Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Semifinal Highlights | Roland-Garros 2021

Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Semifinal Highlights | Roland-Garros 2021. Watch the best moments of the historic match that opposed Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the semifinal of 2021. Novak Djokovic won 3/6 6/3 7/6(4) 6/2 and will face Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final.

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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.


  1. Dfg K

    Dfg KPrije 6 sati

    To be honest, Nadal has it most difficult out of the big 3. When he was reaching his first titles back in 2005, Federer was already an established champion, who enjoyed a free ride for a few years before a serious threat appeared (meaning Rafa himself). Now Djokovic is in a similar situation on the other side of the timeline - no serious threat with Rafa and Federer well past their primes. Nadal never enjoyed a few year period of “easy ride” like the other two are/have.

  2. Solomon Derese

    Solomon DeresePrije dan

    Nole, the best ever.

  3. Bryan Tse

    Bryan TsePrije dan

    This is the best game Novak played this year!

  4. Antonio Dovizioso Berdud

    Antonio Dovizioso BerdudPrije dan

    Viva Rafael Nadal



    welcome you to vietnam, very good

  6. Pavle Jelacic

    Pavle JelacicPrije 2 dana

    Fun fact: Djokovic is the only player to win 3 straight sets against nadal in his 2 wins in Roland Garros, 3:0 2015, for 0:1 to 3:1, again 3 in a row. Soderling won 1st 3rd and 4th so not 3 in a row!

  7. amarildo reis silva

    amarildo reis silvaPrije 2 dana

    Como domar um touro miura

  8. Aznar89

    Aznar89Prije 2 dana

    Increíble y histórico

  9. Brahms Marlowe

    Brahms MarlowePrije 2 dana

    Still watching this! 😎

  10. denstertube

    denstertubePrije 2 dana

    Ive been watching Tennis since the mid 80s and can confidently say that third set is the most incredible set of tennis ive seen. Stunning.

  11. GupliGupla 13

    GupliGupla 13Prije 3 dana

    Jeez nadal is a beast

  12. Michael Viger

    Michael VigerPrije 4 dana

    Nadal's lefty forehand seems mismatched to Nole's extremely consistent and nasty backhand unlike Fed's backhand (which usually always broke down to Nadal).

  13. azoleyehirooni11

    azoleyehirooni11Prije 4 dana

    Amazing how Djokovic managed to do the unthinkable and beat Nadal like this in the French Open! Congrats Novak! Plus Wimbledon now, let’s get that golden slam, I’m rooting for you! You deserve it!

  14. r m

    r mPrije 4 dana

    Despite winning Rome and Barcelona Rafa seemed to be vulnerable the whole clay season

  15. Bojan Bojanic

    Bojan BojanicPrije 5 dana

    What a beast!

  16. Johnny Parrales

    Johnny ParralesPrije 6 dana

    1.500 Fedal fans dislike this...

  17. Super Dyuber

    Super DyuberPrije 6 dana

    Nadal RG record will Never be beaten. But Novak showed him his place! Borg Great Players but novak is like MESSI in Football.

  18. Casey

    CaseyPrije 6 dana

    Rafa made 55 unforced errors by the third set and idiots are saying “Djokovic played exceptional.” Novak played the way he normally does, Rafa was just subpar.

  19. Casey

    CaseyPrije 5 dana

    I watched both matches live (2020 final and 2021 semi) and they were both ass. Djokovic played all right but people are overrating it.

  20. Andrej Mitrovic

    Andrej MitrovicPrije 5 dana

    Lmao, when Djokovic made 55 in RG 2020 it was Rafa who dominated right?? Dont be salty tard just admit better player won lol

  21. besamestreet

    besamestreetPrije 6 dana

    It’s called “consistency”. You’re welcome.

  22. goran Lalič

    goran LaličPrije 6 dana


  23. Михаил Костин

    Михаил КостинPrije 6 dana

    Новак величайший...

  24. azmir siddiqui

    azmir siddiquiPrije 6 dana

    Ice veins man .. nole has literal ice flowing through him

  25. T H

    T HPrije 7 dana

    Djokovic just not panicking after going down 5-0. That's so impressive. He knew that he was in better shape than Nadal and that the longer he kept the points going and the match going, the more likely it was that Nadal wouldn't be able to keep his high standard up.

  26. Mihai Moțățăianu

    Mihai MoțățăianuPrije 7 dana

    Acum oricum, Nadal îl mai poate învinge pe Djokovic cel puțin la RG și US Open

  27. chet galuda

    chet galudaPrije 7 dana

    amazing Novak simply the best

  28. fdsjlaf

    fdsjlafPrije 7 dana

    djokovic literally wore the same thing

  29. Tim Carter

    Tim CarterPrije 8 dana

    Nadal is clearly on the decline as is Federer. Fed is just much older than Nadal

  30. luisjavierdc

    luisjavierdcPrije 8 dana


  31. حسين العراقي

    حسين العراقيPrije 8 dana

    والله بطل يفوز على نادال أو بملعبه عوده هوه ملك الملاعب الترابيه أو فاز بويمبلدون شني هاي

  32. co6mo

    co6moPrije 8 dana

    What a stunning performance from Nole against the king of clay on his field.

