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After Chad Wild Clay made "HELP ME, CLOAKER! VY is In DANGER And Needs To Be SAVED!", Vy Qwaint created "RACE to EXPOSE CHAD'S SECRET on Project Zorgo Hacker Mask", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I NEED HELP SPY NINJAS!", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "DEFEATING HACKERS IN ROBLOX ARSENAL", Daniel is no longer hypnotized and needs to fool Alie, The Leak, and Chef who are still under the spell of Horseradish. They want Daniel Gizmo to put on the hacker mask and see what Chad's secret is. The Stalker team is now upset with Daniel meaning he is in danger and needs our help. Chad comes up with a plan to rescue their best friend and get him to join the Spy Ninjas team again. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayPrije mjesec

    Spy Ninjas, Daniel is hypnotized and not being himself! Do you think he should join the Spy Ninjas again?

  2. Marwa Sabir

    Marwa SabirPrije 2 dana

    @joshplayz m

  3. Nayeema Kuchay

    Nayeema KuchayPrije 3 dana

    My name is how are you sorry for the next message to please

  4. Nathalia Sleiman Nassif

    Nathalia Sleiman NassifPrije 16 dana


  5. Saad Siddiqui

    Saad SiddiquiPrije 20 dana


  6. Sickle FN

    Sickle FNPrije 20 dana


  7. Shelly Faruk

    Shelly FarukPrije 3 sati


  8. Shelly Faruk

    Shelly FarukPrije 3 sati

    and horseradish is the leader of hypnosis

  9. Shelly Faruk

    Shelly FarukPrije 3 sati

    horseradish real name is steven sharer he is chads friend

  10. Shelly Faruk

    Shelly FarukPrije 3 sati

    I know what horseradish real name is

  11. roma keswani

    roma keswaniPrije 3 sati

    Guys i know how to get him back make a music like come back Chad interested come back Daniel

  12. N/A

    N/APrije 3 sati

    Daniel needs help

  13. Tiara Datcher

    Tiara DatcherPrije 12 sati

    Spy ninjas Daniel need help Medina like Melvin

  14. Tiara Datcher

    Tiara DatcherPrije 12 sati

    Regina like Melvin

  15. Petronella Grech

    Petronella GrechPrije dan

    I was crying when daniel came back but in happyness 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😄😄

  16. Dr. Demon

    Dr. DemonPrije dan

    Me it is my friend

  17. Joni Press

    Joni PressPrije dan

    I think Daniel gizmo should join the spy ninjas again

  18. CuriousMelon E

    CuriousMelon EPrije dan

    Daniel didnt flush if they saw the tracker in the toilet

  19. Jade Theobald

    Jade TheobaldPrije dan

    Gole pet please

  20. Chin Dennis

    Chin DennisPrije dan

    But I’m your biggest fan vy

  21. Chin Dennis

    Chin DennisPrije dan

    My dad said he would fight vy

  22. Icese Tan

    Icese TanPrije dan




    You go girl regina

  24. Karen Martinez

    Karen MartinezPrije 2 dana

    I. Love you you love you too love love you love love ❤️ love ❤️ I love love ❤️ love 💕

  25. Aleena's channel

    Aleena's channelPrije 2 dana

    Rlly Rlly

  26. Aleena's channel

    Aleena's channelPrije 2 dana

    I feel like im geting hipnosis

  27. Sierra Denning

    Sierra DenningPrije 2 dana


  28. Natalie Lucas

    Natalie LucasPrije 3 dana

    Melvin. Pz9. The. Best.

  29. Nina Waleed

    Nina WaleedPrije 4 dana

    I love the spy ninjas.I also play spy ninjas.we are the spy ninjas.

  30. adonica chia

    adonica chiaPrije 4 dana

    He still not on you team spyninga

  31. febri farids

    febri faridsPrije 5 dana

    Rain dance

  32. Sue Burke

    Sue BurkePrije 5 dana

    Chad Meliven vy reangia Daniel are my favorite HRhave

  33. Michelle T

    Michelle TPrije 5 dana

    Hi the sandwich is the same one that Melvin is holding they feed him that so be careful¿

