WRC TRIBUTE 2019: Maximum Attack, On the Limit, Crashes & Best Moments

All the best of the 2019 World Rally Championship Season: On the limits, jumps, drifts, almost crashes, maximum attack, crashes, flat out \u0026 all the best with pure engine sound.

CREDITS (pt1, they continue in the first comment):
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0:00 Monte Carlo
2:10 Sweden
3:52 Mexico
4:46 France
5:45 Argentina
7:02 Chile
8:05 Portugal
9:22 Italy
10:39 Finland
12:13 Germany
14:06 Turkey
15:19 UK
16:46 Spain
18:42 Final Standings

You can send me your rally clips here: therubchannel@yahoo.com

WRC TRIBUTE 2019 second part: hrhave.info/mate/pLSora2cbsiq3YU/video.html


  1. TheRUB

    TheRUBPrije godine

    Credits (part 2): walter loddo hrhave.info/black/JsuyLkkxOt79kmebBtFx5g Flo2b RallyeCorse hrhave.info/black/2m3emiVn3gC2e6pMiF_5Dg Rallye Monte Carlo hrhave.info/black/Pm4Ttqnc4BBSoRKNgS0bEQ AlexRiventosa hrhave.info/black/9iIp0wLHpS3AgDiXtbFqXg Rodrigo S hrhave.info/black/tAJpyiF1hSP6kDm67Ht6-A TotoRally 99 hrhave.info/black/PnSk2Lw1qtxWmDG8ZD94mQ Lucas Ortega hrhave.info/black/FjzMCOkUwsUodS14jwBmyg Rally Fans hrhave.info/black/RV5lQf_QVQj6f4kpBA-j2Q Eduardo Loza hrhave.info/black/C2ojaLOmty_eI8Tbg4Y8Gw julian pereyra hrhave.info/black/KIetxT0zSQwBW8GTSRVurA FAPACUNBLO hrhave.info/black/YsYchsrQihf8Y7s1ckkIDQ WRC Rally Paraguay Victor López hrhave.info/black/J__mUy8iiSHL3bkz6VNbZg Mylthon Jiménez hrhave.info/black/atnoHkFpCNG4WRK56vEIdQ Nelson Cisternas hrhave.info/black/zNsTWupsFqKXBAUpSairtA timsintim hrhave.info/black/G3tPEy86MuXMhaoX184SIg Rallyphotofilms hrhave.info/black/aBAb55JsqiTYIOFwnEAJ-w MOUCHORACING RALLY & RACING VIDEOS hrhave.info/black/inMfpxDoueDHuzdXnZOaLg AVRacing hrhave.info/black/xz3KwKIAZxZFInR-vJ2loA FIGAREDO motor (FGMotor) hrhave.info/black/SyVqaw743-VhKmGTh1u-Jw Rallyes90s hrhave.info/black/KmfiT4_8ncFWvB0TN9q5Ow Robin Rallye hrhave.info/black/ZS_8Ap-2LcIHQFrFbot75A MaisRally RacingVideos hrhave.info/black/jo4upk_MYAQhmiLgWz03cw João RS hrhave.info/black/Wa7D7qFhxDEa5Dspd1-KvQ Pedro Figueiredo hrhave.info/black/WO_xmsMliAWubWZU5VNVVw Motor Vidz hrhave.info/black/V6w0A-9s1dCl_sPrLdebSg Baffo Rally Channel hrhave.info/black/_6q3e8PCvD8EXg8HC3ycRQ Rally Toscana hrhave.info/black/J_OFLpgYvyJhWQaQ0qoaLg TL RallyeVideos hrhave.info/black/fc8m0zofrEmlkxXugLRJiw Jack hrhave.info/black/VmiQFg2eUGcDFxlfqifryQ melalles (Guido Daidone) hrhave.info/black/4xaaVdVcYUgkdBdAOP7BgQ Epic Rally Tribe hrhave.info/black/pGPPED4TGX11bM5qYLwqHA kekykeks rally hrhave.info/black/zDMMDtRxHU2KJ6brb-fsjQ jb Montecarlo hrhave.info/black/-ShrVqpOE2OdEjXBCaoRBg guillaume peloux hrhave.info/black/WtseUuuPs052rlNaOjkFdw Davide Spider hrhave.info/black/kH5IQoCXST4z31e88nH_eg Eduardo Yepez hrhave.info/black/kaRWWhwNm4b4gjwXeHM3Rg Maciej Debicki hrhave.info/black/r194yZDkNBSuiyFlg7LwWw Toni Vuohelainen hrhave.info/black/dZlAGMwukPtzsvW2GBBtzQ YLIVAA Media hrhave.info/black/4El0VwkB2Kl_AUtLzMUBdQ AL Rallymedia hrhave.info/black/-NS_m7gqlHV4RcVEqKlxbw HEHERI2 hrhave.info/black/KJI2E4bmTzx9pnF0bvFUng Tito 02 hrhave.info/black/ua884aIVmGN9JRMvjMp4xg jaifat666 hrhave.info/black/JXvsR5_5zyIN22PC9KzvlA LPV88 hrhave.info/black/iDbRP_Tryr_TjrQXD5UeMA 67jojo99 Rally Video's hrhave.info/black/SIeKHlvF3gP38gOEDc8z7g Motulski