Zach King Editing Magic vs SeanDoesMagic Real Magic... enjoy :)



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  1. Perla Sagaral

    Perla SagaralPrije 13 minuta

    Oh my his likes has 1MIL

  2. • john10_rey •

    • john10_rey •Prije 58 minuta

    Its illusion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Latha Kalitker

    Latha KalitkerPrije sat


  4. eury villamor

    eury villamorPrije 2 sati

    it makes me want to eat glass

  5. gamingZONE

    gamingZONEPrije 2 sati

    It's editing

  6. Ricky Latonio

    Ricky LatonioPrije 4 sati

    O now dat

  7. FreddyFronter8

    FreddyFronter8Prije 6 sati

    You’ll get 100,000,000,000

  8. Jasmine Evans

    Jasmine EvansPrije 7 sati

    You suck at magic I’m actually magical I’m not faking I’m 9

  9. Jasmine Evans

    Jasmine EvansPrije 7 sati

    That was funny that was axing I’m special I can see when something is edited or green screen that was either or green screen both of them

  10. Sofia G&H

    Sofia G&HPrije 8 sati

    Lets talk abpu how this guy broke le logic

  11. Bhuvneet singh

    Bhuvneet singhPrije 9 sati

    Is it only me who saw difference in colors between the moving and stable diamonds

  12. Mama Children

    Mama ChildrenPrije 11 sati

    I get it

  13. Tina Vasquez

    Tina VasquezPrije 11 sati


  14. Mr Supertag

    Mr SupertagPrije 13 sati

    Wow how best!

  15. Jenny fe Zerna

    Jenny fe ZernaPrije 14 sati

    OH MY GOD!!?!?!!? I SAW A CUT!!!!

  16. Jose Aguas

    Jose AguasPrije 14 sati

    That's editing too

  17. Jetskie Ranoela

    Jetskie RanoelaPrije 15 sati

    That is good

  18. Felix Ferdinand

    Felix FerdinandPrije 15 sati


  19. Neb

    NebPrije 15 sati


  20. Neb

    NebPrije 15 sati

    Touches arm*

  21. Neb

    NebPrije 15 sati

    I touched my window it's cake I touched my TV it's cake I touched my chair it's cake and I touched my bed it's cake hmmmmm am I cake?

  22. Manuel Doctor Jr.

    Manuel Doctor Jr.Prije 15 sati

    Zake king the king of edete

  23. NN MP

    NN MPPrije 16 sati


  24. NN MP

    NN MPPrije 16 sati


  25. NN MP

    NN MPPrije 16 sati

    You are noob

  26. Lovrenc Puntar

    Lovrenc PuntarPrije 17 sati

    Isaw that glasa as half shit

  27. Aishwin Lall

    Aishwin LallPrije 17 sati

    Zach: got 13m likes Sean: got 15m likes Mission failed successfully

  28. Aishwin Lall

    Aishwin LallPrije 18 minuta

    @LMAO I know but where did dot go which was in the middle of the 15

  29. LMAO

    LMAOPrije 14 sati

    It's 1.5 m likes not 15 m smh

  30. Hirjy Kiran

    Hirjy KiranPrije 18 sati

    Your bad because you magic is fack but he makes real magic than you

  31. PCN

    PCNPrije 18 sati


  32. Aiman Haziq

    Aiman HaziqPrije 21 sat


  33. Vandavasu V N Kumar

    Vandavasu V N KumarPrije 21 sat

    What your so sily do frozen obby like me😉😉👍👍❤️❤️

  34. Ford Millares

    Ford MillaresPrije 22 sati


  35. Zamarah Sariah Real

    Zamarah Sariah RealPrije 22 sati

    Its ok

  36. CrossSans UndertaleYT

    CrossSans UndertaleYTPrije 22 sati

    Bro don't believe Zach king he's not doing a magic if you watch the behind the scenes you would know

  37. Mokhtar Macadaag

    Mokhtar MacadaagPrije 22 sati


  38. Rani Jadhav

    Rani JadhavPrije 22 sati


  39. Shamrose Begum

    Shamrose BegumPrije 23 sati

    I think he is a real magician. But always leaves a question: Is he real or fake? But he is a real magician


    [UNKOWN] [UNKOWN]Prije dan


  41. ARox Gaming

    ARox GamingPrije dan

    Q: "If Zach can get 13 million likes with edit magic, how many likes can I get with no edits at all?" A: 1.5 million 😂😂