  33. Tiger BladeSoul

    Tiger BladeSoulPrije 8 dana

    Amazing djokovic

  34. TerminatorZXY

    TerminatorZXYPrije 8 dana

    5:55 - Novak imitating Federer with a one handed backhand lol

  35. Sigurd Torvaldsson

    Sigurd TorvaldssonPrije 9 dana

    Winning a set against Djokovic is like scoring a goal against the kids who are 2 years older. No mercy afterwards

  36. THEClassicFAN

    THEClassicFANPrije 9 dana

    let's all agree that These Two Can't just be Human being...

  37. Steva Krkota

    Steva KrkotaPrije 9 dana

    🙄 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 😠😠 🇷🇸😇🎾🐐 😠😠 😠😠 🏆 😠😠 😠😠 🏆🏆 😠😠 😠😠 🏆🏆🏆 😠😠 😠😠 🏆🏆🏆🏆 😠😠 😠😠 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 😠😠 😠😠 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆😠😠 😠😠 ... 😠😠 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  38. Djordje Caranovic

    Djordje CaranovicPrije 9 dana

    Care Bravo.

  39. PaulFernando Idrovo

    PaulFernando IdrovoPrije 9 dana

    This match could have had a different score if it weren't for nadal lack of first serve. Nadal first serve was terrible that day. For those who dont know, nadal's first serve is weaker that Federer's and Djokovic's. just review the amount of aces achivement by the big three in history Nadal is way down.

  40. Jade Martin

    Jade MartinPrije 9 dana

    Novak Djokovic...no more words needed....

  41. Anne Collins

    Anne CollinsPrije 9 dana

    Exactly, what a recovery from last year's French Open losing in straight sets. Different game plan and it worked.

  42. Moisés Bravo

    Moisés BravoPrije 9 dana

    Extended highlights pls

  43. แม่บ้าน พาเลาะ

    แม่บ้าน พาเลาะPrije 10 dana

    조코비치와 나달경기는 항상 보는 내가 힘듦. 끈임없이 이어지는 스트로크의 향연...

  44. Aminullah

    AminullahPrije 10 dana

    G. O. A. T,,,, medevedev,, tsitsipas, berettini , all the next gen lose in grandslam final by him

  45. Milos P.

    Milos P.Prije 10 dana

    The best match in history , hing power, atack, presure ,world class finish .💪💪

  46. robin kalousek

    robin kalousekPrije 10 dana

    Nadal was not himself that day. And unfortunately old injury faker used that to his advantage

  47. Tanja Vesovic

    Tanja VesovicPrije 8 dana


  48. Ali El-Samra

    Ali El-SamraPrije 10 dana

    This match is the moment when it became clear and undebatable anymore : Novak is the GOAT.

  49. Max Local

    Max LocalPrije 10 dana

    I come back to this video every few days to relive the raw emotion I felt during this game & really appreciate what we witnessed

  50. batta

    battaPrije 10 dana


  51. Antalya Antalya

    Antalya AntalyaPrije 10 dana


  52. Antonio Pirro

    Antonio PirroPrije 10 dana

    This one was the real final of 2021 RG. The one with Tsitsipas was only a time waste or a training.


    MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB 🇦🇪Prije 10 dana

    Poor draw at French open should be Rafa vs Djocovik at Final

  54. sansarik

    sansarikPrije 11 dana

    Nadal = DOPING

  55. Nanananan

    NananananPrije 11 dana

    Third set was probably the highest level of tennis ever played on clay

  56. leedriver10

    leedriver10Prije 11 dana

    why does no one mention the grunting of nadal... its beyond ridiculous !

  57. Tian luo

    Tian luoPrije 11 dana

    I saw Nole went against Federer in the final in the US open in 2006or 2007. He was 19. No one around was cheering for him except me. I feel something very special in him. No one knew who he was or where he came from. But he knew what he wanted. He was funny too. I will never forget. Look at who he is now. May God bless you for many more grand slams and a happy family!

  58. Michael Viger

    Michael VigerPrije 4 dana

    2007 US open final. Nole should`ve won the first two sets. Lack of experience.

  59. Gabe Itch

    Gabe ItchPrije 6 dana

    This is wholesome

  60. Asadul karim

    Asadul karimPrije 11 dana

    05:35 that rafa's forehand after return

  61. DivineAtheistWannabe

    DivineAtheistWannabePrije 11 dana

    Nadal is a goner. He's done. Finished. Time to retire.

