Clarkson's Favourite Rally Battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS. Lancia 037 | Amazon Prime Video NL


  1. Amazon Prime Video Nederland

    Amazon Prime Video NederlandPrije 11 mjeseci

    Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

  2. Lord Bogus

    Lord BogusPrije 27 dana

    Ik ben geen ralleyfan, maar dit is wel een prachtig underdogverhaal!!

  3. Retarded F2P

    Retarded F2PPrije mjesec

    @TheLogitech91 Dude gtfo.

  4. k q

    k qPrije mjesec

    @James Glanfield hope your mid-life-sad-crisis gets better! or not, no one really cares about you!

  5. Henry Bazian

    Henry BazianPrije mjesec

    @TheLogitech91 with hairstyle of a racist OAF

  6. Henry Bazian

    Henry BazianPrije mjesec

    Nice hair

  7. Cartoonr BOY

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  8. Frederik Möller

    Frederik MöllerPrije 3 dana

    Sounds to me like Lancia cheated a lot.

  9. SH4D0W

    SH4D0WPrije 2 dana

    You must be new here

  10. 송가은

    송가은Prije 3 dana

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  11. Motivation & Inspiration in the Dark

    Motivation & Inspiration in the DarkPrije 4 dana

    Great video. I was there and Walter, to me, is the best rally driver there ever was.

  12. Handsome Rob

    Handsome RobPrije 5 dana

    In rally racing, like baseball, if you’re not cheating you’re not trying

  13. Kerstin Herb

    Kerstin HerbPrije 5 dana

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  15. Peter Nagy

    Peter NagyPrije 6 dana

    simply amazing. no words 😳😉

  16. Samuel Richard

    Samuel RichardPrije 6 dana

    Team Lancia

  17. Roger Stalder

    Roger StalderPrije 7 dana

    there so many Cars out there with this round Back like the LANCIA, who mostly look ugly. but not this one. or a mustang

  18. Captain-Axeman

    Captain-AxemanPrije 8 dana

    I think the Audi looks better.

  19. Ritwik Ganguly

    Ritwik GangulyPrije 8 dana

    ‘David had beaten the 4wd Goliath’ Got chills there

  20. Sinan Ceylan

    Sinan CeylanPrije 8 dana

    "I believe that the greatest gift bestowed on a human being is not beauty, intelligence or wealth. It’s the ability to make a story live. To take a tale and know instinctively what to leave in, what to leave out and when to lie a bit. If you do not have this, then you should learn to shut up." - Jeremy Clarkson And yes, ladies and gentlemen, this video is hell of a storytelling.

  21. redan rihat

    redan rihatPrije 8 dana

    Probably one of the better car documentaries

  22. Evan Colbert

    Evan ColbertPrije 8 dana

    Seeing all those 10th gen civic hatches.. 😩

  23. JOMBZ

    JOMBZPrije 11 dana

    dang you look 90 years old

  24. jean claude de jean

    jean claude de jeanPrije 11 dana

    The golden Area auf Rallysport!

  25. bison

    bisonPrije 11 dana

    Jeremy Clarkson is the David Attenborough of Cars

  26. Psyco

    PsycoPrije 11 dana

    "It's Audi sadness, Lancia joy."

  27. major gsd

    major gsdPrije 12 dana

    HAPPY DAYS. you will not see that again, glad I did and I loved it.

  28. Rerags

    ReragsPrije 12 dana

    Lancia won throughout pure savage cockyness xD

  29. Avoure

    AvourePrije 12 dana

    Fits like a glove

  30. Michael

    MichaelPrije 13 dana

    I liked him in Die Hard.

  31. Boki Dusanic

    Boki DusanicPrije 13 dana

    noone does documentary like the British!

  32. André Luis Rebechi

    André Luis RebechiPrije 14 dana

    Come on Amazon bring that boys back together we can live without them 8(

  33. Brendt OConnell

    Brendt OConnellPrije 14 dana

    But minute 8:20 Isn't that cheating?

