Top 10 Infamous Black Flag Moments

Driver disqualifications are rare but they are always dramatic - we take a look back at some notorious examples.
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  1. Bret McGonigle

    Bret McGoniglePrije 2 sati

    I can't believe how many times somebody hopped in the spare car at the start and it took half the race for the flag to be shown

  2. mariokarter13

    mariokarter13Prije 2 sati

    "I'm giving you the black flag." "I'm not French, it's gonna take more than that to make me wave the white flag."

  3. S H N

    S H NPrije 8 sati

    Senna gets a black flag Commentators: This is amazing 😂

  4. Razeen Carelse

    Razeen CarelsePrije 11 sati

    I hated Nigel Mansell, cos that's the sort of driver he was.

  5. Progamer1013

    Progamer1013Prije 14 sati

    Hans being disqualified from a race he couldn’t finish because he was never qualified to be in said race to begin with is the funniest trifecta I have ever heard of in any sport.

  6. KpnKirk64

    KpnKirk64Prije 14 sati

    Zzzzzz. Wake me up for the highlights.

  7. Game-F-UN-Limited gamer

    Game-F-UN-Limited gamerPrije 23 sati

    WTAF! If you know that the driver has changed cars why not black flag him at the start. Why do they have wait for half of the race to finish to black flag him?

  8. Wes

    WesPrije dan

    9:18 The guy was already disqualified and managed to end another pilot's race instead of going to the pit stop, bruh

  9. Ryoichi Watanabe

    Ryoichi WatanabePrije dan

    Mansel one's such a meme

  10. Slinky_Malinky

    Slinky_MalinkyPrije dan

    Honestly, why are they disqualifying drivers who were forced to change cars? It's not their fault that the cars wouldn't work.

  11. Tianyi Zhang

    Tianyi ZhangPrije dan

    Strange rules about those spare cars... Just black flag them at the beginning if that's when they did it wrong but not in the middle of a match.

  12. Fatherless Flavid

    Fatherless FlavidPrije dan

    my bad yall 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. MrMotherfuck123

    MrMotherfuck123Prije 2 dana

    I came here for the Punk Band...

  14. Mikhail Man

    Mikhail ManPrije 2 dana

    Mazepin taking notes right now!

  15. canadiancatgreen

    canadiancatgreenPrije 2 dana

    ok it maybe makes sense to black flag for changing cars. but what doesnt make bsense is waiting several laps or even half way through to dq them I mean if you need to dq them just do it right away

  16. Streight Wharf

    Streight WharfPrije 2 dana

    So what’s the point of having a spare car sirs?

  17. Charlie Whittaker

    Charlie WhittakerPrije 2 dana

    Wait why can’t you use the spare

  18. Adam Robledo

    Adam RobledoPrije 2 dana

    Why tf did they disqualify Montoya

  19. Night Hawk

    Night HawkPrije 3 dana

    I don't know any rules but "black flag" in racing sounds cool

  20. Sean James Vale

    Sean James ValePrije 4 dana


  21. 麻王AlanStryman

    麻王AlanStrymanPrije 4 dana

    Idk why but I called that Bruh-Flag

  22. Enter text here *Unknown

    Enter text here *UnknownPrije 4 dana

    Wait this isn’t assassins creed.......

  23. Crab ken

    Crab kenPrije 5 dana

    “Black flags are a rare sight” “The first of Elio de Angelis three black flags”

  24. Jett Marsterson

    Jett MarstersonPrije 5 dana

    I never knew that you can get a black flag for being to slow

  25. Spi Triple-Seven

    Spi Triple-SevenPrije 5 dana

    Everyone's hero, Schumacher is on here. Can't say I'm surprised

  26. Liam Raven

    Liam RavenPrije 5 dana

    3:51 yes ok ok but why tf are those cars on the circuit

  27. Mari400 4L

    Mari400 4LPrije 5 dana

    whats the point in the spare if you cant use it😐

  28. Kendall Smith

    Kendall SmithPrije 6 dana

    Seems like f1 only black flags the driver for switching cars if they’ve fought back to the front. Why wait so long to disqualify ????

  29. Luke_ ao8

    Luke_ ao8Prije 6 dana

    Gal rly said "awarded"

  30. Luke_ ao8

    Luke_ ao8Prije 6 dana

    Gal rly said "awarded"

  31. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi UchihaPrije 6 dana

    i have not a single clue about f1 and ruling and stuff. but just from watching this video, what is the point of a spare car when u get disqualified as soon as u use it?

  32. shara30000

    shara30000Prije 6 dana

    Drivers: *exit pit lane during red light* Stewards: Black flag Lewis: *enters pit lane during safety car phase* Stewards: 5 second penalty

  33. Rhaegal 117

    Rhaegal 117Prije 6 dana

    Sooo...why did example no.1 get that black flag??is running to the spare so bad?

  34. Marek Ceľuch

    Marek CeľuchPrije 7 dana

    What are those cars at 3:50?

