13 Sibling Prank Wars! Funny Sister Pranks!

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The younger sister has long grown? This is not a reason to end many years of prank wars! Do you think so too? Then see our new selection of funny pranks over sister!

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  1. Joel Saywack

    Joel SaywackPrije mjesec

    I don’t have a sister I wanted one but no🥺🥺😢

  2. Hamza Umer Rajput

    Hamza Umer RajputPrije mjesec


  3. Shreya

    ShreyaPrije mjesec

    I am gonna do all this to my sister 👭

  4. Aishath Asima

    Aishath AsimaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Well sisters are for annoying another

  5. Fiba Shafi

    Fiba ShafiPrije 2 mjeseci

    Happy Ramadan

  6. Diva Somani

    Diva SomaniPrije 2 mjeseci

    Not bad😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  7. Nim Rai

    Nim RaiPrije 2 mjeseci



    TASHANA WRIGHTPrije 2 mjeseci

    Can you stop me asking

  9. mario barrera

    mario barreraPrije 2 mjeseci


  10. Debbie Keds

    Debbie KedsPrije 3 mjeseci

    Great ideas! I love the shoes tied together with zip ties. I've tied shoe laces together then added a drop of Super Glue on the knots! It's fun to watch the struggle with knots that are IMPOSSIBLE to get out. She had to cut her laces apart.

  11. Sk Ibrahim Ali

    Sk Ibrahim AliPrije 3 mjeseci

    4:37 sis can you pass me *MY* phone 4:52 sorry sis *YOUR* phone drowned

  12. Andres Perez

    Andres PerezPrije 3 mjeseci

    Not funny stuff🐒🐵🐯

  13. Bijay Sanjeev

    Bijay SanjeevPrije 3 mjeseci

    I have a annoying sister

  14. Choudhery Aslam

    Choudhery AslamPrije 3 mjeseci

    The sisters are so pretty

  15. 20160100 KAISHORI ROY

    20160100 KAISHORI ROYPrije 4 mjeseci

    so nice

  16. Connie Bebout

    Connie BeboutPrije 4 mjeseci

    You are cool

  17. Shittu Ademilade

    Shittu AdemiladePrije 4 mjeseci

    I love this channel and ive been watching them since i was nine

  18. Claudia Wilson

    Claudia WilsonPrije 5 mjeseci

    Troom troom lit up my day

  19. Londyn Johns

    Londyn JohnsPrije 5 mjeseci

    Damn the money and the I.D wow to far

  20. chinchu r

    chinchu rPrije 5 mjeseci

    The younger sis looks like Ginny Weasley

  21. Lina sadiku

    Lina sadikuPrije 5 mjeseci

    nase prec

  22. Lina sadiku

    Lina sadikuPrije 5 mjeseci


  23. Princess Janmeria

    Princess JanmeriaPrije 5 mjeseci


  24. Madison Roberts

    Madison RobertsPrije 6 mjeseci


  25. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos LopezPrije 6 mjeseci

    I love doing pranks on my brother's.

  26. PS to JMD V&S

    PS to JMD V&SPrije 6 mjeseci


  27. Annalee Rattray

    Annalee RattrayPrije 6 mjeseci

    I have a little sister sometimes I prank her that I delete her games

  28. Lindsey Sparkman

    Lindsey SparkmanPrije 6 mjeseci

    I have 2 sisters a older one and a Younger one I'm the Middle one its hard there both mean😑😑😑🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  29. Asha Rose

    Asha RosePrije 6 mjeseci

    That’s so funny 😆😎😂😸

  30. Arin Rahman

    Arin RahmanPrije 6 mjeseci


  31. Yousseh Arafah

    Yousseh ArafahPrije 6 mjeseci


  32. mig gaming

    mig gamingPrije 6 mjeseci

    i hate my big sis

  33. Loxly

    LoxlyPrije 6 mjeseci

    It was okay

  34. Debeora Hammond

    Debeora HammondPrije 6 mjeseci

    I love it to

  35. sianna kinyanjui

    sianna kinyanjuiPrije 6 mjeseci

    one time I have ever taken a picture and sent it to facebook that he fell his toothbrush in the toilet

  36. sianna kinyanjui

    sianna kinyanjuiPrije 6 mjeseci

    I don't have a sister but I brother and we prank each other just like that

  37. Olu Adetona

    Olu AdetonaPrije 6 mjeseci

    i knew right!