  34. Noah TheGamer2700

    Noah TheGamer2700Prije 15 dana

    one of the coolest parts

  35. Ævar Már Ágústsson

    Ævar Már ÁgústssonPrije 15 dana

    You also had Einar Gunnlaugsson vs Gísli Gunnar Jónsson

  36. Tetragon 213

    Tetragon 213Prije 15 dana

    3:38 Deadly Avenger - Broken Arrow

  37. Tow Hee

    Tow HeePrije 16 dana

    Walther Roehrl just saying no to Finland, and then not going there, makes me chuckle everytime. Like.. "Boss, I don't feel like working next week. I'mma stay home." -> "Guess... Ok?" :D

  38. Arif Rahman

    Arif RahmanPrije 16 dana

    This Walter rohl dude is like wenger always about passion for the sport and winning is secondary

  39. Shabbeer Farook

    Shabbeer FarookPrije 16 dana

    make lancia great again

  40. ignoremyusername

    ignoremyusernamePrije 17 dana

    Walter Rohl: I dont want to be famous Also walter rohl: on a massive show

  41. Turner Georgia

    Turner GeorgiaPrije 17 dana

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  42. Ashkandi

    AshkandiPrije 17 dana

    11:36 That's the most italian thing i've ever heard. I'm so proud

  43. Samantha Grove

    Samantha GrovePrije 17 dana

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    acap cortegazPrije 17 dana

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  45. Lenny Bruno

    Lenny BrunoPrije 17 dana

    The Lancia Stratos and the Zero 37 are automotive perfection

  46. Daniele Fabbro

    Daniele FabbroPrije 18 dana

    Lancia is legend.

  47. Peter Studenik

    Peter StudenikPrije 18 dana

    Just great show

  48. Jack Wheatley

    Jack WheatleyPrije 18 dana

    absolutely adore the 037

  49. 0000 0000

    0000 0000Prije 19 dana

    Audi for life

  50. Salih Sular

    Salih SularPrije 19 dana

    Far better storytelling then any movies today.

  51. Ivan Contreras

    Ivan ContrerasPrije 20 dana

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  52. Jim Snyder

    Jim SnyderPrije 21 dan

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  53. yccmzimmy

    yccmzimmyPrije 21 dan

    LANCHAH... 'CI' should be pronounced like the beginning of the word "change" not like SY in "system". "lansya", as it is often pronounced, sounds like "the anxiety", in Italian. while Lancia means spear, a totally different meaning ;]

  54. Stephen Pearce

    Stephen PearcePrije 21 dan

    One of motorsports greatest David vs Goliath rivalries...and the Lancia 037 deserved to win the world championship.

  55. Thomas Christener

    Thomas ChristenerPrije 21 dan

    Italiens. They won the same way, the play football / soccer. Thanks Jeremy for that, we miss you!


    ROMAN REIGNSPrije 22 dana

    " Here on page eight million!! " 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. aldo b

    aldo bPrije 22 dana

    second time a see this video

  58. kyle smith

    kyle smithPrije 22 dana

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  59. PatFussy69

    PatFussy69Prije 24 dana

    Lanica 037 & BMW M1 are THE 2 cars I would die & do whatever to own.

  60. Kieu My Nguyen

    Kieu My NguyenPrije 25 dana

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  61. chrono trigger

    chrono triggerPrije 25 dana

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  62. novacat415

    novacat415Prije 25 dana

    What was not mentioned: Audi won the drivers championship with Hannu Mikkola, Röhl second. Lancia only won the constructors championship.

  63. II Anointed II

    II Anointed IIPrije 25 dana

    Amazing stuff people! Bravo

  64. Revolve Proxies

    Revolve ProxiesPrije 25 dana

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    MONSEF MAPrije 25 dana

    magnificent story 💗❤️

  66. Chris Morris

    Chris MorrisPrije 26 dana

    Amazing just amazing

  67. Em Jackson

    Em JacksonPrije 26 dana

    What's amazing about this is that the O37 came *after* the Stratos

  68. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerPrije 26 dana

    "...and no 2wheel drive car, would ever do that again..."

  69. supersonicwings

    supersonicwingsPrije 26 dana

    Back when racing was devoid of social media

  70. Mato Fero

    Mato FeroPrije 26 dana

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  71. Kristi Robertson

    Kristi RobertsonPrije 27 dana

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  72. Charles Malone

    Charles MalonePrije 27 dana

    One of the most wonderful videos I have ever watched

  73. Brandon Wong

    Brandon WongPrije 27 dana

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  74. No Name

    No NamePrije 27 dana

    Shout-out to the Netherlands for coming in clutch! Dank ye wel.

