MONSTER PETS | A HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Full Short Film Official Promos (NEW 2021) Animation HD

Monster Pets! A Hotel Transylvania Short Film, an animation short movie starring Brian Hull as Dracula
Derek Drymon as Tinkles, Zombie, Gillmen
Jennifer Kluska as Toots

Big pup on the big screen! Watch Tinkles the dog try his best to make a friend in Monster Pets, a new short. Stay tuned until the very end for a treat!

Directed by: Jennifer Kluska & Derek Drymon
Produced by: Christian Roedel, Michelle Murdocca & Genndy Tartakovsky

© 2021 Sony Pictures Entertainment. | All Rights Reserved.


  1. Drakaina The Witch of Hope

    Drakaina The Witch of HopePrije 9 sati

    Dracula: No! No! No! I don't want to pl-! Agh!! Oh, No! No! Agh!! No playing!! Agh!! Nooooo!! The end Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Agh!!

  2. Blue track

    Blue trackPrije 2 dana

    Brian haull does Dracula's voice so well

  3. Dhanraj Singh Suwali

    Dhanraj Singh SuwaliPrije 9 dana

    1st movie: Dracula: Adam Sandler Frank: Kevin James Murray: CeeLo Green 4th movie: Dracula: Brian Hull Frank: Brad Abrell Murray: Keegan Michael-Key Something’s different…. 🤔

  4. Dhanraj Singh Suwali

    Dhanraj Singh SuwaliPrije 13 dana

    Who's looking forward to Transformania?

  5. Stephen Dobbins

    Stephen DobbinsPrije 13 dana

    I was trying to listen carefully to see where Brian Hulls Dracula voice was different from Adam Sandler's. I absolutely can't tell the difference. Brian has Adam's mannerisms and voice patterns and the voice accents down perfectly. Brian must have studied Adam's voice to match it perfectly. If no one knew the voice was Brian Hull, no one would know. Brian is that good. I am also sure Brian wanted to make Adam Sandler proud and do justice to the character. I am so happy for Brian. It is not everyday you get to walk in the footsteps of an amazing actor like Adam Sandler. Brian is filling Adam's shoes very well.

  6. Dhanraj Singh Suwali

    Dhanraj Singh SuwaliPrije 13 dana

    I 100% agree!

  7. Dhanraj Singh Suwali

    Dhanraj Singh SuwaliPrije 16 dana

    Major props to Brian Hull, my favourite impressionist, for being able to perfectly replicate Adam Sandler, and filling some pretty big boots! However, his impression does sound a TINNNY bit different from Adam's take and sometimes you can tell it's not him. He's still great and I prefer Brian over Adam as people, but the latter literally was Dracula in terms of looks and personality. And truth be told, I'm not really looking forward to Transformania, and no, it's not because there's no Adam Sandler, it's because the movie itself looks really weird and boring. Though I might watch it, we'll see.

  8. Dude Shrop

    Dude ShropPrije 18 dana

    Brian Hull is really good at voicing as Dracula

  9. Adam Torres

    Adam TorresPrije 19 dana

    04:54 Dracula: “Uh-Oh!”

  10. Oliver Spencer-Smith

    Oliver Spencer-SmithPrije 21 dan

    To think Brian hull does the voice to dracs

  11. mýt dung

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  12. Yusiley Cartaya

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  13. ManinderMandy Samrao

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  14. Katrina Stanton Craig

    Katrina Stanton CraigPrije 23 dana

    Tinkles no stop change cats

  15. Mary esach

    Mary esachPrije 26 dana

    no me alcanza la verdad no se si se fue por alla a las votaciones 770

  16. Nhi Nguyen

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  18. Marta Dos Santos

    Marta Dos SantosPrije 29 dana

    2:42 Tiny!

  19. Grace Lee

    Grace LeePrije 29 dana

    It's soo hilarious!!! XD

  20. Peter Jayden Tang

    Peter Jayden TangPrije mjesec

    Earth is not the only thing I need is a dog 🐩 I can play it for you Earth and the

  21. Peter Jayden Tang

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  22. Peter Jayden Tang

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  26. Marnie Kiki vibes

    Marnie Kiki vibesPrije mjesec

    Brian nailed the Dracula voice it's like the original voice Adam never left :0

  27. Wild art!

    Wild art!Prije mjesec

    Knowing that Brian hull is playing this it's so weird for me yet really good!

