Yassuo | WE'RE NEVER PLAYING THIS AGAIN! [ADC to Masters Part 4] Ft. Alicopter

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  1. Brian.

    Brian.Prije 27 dana

    how does he do that with the spotify on the top right :D in streamlabs

  2. Jakub Stanek

    Jakub StanekPrije 29 dana


  3. Flloppy 123

    Flloppy 123Prije mjesec

    What is that thing where he sees all the info

  4. Roney Sis

    Roney SisPrije mjesec

    3:15 I thought he’s gonna rap ngl

  5. B Kh

    B KhPrije mjesec

    i feel bad for NA low elo , they trying to climb and this douche raping them

  6. James Kay

    James KayPrije mjesec

    making it look easy

  7. bryce

    brycePrije mjesec

    when the danganronpa ost comes on 🕺

  8. Daniel Davidovsky

    Daniel DavidovskyPrije mjesec

    Alicopter should rename to Allahcopter

  9. Andy chirino

    Andy chirinoPrije mjesec

    Hey Moe I was in the video! Glad to have played with yall even though I didn't know it was you guys. Hopefully I get to play with you guys again one day.

  10. Andy chirino

    Andy chirinoPrije mjesec

    @Harry Crab the graves. I have proof but HRhave takes links down

  11. Harry Crab

    Harry CrabPrije mjesec

    Who were you?

  12. Simply Lew

    Simply LewPrije mjesec

    11:22 nice ulti

  13. Denis Simion

    Denis SimionPrije mjesec

    Olaf be like: "I'm over here, I'm over there. I'm inting. This senna's flaming, always blaming"

  14. Peter Briedon

    Peter BriedonPrije mjesec

    what happend with his jg challenge?

  15. EaT5HitT

    EaT5HitTPrije mjesec

    Very nice series bro!

  16. ande mening

    ande meningPrije mjesec

    Are u saving your exhaust until next rift rivals?

  17. Shinoa Hiiragi

    Shinoa HiiragiPrije mjesec

    8:24 wait since when?!

  18. Jei

    JeiPrije mjesec

    adc life is hard

  19. 2S4IN

    2S4INPrije mjesec

    So many cancelled autos

  20. Sober Jerk

    Sober JerkPrije mjesec

    Tris loses in urf Moe: Their ADC is Bad

  21. Dawid Funk

    Dawid FunkPrije mjesec

    and that soundtrack from danganronpa.. i love it

  22. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmPrije mjesec


  23. Caydan

    CaydanPrije mjesec

    Moe nearly said 2 item 70 crit is op when he literally mains Yasuo xD

  24. Dunk

    DunkPrije mjesec

    Is it really a true ADC to Masters if you're duoing with a smurf support and then you get matched up with other smurfs on your team

  25. Marc Balabat

    Marc BalabatPrije mjesec

    Pinoy that danganronpa soundtrack are the vibes

  26. Ꭱite

    ᎡitePrije mjesec


  27. domantas pavardinis

    domantas pavardinisPrije mjesec

    Hey moe, is yasuo any good late game?

  28. CALLmeSENPAIIpls

    CALLmeSENPAIIplsPrije mjesec

    someday my montage will be discovered pls subscribe guys

  29. Sahil Agrawal

    Sahil AgrawalPrije mjesec


  30. jack Sheldon

    jack SheldonPrije mjesec

    man i forgot how jacked moes yas is

  31. Zach Jackson

    Zach JacksonPrije mjesec

    Why don't you use ur time in pisslow to get good at other adcs instead of playing yas, keep Ballin Playa

  32. joey bush

    joey bushPrije mjesec

    Smurfing while playing Kai in 2021... ur a cruel monster

  33. Zephyr0ku

    Zephyr0kuPrije mjesec

    Yo what up G! That was real fire, get that dough my playa.

  34. Harry Crab

    Harry CrabPrije mjesec

    You a playa

  35. Chicken Nuggets

    Chicken NuggetsPrije mjesec

    Good vid but man wtf was that background music

  36. black zetsu

    black zetsuPrije mjesec

    that LEC botlane xdd

  37. VuDooh

    VuDoohPrije mjesec

    3:10 Nobody: Olaf: I’m ovah here I’m ovah there

  38. Harry Crab

    Harry CrabPrije mjesec


  39. Jxvanxvich.

    Jxvanxvich.Prije mjesec


  40. Dashane Brown

    Dashane BrownPrije mjesec

    High sliver -Gold, the elo with the most smurfs

  41. Ghetto Kid

    Ghetto KidPrije mjesec

    Watching til now since 2015

  42. john marulanda

    john marulandaPrije mjesec

    Danganronpa music throughout the video is the greatest thing to hear

  43. Hai Gais

    Hai GaisPrije mjesec

    lol ahri just talking to herself


    FERRKOSPrije mjesec

    Moe gives up so easily

  45. Perby Tamayo

    Perby TamayoPrije mjesec

    Man! I love what you become. From boosted to titled and now, an inter. Lol. But seriously, you've changed a lot man. From the day you snaked trick to complimenting helicopter despite his misplays. Looking forward to see more of your contents, man. Keep it up. 👍👍👍