  34. Fidget_toys Fan

    Fidget_toys FanPrije 6 dana

    so one call my besties cuz the spy ninjas are my besties

  35. Sara Chevrette

    Sara ChevrettePrije 6 dana

    Horseradish I saw horse runs behind you

  36. wafaa elshreif

    wafaa elshreifPrije 6 dana

    Let gizmo join the spy ninjas

  37. Sarah Czernaik

    Sarah CzernaikPrije 6 dana

    spy ninjas

  38. Sarah Czernaik

    Sarah CzernaikPrije 6 dana


  39. Sarah Czernaik

    Sarah CzernaikPrije 6 dana


  40. Sarah Czernaik

    Sarah CzernaikPrije 6 dana

    l love you

  41. Hanan Youssef

    Hanan YoussefPrije 7 dana


  42. Thapalini Subramaniam

    Thapalini SubramaniamPrije 7 dana

    Weaeewaeawaeawaeawaeaeeaeaeaeaeaeawaaeawaeawaeawaeaeaeaeaeeaeaawwaeawaeawawaesweaesweawaawwawseswseseesesseeseseaeaeseseseseaeseseseeswseseaweawswawwaeaeaswwsweawaesesewaeswaeaewaeaeaeaeaezeawavbfmvmcds nvbfdaivbdjfhssavfdahhvfdvvvbdfshbvwdfjvbsfahhbvdshabvjsadbchsda hdsahc sdb ahchsdvcqsdvcgsadvcgsvadcasdbcbsaducbhhhbcdsqhvcwquvdvgycqvygvxgysaZgyvxZyu vgyusxvcgavcdgyvscahgusdgvycasd yucvyudssgyua sdcguysacvysadvcavyadscgvsavgucvasdchubash uvbyhcasdgvuvasvgvgyadsvvsuygsd vygvvfgbcdsabacds. G. Tfccftctftcctfdrrtdtddrdrxdrtc

  43. Stein Rømen

    Stein RømenPrije 7 dana

    I hat the spyninas

  44. Roberts Vitols

    Roberts VitolsPrije 7 dana

    # Daniel needs help

  45. Jordan Barnett

    Jordan BarnettPrije 7 dana

    The secret is he saved the leader

  46. Jordan Barnett

    Jordan BarnettPrije 7 dana


  47. Jordan Barnett

    Jordan BarnettPrije 7 dana

    I think Daniel should join the spy ninjas after he is not hipnitys

  48. Zarina Saighani

    Zarina SaighaniPrije 7 dana


  49. 林芷羚

    林芷羚Prije 7 dana

    Dfgyis Yuhhhhhbj

  50. Anna Donato

    Anna DonatoPrije 7 dana

    Ew he pooooppppppppeeeeeeedddddddd

  51. Elisa Hernandez

    Elisa HernandezPrije 8 dana

    Chad. Me. Elisa

  52. Sangeeta Kakar

    Sangeeta KakarPrije 8 dana

    It say pike op my pop

  53. ana arteaga

    ana arteagaPrije 8 dana

    Go v go v

  54. Amanda Thanos

    Amanda ThanosPrije 8 dana


  55. Sumayo Suleiman

    Sumayo SuleimanPrije 8 dana

    JysUunvsmunbs has been in this process for a long time and we have

  56. Magdlen Agong

    Magdlen AgongPrije 8 dana

    spa day never happend😅🤣😂😅🤣😂

  57. Franz Lamont

    Franz LamontPrije 8 dana


  58. 陈载德

    陈载德Prije 8 dana

    Nncb cbjy。g hhvy ytbgbygggv=v6

  59. Heather Campbell

    Heather CampbellPrije 8 dana

    I love the spy ninja's

  60. Heather Campbell

    Heather CampbellPrije 8 dana


  61. Heather Campbell

    Heather CampbellPrije 8 dana

    I love Daniel

  62. Stephen Harmon

    Stephen HarmonPrije 9 dana


  63. Seng Sokhom

    Seng SokhomPrije 9 dana


  64. Xylie Hall

    Xylie HallPrije 10 dana


  65. Lauren stevens

    Lauren stevensPrije 10 dana

    When Daniel got his and took away I cried and im still crieing

  66. Mr Beast✔

    Mr Beast✔Prije 7 dana

    Crying not crieing

  67. Obtan Roble

    Obtan RoblePrije 10 dana

    Daniel beat up horseradish

  68. Obtan Roble

    Obtan RoblePrije 10 dana

    Daniel heat hirs

  69. Rebecca Burcham

    Rebecca BurchamPrije 10 dana


  70. Kathrina Eduardo

    Kathrina EduardoPrije 10 dana

    Daniel gizmo needs a rescue

  71. Amjad Hussain

    Amjad HussainPrije 11 dana

    Daniel need help

  72. Mikki Hope

    Mikki HopePrije 11 dana


  73. Kryston Matura

    Kryston MaturaPrije 11 dana


  74. Aileen Chatto

    Aileen ChattoPrije 11 dana

    We were so close . He was hypnnotized before you went to rescue him.

