will they solve my 15,900 IQ SNITCH RIDDLE...? (custom mod)

Even when Snitch, Disguised Toast isn't a snitch. Enjoy some more fresh custom role mod Among Us with more Snitch gameplay!
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Edited and Animated by: _4our_
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  1. svg madness

    svg madnessPrije 4 sati

    Jack:who is joe? Corpse: yeah who is joe karl? HE HAD SO MUCH POWER AND HE DIDNT USE IT WASTED POTENTIAL

  2. Gretah Hounshell

    Gretah HounshellPrije 7 sati

    Those two big red arrows zooming around on screen gave me anxiety

  3. Gloria Choi

    Gloria ChoiPrije dan

    ányone else instinctively clapped when toast sang wonder girls? :D

  4. mimi:3

    mimi:3Prije dan

    toast singing nobody by wonder girls at 7:20 is fucking iconic

  5. Quinny Power

    Quinny PowerPrije 2 dana

    Ash has such an cute voice ngl

  6. Banager Dementias

    Banager DementiasPrije 3 dana

    A real big brain play that toast or really any other HRhaver nowadays would be to put their damn videos in the playlist IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER since I’m sure nobody wants to watch their playlists backwards

  7. Corpse Senpai

    Corpse SenpaiPrije 3 dana

    I'm just here for the accents. "Ur a murdurah, arentcha Jack?!" "Nauu." "U arr, arenchu?"

  8. Genesis Lavetoria

    Genesis LavetoriaPrije 4 dana

    Did u know sandara Park bro?

  9. Killeris

    KillerisPrije 4 dana

    Giga brain

  10. Gowerrr

    GowerrrPrije 4 dana

    If you wanted to live why didn't you actually say who the imposters were. Your info was useless making your effort likewise

  11. anony

    anonyPrije 5 dana

    0:30 toast be like: *damn it.*

  12. ELC

    ELCPrije 5 dana

    That intro with catching Edison was dangerous though like damn who would've thought of that kind of strategy... other than Toast himself ofc~

  13. Jillian Marae Kolimlim

    Jillian Marae KolimlimPrije 5 dana


  14. Tea

    TeaPrije 5 dana

    Love the animations 👍

  15. Catherine

    CatherinePrije 4 dana

    ok? 💀

  16. 々『Otegaru』々

    々『Otegaru』々Prije 5 dana


  17. Embry

    EmbryPrije 5 dana

    Lol the snitch role is perfect for me because I always speedrun my tasks when I can

  18. s0undwave

    s0undwavePrije 6 dana

    can someone tell me what hat pack they are using?

  19. Jj beats

    Jj beatsPrije 6 dana

    Am i the only one who hears: this guy is toast At the intro

  20. Tillie

    TilliePrije 7 dana

    him singing nobody is my spirit animal

  21. jerry

    jerryPrije 7 dana

    damn that's down bad , toast made Edison rethink his entire strategy with that ... damn

  22. Nova Ace

    Nova AcePrije 7 dana

    One day toast is going to report his own body

  23. kick ys

    kick ysPrije 7 dana


  24. 1t2ht

    1t2htPrije 7 dana

    Alternate title: Going INSANE 6969IQ 6ix9ine Mod (gone sexual)

  25. Benisbob

    BenisbobPrije 8 dana

    Wait wtf I thought the intro always said “this guy’s toast” BUT IT SAYS “disguised toast” LIKE WAIT WHAT

  26. valiant

    valiantPrije 4 dana

    It’s both, that’s the joke

  27. Scott Kennedy

    Scott KennedyPrije 8 dana

    men i wish i could buy the game from steam :/

  28. 16BitGamer

    16BitGamerPrije 8 dana

    Jack: "This isn't in specimen." Me: *looks at who reported and who's in the thumbnail* "Sure..."

