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Holiday Weasel by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song...
License: filmmusic.io/standard-license
music by epidemicsound license

minecraft is weird game


  1. Dean Griffin

    Dean GriffinPrije 4 sati

    favourite one so far

  2. ahmed fouzi fenazi

    ahmed fouzi fenaziPrije dan

    Matt sucks

  3. Fatima Elachhab

    Fatima ElachhabPrije dan


  4. mushroomsproutੈ✩‧₊˚

    mushroomsproutੈ✩‧₊˚Prije dan

    How does your PC not lag? If i did this my tablet would explode itself 🔪😔

  5. Mag Martinez

    Mag MartinezPrije dan


  6. ☆Trapstarsjay☆

    ☆Trapstarsjay☆Prije 2 dana

    everyone is talking about his computer but the fucking dedication to replace all those blocks bro

  7. Rosy Cepeda

    Rosy CepedaPrije 2 dana

    Wey construye mejor una casa

  8. Rosy Cepeda

    Rosy CepedaPrije 2 dana

    Construye mejor una casa😠😠😠

  9. Bull Terrier

    Bull TerrierPrije 2 dana


  10. patricia abigael

    patricia abigaelPrije 2 dana


  11. jorge ventura

    jorge venturaPrije 3 dana

    Ele quer fazer o nether

  12. Hawa Timbo

    Hawa TimboPrije 4 dana


  13. Tracy Koke

    Tracy KokePrije 4 dana

    This video has more views than Steve’s most popular video!

  14. Johannes Kalel jarek love johannes kalel

    Johannes Kalel jarek love johannes kalelPrije 4 dana

    Tnt was explode because of Minecraft

  15. Georgina Placiente

    Georgina PlacientePrije 4 dana

    TnT Pyramid



    So amazing

  17. Luisa Ramirez Castigador

    Luisa Ramirez CastigadorPrije 5 dana


  18. Subin Sanda

    Subin SandaPrije 5 dana

    Geyser, 52ygwhw

  19. @thaitea_

    @thaitea_Prije 5 dana


  20. fireslut41

    fireslut41Prije 5 dana

    That must have tooken FoReVeR

  21. Troy Mooradian

    Troy MooradianPrije 5 dana

    That was a short video

  22. Troy Mooradian

    Troy MooradianPrije 5 dana

    That is a lot of TNT

  23. Liz and Luke

    Liz and LukePrije 6 dana

    Here Pin my comment PerKing PerKing PerKing PerKing sooo anyways how is my pin comment going ? PIN IT NOW :DDD

  24. kokki gaming craft

    kokki gaming craftPrije 6 dana

    0.50 o my god you rest have an amazing talllent!!!!!!!!

  25. Jazzy Manio

    Jazzy ManioPrije 6 dana


  26. Leigh Anne Sanchez

    Leigh Anne SanchezPrije 6 dana


  27. Shila Rickman

    Shila RickmanPrije 6 dana


  28. قناة  لقمان

    قناة لقمانPrije 7 dana


  29. Elise Holcomb

    Elise HolcombPrije 7 dana



    MINECRAFT CHESTPrije 7 dana


  31. Wdddsd Bejaas

    Wdddsd BejaasPrije 7 dana

    Your pc -> 🤢

  32. Miki Strumia

    Miki StrumiaPrije 7 dana


  33. Adelaida Navidad

    Adelaida NavidadPrije 7 dana


  34. Speedo Gaming

    Speedo GamingPrije 8 dana


  35. 오민 밈

    오민 밈Prije 8 dana

    wow gooooooood

  36. Ghast

    GhastPrije 8 dana

    ....Reason his game is not lagging is because optifine as optifine is a good mod the...

  37. George Cornelius

    George CorneliusPrije 8 dana

    Perking’s PC:I am god PC 😎 My PC:No plz don’t blow 2 tnt at once😭

  38. Folo cloud

    Folo cloudPrije 9 dana

    My face 🧐😨🧐😨

  39. •Sparta Peque qwq• 🍒

    •Sparta Peque qwq• 🍒Prije 9 dana


  40. Dylan danger de Smet

    Dylan danger de SmetPrije 9 dana

    I like like like when he said like like like

  41. Marina Fernandes

    Marina FernandesPrije 10 dana

    Wow what a nce thing

  42. Aariz

    AarizPrije 10 dana

    Fun fact: that’s actually the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings

  43. Sanim Ihab

    Sanim IhabPrije 8 dana


  44. يُےـےـوُنےـيےـےـكْے - Цпїc

    يُےـےـوُنےـيےـےـكْے - ЦпїcPrije 10 dana

    Creative, this will remain a masterpiece in Minecraft or my craft

  45. Thae Thao

    Thae ThaoPrije 10 dana


  46. Agent dog

    Agent dogPrije 11 dana

    Time for me to do that

  47. Fancy frog 300 gw fan

    Fancy frog 300 gw fanPrije 11 dana

    Nice job

  48. Neide Dutra

    Neide DutraPrije 11 dana


  49. Ayesha Faliha

    Ayesha FalihaPrije 11 dana


  50. vainavi ramjeeawon

    vainavi ramjeeawonPrije 11 dana

    When I saw the eye: my face: 0o0

  51. Larcie Pascual

    Larcie PascualPrije 11 dana

    Not bad

  52. Spike and Blossom

    Spike and BlossomPrije 11 dana

    This somehow looks like lord of the rings

  53. john Baal

    john BaalPrije 12 dana

    How mine time you spen for all these beautiful things

  54. Sophia Fagundes

    Sophia FagundesPrije 12 dana

    I love tnt 😍

  55. Guardian Gaming Team ✓

    Guardian Gaming Team ✓Prije 12 dana

    He doesn't realize ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎it but he makes everyone's day special