  75. Aileen Chatto

    Aileen ChattoPrije 11 dana

    l Love you spy Ninjas😍👦💑💑👪💏💃

  76. Nurhan Yasarov

    Nurhan YasarovPrije 11 dana


  77. Nurhan Yasarov

    Nurhan YasarovPrije 11 dana


  78. Nurhan Yasarov

    Nurhan YasarovPrije 11 dana

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  79. Nurhan Yasarov

    Nurhan YasarovPrije 11 dana

    Truth whittled gnu tik gapton in

  80. Strxnge Stradz

    Strxnge StradzPrije 11 dana


  81. Omar Ramy

    Omar RamyPrije 11 dana


  82. Epic Ningas

    Epic NingasPrije 11 dana


  83. Alice Stephens

    Alice StephensPrije 11 dana

    Hiiiiii I subscribe to vy and Chad and I subscribe to Melvin I love whaching you and I can give you a Riddle for you if you give me a fliy dragon ride in adopt me by

  84. Alice Stephens

    Alice StephensPrije 11 dana

    Hiiiiiiiiii l subscribe to vy and Chad and Melvin I love whaching you and I can give you a Riddle for you if you give me a fly ride dragon in adopt me by

  85. Jane Brown

    Jane BrownPrije 11 dana

    ×Daniel nids help

  86. Anadil Abdoula

    Anadil AbdoulaPrije 11 dana

    Rhfhkfhff was voted out by an international group to help him get out the door to the police and he could have had the chance and the people were told he could not be arrested 3AM in connection with his arrest and his family had a bamboo problem in their

  87. Janelle Brittain

    Janelle BrittainPrije 12 dana

    See you in the 🏢

  88. Avneet singh and savneet singh

    Avneet singh and savneet singhPrije 13 dana


  89. TristenBat

    TristenBatPrije 13 dana

    Chad, if you’re gonna be the eye in the sky, how about your code name can be “Oracle”?

  90. Sonic Go

    Sonic GoPrije 13 dana


  91. Gurdeep Kaur

    Gurdeep KaurPrije 13 dana

    # daniel's need help

  92. Amy Gearlds

    Amy GearldsPrije 13 dana

    # Finn

  93. carlos meza

    carlos mezaPrije 13 dana

    Daniel I mean Chad free Melvin Regina Daniel needs help she'll save him he's not having times anymore and he said he that's not the spinals and he wants her he needs help right now hurry up there's no time to do that it just said to save Daniel Gizmo hope you got my message see you later bye

  94. Daphne Cajayon

    Daphne CajayonPrije 13 dana

    Ninjas, Daiel lol

  95. 5O5Ah Q8

    5O5Ah Q8Prije 13 dana


  96. dennis pasalo

    dennis pasaloPrije 13 dana


  97. dennis pasalo

    dennis pasaloPrije 13 dana


  98. Marvin Bowlyn

    Marvin BowlynPrije 13 dana


  99. Precious Rena

    Precious RenaPrije 14 dana

    I know I am a spy ninja

  100. mia

    miaPrije 14 dana


  101. Prabhulinga Math

    Prabhulinga MathPrije 14 dana

    # Daniel needs help

  102. Lena Liew

    Lena LiewPrije 15 dana

    I love 💘 cwc

  103. Charlotte Otero

    Charlotte OteroPrije 15 dana

    Is it just me or I just saw someone walk past you guys behind you carapace thing ever

  104. Calvon battle Battle

    Calvon battle BattlePrije 15 dana

    Digit to the code is 7373

  105. Pamela Weaver

    Pamela WeaverPrije 15 dana


  106. Jamelyn Krow

    Jamelyn KrowPrije 17 dana

    Yes he should join the spyninjas now

  107. pz9 gizmo

    pz9 gizmoPrije 17 dana

    daniel its evil

  108. Jason P. Braatz

    Jason P. BraatzPrije 17 dana

    Wait a minute a sandwich

  109. justine ruse

    justine rusePrije 17 dana

    a hcacker poped the tier with a sword not chad did nothing

  110. Deztinii Hightower

    Deztinii HightowerPrije 18 dana

    You are the best HRhaver

  111. Arslan Mehfooz

    Arslan MehfoozPrije 18 dana

    The garbage can next to next to me and Regina there is an a note on the a note on the garbage can