  29. Kaye Vogus

    Kaye VogusPrije 8 dana


  30. Coco Wang

    Coco WangPrije 9 dana

    My bird is a canary

  31. - Mr Quackers -

    - Mr Quackers -Prije 9 dana

    18:25 turn on subtitles no no no

  32. Γαβριήλ Μακρής

    Γαβριήλ ΜακρήςPrije 9 dana

    69 be like

  33. Razurah

    RazurahPrije 10 dana

    Why is toast like trying to talk extra deep thats so cringe

  34. Jackie Francisco

    Jackie FranciscoPrije 10 dana

    Toast: (high pitch voice) *nonononononononononononononono* 😂🤣

  35. murloc16

    murloc16Prije 10 dana

    Tbh among us with mods is becoming more and more like town of Salem

  36. Esther Hernandez

    Esther HernandezPrije 10 dana

    Amazing lol

  37. Ven Matthew Tagle

    Ven Matthew TaglePrije 12 dana

    poor sykunno always dying first round

  38. slightly homeless

    slightly homelessPrije 12 dana

    new 1.5bil iq jason role

  39. reypontillas 33

    reypontillas 33Prije 13 dana

    its annoying he does not vote imposter and he knows who it is

  40. Clover UTY

    Clover UTYPrije 13 dana

    Here is a custom role that may need some coding but is defo possible to make I guess. It's called the "Captain" which is based on the "Admin" role from the social deduction game "Mindnight". The Captain knows the identities of all non-crewmates (excluding any players that are on the crewmate team, i.e. Sheriff) but does not know their exact role. If the Crewmates win from ejecting the Imposters (or Mafia if that mod is used), the Imposters can steal the win back. One random member of the Imposter team will have to identify the Captain. If the Captain is identified by the Imposters, the Imposters win. If the Captain hides under the radar and the Imposter guesses incorrectly, the Crewmates still win. If the Captain dies, gameplay resumes as normal. Same rules above still apply if the Captain is killed. The strategy the Captain has to use is to coerce the Crew who the Imposters are without giving themselves away. As a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility, and the Captain has to be careful and get the list of suspects out there before they die without exposing themselves. I feel that this role has great potential in the modded Among Us scene.

  41. Steven Daze

    Steven DazePrije 13 dana

    I have a HRhave Theory, what if Toast is Disguised Blaza! It's in the Name and they sound the same!

  42. Mystic77x

    Mystic77xPrije 13 dana

    Disguised toast sounds like dis guy toast

  43. Jonsen9881

    Jonsen9881Prije 14 dana

    did someone notice that katamina

  44. Jonsen9881

    Jonsen9881Prije 14 dana

    and ash

  45. Jonsen9881

    Jonsen9881Prije 14 dana

    Is changing colors

  46. ReznoV Vazileski

    ReznoV VazileskiPrije 14 dana

    The two killers don't share a vowel i: Am I a joke to you? :'(

  47. Brotus Clips

    Brotus ClipsPrije 14 dana

    my man still out here with a super expensive microphone and no pop filter, compressor, or limiter :')

  48. Videot

    VideotPrije 14 dana

    Others: discussing and trying to solve the case Toast: EATS HAND 7:56

  49. Vatu

    VatuPrije 14 dana

    7:57 lol

  50. Fluttershy is best pony

    Fluttershy is best ponyPrije 15 dana

    The zelda music tho

  51. Demonicp4

    Demonicp4Prije 15 dana

    corpse's 'mmm' just- AAAAAA idc if im simping

  52. Negrong Mataba

    Negrong MatabaPrije 15 dana

    Toast is like cinema summary I recognise his face

  53. Bold_Potato 1234

    Bold_Potato 1234Prije 16 dana

    Who gets the Rise of Kingdom ads and wonder what and when the next ad trend will be..

  54. jethram

    jethramPrije 17 dana

    leslie just keeps spitting out names for no reason

  55. Jaime Mario08

    Jaime Mario08Prije 17 dana

    Is it just me or does it sound like Jack is saying cawell instead of Karl

  56. aland hayder

    aland hayderPrije 18 dana

    BRO HE IS THE IMPOSTER FROM AMONG US !!!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?

  57. SecureTheFallenPeople

    SecureTheFallenPeoplePrije 18 dana

    Bro, how is making it harder for people to win the game 15,900 IQ? Legit that's like saying in the 1800s"guys I know who jack the ripper is. JK lol I ain't no snitch but I know who he is." Is 15,900 IQ. Like you know who they are, just say their names.

  58. Ft.

    Ft.Prije 18 dana

    I can’t wait for them to start adding decimals to the in numbers

  59. Lan Bee

    Lan BeePrije 19 dana

    Lesson learnt: if you *ever* see Toast actually doing his tasks, that means he’s the snitch.

  60. Micaldom Lancer

    Micaldom LancerPrije 19 dana

    Imposters: J*a*cksept*i*ceye and T*i*n*a* going by the names of Sped*i*cey and t*i*naaa Snitch Toast: The two imposters don't share a vowel

  61. KpopRules !

    KpopRules !Prije 19 dana

    Lol he was singing wonder girls

  62. Soppies

    SoppiesPrije 21 dan

    I like ash

  63. Lolly Loo

    Lolly LooPrije 22 dana

    Ash is so smart and cute :3

  64. Connor Piuko

    Connor PiukoPrije 25 dana

    Toast makes the best content

  65. Slapp

    SlappPrije 27 dana

    I swear to god toast has the most patience I have ever seen

  66. Alejandro Campos

    Alejandro CamposPrije mjesec

    Joe.. JOE MOMMA

  67. Emica Censi

    Emica CensiPrije mjesec

    7:20 love the wonder girls ref

  68. Imaxcreeping

    ImaxcreepingPrije mjesec

    I like corpses voice but when in every.... single.... video.... over and over and over again it sounds like he hasn't slept in weeks his voice annoys me.

  69. Eldritch Maker

    Eldritch MakerPrije mjesec

    Ever since they started doing the mods 100000% better

  70. Dionne de Graaff

    Dionne de GraaffPrije mjesec

    Jack his voice is the same voice from brandon from breaking bad!!