  56. Thick thighs

    Thick thighsPrije 12 dana


  57. _TrangdereVN_

    _TrangdereVN_Prije 12 dana

    Bạn có thể chỉnh sửa ánh sáng game ở chế độ sáng nhất không? Nó hơi tối

  58. Clarisa Shenia

    Clarisa SheniaPrije 12 dana

    Wow so amazing 😊😊

  59. Tt arias xd

    Tt arias xdPrije 13 dana

    Minecraft is the best game in the world lol

  60. Kim Wood

    Kim WoodPrije 13 dana

    How ..just ...how

  61. Your Local Diarrhea

    Your Local DiarrheaPrije 13 dana

    We have to appreciate the work he done to make that much tnt

  62. Familia Aguinaga

    Familia AguinagaPrije 13 dana


  63. Ex0tic_Theme

    Ex0tic_ThemePrije 13 dana

    Me: How did he not LAG- Also Me : AT THE END HOW DID HE MAKE THAT I COULD NEVER-

  64. Patricia Timm

    Patricia TimmPrije 13 dana

    its hell lol

  65. Michaela Krahulcová

    Michaela KrahulcováPrije 13 dana

    Lotd of the ring is Best

  66. Michaela Krahulcová

    Michaela KrahulcováPrije 13 dana

    Pán prstenů je nej

  67. LuLu2012

    LuLu2012Prije 13 dana

    omg what you make is so cool i look at in the scool of a i pad 😂❤😙👌

  68. CowCrafter

    CowCrafterPrije 14 dana

    Omg you are the best builder in Minecraft ever

  69. Corina Rasing

    Corina RasingPrije 14 dana


  70. Kid in depression

    Kid in depressionPrije 14 dana

    Dislike Dislike Dislike

  71. Cookie Rookie

    Cookie Rookie Prije 14 dana


  72. Cookie Rookie

    Cookie Rookie Prije 14 dana

    Please statue of liberty!!!

  73. Cookie Rookie

    Cookie Rookie Prije 14 dana

    Wow awsome

  74. Sam Santiago

    Sam SantiagoPrije 14 dana

    Its the eye from lord of the rings

  75. Toni Wiley

    Toni WileyPrije 14 dana

    He has the worlds best pc

  76. Nagla Fathi Fathi

    Nagla Fathi FathiPrije 14 dana

    الجهاز ابراهيم ارحمني😣🙂😂😂😂

  77. Rolando Gomez

    Rolando GomezPrije 14 dana

    me gusto mas la explocion

  78. Rosely Rosely

    Rosely RoselyPrije 14 dana

    You vídeo

  79. Poooooops pack

    Poooooops packPrije 14 dana

    Uhm so we all ignore the fact that he digged so deep in flat mode

  80. Doggy is cute My name is joe

    Doggy is cute My name is joePrije 14 dana


  81. Anne Carminell Caday

    Anne Carminell CadayPrije 14 dana

    The mega pc

  82. Сания Алтынова

    Сания АлтыноваPrije 14 dana

    Buu 3.0?

  83. Nadia Khosha

    Nadia KhoshaPrije 14 dana

    Dud you you have 2000 iQ

  84. Hacking Gamers 924

    Hacking Gamers 924Prije 14 dana

    Wow awesome

  85. 💙{Rhams and Alleah}💜

    💙{Rhams and Alleah}💜Prije 14 dana


  86. Lucrecia Plat

    Lucrecia PlatPrije 14 dana

    No soy el único que quedo boca abierta

  87. Judy Hernandez

    Judy HernandezPrije 15 dana

    The curved lisa exemplarily seal because station commonly unfasten besides a well-made workshop. abiding, giddy course

  88. It’s galaxy gurl🌌

    It’s galaxy gurl🌌Prije 15 dana

    How many days did it take you to do that. I wanna try it out.

  89. 8C Miguel Carvalho Leite

    8C Miguel Carvalho LeitePrije 15 dana

    "The art is an exploxion"

  90. Lucille Cannella

    Lucille CannellaPrije 15 dana


  91. Ariel Amarilla

    Ariel AmarillaPrije 15 dana

    Que pro wey

  92. semih Pamukçuoğlu

    semih PamukçuoğluPrije 15 dana

    Wow great

  93. Daria_kotik

    Daria_kotikPrije 15 dana

    I am Russian, I write with a translator, very

  94. Eren Jaeger

    Eren JaegerPrije 15 dana


  95. FullHsCrox

    FullHsCroxPrije 15 dana


  96. im kendra

    im kendraPrije 15 dana

    So this was how the nether was created

  97. Ali Amar

    Ali AmarPrije 15 dana


  98. Er Serbest

    Er SerbestPrije 15 dana

    Can you put map link

  99. AdioYT

    AdioYTPrije 15 dana


  100. Hell Bro

    Hell BroPrije 15 dana

    Your pc monster

  101. LoGON

    LoGONPrije 16 dana