  46. Foodnt

    FoodntPrije mjesec

    Thanks you Pinoy! Danganronpa sound tracks are therapeutic

  47. zer0edgy

    zer0edgyPrije mjesec

    Release Pinoy from the basement

  48. EhYasuo

    EhYasuoPrije mjesec

    Yes Missed the screaming tormoedo

  49. Eagle

    EaglePrije mjesec

    It's so cringe Yassuo is flaming while playing mediocre and Ali cant say anything back xD

  50. Jesper Chantamas

    Jesper ChantamasPrije mjesec

    moe clean

  51. ricesu

    ricesuPrije mjesec

    Ah yes daganronpa music

  52. Max St. Louis

    Max St. LouisPrije mjesec

    Anyone else remember the 1-7 gold II tristana from the stream who flamed moe then said he was academy

  53. *VoiceRaid*

    *VoiceRaid*Prije mjesec

    Who saves their summoners better, Yassuo or Doublelift?

  54. TooViral

    TooViralPrije mjesec

    Dat shadow the hedgehog song though

  55. Titan

    TitanPrije mjesec

    Rengar & Ivern

  56. Valor14

    Valor14Prije mjesec

    i swear this editor is the biggest danganronpa weeb ever and i love it

  57. syed shah

    syed shahPrije mjesec

    Yassuo presses Q Alicopter: OOOOOOOOO

  58. Moritz G.

    Moritz G.Prije mjesec

    dude this one song at around minute 9 has to stop, please. It is very hard on the ears.

  59. AlexTheNut11

    AlexTheNut11Prije mjesec


  60. Alex the Boi

    Alex the BoiPrije mjesec

    8:35 is so nasty

  61. mahdi bs

    mahdi bsPrije mjesec

    Hah is alicopter arabien thats first time i know (im arabien)

  62. MelloWXXI

    MelloWXXIPrije mjesec

    3:13 "oh my god, ya allah" 😂😂

  63. Sarp Bilge Senkardesler

    Sarp Bilge SenkardeslerPrije mjesec

    lol in this case moe should be cease and desist and alicopter should be cs and assist

  64. Jan Czarnecki

    Jan CzarneckiPrije mjesec

    I’ve actually not lost yet as a G2 sion fasting senna duo. Probably coz I’m Silver EUNE but still

  65. SomeLikeItTidal

    SomeLikeItTidalPrije mjesec

    Liking these upload times

  66. AmumuFaker

    AmumuFakerPrije mjesec

    when you copy G2 :0 and dont say anything

  67. Bhavik Singh

    Bhavik SinghPrije mjesec

    That shadow theme for the intro 😍😍

  68. nat rapoport

    nat rapoportPrije mjesec

    Title « Never doing this again » 3 seconds in the video : I believe in our Sion Senna botlane

  69. Matt Pele

    Matt PelePrije mjesec

    CS and Desist OMFG that's too good, I just spit my juice

  70. bluecherry00

    bluecherry00Prije mjesec


  71. Berg Katze

    Berg KatzePrije mjesec

    Much love for that game and the anime

  72. Arubaro - Working on Anime Tops

    Arubaro - Working on Anime TopsPrije mjesec

    danganronpa v3 music

  73. Danielius

    DanieliusPrije mjesec


  74. tobor

    toborPrije mjesec

    Lvl 2 at 4 mins

  75. densandwitch

    densandwitchPrije mjesec

    Pinoy back with them Danganronpa jams

  76. DarkSky Mystery

    DarkSky MysteryPrije mjesec

    The danganronpa music tho 🥺Love you pinoy

  77. AKR3M

    AKR3MPrije mjesec

    Day 1 of asking for a team comp too angry to die Sion-Annie s Bear-Olaf-Sion-i can't think of another champ

  78. BugPear

    BugPearPrije mjesec


  79. ali thamer

    ali thamerPrije mjesec

    u know moe is so pissed when he strat speaking Arabic lol

  80. TotallyNotAbdu

    TotallyNotAbduPrije mjesec

    i recently watched the whole DR3 and the music hits hard

  81. asiandude918

    asiandude918Prije mjesec

    Mmmm human pancake

  82. Blazetooth 'S

    Blazetooth 'SPrije mjesec

    More Like AGC (again getting carried) to masters

  83. Kavin M

    Kavin MPrije mjesec

    When he said that the adc was bad at 9:44 he didn't notice that was the twitch from the game earlier

  84. Georg Khoshaba

    Georg KhoshabaPrije mjesec

    The k you for the entertainment once again

  85. Jacob A

    Jacob APrije mjesec


  86. Blaze_R_YT

    Blaze_R_YTPrije mjesec

    Is it me or does alicopter sound and remind me a lot of TF blade

  87. Blaze_R_YT

    Blaze_R_YTPrije mjesec

    @Luka Jovanovski I mean hear his voice 1:32 hehehe

  88. Harry Crab

    Harry CrabPrije mjesec


  89. Luka Jovanovski

    Luka JovanovskiPrije mjesec

    Dafuq , tfblade always sounds autistic even when he pulls up 500iq strats

  90. Alicopter

    AlicopterPrije mjesec

    my sion is good ur senna is holding me back 🙄

  91. Ziad Wael

    Ziad WaelPrije mjesec

    true alicopter carryyyyyyyy

  92. ParmeJohn

    ParmeJohnPrije mjesec

    @T.T u obviously haven't seen the Trick2G and Tobias fate duo then

  93. Aliyaser Yusufi

    Aliyaser YusufiPrije mjesec


  94. Zachary McGuirk

    Zachary McGuirkPrije mjesec


  95. Bryce Clark

    Bryce ClarkPrije mjesec

    Some of your haters be out

  96. m4zlum

    m4zlumPrije mjesec

    I was in your stream....

