Arsenal 3-2 Newcastle Utd PL 2003/04 FULL MATCH

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  1. souster98

    souster98Prije godine

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  2. ญานัฐณิชศา คํานา

    ญานัฐณิชศา คํานาPrije 2 dana

    31:06 viera what

  3. Football Composer

    Football ComposerPrije 3 dana

    Imagine that Newcastle United's squad joining EPL next season 21/22, it would be a champ.

  4. HerkDylanJR Woods

    HerkDylanJR WoodsPrije 15 dana

    It’s sad that the new generation of Arsenal fans didn’t see Elite Arsenal and have to deal with these Clowns at the club now

  5. wahlao81

    wahlao81Prije 19 dana

    Highbury...the legendary stadium. Man watching this makes me feel old

  6. Fernando Herring

    Fernando HerringPrije 5 mjeseci

    A real handshake 👏

  7. Jaina 123

    Jaina 123Prije 7 mjeseci


  8. JakeSnacks11

    JakeSnacks11Prije godine

    Viera is the best box to box midfielder that I've ever seen.

  9. Aidan O'Neill

    Aidan O'NeillPrije godine

    Very dominant in his prime great technical ability too

  10. Elvis Wallace

    Elvis WallacePrije godine

    And I quote, "You don't want to make any mistakes like that when this fellow is lurking anywhere around". What a legend! Joga bonito!!!

  11. Thembelani Emmanuel Hlabangana

    Thembelani Emmanuel HlabanganaPrije godine

    I miss this Arsenal team

  12. Mac

    MacPrije godine

    Shearer and Henry, two of the greatest strikers to ever kick a ball, both with their own unique styles on the same pitch, they were in the presence of greatness that day.

  13. jeannot schumacher

    jeannot schumacherPrije mjesec

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku but the real question: why, only why, did the english managers never ever picked the back 4 plus the keeper for england

  14. jeannot schumacher

    jeannot schumacherPrije mjesec

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku shearer was the best. but also had his shit spells

  15. jeannot schumacher

    jeannot schumacherPrije mjesec

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku its harsh. but not totally wrong.

  16. Aidan O'Neill

    Aidan O'NeillPrije godine

    @Mac Well said mate 👏👏👏 he's talking absolute rubbish

  17. Mac

    MacPrije godine

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku No idea why you have to bring race into it, i don't discuss things with idiots.

  18. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    I simply fought for it and I will fight back after this disastrous phenomenon disease tries to destroy my activities.

  19. Kiko Ayari

    Kiko AyariPrije godine

    A chaque fois Ayari co'Ammis une erreur,j'ai aumatiquement admis.

  20. Matt Singh

    Matt SinghPrije godine

    19:29 😂😂

  21. Chienyezuo, Ronald Anaba

    Chienyezuo, Ronald AnabaPrije godine

    I wonder why we sold wiltord

  22. Me Not

    Me NotPrije godine

    Chienyezuo, Ronald Anaba 😂

  23. CHEE HOW Cheok

    CHEE HOW CheokPrije godine

    Do you have charlton athletic vs arsenal 1-1 2003-04?

  24. Deshielo Corazonesfrios

    Deshielo CorazonesfriosPrije godine


  25. Hankle Sacks

    Hankle SacksPrije godine

    Man like bramble

  26. ArseneWenger

    ArseneWengerPrije godine

    Man...was so thrilling watching this live. Post match Sir Bobby said Arsene Wenger is lucky the match ended when it did. I sort of know what he was saying. Robson was soooo passionate about the game he was infectious. That Highbury atmosphere was unbelievable. Over the years I wonder how much input Wenger really had as a coach. We had good scouting and strong fast technical players. All the teams Wenger built post Invincibles failed. Also Wenger never studied the opposition but just relied on his playing style with no plan B. We have to start recruiting like we did in the past or it's all lost for us.

  27. jeannot schumacher

    jeannot schumacherPrije mjesec

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku champions 1989, 1991, runnersup 1990thitd 1992 6th in 1996 not too bad. please, the club existed long, lon, long and most successfully before him

  28. LJ inHim

    LJ inHimPrije 10 mjeseci

    @Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku another deluded Arsene Wenger fan. Maybe you need to get your head out of the sun. Each dog has its own expiry date. Wenger was no different. He ruined his legacies with his own arrogance.

  29. Oppong Kwadwo Kyekyeku

    Oppong Kwadwo KyekyekuPrije godine

    Useless comment. Hatred will not win. Which team got to the champions league finals in 2006? In 2008 had it not been for serious injuries Arsenal would have won the league. Again why did you forget to mention the exodus of the players. You lack sense of analysts. Your hatred will not win. How old are you? Do you know the league position of Arsenal before 1996 advent of Wenger? You ingrate clear off. Until Arsenal apologise to Wenger arsenal will continue to drift

  30. Tayeeb Hussain

    Tayeeb HussainPrije godine

    You made a valid point about wenger.

  31. shiv .s

    shiv .sPrije 2 godina

    I remember this game. It was on a Friday for some reason.

  32. I hate you mother-fucker!

    I hate you mother-fucker!Prije godine

    I'm an Arsenal Fan and I'm old enough to recall that It was after this very game and about a week later, there was a massive story in the nation press that a girl had been "raped" at a top London Hotel by two "big name" Premier League Players. To add fuel to the fire, the press were reporting and printing that the two footballer's had paid for some kind of legal injunction against having their names printed in the press. Obviously everyone in the country's thinking, "who is it"? Well after a successful appeal at the high court and by the press, the injunction was lifted. The press then printed the names & faces of Carlton Cole for CFC and Titus Bramble NUFC. It was said that after this game, Titus Bramble meet up with Carlton Cole, along with a young woman the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, London. It was reported that while both T.Bramble & C.Cole stood at reception (with the girl) waiting to checking into the room(s), staff & guests were (apparently) taunted by both players about how much money they had. It was claimed, by the girl, who was with them, that it was this night, at that location and after this game that she was apparently "raped". After both players were arrested and it all went to court, both players were found "not guilty" and got on with their careers. That's why I remember this game. It's because, not at FIRST but this particular game did eventually go onto have a little bit more press coverage. It kept on being revised in the press and more than usual for a Premier League game because of the eventual "rape" trial of the two players for CFC & NUFC.

  33. R T

    R TPrije godine

    The commentator said that it was because Arsenal asked for the game to be rescheduled due to their prior and upcoming European bouts. Newcastle agreed, even though they themselves had played just 48 hours earlier.

  34. T shaydz

    T shaydzPrije godine

    Me too, I also remember the game against Leeds was on a Friday when Henry scored 4 in the game

  35. Barnabas Oyeyinka

    Barnabas OyeyinkaPrije 2 godina

    Thierry Henry......... The master!!!! Audacious, Sublime!

  36. omalone11

    omalone11Prije godine

    Where is Newcastle 0 2 ARSENAL 2002

  37. Noz Islam

    Noz IslamPrije 2 godina

    Highbury such a beautiful ground

  38. Lucian Simion

    Lucian SimionPrije 3 mjeseci

    Especially clock 😎

  39. derkuis097

    derkuis097Prije godine

    It had a soul unlike this modern plastic shit stadium

  40. Naftii- hure

    Naftii- hurePrije 2 godina


  41. Leandro Dos Anjos Anjos

    Leandro Dos Anjos AnjosPrije 2 godina

    Melhor time Ingles q vi jogar ...e um dos melhores da historia

  42. cesc4arsha23

    cesc4arsha23Prije 2 godina

    souster you are the greatest!

  43. Manusia Ganteng

    Manusia GantengPrije 2 godina

    Yess you do have it!