How to hide screw


  1. Jimmy James

    Jimmy JamesPrije 2 minuta

    But why do you have to do that that's so dumb and why do you have to do that to your stuff don't mess up the table because you want to do that just don't dig a hole or something

  2. Inesy Mon

    Inesy MonPrije 4 minuta

    Very cool

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    Brilliant 👏👏

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  6. Admir Cecunjanin

    Admir CecunjaninPrije 5 sati

    You could of did a 90 and Brad nail it. It woulda looked soo much cleaner than that trash

  7. S H

    S HPrije 6 sati

    Hid the screw and show square lines lol

  8. Dave Brown

    Dave BrownPrije 8 sati

    Or a plug would work

  9. Vk Agrawal

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    Marvelous idea

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    Sometimes a hack is not a hack

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    Background music please?

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  15. Cole Chevalier

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    So pointless

  16. RotnSushi

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    Nope..kind of stuff people who dont do this kind of work on a daily basis do

  17. Scuba Trucker

    Scuba TruckerPrije dan

    Cool idea

  18. V I C

    V I CPrije dan

    Não entendi, qual a utilidade disso?

  19. ral 1243

    ral 1243Prije dan

    I fucking hate you :D

  20. addie750

    addie750Prije dan

    The reason I love working with screws is because I can always easily back them out when I make a mistake, or to make future repairs. This kinda defeats the purpose for me. Plus, like some others have mentioned, I too actually like the look of screws holding things together!

  21. kusam garg

    kusam gargPrije dan

    No need of this video

  22. Palmer Cooper

    Palmer CooperPrije dan

    I hide screws in the drawer, and let someone else find them when they need them

  23. Evil _flower

    Evil _flowerPrije dan

    But what if you have to replace the nails-

  24. Carl Arams

    Carl AramsPrije dan

    That's Doctor Eichtine

  25. Milo Maxai

    Milo MaxaiPrije 2 dana

    Clever, tools are really useful sometimes when it gets or comes to those things

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  27. Drywall Repairman

    Drywall RepairmanPrije 2 dana

    Drywaller here great tips watch and learn fix holes in ur walls

  28. Peanut Arbuckle

    Peanut ArbucklePrije 2 dana

    if you want to do this properly just buy fast caps, that way if you ever find yourself needing to take it apart you can actually find the screws without damaging it

  29. Ghulam Mustafa

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  30. I upload the Stupidest Stuff

    I upload the Stupidest StuffPrije 2 dana

    Bro I swear to God nobody has a brain literally just use the wood glue To hold it together

  31. Rodrigo Santos

    Rodrigo SantosPrije 2 dana

    Ola tudo bem com vocês

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  33. Pankaj Sandhu

    Pankaj SandhuPrije 3 dana

    Plot twist - Hide it in Enderchest

  34. Black Diamond

    Black DiamondPrije 3 dana

    Khaby lame: ended this man career

  35. xxx wxa

    xxx wxaPrije 3 dana

    Сп***ил у сливки шоу.

  36. Chitty Bang

    Chitty BangPrije 3 dana

    I can do that with ramen

  37. lolo jamaico

    lolo jamaicoPrije 4 dana

    Nobodys gonna know

  38. Chicken

    ChickenPrije 4 dana

    When i was a kid i really thought they magic it somewhere

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  42. pmcm 7317

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    ...on boards that aren't flush.

  43. PbDude

    PbDudePrije 5 dana

    Then you gotta unscrew it one day

  44. F Norris

    F NorrisPrije 5 dana

    Am I the only one who thinks this is satisfying

  45. Михаил Меркушов

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  46. Михаил Меркушов

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  47. slaven simic

    slaven simicPrije 5 dana

    if you oil,varnish or paint your sanding with stick out like dog balls

  48. Pug Playz

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    n o

  49. Nasif kristy

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    I was working

  50. gallinas en casa

    gallinas en casaPrije 5 dana

    That's what a Chilean carpenter likes.