  97. aquu

    aquuPrije mjesec

    Yassuo: only adc Yassuo: plays yasuo anyway

  98. Jose L

    Jose LPrije mjesec

    Never been this early to a yas vid

  99. Deniz Aydın

    Deniz AydınPrije mjesec

    u played well today playa ballin like crazy brudda

  100. Stefan Bujor

    Stefan BujorPrije mjesec

    bro the danganronpa music🥵😫

  101. Rimgaudas Kairys

    Rimgaudas KairysPrije mjesec

    support smurf jungle smurf top smurf :D cmon they won 15 out of 20 games in bronze5- silver 1 u dont need to be smurf for that :D

  102. AYD

    AYDPrije mjesec

    Imagine them struggeling so hard and imagine u have to 1vs9 this every time without a challenger support unfair this is

  103. revent

    reventPrije mjesec

    Yo u ballin my brotha! Ur a real playa

  104. V sim

    V simPrije mjesec

    @Myron Zhao Bro wtf??

  105. Tryggve Hagevi

    Tryggve HageviPrije mjesec

    Ya brotha whe u goin to da choppaaaa

  106. Myron Zhao

    Myron ZhaoPrije mjesec

    only niga spea lik that

  107. amirite

    amiritePrije mjesec

    @Qare no cap omm ong playa its finna be lit g

  108. Qare

    QarePrije mjesec

    RESPECT! You feelz the vibes g?

  109. ByMarsh

    ByMarshPrije mjesec

    5:11 "it vanished" ...hits the turret, gg

  110. TORBA

    TORBAPrije mjesec

    Nah it got rooted cuz bad timing

  111. Ruben Lou

    Ruben LouPrije mjesec

    the amount of abuse alicopter has to take lmaoo

  112. Asger Sørensen

    Asger SørensenPrije mjesec

    How can you litterally manage to queue up against the same players twice in such a low elo?! Like is no one playing on na?

  113. Nejlepsy Apex hrac

    Nejlepsy Apex hracPrije mjesec

    If u read this message, u probably know how to read, congrats

  114. hasheensheen

    hasheensheenPrije mjesec


  115. PawN is better than Faker

    PawN is better than FakerPrije mjesec

    Anyone else watching moes vids always when pooping?

  116. Betrayed

    BetrayedPrije mjesec


  117. -Keno -

    -Keno -Prije mjesec

    same dude and once when i farted he yeld

  118. Dmytro Olyva

    Dmytro OlyvaPrije mjesec

    Yes, always

  119. carlos facchinetti

    carlos facchinettiPrije mjesec


  120. Reveriezx

    ReveriezxPrije mjesec

    If anyone wants to do this it’s called Fasting Senna, meaning the other person pref mele ranged tank is the one who is csing. Main champs used in this Fasting Style was Tahm Kench but was adapted by G2’s bot lane (Rekkles & Mikyx) to change the Tahm to a Sion.

  121. Reveriezx

    ReveriezxPrije mjesec


  122. Reveriezx

    ReveriezxPrije mjesec

    Also forgot to mention with Senna they are collecting the souls to increase the range on her champ. Meaning she is able to roam with the jungle when they are doing their champs to collect souls. + Senna = Inf scaling with her weird interaction with Rageblade that lets crit scale with her.

  123. Reveriezx

    ReveriezxPrije mjesec


  124. Reveriezx

    ReveriezxPrije mjesec

    In the game G2 vs S04 Match of the week. The trick was that Senna w’s a minion and with Sion e the minion with the Senna stun is flung to the champion stunning them.

  125. Vladimír Záruba

    Vladimír ZárubaPrije mjesec

    para para para

  126. Sumo Nok

    Sumo NokPrije mjesec

    Omfg ali is boosted af in any other champ that are his 3 one tricks lmao

  127. Gabel

    GabelPrije mjesec


  128. Pyro

    PyroPrije mjesec

    Danganronpa V3 music clean as hell

  129. Pyro

    PyroPrije mjesec

    @Lazar Stefan no? Most of the tracks are from the third game.

  130. Lazar Stefan

    Lazar StefanPrije mjesec

    Its danganronpa 2 though

  131. Raczek Games

    Raczek GamesPrije mjesec

    8:41 tiktok video

  132. asaru mendez

    asaru mendezPrije mjesec

    You are actually a bronze 3 ADC moe, i’m sorry.