  75. Lord Bogus

    Lord BogusPrije 27 dana

    Je kan van alles zeggen over The Grand Tour en het gescripte van de grappen maar ik vind de stukken zoals deze over oude en legendarische autos prachtig!! Die van James May over de Ford GT en de Porsches op Le Mans waren ook prachtig!!

  76. Edwin Landry

    Edwin LandryPrije 27 dana

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  78. Aubry

    AubryPrije 28 dana

    What song is that at 5:22?

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  80. Bob Gnarly

    Bob GnarlyPrije 28 dana

    I don’t like chumps!

  81. Robert Novak

    Robert NovakPrije 28 dana

    🇮🇹Lancia 👍🏻is car for drivers. 👎🏻Audi is without emotion 0% feedback.

  82. AKuM se-12

    AKuM se-12Prije 28 dana

    15:12 finally the funniest german. he is so proud after that comment. i mean joke.

  83. AKuM se-12

    AKuM se-12Prije 28 dana

    germans : play the game Italians : run the game

  84. Ian Edmonds

    Ian EdmondsPrije 29 dana

    I think it comes down to the skill gap for mid-engined cars is so much greater than front engined rear wheel drive. If you are good enough with a mid engine car it's always gonna be quicker on a twisty course. More central centre of gravity so less lateral force as you turn. In terms of a see-saw all the mass in is in the middle and can rotate more freely. The caveat is is as you power out a corner if you overwhelm the grip that same alacrity of movement is applied to to the snap oversteer. Nimble to turn but equally nimble to snap into a tank slapper. Weight transfer and managing it become the primary consideration. I had an MR2 for many years and I learned to respect the car but dann did it corner well. Luv and Peace.

  85. N. N.

    N. N.Prije 29 dana

    HHHhahahaha kako su ih Talijani uradili na foru usrali su se u njih. Jos im ovaj svabski vozac nije htio vozit sve trke jos da je i to vozio oduvali bi quattro jos vise...

  86. mda nu

    mda nuPrije 29 dana

    witha n proper evo i smoke clarkson anyday o f the week.add the stig too for joy

  87. WerferHarfer

    WerferHarferPrije 29 dana

    And I thought this kind of stuff was only on cartoons

  88. TaikaJamppa

    TaikaJamppaPrije 29 dana

    Why is this on Nederlands’ Amazon Prime video channel, and not on the English one? 🤨

  89. Alejandro Ayora

    Alejandro AyoraPrije 29 dana

    even if you fire this man from top gear, you are just saying good bye to top gear. This man IS top gear period.

  90. Crysthalia B

    Crysthalia BPrije 29 dana

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  92. El Jefe

    El JefePrije mjesec

    Plz give one of us American kids that abarth. We will return it supercharged or boosted on E85 with nitrous running 7s. Then drive it. I’m in a crew of Hollywood’s finest sons and all we love to do is build cars. Please!!

  93. Kenneth Spears

    Kenneth SpearsPrije mjesec

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    Stephen TokkoPrije mjesec

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  97. megachef04

    megachef04Prije mjesec

    Lancia or Quattro? I’m going Lancia boys🙌

  98. paul evans

    paul evansPrije mjesec

    Mk2G4 way better. 😁😁😁👍👍👍.

  99. Simon Y

    Simon YPrije mjesec

    Lancia sound more like cheats, not David smiting Goliath.

  100. Erebos

    ErebosPrije mjesec

    So basically Lancia tried everything to win to the point of endangering their drivers with false rollcages and lying to the officials multiple times to gain an edge. I liked lancia more before i saw this video…

  101. master5string1

    master5string1Prije mjesec

    Part time driver who didn't like the idea of being beaten by a girl XD

  102. Ben Sona

    Ben SonaPrije mjesec

    Grandpa driving fast cars. TopGear was bigger than these 3 guys. It’s moving on while these jokers are copying it’s format

  103. Turner Georgia

    Turner GeorgiaPrije mjesec

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  104. Kevv

    KevvPrije mjesec

    Absolutely beautiful car

  105. Theo Teddy

    Theo TeddyPrije mjesec

    marcus didnt want be special what a gem he is..jim clark and him are my favourite drivers ever

  106. timmy mosqueda

    timmy mosquedaPrije mjesec

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