  51. Maureen Tchafa

    Maureen TchafaPrije 5 dana

    Finally, There are the kind of content we need. Entertaining and USEFUL

  52. SituationGanng 300

    SituationGanng 300Prije 5 dana

    I could never make shorts like this because I would end up forgetting the steps and it would take longer than usual

  53. George Washington

    George WashingtonPrije 5 dana

    No 👎

  54. Adriel Alvarado

    Adriel AlvaradoPrije 5 dana

    There’s also this thing called wood filler.

  55. Blue_Knacki

    Blue_KnackiPrije 5 dana

    Oke now how to u unscrew it without screwing things up

  56. Renae Gholston

    Renae GholstonPrije 6 dana

    Good@❤️ Job

  57. You hate it when I speak the truth

    You hate it when I speak the truthPrije 6 dana

    Hiding screws like this is a bad idea, what are you going to do if the part that screwed in gets loose? Rescrew it? Ha you can’t because you can’t remember where you hid the screws

  58. Doodle Caboodle

    Doodle CaboodlePrije 2 dana’s pretty easy to find out where the screws are my dude. Plus the point is so that you don’t have to deal with it later, might as well scrap it if those screws are prone to loosening. Doesn’t make it any less a shit idea tho lmao

  59. Jose Francisco Coste Marte

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  60. Roberto Flores-Gump

    Roberto Flores-GumpPrije 6 dana

    This is copied from a video of a Chilean carpenter

  61. Martha E Moore

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    But Where I Get The Wedge Thingy

  62. Martha E Moore

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    If anyone is reading this I am stuck at work at a tobacco shop I’ve been here since 8 am and it’s currently 5:54 pm and I’m supposed to be off at 3:30 but my coworker is always late but yet wants to get mad at me because I said what to him because he called me and then he always thinks he’s the only person in the world who has things to do

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    Sorry to hear that Yasmine

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  67. Levi Richendollar

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    Pocket holes...

  68. X-Kid

    X-KidPrije 6 dana

    So how are you gonna unscrew that?

  69. Ay Bar

    Ay BarPrije 6 dana

    Why would you hide screws?

  70. Visty Rinandra

    Visty RinandraPrije 6 dana

    A glue gun works rigth

  71. Zack

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    This got 120M views?! Wow.

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  74. navigate48

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    Sorry but there is something called a PLUG CUTTER

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    Too much

  77. ni C

    ni CPrije 6 dana

    The type of person to take apart a pen, just to put it back together again.

  78. Harry styles    P

    Harry styles PPrije 6 dana

    Or u just get a new piece of wood or not ruin the wood

  79. Donald Budd

    Donald BuddPrije 7 dana

    Love it great idea !!!!!!! And I've been doing carpentry since I was 12 .. for 43 years.

  80. Earl

    EarlPrije 7 dana

    Yes, damage the structural integrity of the wood.

  81. silver shady

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    There is always one expert in the comments 🙄

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    good 👍❤️😁😉

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    Sooo satisfying 🧐😍

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    Too much glue

  86. Reginaldo Costa

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    I’ve been looking everywhere to find who the hell asked

  87. KAYLYNN Menendez

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    I feel stupid now

  88. James G

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    Really think you are the first person to think of this ?

  89. sunn mann

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    That's one way to do it now how about some wood putty

  90. Sami Coceres

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  91. Ian dominic Inocalla

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    Tiktok is cringe but lets just be thankful we have these things in tiktok ok Edit:this is not tiktok

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  93. No Cap

    No CapPrije 8 dana

    Or you could just get a pocket hole jig...

  94. Besa Bes

    Besa BesPrije 8 dana

    "Would've held together,but since he used only used crappy "Elmers"glue,it came apart in 1 month.."

  95. ScienceWithFred

    ScienceWithFredPrije 8 dana

    umm like if ur gonna use glue,dont use nails. like nails is like a glue for hard stuff so like thats why screw/nails were invented. so why glue

  96. Boris Vodka

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    Why not just pellet it 🙈

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    This is actually cool and tells how many people are productive

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    F-U IKEA.

  100. Cesar Galindo

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    What was the reason to sanding it?

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    Sneak: 100

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    And why the fuck you did Tha shit

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    Waste of TIME