  35. Musaddiq Ali

    Musaddiq AliPrije 7 dana

    If changing to a spare car at the start of the race earns them a black flag, then why even let them change to a spare car? Don't they know the rules?

  36. Nick Barnes

    Nick BarnesPrije 7 dana

    The kindly cost bacteriologically face because bathroom ganguly belong round a glistening glorious poet. busy, abounding calf

  37. NorthernZeus

    NorthernZeusPrije 7 dana

    F1... Black flagged for minor breaches of one of the million regulations. Classic European racing. Rules over competition. Manors over winning,

  38. ragequitify

    ragequitifyPrije 8 dana

    How many black flags do people think Mazespin is going to get in his career?

  39. Brian Su

    Brian SuPrije 8 dana

    So nice hearing Murray's voice....

  40. Mahmoud H. Ahmad

    Mahmoud H. AhmadPrije 8 dana

    Why do they disqualify drivers for using the spare car ?

  41. riley fair

    riley fairPrije 8 dana

    Why does it take them so long to get blacked flagged after they get into their spare car?? Why even let them leave the pits?

  42. J&A T

    J&A TPrije 9 dana

    Should we black flag him? Well, let's think on it for 40 laps, they came all this way after all.....

  43. MAC cranston

    MAC cranstonPrije 9 dana


  44. Peter Swarts

    Peter SwartsPrije 9 dana

    The curse of the black flag 🏴. Isn’t it strange how all the cars who were black flagged, and didn’t wanna retire the race, had technical, mechanical etc issues, after being flagged 🤨🤔

  45. Syphon Toastie

    Syphon ToastiePrije 10 dana

    Damon “Look who’s dribbling, I mean laughing now Schuey!”

  46. AW_ EFC

    AW_ EFCPrije 10 dana

    What is the point of having a spare car 😂

  47. Fenris8800

    Fenris8800Prije 10 dana

    May iam blue eyed but why they try to start with the spare care in a situation where they will become clearly disqualified?! I mean everyone, the stuarts included, saw what happen and going on after that...

  48. Koruto

    KorutoPrije 10 dana

    as someone who doesnt know anything about racing, this seems like total bs lol

  49. dragonsquad100

    dragonsquad100Prije 11 dana

    What song is in the background?

  50. N/A N/A

    N/A N/APrije 11 dana

    Why do these officials take so long to call a black flag?

  51. Bongo Baggins

    Bongo BagginsPrije 11 dana

    Why aren't subtitles available for this video? Why, exactly?

  52. Yabba Dabba Doo

    Yabba Dabba DooPrije 12 dana

    4:22 oh the days when designer shorts and hairy legs were fashion lol

  53. Jeffrey ten thije

    Jeffrey ten thijePrije 12 dana

    Imagine being black flagged, but still crashing into someone

  54. hefic

    heficPrije 7 dana

    Imagine standing and celebrating on the podium :]

  55. AlexCOD

    AlexCODPrije 12 dana

    If FIA saw me racing in F1 2020 this video would only contain me

  56. CoolGamer Z

    CoolGamer ZPrije 12 dana


  57. Ernest Hemingway

    Ernest HemingwayPrije 12 dana

    I like the old cars

  58. Sklatscht

    SklatschtPrije 12 dana

    excuse me bois, person without F1 knowledge here so how on earth would they black flag you 57 rounds after doing something illegal why not black flag him 50 rounds earlier or give it to him immediately

  59. waynehough13

    waynehough13Prije 12 dana

    so many of them just kept driving anyway 😂

  60. Manu14Smoke

    Manu14SmokePrije 13 dana

    This black flag is the most glorious moment if Mansell,'s career

  61. Gavin Blackshear

    Gavin BlackshearPrije 13 dana

    Driver: breathes Official: *ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME?*

  62. Bob Dylan

    Bob DylanPrije 13 dana

    why did the chick so wrath wrong?

  63. Palfeb31987

    Palfeb31987Prije 13 dana

    Can someone explain me the F1 rules? If someone is black flagged and disqualified in the middle of a race for starting in spare car in the 1st lap, why not disqualify them earlier... I know F1 race control has some history of making some notorious decisions...

  64. Alessandro Dantas

    Alessandro DantasPrije 13 dana

    That last one with Senna and Mansell was disgraceful.

  65. MuscleSheriff

    MuscleSheriffPrije 15 dana

    0:07 oh it's an "award" is it?

  66. Cactus 'N Gaming

    Cactus 'N GamingPrije 15 dana

    Racer: does something clearly forbidden FIA after 18 laps: okay no black flag Schumacher: (...) FIA: okay fair go stand on the podium

  67. Patrick Egan

    Patrick EganPrije 15 dana

    I don't know what roth is, but the phrase is 'earned the wrath of...'

  68. egy ardiya

    egy ardiyaPrije 15 dana

    I thought this video would be about pirates and such

  69. -xXValentineXx-

    -xXValentineXx-Prije 16 dana

    Bwoah Mansell!!