  71. sbastian nowell

    sbastian nowellPrije mjesec

    corps is bat man

  72. batrisyia0506 batrisyia

    batrisyia0506 batrisyiaPrije mjesec


  73. aTurtel

    aTurtelPrije mjesec

    Alternative title: MY 200IQ 6IX9INE PLAY (custom mod)

  74. psychocyan

    psychocyanPrije mjesec

    sometimes I wonder why my account is like this

  75. Sean Loiselle

    Sean LoisellePrije mjesec

    Specidey and Tinaaa share a vowel!!!! they both have an I

  76. Karl Ramos

    Karl RamosPrije mjesec


  77. Hi! This is Mahdi

    Hi! This is MahdiPrije mjesec

    well that was stressful

  78. Zweilott

    ZweilottPrije mjesec

    i love how at the end ash and sykkuno both guessed the killers, ash said “jack are you a killer” and then sykkuno says 1 round before “i think it’s you tina” (i’m paraphrasing lol)

  79. Bread Stix

    Bread StixPrije mjesec

    but sometimes yyyyyyyyy

  80. Austin Miller

    Austin MillerPrije mjesec


  81. random guy

    random guyPrije mjesec

    Pp wanna be kakashi so badddddd

  82. Yin Yang Gaming

    Yin Yang GamingPrije mjesec

    Is it just me, or did I literally just realized his intro sounds like "Ha, this guy's toast" -.-

  83. Strange Pianoman

    Strange PianomanPrije mjesec

    @yash mathur oh you think????

  84. yash mathur

    yash mathurPrije mjesec

    i think it might be "Ha disguised toast" cause that's his channel name

  85. Frangabe

    FrangabePrije mjesec

    love the zelda music

  86. Mark eye plier

    Mark eye plierPrije mjesec

    Tina:”in front of my salad”

  87. richardlyew

    richardlyewPrije mjesec

    that's why Valkyrae hates you so much lol

  88. rolling THUNDERRR

    rolling THUNDERRRPrije mjesec

    Watching this bc i ran out of anime to watch

  89. rolling THUNDERRR

    rolling THUNDERRRPrije mjesec

    1:25 lmaooo I'm gonna vote toast fck u toast

  90. ASVP_CUCKY 323

    ASVP_CUCKY 323Prije mjesec

    Love your vids😻

  91. Mikacchi

    MikacchiPrije mjesec

    god rae is sooooo.... AH!!

  92. Boris Gleichmann

    Boris GleichmannPrije mjesec

    I'll never know if his small intro says "Heh, this guy's toast" or "heh, disguised toast" please help

  93. Boris Gleichmann

    Boris GleichmannPrije mjesec

    Ok thx

  94. Raditya Himawan

    Raditya HimawanPrije mjesec

    It's the first one, it's from one of the ult cards from Heartstone

  95. Crazy_clay78YT

    Crazy_clay78YTPrije mjesec

    "THE KILLERS DONT SHARE VOWELS" uh, they share an "i"

  96. CHACKO

    CHACKOPrije mjesec

    Tell me you’re a clown without telling me you’re a clown 🤡

  97. hui sos

    hui sosPrije mjesec

    oh wow/: i see new codes huh

  98. Willow Ishida

    Willow IshidaPrije mjesec

    When Jack said "he's far too slippery. I have no idea where he went", was it meant for his chat but then accidentally told the lobby too? Because that'd be so funny if so

  99. Ally D-Moon

    Ally D-MoonPrije mjesec

    Yeah it was. He didn't know he wasn't muted

  100. Enforcer017

    Enforcer017Prije mjesec

    I aint no snitch!

  101. Renuu

    RenuuPrije mjesec

    snitches get stickets

  102. Renuu

    RenuuPrije mjesec

    fuck i mean stiches

  103. Renuu

    RenuuPrije mjesec

    oops i meant stickes

  104. Mason IRL

    Mason IRLPrije mjesec

    When u have special roles and u get cruemate ^ ^ __

  105. ToweringVidz

    ToweringVidzPrije mjesec

    Spedicey and Tinaaa both have i btw toast

  106. nicole

    nicolePrije mjesec

    At least 18:44 Did anyone hear that jack called Rae Rachael?

  107. Marshe Valias

    Marshe ValiasPrije mjesec

    Two killers don't share a vowel.....Sped"I"cey and t"i"naaa....kay. Sweet jesus that's so frustrating to watch...

  108. PyrosgunReturns

    PyrosgunReturnsPrije mjesec

    I thought you guys were going to win super early and I was going to be extremely impressed but no you had to be an idiot. I was genuinely shocked you won. And way more people had to die than necessary.

  109. Bluestar12

    Bluestar12Prije mjesec

    I love Ash’s voice

  110. william ng

    william ngPrije mjesec


  111. StudioBot_Sonic

    StudioBot_SonicPrije mjesec

    Speed run