  38. Olu Adetona

    Olu AdetonaPrije 6 mjeseci


  39. Cassidy Penning

    Cassidy PenningPrije 6 mjeseci

    i put soap on my sisters tooth brush

  40. hugsandkisses708

    hugsandkisses708Prije 7 mjeseci


  41. Darshan Singh

    Darshan SinghPrije 7 mjeseci

    You are poo you are poo poo poo poo pool like poo in the sink and like like like and subscribe to just channel just just kennel Jessie's channel is Channel Jessie Jessie destiny's guess me guess me and your knees like football like bow and bow and bow

  42. Darshan Singh

    Darshan SinghPrije 7 mjeseci

    Chelsea pooky Chelsea Chelsea subscribe to my channel Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea to the Chelsea Chelsea to the Chelsea Chelsea to the Chelsea Chelsea to the Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea

  43. Darshan Singh

    Darshan SinghPrije 7 mjeseci

    Ой пупу и лупу и пупу юаюаю тупую пупу и Лупу

  44. Mina Abner

    Mina AbnerPrije 7 mjeseci

    Me too I love the oranges that you do guys lol haha hehe omg

  45. Melanie Chalkley

    Melanie ChalkleyPrije 7 mjeseci

    Your welcome - her personal hair stylist

  46. Srinidhireddy Reddy

    Srinidhireddy ReddyPrije 7 mjeseci

    I loved the pranks

  47. [B] Victor Zavala

    [B] Victor ZavalaPrije 7 mjeseci

    cool game

  48. Lily Eacock

    Lily EacockPrije 7 mjeseci

    I Hate pranks

  49. Libby Pedzeni

    Libby PedzeniPrije 7 mjeseci

    She is an loving 🥰 girl 👧

  50. Libby Pedzeni

    Libby PedzeniPrije 7 mjeseci

    She is an loving 🥰 girl

  51. Libby Pedzeni

    Libby PedzeniPrije 7 mjeseci

    She is an loving 🥰 girl

  52. maylin maylin

    maylin maylinPrije 7 mjeseci


  53. maylin maylin

    maylin maylinPrije 7 mjeseci


  54. Breanna Vasquez

    Breanna VasquezPrije 7 mjeseci

    I don't have a sister you are sooooooooooooooooooo rud 😖

  55. Katrena Rainey

    Katrena RaineyPrije 7 mjeseci



    KOLA OGUNRINUPrije 7 mjeseci

    it was so disgusting


    KOLA OGUNRINUPrije 7 mjeseci

    like one time she exchanged my ketchup for red paint


    KOLA OGUNRINUPrije 7 mjeseci

    I have a little sister and she a loves to pull pranks on me

  59. toka tansey

    toka tanseyPrije 7 mjeseci

    happy birthday

  60. Sydeach Powell

    Sydeach PowellPrije 7 mjeseci

    Thse pranks are grate

  61. Sydeach Powell

    Sydeach PowellPrije 7 mjeseci

    These pranks are grate

  62. nana davis

    nana davisPrije 7 mjeseci


  63. Eia Inacay

    Eia InacayPrije 7 mjeseci

    Its so cool 😂😂😂😃

  64. Nafia Alam

    Nafia AlamPrije 7 mjeseci

    i have a sis by the way i ship them together

  65. Annabel Arlinghaus

    Annabel ArlinghausPrije 7 mjeseci

    I don't have a sister but I do have a brother and he likes scaring me all of the time

  66. Sheena Thelwell

    Sheena ThelwellPrije 7 mjeseci

    Like that

  67. Monkey Funny Epic Hacks

    Monkey Funny Epic HacksPrije 7 mjeseci

    I cannot image that LOL wish hear your guys in real life. Anyone agrees with me ?


