Ark Survival Evolved - The Island EP2 (Journey to Redwoods)

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  1. Benedict Francisco

    Benedict FranciscoPrije dan

    Tame a titanosourus

  2. Benedict Francisco

    Benedict FranciscoPrije dan

    Tame a wyvern

  3. Benedict Francisco

    Benedict FranciscoPrije dan

    Tame a mosasaorus

  4. Rishan Deb

    Rishan DebPrije 2 dana

    @Glock9, after u tamed the trike u didn't want to jump off the cliff, however, what you can do is jump off the cliff riding the dinosaur, then at the last second, before u hit the ground, u jump off. This way, u get barely any fall damage and since ur not riding the dino, the dino gets no fall damage. Hope this helps!

  5. Rishan Deb

    Rishan DebPrije 2 dana

    also when u were fighting the raptors on the trike, they stopped because they were stunned by the trike's attack

  6. BGirl’s life

    BGirl’s lifePrije 3 dana

    Omg guess what I got T. rex. Babys

  7. Alison Burgess

    Alison BurgessPrije 3 dana

    Nah I think it is havisting sorry I’m 10 because when I pumped up my harvesting I leveled up without an explorer note

  8. Chris Segee

    Chris SegeePrije 4 dana

    You shouldn’t shoot trikes in the head they have extra resistance there. Shoot them in the sides or butt for a quicker tame

  9. Fredde9602

    Fredde9602Prije 6 dana

    Jesus. The way he tamed the trike.. Don't shoot on the head!

  10. Diego da Silva

    Diego da SilvaPrije 6 dana

    BTW shoot a trike in the body not the head will knockout quicker

  11. Uchzimaki

    UchzimakiPrije 6 dana

    The deer you called sheep is super fast

  12. Sem Gaming

    Sem GamingPrije 7 dana

    Btw it would do better if didn’t try to hit the head because it’s reduced damage if you aim for the head

  13. Lily Bryan

    Lily BryanPrije 8 dana

    I like how he cauasly calls his MALE trike a SHE

  14. Jax UltraMotive

    Jax UltraMotivePrije 8 dana

    That wasnt a sheep lol that was a female deer

  15. Jax UltraMotive

    Jax UltraMotivePrije 8 dana

    The Trike usually goes down in 2 hits for me but you have to hit the trike in the body because of the big mane thingy it has

  16. Daddy E

    Daddy EPrije 8 dana

    i was screaming when he was shooting the trikes head

  17. HoppGaming

    HoppGamingPrije 9 dana

    Love this series my friend. Glad I found you!

  18. Alando Mays

    Alando MaysPrije 9 dana

    Bro did you say it was a 🐑

  19. Alando Mays

    Alando MaysPrije 9 dana

    You know dat buck you seen it was just a female version of dat

  20. Avinashilingam N

    Avinashilingam NPrije 10 dana

    You can actually mess with T-rex with a trike cuz trike has its special ability called rivalry buff which is a buff it gains when it is near the apex predators but you should have a high level trike with crap ton of health if possible another trike to back it up.

  21. Yo big Fat mama

    Yo big Fat mamaPrije 10 dana

    True fact there is a 🦄 in this game.

  22. The Antimator

    The AntimatorPrije 10 dana

    if you want to tame the trike faster hit it in the body because i heard there is armor in the head lowering the torpor effect

  23. The KJA Vlogs

    The KJA VlogsPrije 10 dana

    how do you record while you play. i play on xbox one and wanna start my own shit. Answer me back at

  24. Layla and Reed Studios

    Layla and Reed StudiosPrije 11 dana

    It is surprising how little your fan base is for such good content

  25. Daddy Garrosh

    Daddy GarroshPrije 12 dana

    ark is such a pain in the ass the only way i'll play it again is if i rank up player and tamed dino stats. fucking ants

  26. Xd baconboi 02

    Xd baconboi 02Prije 13 dana

    Stop. Hitting the trikes head

  27. Fire Blossom

    Fire BlossomPrije 13 dana

    stop killing dilos, a whole pack of them can take out an alpha raptor

  28. Cristian Abcede

    Cristian AbcedePrije 13 dana

    Can u ride the dragon? If yes, that must be fun

  29. PogoMonkey

    PogoMonkeyPrije 14 dana

    You can fall off any cliff. Just dismount when you near the bottom so your Dino won’t take any fall damage

  30. Unknown

    UnknownPrije 14 dana

    She yeeted that little shit

  31. Rimuru Tempest

    Rimuru TempestPrije 15 dana

    Turn on floating number so you can see how much damage you do

  32. Daniel Bonasse

    Daniel BonassePrije 16 dana

    Take away: Innocent or not, if something looks like it's gonna start some shit...YOU start it first (but finish it with a headshot, a must)!

