The Most Incredible Moments From Rally Croatia | WRC 2021

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The first asphalt event of the season lit up Croatia last weekend, and rally fans were treated to a 20-course banquet of the best rally action around.
Set against a beautiful Balkan backdrop, the speeds were startling and drivers pushed both themselves and their cars to the limit. This one will certainly live long in the memory... so let's look at Rally Croatia's most incredible moments.

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  1. Red Bull Rally

    Red Bull RallyPrije mjesec

    See more action from Rally Croatia on Red Bull TV:


    DIEGO SIERRAPrije 27 dana

    2:29 WOWOW

  3. Rising Star

    Rising StarPrije mjesec


  4. Mazda Hydrogen

    Mazda HydrogenPrije mjesec

    please give me link to photo on preview

  5. Pjetro

    PjetroPrije mjesec

    Damn, this looks amazing. If it will come back to Croatia next year, I will be there for sure.

  6. Tiemen Scholten

    Tiemen ScholtenPrije mjesec

    I’ve started followung WRC since the beginning of this season, and I’m so impressed with the sport! Such a tense and awesome sport to look at! This Rally truely proved it.

  7. Ivan Matančević

    Ivan MatančevićPrije mjesec

    geography 0 wtf with preps..

  8. Ivan Matančević

    Ivan MatančevićPrije mjesec

    it's f dangerous road wtf!! there is no dead people!!:))

  9. Ddatu Uelort

    Ddatu UelortPrije mjesec


  10. Ognjen Dragovic

    Ognjen DragovicPrije mjesec

    Fali Niko Pulic:(

  11. Matija Mejaski

    Matija MejaskiPrije mjesec

    Jos jedan dokaz da ovako loših cesta,prometne struke,vrsta asfalta i politike nema skoro pa nigdje..zavoji bez smisla uz neugodna iznenadjenja i dotrajali asfalt s rupama iza zavoja ,sve da te lakse sjebe kad ides doma ali za Wrc stvoreno,tricky,pravi sou je poceo nakon, kada su domoroci krenuli pijani opel vectrama,golf trojkama i slicnim napravama vozit etape

  12. Nikola Blazon

    Nikola BlazonPrije mjesec

    Možda su i pobjedili u kojoj etapi😂

  13. Wambua Sammy

    Wambua SammyPrije mjesec

    Asphalt rallies best substitutes for sleeping pills.

  14. MR. AASN The Antisocial Zeroone

    MR. AASN The Antisocial ZeroonePrije mjesec

    Everyone knows and Fornaux himself as a frenchman known as a tarmac specialist

  15. c y

    c yPrije mjesec

  16. Michael Purvis

    Michael PurvisPrije mjesec

    Awesome 👌 but shame about that constant music



    Moments from rally

  18. VS Cars

    VS CarsPrije mjesec

    Great rally with a thrilling finish, was very happy to attend it in person. See you in 2022!

  19. indra lemana

    indra lemanaPrije mjesec

    Great videos... And for seb.. Congrats.. He's proved the champions of the world... Mentality + dont forget he's very lucky man..

  20. Callum

    CallumPrije mjesec

    Buff right out that Yaris. Be ready for second stage

  21. Jole the Nebula

    Jole the NebulaPrije mjesec

    Beautiful Country

  22. JC Denton

    JC DentonPrije mjesec

    I drive on those roads everyday. Yet its always a new challenge to beat it.

  23. Joe

    JoePrije mjesec

    Still Ogier should had been disqualified cause you know he's french


    FULL TOP MAXPrije mjesec

    absolutely fantastic event, I'm glad I went up there so see these machines up close, I really hope they make a return next year, it was a proper spectacle, great crowd, perfect weather, couldn't ask for anything better.

  25. Evans Couss

    Evans CoussPrije mjesec

    Great vid! I like the idea of top5 moments! Keep them coming!!

  26. Goran Elez

    Goran ElezPrije mjesec

    Narrow streets and high speed brings excitement. This was an epic event.

  27. 🇭🇷🐺Vučji ratnik ♱

    🇭🇷🐺Vučji ratnik ♱Prije mjesec

    Lmao. Nice toys! Don't let me show you what I can do with Yugo😎

  28. oniOn

    oniOnPrije mjesec

    Now imagine all drunk Croatian fellas from this region driving on these roads.

  29. KUKU

    KUKUPrije mjesec

    It was great watching it live 😄 come again as fast as possible

  30. Rade Končar

    Rade KončarPrije mjesec

    Any reason why you're not showing the trophy?

  31. Robert Higgins

    Robert HigginsPrije mjesec

    It's great to see a really in Croatia.

  32. M Stachurski

    M StachurskiPrije mjesec

    Ogier Super Legend😎👍💪👌👊👏👌🏆🥇🏁🏎💨🔥🔥🔥

  33. Mateo Grdanjski

    Mateo GrdanjskiPrije mjesec

    I hope, you enoyed to watch wrc Croatia. See you next year.

  34. Infinite Power

    Infinite PowerPrije mjesec

    We enjoyed it very very much here in Croatia! Hvala sta ste nam dosli 🙌🏼

  35. Stuart Paul

    Stuart PaulPrije mjesec

    Evans from North Wales like myself we will fight to the very very end and of course in good sportsmanship but we will win that’s wait-and-see🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😱

  36. Kiryl Sykalo

    Kiryl SykaloPrije mjesec

    It was amazing to watch. I hope more people enjoy WRC. It is not inferior to F1 yet less popular.

  37. Hrvat Boz

    Hrvat BozPrije mjesec

    I’d much rather watch this than f1

  38. hey toast

    hey toastPrije mjesec

    Thank you Red Bull (and Dirt Fish) for providing coverage of WRC events.