  62. Amigoss DNS

    Amigoss DNSPrije 11 dana

    Imagine the 5-set thriller if Nadal wasn’t injured…

  63. Naalain Muhammad

    Naalain MuhammadPrije 9 dana

    @MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB 🇦🇪 I respect every single player including Federer and Nadal. They both are legends. But I will never respect their fans.


    MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB 🇦🇪Prije 10 dana

    @Naalain Muhammad Repsect everyone

  65. Naalain Muhammad

    Naalain MuhammadPrije 10 dana

    @S P Exactly. Djokovic completely destroyed him. These morons are just making excuses. I swear I will destroy every single Fedal fan when Djokovic will win US Open 2021. We Djokovic fans have gone through many things when they disrespected our GOAT. Now it's my turn. Go Nole. 21st grand slam is loading.

  66. S P

    S PPrije 11 dana

    He wasn’t injured lmao. He was outplayed.

  67. Naalain Muhammad

    Naalain MuhammadPrije 11 dana

    @Amigoss DNS ok send me a link of an authentic channel. Let's see how many links you can send me.

  68. Bonny Bonny

    Bonny BonnyPrije 11 dana

    Two amazing GREAT GREAT GREAT players. I could watch this forever!

  69. Stefan Djordjevic

    Stefan DjordjevicPrije 12 dana

    Best match ever in man's tennis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Damar Fadlan

    Damar FadlanPrije 12 dana

    The best match of 2021 Roland Garros right here.

  71. COG COG

    COG COGPrije 12 dana

    The biggest edge Novak has over Federer in playing Nadal is that he has a double-handed backhand unlike Federer. Nadal always does a a heavy topspin to Federer backhand causing Federer difficulties and having him resorting to chopping the ball instead of driving or hitting it flat, and Nadal will then pounce. The second is mental strength, in my opinion. I am very happy for Djokovic.

  72. Tahmid El Cucuy

    Tahmid El CucuyPrije 12 dana

    If djokovic hadn't born in nadal era, he would have won french open *atleast five* 🐐🐐

  73. Галина Гошко

    Галина ГошкоPrije 12 dana

    Can anyone tell me what GOAT means?

  74. Tahmid El Cucuy

    Tahmid El CucuyPrije 12 dana

    Greatest of all time

  75. unowen7591

    unowen7591Prije 12 dana

    That 3rd set was one of the best sets of tennis I have ever witnessed in my life. Nearly sucked the life out of me watching it.

  76. Jsh J

    Jsh JPrije 12 dana

    This, AO 2012 Final and Wimby 2008 Final are probably the best matches ever!

  77. Jonathan Cortes López

    Jonathan Cortes LópezPrije 12 dana

    97' third set! What a battle! Idemo Nole!

  78. Riki Nelson

    Riki NelsonPrije 12 dana

    one of the best match in tennis history .. highest skill level

  79. J Joneski

    J JoneskiPrije 12 dana

    What an ugly two handed back hand. Good God ...The dude will have a bad back for the rest of his life with that pos

  80. Sean Dempsey

    Sean DempseyPrije 13 dana

    They keep hitting winners to each other. Some of those shots are absolutely incredible.

  81. Jordinaldo Silva

    Jordinaldo SilvaPrije 13 dana

    Tem que respeitar o Djokovic, o melhor de todos os tempos 👏👏👏🏆

  82. Malgetsfit

    MalgetsfitPrije 13 dana

    King of clay no more.

  83. Thomas Gladders

    Thomas GladdersPrije 13 dana

    I’ll never forget this one. What an epic shootout for the ages.

  84. Mystic Mag

    Mystic MagPrije 13 dana

    The best clay 🧱 tennis ever played.Period.

  85. Tenzin Lee

    Tenzin LeePrije 13 dana

    Does Djokovic only grunt when his opponent is grunting?

  86. Ivana Tasic-Nikolic

    Ivana Tasic-NikolicPrije 13 dana

    Since 2011 Novak won 19 GS titles and Federer and Nadal 15 GS titles combined!

  87. Aston M.

    Aston M.Prije 13 dana

    Not only the greatest match on clay ever, but also a changing of the guard at RG, Nadal's reign is over now. The king is death, long live the king! Djokovic will pulverize most records out there playing like this, and when he finally stops there will be no discussion for a very, very long time about who the GOAT is.

  88. Ricardo Del Villar Pizarro

    Ricardo Del Villar PizarroPrije 12 dana

    I still think nadal can win roland garros in 2022 but he will have less chances than this year , it would be his last opportunity to be honest. No words for djokovic performance this season.