  33. Altitude Loki

    Altitude LokiPrije 16 dana

    Lol try shooting the trike anywhere BUT the head, it’ll go down much faster

  34. Dusty Luck

    Dusty LuckPrije 17 dana

    You could very well already know but as you progress through the game you learn agro range example- Dilo's and Spinos have a low range and raptors as well as mantis have a higher agro range. Btw, Great youtuber.

  35. Zoe O'Keefe

    Zoe O'KeefePrije 17 dana

    pteradon has a silent p so your saying it right

  36. The Rabid Scorpion

    The Rabid ScorpionPrije 17 dana

    Hahaha, when Thick yeeted that little dino! That was awesome!

  37. Jeremy Brisebois

    Jeremy BriseboisPrije 18 dana

    i love you vids

  38. MiguelHD Q.

    MiguelHD Q.Prije 19 dana

    1:30 what a badass 😆

  39. Devin Willis

    Devin WillisPrije 20 dana

    sheep r rare becase carnovores like to eat them

  40. Bossiegaming

    BossiegamingPrije 20 dana

    You gotta love the dodo montages

  41. ArsenicSnipr

    ArsenicSniprPrije 20 dana

    up difficulty then wipe wild dinos

  42. Shan’s World And Journey

    Shan’s World And JourneyPrije 20 dana

    me having a level 50+ Triceratops and still avoiding raptors 🥲

  43. FireFlameZero

    FireFlameZeroPrije 21 dan

    this isnt minecraft glock9 26:06 LOL

  44. Abdulla Al Shoraim

    Abdulla Al ShoraimPrije 21 dan


  45. Dylan Irvine

    Dylan IrvinePrije 21 dan

    That poor trike was probably scared shitless as it was going into the swamps and then through the redwoods . Man I feel bad for that trike

  46. Dylan Irvine

    Dylan IrvinePrije 21 dan

    Yknow as I watched him use tranqs or waste tranqs by shooting them in the head of the trike it just mildly infuriated me but he’s kinda. New so I’ll let him pass

  47. Dylan Irvine

    Dylan IrvinePrije 21 dan

    And I think it’s more fun because you spend more time having fun (fun is the point of a game) instead of spending 6000 years grinding to make 50 cp

  48. Dylan Irvine

    Dylan IrvinePrije 21 dan

    Personally this is my opinion but I really like when you tubers play with really high rates

  49. Gaming with C.B and Tutorials

    Gaming with C.B and TutorialsPrije 23 dana


  50. Alexander Queeno

    Alexander QueenoPrije 24 dana

    You need spark powder in your bins

  51. David Gaming

    David GamingPrije 25 dana

    I found you and i dont regret it your sooo funny😂😂

  52. DestructiConn

    DestructiConnPrije 25 dana

    good job keep up good work

  53. Blake John

    Blake JohnPrije 27 dana

    Put the difficulty to maximum or 1.0 that way better dinos spawn it’s not actually much harder. It makes the game easier because your tames will be stronger for late game d the bosses and stuff

  54. sad realot

    sad realotPrije 27 dana

    1:30 in the vid and Glock causually roasted a dilo, just another day for Glock.

  55. sad realot

    sad realotPrije 27 dana

    A minute and a half (1:30) in the vid Glock already roasted a dilo. Yea, just another normal day for Glock.

  56. A Little Bit Of Everything

    A Little Bit Of EverythingPrije 28 dana

    You should name her thicc

  57. Deku-chan

    Deku-chanPrije 29 dana

    14:41 the trike gets a buff when a trex is around and they will take reduced damage

  58. DumDum Cappy

    DumDum CappyPrije mjesec

    Tame a Spino! My favorite go-anywhere dino!

  59. DumDum Cappy

    DumDum CappyPrije mjesec

    Don’t shoot trikes in the head to trank them, they’re resistant on their crest.

  60. Dratom

    DratomPrije mjesec

    So many things wrong, but it was entertaining, forgot to loot the alpha raptor for good items, ride a dino over a note and you both get xp boost, meat stored into chests? they last longer inside a dino like your trike and put a engram you learned into your hotbar to craft faster :P

  61. Nathan T

    Nathan TPrije mjesec

    Love your vids man I subbed

  62. Christian Hall

    Christian HallPrije mjesec

    Bro Ong this man stupud lmao now he knows

  63. Kevin

    KevinPrije mjesec

    The island is the best map. After 4 years still playing on it, but still suck 😂

  64. davymations

    davymationsPrije mjesec

    Tame t rex


    LIM HENG CHUN MoePrije mjesec

    I kinda like this vid lol

  66. momma 4life

    momma 4lifePrije mjesec

    im new to this how did u just appear back at ur house? do u teleport somehow?

  67. Afryan Maulana

    Afryan MaulanaPrije mjesec

    where ur ads?

  68. Aayat Ninja

    Aayat NinjaPrije mjesec

    Harvest low will make leveling slow

  69. Aayat Ninja

    Aayat NinjaPrije mjesec

    He tamed a trike in ep 4

  70. Chandler DuMont

    Chandler DuMontPrije mjesec

    The Cheers theme song!

