Lakers Dominate Warriors Game Over 1st Half! 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. Xane42

    Xane42Prije mjesec


  2. dubois stewart

    dubois stewartPrije mjesec

    Breh, thats tuff!

  3. TheNbc27

    TheNbc27Prije mjesec

    0:38 my dawg 36 and still shooting out on a cannon of defense. 🐐


    NBA YOUNG LLOYDPrije mjesec

    1:20 That’s not a travel ?

  5. Q D

    Q DPrije mjesec

    So we gone skip the fact Lee slap the ball out of Wiseman hand give that guy a Manuel what are doin

  6. TyJamar

    TyJamarPrije mjesec

    Still dubnation we got smoked sheesh.

  7. hAiDeR fArOoq

    hAiDeR fArOoqPrije mjesec

    How the tables have turned



    The fact that he didn’t talk about the last quarter😂 it was miss after miss, turn over after turn over😂

  9. Ben Henderson

    Ben HendersonPrije mjesec

    Warrior fans: “everyone mad at for winning 3 rings” 💀

  10. Brandon Young

    Brandon YoungPrije mjesec

    Thats a murder

  11. FizZy _

    FizZy _Prije mjesec

    They put that shit on Pro difficulty

  12. Berzerk0566

    Berzerk0566Prije mjesec

    Lebrun dipping. He not making 20 a night anymore

  13. Neil David Cardenas Cabala

    Neil David Cardenas CabalaPrije mjesec

    I'm so glad to see Lebron beating curry

  14. _realisaiahd

    _realisaiahdPrije mjesec

    Goat lebron James

  15. Julio Daniel Insfran

    Julio Daniel InsfranPrije mjesec

    We missing Klay

  16. Vidal Solis

    Vidal SolisPrije mjesec

    LeBrons the best

  17. Faisal Sagman

    Faisal SagmanPrije mjesec

    smoove you gotta remember to put in kostass dunk at the end

  18. Ricky Duran27

    Ricky Duran27Prije mjesec

    Hey Chris why is it that you always gotta find a way to shit on my boy leGM.

  19. theacebailey

    theacebaileyPrije mjesec

    That bank shot was crazy by lebron

  20. Jason Placeres

    Jason PlaceresPrije mjesec

    In the NBA anything can happen its not over until the last HORN!!!!

  21. BracHD

    BracHDPrije mjesec

    If I was Mr Draymond Green, I would sprain my ankle too.

  22. Jacq Skelington

    Jacq SkelingtonPrije mjesec

    Draymond was tryna dip out on the ass whooping smh

  23. Yktv Flaco

    Yktv FlacoPrije mjesec

    Lakers when to work today!

  24. DaveyDeluxe

    DaveyDeluxePrije mjesec

    Bringing out Dudley was so disrespectful 😅

  25. Rita Smallwood

    Rita SmallwoodPrije mjesec

    Later for the Clippers hahahah ❤️❤️

  26. Rita Smallwood

    Rita SmallwoodPrije mjesec

    Lakers nation bring us another 💍💍💍💍💍..........

  27. Kingdra

    KingdraPrije mjesec

    0:36 Why lebron going fast and slow at the same time lmao

  28. Jerecho 07

    Jerecho 07Prije mjesec

    I ain’t a hater but isn’t lebron 3-1 against warriors in the finals??🤣

  29. KeithPlaysPS4 927

    KeithPlaysPS4 927Prije mjesec

    LeBron made a spectacular dunk to end the 1st half.

  30. IVIR 808

    IVIR 808Prije mjesec

    2-0 since Shcroder’s return He’s such a underrated difference

  31. Mr. William

    Mr. WilliamPrije mjesec

    Lakers weren't just missing Davis. They were missing Schroeder too. Now that he's back, they'll be just fine.

  32. ShaneGxmes

    ShaneGxmesPrije mjesec

    When Jared Dudley came into the game, everyone knew it was over 😭

  33. NycMadeGio

    NycMadeGioPrije mjesec

    Lebron was threatening trades

  34. D G

    D GPrije mjesec

    Yeah needed Klay and KD lol

  35. Wonder Brothers

    Wonder BrothersPrije mjesec

    Lebron: I took it personally

  36. KOT1Q Ball

    KOT1Q BallPrije mjesec

    You forgot to mention Lebron only played 25 minutes

  37. Mzsports

    MzsportsPrije mjesec


  38. Aure Harrow

    Aure HarrowPrije mjesec

    It was a calf strain I believe

  39. Lemickey Mouse

    Lemickey MousePrije mjesec

    I told you i was gonna crush the warriors

  40. RJ2TURNT Plays

    RJ2TURNT PlaysPrije mjesec

    When I seen bron had his toes out and Jared Dudley checked in the game I knew it was over 😂😂💯

  41. Foo Farew

    Foo FarewPrije mjesec

    Did u speed up the highlights?

