She Will Have My Baby If...

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  1. hzd_trixzy

    hzd_trixzyPrije 2 dana

    Where's Logan's baby

  2. Change

    ChangePrije 5 dana

    where is the baby??!!!

  3. Hudson

    HudsonPrije 5 dana

    Ayyyy this got 922,000 likes

  4. Caleb Rodriguez

    Caleb RodriguezPrije 6 dana

    Yay where logans child

  5. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezPrije 6 dana

    Hey we are at almost a milli Logan get to pumping

  6. Nilz Music

    Nilz MusicPrije 6 dana

    I mean its almost two babies now right. So logan you gotta get on it soon!

  7. Ryan Welter

    Ryan WelterPrije 7 dana

    This video literally has almost a million likes have a babay

  8. SIK

    SIKPrije 8 dana

    Logan... we have even more likes than we needed soo start on making a baby.

  9. Gowtham

    GowthamPrije 9 dana

    You are epic bro

  10. John Orozco

    John OrozcoPrije 9 dana

    logan paul you are awesome and done and i want to meet you in person

  11. Kooper Gameson

    Kooper GamesonPrije 9 dana

    Instead of having a baby they broke up

  12. Kooper Gameson

    Kooper GamesonPrije 6 dana

    @Jose Hernandez yeah

  13. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezPrije 6 dana

    They broke up

  14. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezPrije 6 dana


  15. Lj Mancha

    Lj ManchaPrije 10 dana

    Time to have it

  16. HunterKiller

    HunterKillerPrije 10 dana


  17. X_7XD

    X_7XDPrije 12 dana

    bro he said half a mil and its almost 1 milion

  18. Ieva A

    Ieva APrije 16 dana

    U had 10 monts

  19. Ieva A

    Ieva APrije 16 dana

    It hit more dhen 500 k so where is the baby

  20. 2kboi Luka

    2kboi LukaPrije 16 dana

    Where the Baby at.

  21. Brandon Speck

    Brandon SpeckPrije 17 dana

    When's the baby due couple months huh

  22. Audrey Carlson

    Audrey CarlsonPrije 19 dana

    Lol he has too do it

  23. Jack Donnell

    Jack DonnellPrije 20 dana

    that throwback with the horns when the doll did a split 😂

  24. Magali Garza

    Magali GarzaPrije 22 dana

    3:43 well yeah that happen 921K likes where is the baby

  25. Josh

    JoshPrije 23 dana

    Did he ever wrestle someone?

  26. Carson Falk

    Carson FalkPrije 24 dana

    When I saw him break the trombone, I immediately fell apart and went to therapy because I was and still the top trombone player in my school and now I'm graduated yet I still play.

  27. Shamus O'Brian

    Shamus O'BrianPrije 26 dana


  28. Ottoinel Nunez

    Ottoinel NunezPrije 27 dana

    I feel like Logan has girlfriend for like 5 months and then just does not have one anymore

  29. Ottoinel Nunez

    Ottoinel NunezPrije 27 dana

    Bruh Logan is almost at 1 million likes

  30. Donkey

    DonkeyPrije 27 dana

    0:23 lol ben askren challenged him to wrestling match, then about six months later he would get beaten by jake.

  31. aidan wingate

    aidan wingatePrije 28 dana

    wheres the baby

  32. Isabel Peterson

    Isabel PetersonPrije 28 dana

    Jesus is our lord and savior


    TALITHA BOOTYPrije 29 dana

    So uh.. wheres dah baby


    KING ERICKPrije mjesec

    1 year later and I just realized James Charles wanted to wrestle Logan 😭😭

  35. vitoria. Dias

    vitoria. DiasPrije mjesec

    MANO EU NO HRhave,DE BOA,DU NADA LOGAN PAUL ;-; eu sou brasileira

  36. Su0h

    Su0hPrije mjesec

    This was on my bday

  37. Shubh _

    Shubh _Prije mjesec

    4:24 logan- congrats yau are in team maverick Danny - Your life is ruined😂😂

  38. ISK

    ISKPrije mjesec

    as a trombone player i will say you sometimes suck up your own aged spit when you accidently inhale through the trombone

