Arsenal 5-2 West Brom PL 2002/03 FULL MATCH (reupload)

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije 11 mjeseci

    Reuploading because I messed up the colour correction on the last upload. Check out my Patreon to see more matches, and rare and exclusive content!

  2. Szente Arnold

    Szente ArnoldPrije mjesec

    looks like a heaven, when everything was alright and perfect , and hope to never woke up and never ends :(

  3. Chaz Dadkhah

    Chaz DadkhahPrije mjesec

    Jason Roberts would open the scoring for Reading in the 7-5 loss to Arsenal 10 years later....

  4. cesc4arsha23

    cesc4arsha23Prije 11 mjeseci

    What made this arsenal team great was tht there was pace all over the field, even the centre mid and CB positions. No wonder teams were frightened

  5. Steven Thompson

    Steven ThompsonPrije mjesec

    Yes, they where definitely fittest in England and possibly Europe at that time too. They had unbelievable quality everywhere too though. Not sure how they never won the Champions League around this time.

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    nascidos pra jogar futebol zidanePrije 11 mjeseci

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