    MEDINA HARICPrije 8 mjeseci

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Marsha Reese

    Marsha ReesePrije 8 mjeseci

    the begin tho

  70. Nino Denny

    Nino DennyPrije 8 mjeseci

    I prank my sister Jazz all the time by hiding her stuff.

  71. Delinda Soliday

    Delinda SolidayPrije 8 mjeseci

    Omg!!!!!!!!!❤ 🧡💛💚💜💗🖤🌈🤯🥰🦄🙏💍💎💟

  72. Elaine Turnbull

    Elaine TurnbullPrije 8 mjeseci


  73. Shenell H

    Shenell HPrije 8 mjeseci

    i see you troom troom with the red bottoms

  74. Sameea Zulfqar

    Sameea ZulfqarPrije 8 mjeseci

    i love my sister

  75. Sameea Zulfqar

    Sameea ZulfqarPrije 8 mjeseci


  76. Marren Otieno

    Marren OtienoPrije 8 mjeseci


  77. Dowka 29

    Dowka 29Prije 8 mjeseci

    *i have bee toy for my cats and it looks so much like a bee so i pretend there is a bee so my brother gets scared*

  78. John Holdsworth

    John HoldsworthPrije 8 mjeseci

    I don’t have a sister

  79. Lakreasha Simmons

    Lakreasha SimmonsPrije 8 mjeseci

    IM RICH I GOT A 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  80. Yue Zhu Cao

    Yue Zhu CaoPrije 8 mjeseci

    I do my name is Fiona

  81. Aracelis Reyes

    Aracelis ReyesPrije 8 mjeseci

    My b-day nov-17 they published the video nlv-16

  82. Summer walton the best Walton

    Summer walton the best WaltonPrije 8 mjeseci

    I love this I have 2 sisters

  83. Layla Elbanna

    Layla ElbannaPrije 8 mjeseci

    I love your vids❤️

  84. evelyns World

    evelyns WorldPrije 8 mjeseci


  85. Divija Raje

    Divija RajePrije 8 mjeseci


  86. teia Douglas

    teia DouglasPrije 8 mjeseci

    My brother I always prank my brother and my brother always prank me like pouring water on me and everything else I don't like that at all because that is so me and I don't like it

  87. Mohammad Alabd Al Nabi

    Mohammad Alabd Al NabiPrije 8 mjeseci

    I have a sister and a baby brother and he’s only 12 months and my sister is eight right now we live in Canada and we are a rock and I

  88. Orjay Forbes

    Orjay ForbesPrije 8 mjeseci


  89. Zibuyile Ngobese

    Zibuyile NgobesePrije 8 mjeseci

    Why is the small sister the one who is always pranking

  90. Parvathi Rav

    Parvathi RavPrije 8 mjeseci


  91. George Zhang

    George ZhangPrije 8 mjeseci


  92. Tiffany Robles

    Tiffany RoblesPrije 8 mjeseci


  93. Donna Marie Masagca

    Donna Marie MasagcaPrije 9 mjeseci

    Well i had a sister her name is Jessie she always get my things and always ruined it so i decided to prank her i grabed her phone and replace a new password

  94. Om Prakash Seth

    Om Prakash SethPrije 9 mjeseci

    I have too pranked by putting much garlic juice in her favourite orange juice. 🤣🤣🤣

  95. Lorly Caperida

    Lorly CaperidaPrije 9 mjeseci

    I super duper hate my annoying baby brother!!!!!!!!! zalel

  96. D'anasia Hooks

    D'anasia HooksPrije 9 mjeseci


  97. Brad Dean

    Brad DeanPrije 9 mjeseci

    I don't have a sister but I have a brother

  98. Xavier Osei

    Xavier OseiPrije 9 mjeseci

    She has red hair

  99. Xavier Osei

    Xavier OseiPrije 9 mjeseci


  100. Mariah Josey

    Mariah JoseyPrije 9 mjeseci


  101. Princess L. barabad

    Princess L. barabadPrije 9 mjeseci

    Serika watson your spelling is rong

  102. V

    VPrije 9 mjeseci

    And having the brother

  103. Ria Thakkar

    Ria ThakkarPrije 9 mjeseci

    I love the Harley quin prank