hrhave.info/black/qqHLsxJebJ47KIyeAm7Tww Grid.Media hrhave.info/black/yz0jc8_WNPw36b_XDiT3Fg Peter Roßkopf hrhave.info/black/VmYfFUIQVnNbaRejszsoFQ MM-Rallymedia hrhave.info/black/I6VvgUUTBd8Z9SGZ-hOqbA CZ Rally studio hrhave.info/black/3jnD1ycqk_oVdBmH6QsmIw Rallye TV hrhave.info/black/7IynmrbRSa-ot-YZu2EGlw Javier Bajo hrhave.info/black/r_uysVMk2dvnsPyHuD0Ddg Vitor Fernandes hrhave.info/black/hqE_RIF4KAjGuLzcSebFnA SAXX1979 hrhave.info/black/-10sdftsBa6qii9ib7YlaA Murat Gunarslan hrhave.info/black/t0Fh00XsaFkIrTnHodk2rA BG-Power-Channel Official hrhave.info/black/SybJqgeJ0W_b-UNq0BGkrw Rallivideo.com hrhave.info/black/rzy5qNyga_W99TYmLDj_Gg Evaldas Bartaška hrhave.infovideos Karolis Seneckis hrhave.info/black/cdrZ9G1tyW2vNiNptTC8Hg FÁCIL DE FAZER hrhave.info/black/bVkpReKFclvGs-8Egv04hw Fatal x Twistz hrhave.info/black/2bz2LgndxKV4-Uh-oUgg2A Belgian Rallyproductions hrhave.info/black/yvvD-zIMYig6OWlCfLv-SA British Rally Media hrhave.info/black/i52rUZmMKfg32Ma6e-91EA Ralio TypeR hrhave.info/black/MRPZIAFlge_TVgaz_9eIBQ Raymond Treanor hrhave.info/black/FoCveslU6RigD8iGUJxJPg spvideo rally hrhave.info/black/it9Aki-prBA1qwzOfYWwHA Rally Mania / Full Attack Report hrhave.info/black/owmnCOLdHtgYM-HrOeiD-w Rally-es hrhave.info/black/M2sJV3TKxmUNZYzsn9ZycA MovieRacing hrhave.info/black/jGo1UU3T_qJiT8sAftmWIQ Ruso Racing hrhave.info/black/TBU1-IKa9buieaHqXufjLw O. Gorrotxa hrhave.info/black/8FWIxJHWWSrNmCMJogKviw Rallys Gc hrhave.info/black/zacyEgHXSvrPve5G_30VkA Rallye Racing 63 hrhave.info/black/QyehSsY3wJEwN7YrtacZQw

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    I stumbled onto this video by pure dumb luck. I decided "Ok, what the hell, I'll watch it" HOLY **** ! What the hell did I just watch ? These guys are out of their ****ing minds !!! Complete disregard for their own well being !,,,,Oh , did I mention It was awesome? Loved it !

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    12:26 that smith grind

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    how does the car stay on that icy road??? a normal wouldn't even go forward

  11. Mitzi Cherry

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  28. Scott Kudo

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    That bit with the snail was damn cute. It actually watched the car go by. Best moment here.

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    5:05 these are the crucial moments in recording, people like these shouldnt be recording, what was the point of him using the camera if he didnt record the only thing he was supposed to

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    Echt schlimm wie manche Leute sich und andere in Gefahr bringen, nur um mal schnell „cool“ an einem Rennen teilzunehmen. 👀💁

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  86. Bags Riva Raet

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    Kazia FlissikowskiPrije 2 mjeseci

    What a beautiful moment at 7m.06s.. The snail watching all the footage..!!.. Even if one comes across as very mellow, slow and laid back dont mean nothing as all that could change in an instance once put behind the wheel of a rally car..!! ?.. Lol...

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  104. FireInABottle5

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