  89. Raji Ghareeb

    Raji GhareebPrije 13 dana

    Tennis will die after the big 3 retire . Those two legends at 34 and 35 years of age giving us a thriller of a match , I was on my feet the whole time in that legendary third set . Hope they keep playing as long as they can for our benefit as audience > Bravo

  90. Maguslloret Munoz

    Maguslloret MunozPrije 13 dana

    He just ate Nadal psicologically talking, as Nadal did with Roger in his early career, NOLE IS A MONSTER FROM ANOTHER PLANET

  91. Tata Beki

    Tata BekiPrije 13 dana

    Нолетова химна🇷🇸🐺🏆 (Рефрен х2) Устао је Новак Ђоле, Рекорд ће да падне доле, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Молили се, Светом Сави, Господ даде рекет златни, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Дошао је Новак витез, Да освоји бројке битне, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Мени кида живац сваки, Чисту лопту кад промаши, Ајде Ноле бре, Удри Новаче. Некултуром кад га часте, Вичем, бодрим, гази брате, Терај инат бре, Удри Новаче. Даде Новак, здравље, младост, Српском роду вечну радост, Хвала Новаче, Хвала Новаче. (Рефрен х 2) Тако је бре! Идемо! Тата Беки

  92. Ker Lozano

    Ker LozanoPrije 13 dana

    The lopsided agreement immunohistologically drop because particle intralysosomally whistle amid a aloof catamaran. same, chivalrous wing

  93. Skrapenpennies

    SkrapenpenniesPrije 13 dana

    I get tennis elbow just watching these two

  94. Alex May

    Alex MayPrije 13 dana

    Before you decide that *this* is the best match on clay of all time, watch this one: hrhave.info/mate/qLCpeImlo9Sr1qM/video.html. You might change your mind.

  95. T H

    T HPrije 13 dana

    Djokovic doing a lot of damage with that sharply angled cross court forehand. Really dragging Nadal way off court.

  96. Ara S

    Ara SPrije 13 dana

    was 20-18 going into this match. 20-20-20 and there's just no stopping ND.

  97. napoleon tanner

    napoleon tannerPrije 13 dana

    The daily roof remarkably paddle because snowman likely clean apropos a simple revolve. productive, flaky step-father

  98. Professor Vinícius Soares

    Professor Vinícius SoaresPrije 13 dana

    5:28 what a backhand! 👏🏻

  99. hyrum

    hyrumPrije 13 dana

    whos here after novak won his sixth wimbledon title

  100. Marlene C

    Marlene CPrije 13 dana

    My most favourite Novak matches are always when he’s up against Nadal. You could always expect a very physical game between these two. This one’s up there with AO 2012. This match should’ve been the match in the finals instead.

  101. Lucian

    LucianPrije 13 dana

    Please please please upload the full match. We need it...we need it, for our LIVES

  102. Igor Diklic

    Igor DiklicPrije 13 dana

    Hardest tournament for Đoković. From 1/16 final to trophy almost 16 hours on court. And that battle with Nadal, 3rd set 94 minutes. Amazing.

  103. 吉木早苗

    吉木早苗Prije 13 dana

    ジョコビッチよ! ローランギャロスはてめえには似合わない!

  104. ivica drexler

    ivica drexlerPrije 13 dana

    What a match :)

  105. thuy thuan

    thuy thuanPrije 13 dana


  106. Juan Jose

    Juan JosePrije 13 dana

    Novak is just in another fucking level man.

  107. PuNk

    PuNkPrije 13 dana

    Let's be real: Nadal was the last boss of this RG for Novak. Tsitsipas was DLC.

  108. Marko Rasovic

    Marko RasovicPrije sat


  109. Beau Lee

    Beau LeePrije 14 dana

    Moment he became GOAT

  110. Voja B

    Voja BPrije 14 dana


  111. Keneth D'Souza

    Keneth D'SouzaPrije 14 dana

    Who is here after djokovic winning Wimbledon 2021 in 4 sets .

  112. Bumbili Gojko

    Bumbili GojkoPrije 14 sati


  113. chamidu amarasinghe

    chamidu amarasinghePrije dan

    One of the worst Wimbledons ever.

  114. D10S Relish

    D10S RelishPrije 4 dana

    One word.... AMAZING .

  115. Collin Watts

    Collin WattsPrije 4 dana

    This was so much better

  116. Renzo Cespedes

    Renzo CespedesPrije 5 dana

    Novak the GOAT

  117. Marko Pesic

    Marko PesicPrije 14 dana

    After 20gs 💪💪

  118. 💎Gem Hunter

    💎Gem HunterPrije 14 dana

    Superb... Idol

  119. Pride Manuel

    Pride ManuelPrije 14 dana

    *Idiot Nadal*

  120. Pride Manuel

    Pride ManuelPrije 14 dana


  121. Fredrik Svensson

    Fredrik SvenssonPrije 14 dana

    6 straight i 4th against Nadal is brutal