2021 LEC Spring - Week 6 Day 2

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  1. Norbert Smirnowski

    Norbert SmirnowskiPrije mjesec

    5:59:12 What The Shok?

  2. Daisy Roberts

    Daisy RobertsPrije mjesec

    Cool Stuff 💖

  3. calvin kwan

    calvin kwanPrije mjesec

    Lmao they just stick Rekkles face onto the Perkz cutout and the dont even tried to hide it

  4. VI SO

    VI SOPrije mjesec

    5:17:28 Wp gg 😁 Joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solo Bolo 😱

  5. Lucas Moreno

    Lucas MorenoPrije mjesec

    6:03:59 Lovely ❤

  6. doom heit

    doom heitPrije mjesec

    MickyX took a huge shit on fnc there

  7. Aaron Van de Velde

    Aaron Van de VeldePrije mjesec

    Didn't Jankos go to 4 worlds semi-finals? 2016 (H2K), 2018 (G2), 2019 (G2), 2020 (G2)

  8. Ceazear999

    Ceazear999Prije mjesec

    Either a mistake, or he meant 2019 as final

  9. piQzel SimRacing

    piQzel SimRacingPrije mjesec

    They picked their advantage really Rell. XD

  10. jordi de waard

    jordi de waardPrije mjesec

    6:25:18 Jankos in shambles

  11. Big Boi

    Big BoiPrije mjesec

    good odo interview :)

  12. Nisitha Madhawa

    Nisitha MadhawaPrije mjesec

    those vitality noobs can't compete in this league.. better to give the spot to another new team..

  13. JJ

    JJPrije mjesec

    nice first blood abbedagge.. oh wait xD

  14. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovPrije mjesec

    G2 are clear

  15. D4rkPiraT

    D4rkPiraTPrije mjesec

    After Perkz who is G2 capitain?

  16. Mati

    MatiPrije mjesec


  17. Adam Bennett

    Adam BennettPrije mjesec

    I really liked the choice of the Violin Concerto for the Highlights a the very very end of the stream. It worked so well!!

  18. Pat

    PatPrije mjesec

    watching this solely for G2 vs FNC

  19. doing63

    doing63Prije mjesec


  20. Đức Bùi Anh

    Đức Bùi AnhPrije mjesec

    Ohh, that bear though... So funny!

  21. Calistake047

    Calistake047Prije mjesec

    Rito nerf Jankos pls

  22. SoRaZon

    SoRaZonPrije mjesec

    bruh what is fnc’s drafts yone top towards a gragas? bruh

  23. Maurice B.

    Maurice B.Prije mjesec

    People who are familiar with European League of Legends knew how the game of the week was going to go, but still it was impressive to see. Rell B1 and the lovers duo of Jankos and Miky smurfing on everyone. Really respect the Yone top pick tho and hope Fnatic stays confident in giving Bwipo R5. Selfmade has been kinda unimpressive so far. Upset Hyli played great except for the absolute shitshow that was the dive on Wunder lol. Game was great and could have been a lot closer imo if Rell wasn’t busted af and if Jankos doesn’t insta win the game in the first 5 mins. REALLY looking forward to more of this new top heavy Fnatic and probably the greatest G2 we have ever seen.

  24. Shh BOI

    Shh BOIPrije mjesec

    G2 voice comms will probably roast the f out of Bwipo

  25. Ozymandias

    OzymandiasPrije mjesec


  26. M Sob

    M SobPrije mjesec

    Here it is 5:59:04

  27. Super Rinnegan

    Super RinneganPrije mjesec

    5:43:05 twatch chat??!

  28. Shh BOI

    Shh BOIPrije mjesec

    I mean 77% was correct

  29. Nfeuvxsrh

    NfeuvxsrhPrije mjesec

    Third region is so boring. Id rather sleep

  30. Oxey

    OxeyPrije mjesec

    bro you don't have to watch

  31. WitchDoc

    WitchDocPrije mjesec

    Geo calala?

  32. TheDarkSide363

    TheDarkSide363Prije mjesec

    Ashley Kang is so much better at interviews than Laure

  33. Twizz ted

    Twizz tedPrije mjesec

    if unprofessional scripted questions that you're reading off without looking at the camera or acknowledging the person you're interviewing is your definition of good then yes. Pls bring Laure back

  34. Jan Czarnecki

    Jan CzarneckiPrije mjesec

    Guys I have a really important question. Does anyone know the song at 1:14:30 (or is it just a melody made for LEC)?

  35. Jan Czarnecki

    Jan CzarneckiPrije mjesec

    @Metalpower19 ok :) thanks for your help

  36. Metalpower19

    Metalpower19Prije mjesec

    I think its just for LEC but you can use google on your mobile phone to search the song by alowing google to hear it. I would do it for you but i'm kind of lazy.

  37. Krzysztof A.

    Krzysztof A.Prije mjesec

    Perhaps he sometimes misses with his spear - but with axe never xD

  38. Shh BOI

    Shh BOIPrije mjesec

    You cant Miss spears if you don't play Nidalee

  39. Mann Werth

    Mann WerthPrije mjesec

    0:44 von.lol

  40. Jiyanna

    JiyannaPrije mjesec

    6:04:57 Actually really like this KitKat commercial lol

  41. Orim

    OrimPrije mjesec

    yeah it's actually quite solid

  42. Dawid Grzesiuk

    Dawid GrzesiukPrije mjesec

    Jungle dif 😅

  43. Max Pahlke

    Max PahlkePrije mjesec

    after that game Jankos is getting Miky in his bed tonight xD

  44. lazy dog

    lazy dogPrije mjesec

    Skolz panauti

  45. Lucifer Broke

    Lucifer BrokePrije mjesec

    Holy shit jankos smurfing

  46. Rui Ribeiro

    Rui RibeiroPrije mjesec

    Rekkles diff

  47. Zevs

    ZevsPrije mjesec


  48. fL4x1337

    fL4x1337Prije mjesec

    where did you sit FNC...