  42. Kent Sentosa

    Kent SentosaPrije 21 sat

    Just wait bruh, zach king upload it already for long

  43. Jingjing Murillo

    Jingjing MurilloPrije dan


  44. ishmael aryee

    ishmael aryeePrije dan

    Yo how do you do that

  45. Sunny Aujla

    Sunny AujlaPrije dan


  46. Splash Games

    Splash GamesPrije dan

    The man at 1.5M rn

  47. Splash Games

    Splash GamesPrije dan


  48. IamNotEdward

    IamNotEdwardPrije dan


  49. Ka'Dynce Green

    Ka'Dynce GreenPrije dan

    That's not even cool Zack magic tricks are cool

  50. Raghav meena

    Raghav meenaPrije dan


  51. Sem Hagtingius

    Sem HagtingiusPrije dan

    Its good

  52. Sri Charan

    Sri CharanPrije dan

    Your editing

  53. Dr meatloaf

    Dr meatloafPrije dan

    How the heck did he do that

  54. Akshay Dhiman

    Akshay DhimanPrije dan

    Nice editing

  55. Aguinaldo Dumaya

    Aguinaldo DumayaPrije dan

    I wanna eat that cake

  56. Mattox Kurtz

    Mattox KurtzPrije dan

    Oh crap maybe I'm cake

  57. × T o r d ×

    × T o r d ×Prije dan

    My brain melted when they moved-

  58. Timoteo López

    Timoteo LópezPrije dan

    your the king 👑

  59. diceeHQ

    diceeHQPrije dan

    Me: wait the cards are edited :O

  60. Hi-tech gamer

    Hi-tech gamerPrije dan


  61. Adrianna Korsak

    Adrianna KorsakPrije dan

    Hooooooooow did u do that

  62. psчcho父 nσσв

    psчcho父 nσσвPrije dan

    ţђāţ'ş māgįç wāş ęāşy bųddy

  63. Alia Alsaad

    Alia AlsaadPrije dan

    That guy is actually a magician

  64. Rhuderyn Adlaon

    Rhuderyn AdlaonPrije dan

    Your one is fake

  65. ma ma

    ma maPrije dan


  66. シシɢɪᴏʀɴo

    シシɢɪᴏʀɴoPrije dan

    Omg! You gy 1,5 mil likes congrats man!

  67. Sudim Rai

    Sudim RaiPrije dan

    No that is edit and you are the best magical and he edit the magic and make it like real

  68. Joby Shaji

    Joby ShajiPrije dan

    So super and amseing

  69. Roy Antepasado

    Roy AntepasadoPrije dan

    Your magic is edit

  70. Maria Vazquez

    Maria VazquezPrije dan

    I like the trick that the man with the card and it moved with out an Editor

  71. Akshay Padale

    Akshay PadalePrije 18 sati

    Its a gimik card that u can buy online ....

  72. Jasper Shoemaker

    Jasper ShoemakerPrije 2 dana


  73. KnockRacer Channel

    KnockRacer ChannelPrije 2 dana

    Zach Ain't Magical Dude

  74. Ben Cargill

    Ben CargillPrije 2 dana


  75. Bienvenu Ntende

    Bienvenu NtendePrije 2 dana

    NO WAY!!!

  76. Rashmi Lalchandani

    Rashmi LalchandaniPrije 2 dana

    But how????????????????? Please make a tutorial on how to do it

  77. Idk dcbnm

    Idk dcbnmPrije 2 dana


  78. durantae jones

    durantae jonesPrije 2 dana

    It's not stupid

  79. DanicaNotFound

    DanicaNotFoundPrije 2 dana

    That’s edited but cool

  80. Solomon

    SolomonPrije 2 dana

    Lmao I know how to do the trick Sean did. Shin lim did a trick like that in agt

  81. easy ways

    easy waysPrije 2 dana

    Lol real It's holo graphic

  82. Ellyn Nyambura

    Ellyn NyamburaPrije 2 dana

    edit sean

  83. Kiwi._edits

    Kiwi._editsPrije 2 dana

    It's not stupid

  84. DeadSho8 Gaming

    DeadSho8 GamingPrije 2 dana

    Yeah you use magical toys

  85. Mobile Setting

    Mobile SettingPrije 2 dana

    Zach is real magician you are fake magician

  86. Tahmina Akter

    Tahmina AkterPrije 2 dana

    No u are not a stupid

  87. Riham GamingX

    Riham GamingXPrije 2 dana

    Is it just me or did he got 1.5m

  88. Haider Ali

    Haider AliPrije 2 dana

    I. Think. Zace. Is. Better. Then. Sean

  89. Alan_Gming

    Alan_GmingPrije 2 dana

    Zach is done fake magic and he did live action front of us not means Zach has 13M like Sean got 1.3M likes that not an likes ok

  90. Sarah Felice Primary 2 (simprug)

    Sarah Felice Primary 2 (simprug)Prije 2 dana

    GLASS IS CAKE, So thats means when we drink no more cup washing and no more dirty cups 🤣

  91. Tanish Ramnani

    Tanish RamnaniPrije 2 dana


  92. Michael Yeo

    Michael YeoPrije 2 dana

    Shawn ur magic is like legit

  93. Hayati Muhamed Yasin

    Hayati Muhamed YasinPrije 2 dana


  94. Crystal

    CrystalPrije 2 dana

    Everything is cake

  95. IAmNotArchit

    IAmNotArchitPrije 2 dana

    It was edited too colour was darker I the changed but I liked it Idk Why? Only legends can notice this

  96. E l l i e -3-

    E l l i e -3-Prije 2 dana

    Bruh that's not edit or real magic lemme get this straight- So on the back of the diamonds there is a string behind the strings I think but pls tell me if I'm wrong

  97. Narayana Samyuktha

    Narayana SamyukthaPrije 2 dana

    Me:gets knife and breaks cup


    BOT KILLERPrije 2 dana

    Don't compare you with anyone show yourself

  99. FLOP69K

    FLOP69KPrije 2 dana


  100. Alexandra gaming

    Alexandra gamingPrije 2 dana

    You should have done that trick with your crush

  101. brandi tirvett

    brandi tirvettPrije 2 dana


  102. JD Channel

    JD ChannelPrije 2 dana

    U dont have so much fans so u know