  39. M&M 123

    M&M 123Prije mjesec


  40. M&M 123

    M&M 123Prije mjesec


  41. rally andry

    rally andryPrije mjesec

    Woooow 👏👏👏👏

  42. zkljaja

    zkljajaPrije mjesec

    We in Croatia have to drive on those tricy "roads" every day. It may look like asphalt, it may feel like asphalt, it may smell like asphalt but it is in fact slippery as butter.

  43. Red Bull Rally

    Red Bull RallyPrije mjesec


  44. Michał

    MichałPrije mjesec

    I think the first one must be crash ogier in city with car

  45. Blaumann

    BlaumannPrije mjesec

    Great Rally, great cars and a god damn great coverage. Finally. Thank you thousand times RedBull

  46. Godzilla 2201

    Godzilla 2201Prije mjesec


  47. Igor Djuric

    Igor DjuricPrije mjesec

    Ogier crashed a bmw on the street between stages. And runaway from scene

  48. Chris Parker

    Chris ParkerPrije mjesec

    Cool that Ogier won after that traffic accident.

  49. Bonelessbeef

    BonelessbeefPrije mjesec

    Great video. But commentator, car sounds and music together is awful. No race fan ever asks for music on these videos.

  50. Sanjin Hadžiomerspahić

    Sanjin HadžiomerspahićPrije mjesec

    You are welcome to come back anytime you want XD

  51. STRUJA

    STRUJAPrije mjesec

    Pozdrav iz ZG

  52. STRUJA

    STRUJAPrije mjesec

    Croatia best

  53. Alrashed

    AlrashedPrije mjesec

    Really ..... amazing moments

  54. gsx 1340

    gsx 1340Prije mjesec

    isn't that real motorsport. tarmacrally till the very last corner. just great. nothing compare to that. see you on wrc+ 🍀

  55. Seoski mi

    Seoski miPrije mjesec

    Didn't know rallying could be so intense!

  56. Effect Phoenix

    Effect PhoenixPrije mjesec

    Ogier getting the karma back

  57. Jeff Jefferson

    Jeff JeffersonPrije mjesec

    That realy was something!!! Was it the new Rally and everyone starting on a blank page that made this so nailbitingly good??

  58. Red Bull Rally

    Red Bull RallyPrije mjesec

    Yes, a level playing field for all drivers and co-drivers too!

  59. bognar

    bognarPrije mjesec

    Yes, first time in Croatia

  60. cro zgs

    cro zgsPrije mjesec

    Greetings from croatia we really hope to see wrc next year also! It was awesome!

  61. Rodrigo Fonseca

    Rodrigo FonsecaPrije mjesec

    Awesome highlights!!!

  62. Krešo Gabud

    Krešo GabudPrije mjesec

    Jedva čekam sljedeću godinu 👌👌👍 WRC in Croatia ♥️

  63. Davor Lekenik

    Davor LekenikPrije mjesec


  64. CroBad Boy

    CroBad BoyPrije mjesec

    The WRC is most beautiful of car racing in the PLANET, the BEST drivers,cars and fantastic road. But in my country CROATIA , WRC is EPIC! THANKS TO ALL DRIVERS and TEAMS! WRC in Croatia was fantastic epic event, please back next year!

  65. Ivor Dejanovic

    Ivor DejanovicPrije mjesec

    @TONYS where? 🤔

  66. TONYS

    TONYSPrije mjesec

    minus the morons 2 meters from corners watching and acting selfishly stupid, should be banned IMO.

  67. Jasko But

    Jasko ButPrije mjesec

    Next year if it rains this will be one hairy rally.

  68. Vid Ban

    Vid BanPrije mjesec

    👏Great rally, can’t wait for the next one.

  69. Red ding Ton

    Red ding TonPrije mjesec

    @19_ _infuzija86 😂😂😂

  70. 19_ _infuzija86

    19_ _infuzija86Prije mjesec

    Joj daj vid kaj se pravis englez

  71. Red Bull Rally

    Red Bull RallyPrije mjesec

    Next one coming up in Portugal, as usual we'll br providing the daily recaps 🙌

  72. stjepan60

    stjepan60Prije mjesec

    Croatia, especially these parts of it belong to Central Europe, not Balkans.

  73. Ivan

    IvanPrije mjesec

    @stjepan60 Jarane, sve južno od Save je Balkan...To je geografska odrednica, znači nije ni Srbija cijela na Balkanu. A većina ljudi kaže da smo Balkanci, to da nismo sam prvi put čuo u Zagrebu...

  74. stjepan60

    stjepan60Prije mjesec

    @I B 8 9 bas 54%...jesi siguran? Di si to procitao? U nekom dokumentu SANU-a? A Balkanošu?

  75. stjepan60

    stjepan60Prije mjesec

    @I B 8 9 Objasni mi što je točno Balkan? Ni sam nemaš pojma, al važno da lupetaš. Ne znam jesi Srbin, što si već, al si zesce zadojen ideologijom Beogradske čaršije. Sorry Balkanošu neces postene ljude uvlacit u svoj balkanski krkanluk...niti zivis na tom području, niti znaš povijest tog područja, tako da se rađe drži milovanja svog nježnika na period od 1918.-1990. i odhebi zajedno sa Balkanom.

  76. I B 8 9

    I B 8 9Prije mjesec

    54% površine Hr je balkan.u najboljem slučaju Hr graniči sa centralnom europom.ali šta ja znam.stjepan zna da sam Srbin i da se osjećam kao balkanac 😂

  77. s lukic

    s lukicPrije mjesec

    Istina ti dijelovi su granice balkana i Europe. Ne da nekog želim vrijeđati sa Balkanom ali stvarno geografski je tako.

  78. BassLineJunkies

    BassLineJunkiesPrije mjesec

    the best rally I have ever seen