  39. Charles Rogers

    Charles RogersPrije mjesec

    Dog shit channel

  40. Shante Buhl

    Shante BuhlPrije mjesec

    We are so close to 100 k likes just 80 k more to go

  41. Shante Buhl

    Shante BuhlPrije mjesec

    My bad I meant 180 k

  42. Graphics by Raahil

    Graphics by RaahilPrije mjesec

    Still waiting on this baby logannn Wtf bro

  43. ZᴀʏɴᴇXx

    ZᴀʏɴᴇXxPrije mjesec

    Что руски1?

  44. John Larkin

    John LarkinPrije mjesec

    This is crap! We almost doubled it…still no baby.😭

  45. Ashik

    AshikPrije mjesec

    No joke people are still liking this even after they broke up

  46. WemilisR

    WemilisRPrije mjesec

    They need a kid

  47. WemilisR

    WemilisRPrije mjesec



    NTH DAVIDHDPrije mjesec

    Is that Sara from the rain ??????

  49. Rosy Hernandez

    Rosy HernandezPrije mjesec

    Logan Paul it’s been over half 1 million likes Where is your kid

  50. DrDURRR

    DrDURRRPrije mjesec

    Well, the video is at 920k views. Logan, GET F*CKING!

  51. DrDURRR

    DrDURRRPrije mjesec

    @Lady Rhea sh*t

  52. Lady Rhea

    Lady RheaPrije mjesec

    They broke up. -.-

  53. Immanuel Morsy

    Immanuel MorsyPrije mjesec

    get popin

  54. Tebi Martz

    Tebi MartzPrije mjesec

    2021, me waiting por the baby after this video hit more than 900k comments

  55. Sergio Navarro1

    Sergio Navarro1Prije mjesec

    2021: Where the kid?

  56. Huzivn Plays

    Huzivn PlaysPrije mjesec

    if what paul IF WHAT

  57. Aaron the a

    Aaron the aPrije mjesec

    Bradley martyn

  58. Dwayne Watters

    Dwayne WattersPrije mjesec

    @Logan paul where da baby bro🤣

  59. Steve Ogbimi

    Steve OgbimiPrije mjesec

    Where is the bABA

  60. yeah tbh.

    yeah tbh.Prije mjesec

    03:26 is his gf?

  61. Minhazul Abedin

    Minhazul AbedinPrije mjesec

    where is your baby..!? 😠😡

  62. Doc rivers

    Doc riversPrije mjesec

    Logan *lots of great wrestlers* James Charles *ok sister pay up*

  63. Tobioni_97

    Tobioni_97Prije mjesec

    Soooo.... how about that baby?

  64. Dylan Cottle

    Dylan CottlePrije mjesec

    Yo Logan’s assistant said your life is ruined

  65. Music Kid

    Music KidPrije mjesec


  66. Thegamemaster12

    Thegamemaster12Prije mjesec


  67. JMCD7901

    JMCD7901Prije mjesec

    mr millionaire at it again destroying a 400 dollar instrument. (no hate intended.)

  68. Misael Valenzuela A.

    Misael Valenzuela A.Prije mjesec

    Waiting for the baby 😁🤞

  69. Elmt TraAVic

    Elmt TraAVicPrije mjesec


  70. wolftrovert naga

    wolftrovert nagaPrije mjesec

    I feeled pity for that child.