  28. co la

    co laPrije mjesec

    love video

  29. Rubi Brothers

    Rubi BrothersPrije mjesec


  30. Гулжамал Букенова

    Гулжамал БукеноваPrije mjesec

    Ё23нэг за ыз щщ

  31. Marta Dos Santos

    Marta Dos SantosPrije mjesec

    2:39 Flevor.

  32. Mậu Cao

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  35. mohamad alarajy

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    حلوا حيل شكرن

  36. roberto cartea fernandez

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  37. Um Sovatt French speaking guide

    Um Sovatt French speaking guidePrije mjesec


  38. Kathrin-Maria Samarra Stehle

    Kathrin-Maria Samarra StehlePrije mjesec

    Oh this cracked me out it's so funny.

  39. F Bullo

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  40. Sriyani Jayarthna

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  41. Reddest 1000

    Reddest 1000Prije mjesec

    0:51 Dingles I Swear…

  42. Alba Tenorio

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  43. Pınar Yılmaz

    Pınar YılmazPrije mjesec

    8 ohhhh pp

  44. TheSpeakerIII

    TheSpeakerIIIPrije mjesec

    I mean it still sounds like Adam Sandler😂 damn.

  45. Say Sopheak

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  46. may Blacckie

    may BlacckiePrije mjesec

    It would also work so that is used a good sleep

  47. Drey Alter

    Drey AlterPrije mjesec

    Where i can watch the fullmovie of hotel trans😭✋ i dont have money to watxh this in netflix

  48. Now Or Nicole

    Now Or NicolePrije mjesec

    2:32 Fun fact: "Diablo" means "devil" in Spanish

  49. Harry Stanford

    Harry StanfordPrije 6 dana

    That explains the fire

  50. 김나영

    김나영Prije mjesec

    So if I can make it up for you guys and I'll let u know asap so I don't miss out about it all day long

  51. NG HOI TING 2019-3C

    NG HOI TING 2019-3CPrije mjesec

    I’ve been watching this for I don’t know how much time but a lot 🤯 because this is too good for me to watch!!! 😆




  53. 手田心十尸

    手田心十尸Prije mjesec

    LOL R. I. P

  54. Princess Strickland

    Princess StricklandPrije mjesec

    Brian Hull's really good at Dracula!! Thumbs up

  55. Aoham Abbas

    Aoham AbbasPrije mjesec

    Drac gets Smashed in the toilet. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  56. Duygu Aslan

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  57. Duygu Aslan

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  58. Tania Davidson

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    That is so funny

  59. Валентина Ракитина

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    Ии65ьакмш трдо 7 ж осез мнмкр5с ё пгищм

  60. Danielle Douglas

    Danielle DouglasPrije mjesec

    Brain Hall, the new voice of Dracula presents...

  61. Hebrón Gallego

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    pooioouu 1

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  66. Mr. Autism Guy

    Mr. Autism GuyPrije mjesec

    2:47 Some people on the website Fandom (once known as Wikia) claim that the brain was called Gruggers in the version shown in theaters. But I have seen this short in theaters and online and I did not hear Drac say that name. Those users don't even have any proof of that name, like any videos recorded in the cinemas.

  67. Brand91

    Brand91Prije mjesec

    Whatever this thing is...

  68. Albina Paic

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    No Because I’m too busy

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  72. Kids Cooking Everyday

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    But not that creepy

  73. Kids Cooking Everyday

    Kids Cooking EverydayPrije mjesec

    He’s kinda creepy tbh

  74. Monica Vela

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    .@ “9000

  75. The_Tado_Family

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    oh ohhhhhhhhhhh

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    Woof woof woof

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    For which app you will watch that Can say ?

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    Wow Cool Amazing Funny

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    :dad uh oh NO NO I DONT WANNA PLAY *balls fall on *

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    ,, xz

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  92. Wendy&Jaxon's Journey

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