  42. Steph Curry

    Steph CurryPrije mjesec

    I'm Sorry, I had a bad game.

  43. Om Desai

    Om DesaiPrije mjesec

    "Jared Dudley entered the game" Kenny: "it's over, Let's go home" 😭

  44. markonukes

    markonukesPrije mjesec

    @Jason yup

  45. Jason

    JasonPrije mjesec

    Stealing comments I see

  46. Lebron James

    Lebron JamesPrije mjesec

    We demolished they asses LOL

  47. Kareem Hemdat

    Kareem HemdatPrije mjesec

    Lol 🐐

  48. markonukes

    markonukesPrije mjesec


  49. markonukes

    markonukesPrije mjesec


  50. HenryViii Fake

    HenryViii FakePrije mjesec

    When they send in J.Dudley, the game just got _ugly._ 😎🔥

  51. colinz fn

    colinz fnPrije mjesec

    Look at the 2nd best player in NBA history man

  52. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckPrije mjesec

    @Yummyred220 Sexy who’s first

  53. Yummyred220 Sexy

    Yummyred220 SexyPrije mjesec

    @Big Mane *2nd

  54. Big Mane

    Big ManePrije mjesec


  55. Braxton Warren

    Braxton WarrenPrije mjesec

    Lakers going back to back no cap

  56. Kosta Radulovic

    Kosta RadulovicPrije mjesec

    the warriors are not playoff material

  57. AJ Dupiton

    AJ DupitonPrije mjesec

    Leking does it again

  58. TijaraTijara

    TijaraTijaraPrije mjesec


  59. R1_ Radcliffe

    R1_ RadcliffePrije mjesec

    LeChina and Kylie Kuzma underrated duo

  60. Diego Rivera

    Diego RiveraPrije mjesec

    The refs were trash last night

  61. W̶I̶Z̶C̶O̶O̶シ

    W̶I̶Z̶C̶O̶O̶シPrije mjesec

    Are you Still Crying ? 😆😂

  62. Elem Fao

    Elem FaoPrije mjesec

    and steph cant carry hahhaahahhaa

  63. panzoid 2.0

    panzoid 2.0Prije mjesec

    Tied for 5th seed with him

  64. Nadz Entertainment

    Nadz EntertainmentPrije mjesec

    smoove will always be a draymond hater

  65. Matt Champion

    Matt ChampionPrije mjesec

    LeBron hates Steph Curry.

  66. Dhale Evans

    Dhale EvansPrije mjesec

    When both Caruso and Dudley are on the court, you know it's over. Best duo ever 😱🔥

  67. Royal Me

    Royal MePrije mjesec

    Dont underestimate Jared Dudley, he was in Load Management.

  68. Jack Liu

    Jack LiuPrije mjesec

    He doesnt need to load. He is constantly resting

  69. Daniel Hussain

    Daniel HussainPrije mjesec

    U mean LOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAD management

  70. Madis Peterson

    Madis PetersonPrije mjesec

    Steven Kerry must be drinking Starbucks Coffe while playing Pokemon GO on the court out there for CHRIST SAKE

  71. Nadz Entertainment

    Nadz EntertainmentPrije mjesec

    as a warriors fan, i knew its time to turn off the TV when Jared Dudley entered the game

  72. Thành An OP

    Thành An OPPrije mjesec

    it is crazy in the first quarter when gasol drained some threes

  73. Cain Marco

    Cain MarcoPrije mjesec


  74. FatStylers

    FatStylersPrije mjesec

    RIP flightreacts

  75. Unruly Rebel

    Unruly RebelPrije mjesec

    All those year steph and GSW were punishing bron and cavs, it's bron turn to torture him now 🤣😂😆 revenge feels great

  76. FBI AGENT 02

    FBI AGENT 02Prije mjesec

    Hi haters where u at?