  70. Dane Cobb

    Dane CobbPrije 17 dana

    What's the point of a spare car then lol

  71. Katashu

    KatashuPrije 17 dana

    *engine problems on the podium* FIA: Don't even think about it.

  72. Jump in the caccidiallic

    Jump in the caccidiallicPrije 17 dana

    Why do they even have spare cars if they always get flagged 😭😭

  73. alex dog

    alex dogPrije 17 dana

    this is how the history of formula 1 was made

  74. Kaleshwar Hallikerimath

    Kaleshwar HallikerimathPrije 17 dana

    Why was the first car disqualified?

  75. My name is Marty

    My name is MartyPrije 17 dana

    New F1 fan here... Why would they let the driver keep racing if they broke the rules on lap 1? Makes no sense.

  76. DANILO

    DANILOPrije 17 dana

    only the champions received the black flag

  77. EnZoFerrari

    EnZoFerrariPrije 18 dana

    bruh whats the bad thing of sennas teammate winning???

  78. Elysian Tattoo Travel

    Elysian Tattoo TravelPrije 18 dana

    How many laps does it take the fia to say.... you are disqualified

  79. val cant

    val cantPrije 18 dana

    "behind the dominant williams" sigh... oh old times..

  80. brian6speed

    brian6speedPrije 18 dana

    Why do the flags symbolizing negativity have to be black? Just another form of systemic racism right here brainwashing ppl that black is bad. Lewis should boycott races till the flag is White. We must fight white supremacy at every corner.

  81. Daniel Gregson

    Daniel GregsonPrije 18 dana

    Who is this guy The Roth of The Stewards? He sounds really angry and powerful.

  82. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny GonzalezPrije 18 dana


  83. paul woodward

    paul woodwardPrije 18 dana

    Oh look shumacher the cheat

  84. Armando Contreras

    Armando ContrerasPrije 18 dana

    All the older guys were probably coked out of their minds! Lol

  85. Seraph

    SeraphPrije 18 dana

    whos idiot idea was it to put in a stop light in a race ? That person should be black flagged from any race job hahah

  86. Mikko Mähönen

    Mikko MähönenPrije 18 dana

    How come that on F1 channel Michael Schumacher is pronounced wrong? He is a legend after all.. For example there is no "k" sound on his last name...

  87. Pickchore

    PickchorePrije 19 dana

    No subtitles is a shame. Please provide them on all uploads, I’m pretty certain F1 can afford it.

  88. NastyAngel

    NastyAngelPrije 18 dana

    Dear Pickchore. We are sincerely sorry for the subtitles issues we are having at this moment. Our teams will take prompt action to solve this issue and ensure this inconvenience does not recur. Thank you for your feedback! Please consider subscribing to our HRhave channel so you don't miss out on any of our future uploads. 🙂🙂

  89. Loafy UwU

    Loafy UwUPrije 19 dana

    Kalo gw ngesend comment bahasa indo bakal ada yang reply ato gak ye

  90. alfianmm

    alfianmmPrije 19 dana

    Black flag is an achievement unlocked

  91. 1bonbrie

    1bonbriePrije 19 dana

    spinnin with blixkys and blaxk flags !

  92. Rice Racing

    Rice RacingPrije 19 dana

    Felt the roff?

  93. Marco S.

    Marco S.Prije 19 dana

    its the hitman voice, no ?

  94. Frankie Rollins

    Frankie RollinsPrije 19 dana

    Nigel Mansell: If I go down I'm taking you all with me

  95. Rob

    RobPrije 19 dana


  96. Jayem Smith

    Jayem SmithPrije 19 dana

    Why get the spare car if you get black flagged for using the spare car 🤔 why is there a spare car to begin with 🤷‍♂️dafuq is goings ons...

  97. paperwaitforittowel

    paperwaitforittowelPrije 19 dana

    Is it like some sort of secret that you can’t hop in your spare car? You would think the pros would know

  98. Insert name HERE

    Insert name HEREPrije 20 dana

    1991 F1: Steward: You're disqualified. Driver: Yeah whatever fk off! 2021 F1: Marshal: You exceeded track limit, give back the position. Driver: Okey Dokey.

  99. Jared Taylor

    Jared TaylorPrije 20 dana

    So what I’m noticing is that from the 80s to the Bahrain GP, the stewards still don’t know how to enforce rules. If you can’t use or drive your spare car, why bring one? Just because a talented driver can make the most out of a tough situation doesn’t mean they’re cheating

  100. agetori77

    agetori77Prije 20 dana

    lol why are they even allowed to race so many laps when they're DQ'd anyway? They could take someone else out :/

  101. Dónal O'Doherty

    Dónal O'DohertyPrije 20 dana

    Surely the drivers know that using the spare car is a black flag? I mean... Someone just take away the keys of the spare cars and they will be grand!

  102. himmelsturmerIX

    himmelsturmerIXPrije 20 dana

    How can you disqualified someone not even qualified in the first place?

  103. David Ladd

    David LaddPrije 20 dana

    This black flag are a joke and a way to cheat