion's new nickname should be "Monstar" after spacejam because he literally looks like a different kinda guy, monster proportions.

  85. Radioactive 101

    Radioactive 101Prije mjesec

    I mean Lebron also has a big body for a small forward

  86. Ian Young

    Ian YoungPrije mjesec

    @Radioactive 101 Zion is shorter and has 15kg on him already. Plus lebron has been a 1st foot jumper mostly. Look at Zion's torso fill out his Jersey and how he moves his body through the air. Lebron is Ecto/Meso where as Zion is endo/Meso. So much thicker than lebron it's crazy.

  87. Radioactive 101

    Radioactive 101Prije mjesec

    So is Lebron

  88. JayGriffin23

    JayGriffin23Prije 2 mjeseci

    No wonder he a critic on flopping, Chuck's flop was perfect lmao 🤣 😆 😂 💀

  89. Benjamin Dellinger

    Benjamin DellingerPrije 2 mjeseci

    I hate Shaq. Show would be so much better without him

  90. Assasin Habacon

    Assasin HabaconPrije 2 mjeseci

    Charles went paul pierce before paul pierce

  91. IdeaS ProduCtions

    IdeaS ProduCtionsPrije 2 mjeseci

    I like 0:58-1:04


    JUAN REVELOPrije 2 mjeseci

    Shaq is basically back in my day guy

  93. Zara Hope

    Zara HopePrije 2 mjeseci

    I love it

  94. Joe Bryant

    Joe BryantPrije 2 mjeseci

    Crazy this was 4 years ago and they just about to release the movie this year

  95. thetramp123

    thetramp123Prije 2 mjeseci

    Chuck is genuinely really funny in Space Jam

  96. D4rKnEbUlA 123

    D4rKnEbUlA 123Prije 2 mjeseci

    Who's here after watching space jam 2?

  97. Can U not

    Can U notPrije 2 mjeseci

    Shaq u were in Steel and Kazaam, u can't say SHIT about acting

  98. Danny Aquino

    Danny AquinoPrije 2 mjeseci

    Kazzam was the worst of the 2

  99. UCantNinjaMe

    UCantNinjaMePrije 2 mjeseci

    I'm ready for Space Jam 2

  100. Jabronylin43

    Jabronylin43Prije 2 mjeseci

    😂😂 shaq said Jared Sullinger

  101. hobsdigree2

    hobsdigree2Prije 2 mjeseci

    Shaq just seems petty in this. But it would be funny if they did Kazam 2.

  102. Natalie Panaro Stack

    Natalie Panaro StackPrije 2 mjeseci

    I love when charles makes shaq crack up , esp with the San antonio women joke. He laughs everytime so hard like it's the first time.

  103. Pièrre Calderone

    Pièrre CalderonePrije 2 mjeseci

    I met Shawn Bradley 3 times and he was extremely RUDE. The nicest player I've ever met was A.C. Green (and Chris Bosh)

  104. WanganMirage

    WanganMiragePrije 2 mjeseci

    lol People don't even remember Shaq in Kazaam. They all thought Sinbad was in it.

  105. Lejuan Gabbidon

    Lejuan GabbidonPrije 2 mjeseci

    Kazam is still worse then this

  106. Joey V

    Joey VPrije 2 mjeseci

    Charles acting was great lol

  107. Mike Money

    Mike MoneyPrije 3 mjeseci

    Shawn Bradley...

  108. Balraj G

    Balraj GPrije 3 mjeseci

    Chuck was the man back in the 90s.. 👍🏽👍🏽

  109. Jaysavv777

    Jaysavv777Prije 3 mjeseci

    Shaq always hatin