  77. taio taRIQ

    taio taRIQPrije mjesec

    Clap master Dudley played 😂😂😂

  78. Iliyan Stoychev

    Iliyan StoychevPrije mjesec

    LeBron getting his REVENGE

  79. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckPrije mjesec

    @DA GOAT kd had to ruin the matchup

  80. DA GOAT

    DA GOATPrije mjesec

    For what warriors took 3 rings from him

  81. XHUNTERX 2.0 Channel

    XHUNTERX 2.0 ChannelPrije mjesec

    LeGm Back At It

  82. DHoops Sports

    DHoops SportsPrije mjesec

    bruh draymond only had 2 assists cos he was injured dummy

  83. Andrew Sherman

    Andrew ShermanPrije mjesec

    im 100% sure smoove knows more than u, plus he wasn't doing shit when he was on the court

  84. Dev

    DevPrije mjesec

    Warriors haters gonna have a field day 😂

  85. Dev

    DevPrije mjesec

    @SauceGoatz Gaming i don't really say that neither that curry > lebron bruh we all know whos the goat so i'm not one of those bandwagon warriors

  86. Dev

    DevPrije mjesec

    @ReddYD yeah dude u can say that because we took the L, have a great day

  87. Black Titan

    Black TitanPrije mjesec

    not really, its obvious outcome lol

  88. ReddYD

    ReddYDPrije mjesec

    curry sucks

  89. SauceGoatz Gaming

    SauceGoatz GamingPrije mjesec

    Lakers bandwagons- WE BEAT THE 73-9 WARRIORS Warriors bandwagons- YALL CANT BEAT US HEALTHY OH YEAH. ..... CURRY>LEBRON

  90. Ivan pang

    Ivan pangPrije mjesec

    not shot clock cheese it is game clock cheese

  91. David S

    David SPrije mjesec

    Shut up and dribble courtesy of Zlatan

  92. Vince Cruz

    Vince CruzPrije mjesec

    Smoove on green: "and even with him playing tonight he really didnt do anything" 💀

  93. Kionte Wilford

    Kionte WilfordPrije mjesec

    Hey Doogie pookie smoove

  94. DyLemma

    DyLemmaPrije mjesec

    LeChina back at it

  95. Simeon RF

    Simeon RFPrije mjesec

    tank god

  96. RuiAlvez

    RuiAlvezPrije mjesec

    Where are all the idiots that said the Warriors would blow out the Lakers? Lmao

  97. 山田武

    山田武Prije mjesec

    26ft to 8ft at the half theres no chance

  98. 【LoPo Bunny】

    【LoPo Bunny】Prije mjesec

    Damn ,you can't hide your bald spot anymore Lebron.

  99. Club-Mate

    Club-MatePrije mjesec

    Schröder is a game changer for the Lakers

  100. poorman1221 grave

    poorman1221 gravePrije mjesec

    The Lakers look so much better when lebron doesn’t have to create everything on offense.

  101. oskari

    oskariPrije mjesec

    @Tech I agree

  102. Tech

    TechPrije mjesec

    Dennis > Rondo don’t @ me

  103. MakerWhy

    MakerWhyPrije mjesec

    @mahdi amine Schroder is definitely the better defender.

  104. mahdi amine

    mahdi aminePrije mjesec

    @LoserNation he is kind of a better scoter but rondo is a better playmaker and maybe a better defender I hope we see from schroder in the playoffs what we saw with playoff rondo last year

  105. Chef ‘Oh 2k

    Chef ‘Oh 2kPrije mjesec

    Cause he’s always on decoy mode

  106. Arren Mancilla

    Arren MancillaPrije mjesec

    Bring J Lin to the bay

  107. Melvin Cuaresma

    Melvin CuaresmaPrije mjesec

    “The lakers don’t have rim protection” Damion Jones: hold my 10 day contract

  108. prison mike

    prison mikePrije mjesec

    @Dennis Scrotum hes injured you know?