  71. Jordyn Murphy

    Jordyn MurphyPrije mjesec


  72. Arnav Srinivasan [Student]

    Arnav Srinivasan [Student]Prije mjesec

    evans bong bigger than him deadass


    DERP O SAURUSPrije mjesec

    bro. you have to be a new kind of crazy to dislike a youtube video

  74. بم باستك

    بم باستكPrije mjesec

    هاذ عربي

  75. juan cruz moreno

    juan cruz morenoPrije mjesec

    Lille si lo buscaste porque pelea

  76. Meem. 28

    Meem. 28Prije mjesec

    م شـي عرب؟

  77. CyedY

    CyedYPrije mjesec


  78. Zackery Copeland

    Zackery CopelandPrije mjesec

    jame charels would snap like a twig

  79. Twitch Alex_23FTW

    Twitch Alex_23FTWPrije mjesec

    Umm looking back yea almost a mil likes so we’re expecting a baby soon

  80. The Hot Wheels Show

    The Hot Wheels ShowPrije mjesec

    Almost 1,000,000 likes

  81. The Hot Wheels Show

    The Hot Wheels ShowPrije mjesec

    Boy where’s that baby

  82. Brady 4076

    Brady 4076Prije mjesec

    Where is that CHILD?

  83. Sprinkle Donut

    Sprinkle DonutPrije mjesec

    3:32 awwwww

  84. Scottish Darts Reviews

    Scottish Darts ReviewsPrije mjesec

    Just keeping an eye out to see if he has an announcement video about him and his future girlfriend having a baby 2021 Logan: I fucked up big time

  85. AJ Muskitta

    AJ MuskittaPrije mjesec

    this vid has more then half a million likes, where the fuck is the baby

  86. 2a

    2aPrije mjesec

    What was o. That paper?

  87. Will M 15

    Will M 15Prije mjesec

    AS a trombone player no just no

  88. Kliff FN

    Kliff FNPrije mjesec

    Where is the baby

  89. Haloklaws Edwin

    Haloklaws EdwinPrije mjesec

    4:24 she seriously said your life is ruined .LMAOOOOOOF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Makaner huff

    Makaner huffPrije mjesec


  91. Barron jr Eduardo

    Barron jr EduardoPrije mjesec

    Start clapping

  92. Anirudh Nakarmi

    Anirudh NakarmiPrije mjesec

    Where is your Baby

  93. Shawty

    ShawtyPrije 2 mjeseci

    Where's the baby at

  94. Shelly Heisler

    Shelly HeislerPrije 2 mjeseci

    Looks like your having a baby

  95. speed chase

    speed chasePrije 2 mjeseci

    Now he has to get a baby

  96. Devany Horvath

    Devany HorvathPrije 2 mjeseci

    You are so cool 😎

  97. _Mocha_

    _Mocha_Prije 2 mjeseci

    Guys... I’m a trombonist 😂

  98. Ellis Jones

    Ellis JonesPrije 2 mjeseci

    I used to play trombone 😭

  99. Lucas Wong

    Lucas WongPrije 2 mjeseci

    When Logan say who created the trumpet it must be his ancestors

  100. Lilminidude626 Gaming

    Lilminidude626 GamingPrije 2 mjeseci

    He just got a bong chillin

  101. vivon lobo

    vivon loboPrije 2 mjeseci

    were is the baby ?

  102. {BSONURYT}

    {BSONURYT}Prije 2 mjeseci

    Kral be adamin dibi

  103. Mads_innit

    Mads_innitPrije 2 mjeseci

    Me watching this as a Trombone players : 👀

  104. Enrique Villarreal

    Enrique VillarrealPrije 2 mjeseci

    916k likes Where is the baby bitch

  105. Enrique Villarreal

    Enrique VillarrealPrije 2 mjeseci

    Forgot they broke up

  106. B D K

    B D KPrije 2 mjeseci

    bro logan you got 916k likes where is the baby I know you and josie broke up but you made a promise hahahah

  107. The kids survival guide

    The kids survival guidePrije 2 mjeseci

    Me watching this nine months later with it having 90,000 likes

  108. dutchchamp94

    dutchchamp94Prije 2 mjeseci

    Logan you still havent made a baby with josie i feel scammed

  109. Julian M Griffith

    Julian M GriffithPrije 2 mjeseci

    Well guess Logan is a baby daddy now

  110. ZachRidez

    ZachRidezPrije 2 mjeseci

    lmao in the beginning when he was showing the people who wanna wrestle him ben askren responded 😂

  111. Boomers629

    Boomers629Prije 2 mjeseci

    LMAO I SAW THAT AND I WAS LIKE “oh well Jake already beat him to it😂”