  71. Noah Harrison

    Noah HarrisonPrije mjesec

    Im gay

  72. Donavon Schuster

    Donavon SchusterPrije mjesec

    I'm leaning more from this channel than any other. Side note: Thank you for editing out most of your "gathering"...

  73. Liam Jordan

    Liam JordanPrije mjesec

    You got an xp buff from the explorer note

  74. Prashun Aryal

    Prashun AryalPrije mjesec

    Don't shoot a trike on the head shell thingy lol won't work

  75. stein roger gulaker

    stein roger gulakerPrije mjesec

    In my opinion, alway max the dificulty slider to maks then do the wild dino whipe to have the dinos come in harder, also the island map should have lower levels in general compared to all other maps unless it’s been fixed, a year since i played :) also happy to see people still get to enjoy this game as newbs :D no offence :3 love the series so far my dude!

  76. stein roger gulaker

    stein roger gulakerPrije mjesec

    If you jump off a dinosaur like the trike and rex and other bigbois while you are in the air, it just falls down to the ground with 0 fall dmg on both the dino or you :)

  77. stein roger gulaker

    stein roger gulakerPrije mjesec

    Ow, watching him headshot the trike hurts xD

  78. Mystix G4mer

    Mystix G4merPrije mjesec

    Use Thick to get loads of berries from the bushes by meleeing them

  79. Phantom Uzamaru

    Phantom UzamaruPrije mjesec

    Haha. Glocks throwing arm is one of legends

  80. Spring Lemon

    Spring LemonPrije mjesec

    Alphas have a large red glow and pack leaders have a smallish orange glow. Pack leaders are the ones with the highest level in the group. Alphas just have a damage and health boost. Also, that “sheep” that you encountered was a female megaloceros. Its a deer. The males have horns and can collect thatch. Ovis are sheep

  81. michamikekit

    michamikekitPrije mjesec

    Don't shot trikes in the head.

  82. OV Unusual Gamer

    OV Unusual GamerPrije mjesec

    its not a sheep its a female megaloceros like that "BUCK" you saw earlier


    SERENITY SCOTTPrije mjesec

    Not him calling the deer a sheep 😭

  84. Lucas Reischoffer

    Lucas ReischofferPrije mjesec

    To make dye use the cooking pot and waterskin and berrys

  85. Ammr Shhd

    Ammr ShhdPrije mjesec

    Glock9 about you talking about turning Harvesting level down at 5:10-5:26: First of all, sorry for taking this seriously. Why dont you leave it as it is for the moment for this Series. And down the track create a new series with more strict time consuming grinding. Similarly, how you do for your 7dtd series'. Like Nightmare series has so difficult setting because you Glock9 are much experienced in it. im guessing your new to "The Island". Once enough experienced gained, go for Harvesting levels default. thanks for playing this game on "The Island". Btw, Redwoods is a dangerous place in my experience.

  86. DestructoDino 1008

    DestructoDino 1008Prije mjesec

    Ahh so this is how dodos went extinct.

  87. Mateen Rizwan

    Mateen RizwanPrije mjesec

    You can use thick to harvest wood a lot quicker

  88. Roblox- Xo

    Roblox- XoPrije mjesec

    Almost 300k subs👍

  89. DeathMachineYT

    DeathMachineYTPrije mjesec

    I woulda laughed if right after he said we made it a lvl 150 spino came and murdered his a$$

  90. Anthony Paitan

    Anthony PaitanPrije mjesec

    NOW PRESENTING THICK CHLOE 😁😁 love the names 😂😂

  91. Naimah Catchings

    Naimah CatchingsPrije mjesec

    You do the best gameplays

  92. D0nald Trump

    D0nald TrumpPrije mjesec

    I just started ark and you have helped me so much thank you sir

  93. Bas Elshout

    Bas ElshoutPrije mjesec

    this has helped me so much i have never seen ark gameplay and just got the game myself and i am now lvl 35 without even a base or a dino so i think imma just start over and copy a bit

  94. Matthew Zx

    Matthew ZxPrije mjesec


  95. Matthew Zx

    Matthew ZxPrije mjesec

    Nice voise

  96. ItzLifeline Tv

    ItzLifeline TvPrije mjesec

    He reminds me of Mickey from shameless lmao

  97. CHLOE S

    CHLOE SPrije mjesec

    Tip: For trikes, you need to hit the body parts, not the face, the face acts as a shield, that's why it took a very long time to knock it out lol.

  98. Shane Bg

    Shane BgPrije mjesec


  99. Shane Bg

    Shane BgPrije mjesec

    Its a fiber sickle

  100. Shane Bg

    Shane BgPrije mjesec

    Pls do ark multeplayer

  101. Mineblox Plays

    Mineblox PlaysPrije mjesec

    name a dino after yourself

  102. Ewan Deeprose

    Ewan DeeprosePrije mjesec

    22:55 never piss off a megatherium they strong as hell