the NEW exotic flintknock pistol in fortnite is OVERPOWERED!
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    WAIT what it's on the old map when it's 2021 a lot of things this year are hurting my head

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    The thumbnail is broken you should never do that to the map as lazar beam said one “the world is flat”

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    All I see is u hitting every shot and my brother thinking u got aimbot

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    Eeeeeee *forget there was an exotic* lol

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    Man be child friendly did you say the fword

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    6:09 | B R U H X 69 | ( EDIT ) i like the time stamp

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    It’s funny because I useually get 300 ping but he is use to like nothing

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    This mans eyesight is insane

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    If you’ve watched mccreamy you know the word 69 years of good luck

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    Yeas thts a larmar

  60. Cassie Falzone

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    he thinks 150 ping is bad but I beat up a season 3 player while I started in chapter 2 season 2 with 181 ping.

  61. dTwiNs_Vosify

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    Im from South Africa and play on 200 ping daily im so happy when i play on less

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    It’s Was A Fun Tourney To Play But I Could Never Find The Exotic Flints

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    dis gamemode is like shockwave but completely different

  81. 4tomicDude YT

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