  109. Dennis Scrotum

    Dennis ScrotumPrije mjesec

    Anthony Davis: "And I took that personally" 👀

  110. Skull

    SkullPrije mjesec

    2 blocks in 8 minutes 🔥

  111. ightBet141

    ightBet141Prije mjesec

    What you.mean no rim protection we have the goat on our squad, the Antentokumpo with a ring

  112. Dev

    DevPrije mjesec

    Zion and Giannis: ok lets test your blocks

  113. landstalker 1107

    landstalker 1107Prije mjesec

    The type of blowout you have in 2k

  114. Bruh ImTheGlitch

    Bruh ImTheGlitchPrije mjesec

    I know klay thompson is just punching the air right now

  115. Andrew Sherman

    Andrew ShermanPrije mjesec

    @Dev thats the point of the sentence

  116. Dev

    DevPrije mjesec

    stop bullying man that hasn't even played basketball for straight 2 years 😭

  117. Albuquerque, NM

    Albuquerque, NMPrije mjesec

    Anthony Davis with an attractive attire. That just made me remember what Westbrook used to wear😭

  118. Bob Narama

    Bob NaramaPrije mjesec

    When JD checks in, you know its a wrap..

  119. Fred Fred

    Fred FredPrije mjesec


  120. Rowdy Wolfy

    Rowdy WolfyPrije mjesec

    Nah is the refs are just trash AF

  121. Elmar Daghbayli

    Elmar DaghbayliPrije mjesec

    Bron was cheesing from three

  122. Janjan Karodyo

    Janjan KarodyoPrije mjesec

    Its doesn’t matter lakers will not go to finals and thats facts

  123. The Ant Gamer

    The Ant GamerPrije mjesec


  124. Eoghan McGrath

    Eoghan McGrathPrije mjesec

    LeBron James scores 19 points Chris Smoove : LeBron had a great game Ben Simmons scores 19 points Chris Smoove: Ben Simmons is never in attack mode and he is not aggressive and he needs to be scoring 50 points a game

  125. Clippers Suck

    Clippers SuckPrije mjesec

    @Rowdy Wolfy curry had 3 fouls from the 3 point line elbowing schröder and still 3 fts for curry stfu

  126. panzoid 2.0

    panzoid 2.0Prije mjesec

    @Rowdy Wolfy bro they blew us out , lets just accept defeat and move foward.

  127. Sergio Next

    Sergio NextPrije mjesec

    @Rowdy Wolfy excuses🤣🤣

  128. Rowdy Wolfy

    Rowdy WolfyPrije mjesec

    @A Regular Spoon plus the refs didn’t gave the Warriors any single foul call

  129. A Regular Spoon

    A Regular SpoonPrije mjesec

    Lebron played for 24 minutes. He rested early because its a blowout

  130. Dwight Ezekiel

    Dwight EzekielPrije mjesec

    Alex Caruso = Son Goku Moustache Caruso = Super saiyan 1 Birthday Caruso = Super saiyan Blue

  131. Mile High Prod.

    Mile High Prod.Prije mjesec

    GSW r missing Klay really bad

  132. Mile High Prod.

    Mile High Prod.Prije mjesec

    @BPE _L2 hear what?

  133. BPE _L2

    BPE _L2Prije mjesec

    Alright I will stop

  134. BPE _L2

    BPE _L2Prije mjesec

    Did u hear me

  135. Frobe Bryant

    Frobe BryantPrije mjesec

    It's my birthday.. at Staples So... We beat Steph's ass and a Blowout! Hahahaha

  136. Mile High Prod.

    Mile High Prod.Prije mjesec


  137. ovo6ixg

    ovo6ixgPrije mjesec

    it’s 4 AM😔

  138. BPE _L2

    BPE _L2Prije mjesec


  139. Yahiko

    YahikoPrije mjesec

    4 minutes ago😳

  140. Frobe Bryant

    Frobe BryantPrije mjesec

    I'm happy right now, can you guys wish me a Happy birthday???

  141. Kareem Hemdat

    Kareem HemdatPrije mjesec

    Happy birthday 🤾GOAT

  142. Mile High Prod.

    Mile High Prod.Prije mjesec

    Happy birthday CarusGOAT

  143. Tenantz Balanza

    Tenantz BalanzaPrije mjesec

    GSW bench should be replaced!!! SMH!

  144. Ivan Jurić

    Ivan JurićPrije mjesec

    Lebron MJ is goat James

  145. Ivan Jurić

    Ivan JurićPrije mjesec

    Lebron politican not athlete James

  146. Ivan Jurić

    Ivan JurićPrije mjesec

    Lebron lebiden James

  147. Ivan Jurić

    Ivan JurićPrije mjesec

    Lebron egomaniac James

  148. Subject Delta

    Subject DeltaPrije mjesec